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Vietnam War

Iconic image … Australian soldiers group at Nui Dat in Phuoc Tuy province awiting helicopter support for Operation Puckapunyal circa 1970, during the Vietnam War. Source: The Daily Telegraph


 The connection between the war in Vietnam and Iraq.  Combat Medic Vietnam 1970.  More than 2 million Vietnamese people died in the attack on Vietnam by the US.  Estimates of deaths are between 2 million and 4 million people.  Photo: Mike Hastie Vietnam Veteran
Viet Nam War Protest, 1970
UCSF faculty, students, and staff protest the US invasion of Cambodia, May 1970.

 Information From David J.Graham

I was a member of MACV Advisory Team 14 on Phu Quoc for about 6 months in 1970,

before being moved to

 MAVC HQ Tan Son Nhut

under Col Thornton Ireland.

I have been trying to locate or find out the fate of certain of my team members, particularly one SSG John Shaffrey who was reassigned to a Dog Unit near

Pleiku in 1971.

Is there anywhere you can suggest searching? Or perhaps do you know of a site with more info or photos? Finally, I want to thank you for posting the picture above. It is the only trace I can find of Team 14 on the web (so far!)

I would also be interested in hearing from any other members of Team 14, MACV PMG 1971, The 41st MP Detachment, St Louis 1971 or The 291st MP Co, Redstone Arsenal 1969.

Thanks again!

 January 1970

(a)January 1, 1970

Dr Iwan Note

Mr David J Graham < Iwill help you to find your friend,for that I have upload the pictures related to your notes, and please read some related Info below

A pilgrimage to Vietnam

In a few hours I leave Colombo for Bangkok, and then fly on to Hanoi. I am excited as I pilgrim to this beautiful country with so many batches of memories, dreams and experiences that laid a foundation for me for what has turned out to be a long humanitarian career.
The photo above was taken in Saigon in 1971, school schools wearing beautiful Ao Dai, and old French Taxis.//

The New Zealand Red Cross IDP team in 1971. I am the one with the beard 2nd from left at the back.How did I get to Vietnam ? In November 1970  I returned to New Zealand after spending 13 months in Antarctica as a Scientific technician, wintering over with three other men, and I was looking for work overseas with a humanitarian organisation. Luckily I was interviewed and accepted to join the 4th New Zealand Red Cross Refugee Welfare Team, resettling displaced people in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.
We worked in An Khe in 1971 and later in Pleiku and Khontum with the Montagnard people. Photo above and below.

For our medical staff, a lot of our Red Cross work was with victims of land mines and traffic accidents

Amputees used to turn up at house in Pleiku and ask for help. Here, one of our surgeons, Dr. Paul Sutherland looks at how to improve a stump so a prosthesis can be fitted. We would save up all the difficult orthopedic cases and bring over NZ surgeons once a year who gave their holiday time in the operation  theaters. Even our  President of the New Zealand Red Cross in the early 70s Mr. Wynn Beazley, a leading surgeon would come and set a great example for other Red Cross volunteers.

This was a common scene in 1971. Binh Dinh province. Will I see changes?All my bags are packed, I’m ready to go
I’m standin’ here outside your door
I hate to wake you up to say goodbye
ot look the illustrations please click
 Christopher D. AmmonsChristopher Ammons enlisted in the U.S. Army on June 1, 1967, one week after graduating from high school. Ammons served as a replacement, assigned to the 1st Infantry Division in Company A, 1st Battalion, 16th Infantry. He began his service at the rank of Private First Class, receiving promotion to Specialist in March 1968 and to Sergeant in July 1968.After his first tour ended in November 1968, Ammons returned to the United States, where he was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. In July 1969 he deployed to Vietnam for a second tour, this time as a member of the 194th Military Police Company attached to the 1st Signal Brigade. Ammons spent his second tour with the security company on Vung Chua Mountain, a vital communications site near the city of Qui Nhơn on the South China Sea coast. Ammons completed his second and final tour in Vietnam in May 1970.

194th Military Police Company
194th Military Police Company
Ammons frequently stated in his letters that his squad was never fully manned.
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Letters from Sgt. Christopher AmmonsWhile in Vietnam, Ammons wrote many letters home to his family in Clarksville. In these letters he discusses the status of his squad, the men he saw come and go, major events both good and bad (from losing an officer in combat before he had even learned the man’s name to being selected to attend a USO show), and everyday life in combat in Vietnam. The correspondence on display includes the first letter he wrote during his first tour and the last letter from his second tour.
Ammons letter 11/1967 (1)Ammons letter 11/1967 (2)Ammons letter 10/1968Ammons’ first and last letters home during his first tour
November 1967 and October 1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Ammons letter 8/1969 (1)Ammons letter 8/1969 (2)Ammons letter 8/1969 (3)Ammons letter 4/1970Ammons’ first and last letters home during his second tour
August 1969 and April 1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Ammons telegramTelegrams like this one were sent to family members as
official notice of a serviceman’s injuries.
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Ammons’ first tour:

Christopher AmmonsChristopher Ammons
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Christopher Ammons with grenade launcherChristopher Ammons carrying
an M79 grenade launcher
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Christopher Ammons holding captured AK-47Christopher Ammons holding a captured AK-47
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Christopher Ammons with Vietnamese childrenChristopher Ammons with Vietnamese children
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Christopher Ammons firing an M16Christopher Ammons firing an M16
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Fire Base MooreFire Base Moore (SW of Saigon in the Mekong Delta)
Khiêm Ích, Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Huey helicopterVietnam, 1967-1968Christoper D. Ammons Papers


 Huey helicopter Vietnam, 1967-1968Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Infantry DivisionMembers of the 1st Infantry Division
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Member of the 1st Infantry DivisionMember of the 1st Infantry Division
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Infantry DivisionMembers of the 1st Infantry Division
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Member of the 1st Infantry DivisionMember of the 1st Infantry Division
Vietnam, 1967-1968
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Ammons’ second tour:

Christopher AmmonsChristopher Ammons
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Christopher AmmonsChristopher Ammons
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Qui Nhơn, VietnamQui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Machine gun fireRed streaks are tracer rounds from a U.S.
M60 machine gun. According to Ammons, the
Vietcong’s tracer rounds were green.
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Signal BrigadeMembers of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Signal BrigadeMembers of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Signal BrigadeMembers of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Signal BrigadeMembers of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Member of the 1st Signal BrigadeMember of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Member of the 1st Signal BrigadeMember of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Signal BrigadeMembers of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Member of the 1st Signal BrigadeMember of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Signal BrigadeMembers of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Members of the 1st Signal BrigadeMembers of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers


Member of the 1st Signal BrigadeMember of the 1st Signal Brigade
Qui Nhơn, Vietnam, 1969-1970
Christoper D. Ammons Papers

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 Operation Cuu Long

  • After terminating Operation QUYET THANG, the ARVN IV Corps launches a new Corps-wide campaign in IV CTZ named Operation CUU LONG.
  • The 1st ARVN Division begins Operations LAM SON 249 and 250 in Quang Tri Province.
  • The 41st ARVN Regiment of the 22d Division begins Operation NGUYEN HUE/41/1 in Binh Dinh Province.
  • Members of the 5th ARVN Regiment find eight bodies, apparently civilians who had been killed approximately one week earlier. All victims had hands tied behind their backs and most had fractured skulls.
  • Two hours after the New Year truce ends, an element of the 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division engages 50 enemy 10 km northwest of Go Dau Ha in Tay Ninh Province. Results are 16 enemy killed and no friendly casualties.


 (b)Trinh Duc info:

“Early in 1970 I was ambushed along with eight others in jungle clearing. The nine of us were walking single file across a vegetable filed that the Villagers had carved out of the jungle, on our way from one hamlet to another ,It was a cloudy ninght. The moon was partially covered over and no one could see much. I knew I should have taken the line around the clearing,keeping to the jungle,but I was in too much of a hurry.Toward the middle of the clearinh there was a clump of banana trees.Just as I pulled even with them. I realized there were some  shapes in the trees.They saw me at exactly the same instant,and instictively I flattened to the ground. Just at that moment claymore mines fire off on the path behind me,huge explotions.the instant they stopped I crawled back along the path right over where they had gone off. As i crawled I felt some of the bodies,then squirmed off at a right angle toard the jungle. Firing was going on all around. At least two bullets hit my backpack before I got to the tree line>I had to leave the bodies there in the field. I kept thingking how demoralizing it would be for the peasant.”

 (3)January 2, 1970

  • The 44th ARVN Special Tactical Zone begins Operation CUU LONG/44/01 in Chau Doc Province.
  • The 2nd ARVN Division begins Operations QUYET THANG 45, 54 and 63 in Quang Tin and Quang Ngai Provinces.
  • Civilian woodcutters accidentally trip enemy claymore mine 3 km southwest of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province. Seven civilians are killed and 21 wounded.
  • An elements of the 1st Marine Division observes 25 enemy with weapons moving west 15 km southwest of An Hoa in Quang Nam Province. Artillery is fired in reaction, killing 20.
  • US infantry company commander is relieved of his command after enemy sappers slipped through his unit’s night defensive positions killing 8 and wounding 5.



Operation Cliff  Dweller


  • The 1st Brigade, 25th Infantry Division with 4-9 Inf, 3-22 Inf and Co A, 2-34 Arm begins Operation CLIFF DWELLER IV to clear the slopes of Nui Ba Den used by the enemy as a staging area for attacks on Tay Ninh City.
  • The 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division begins Operation WAYNE THRUST in northern Binh Dinh Province.
  • Operation WAYNE BREAKER terminates. Operation was initiated 18 Oct 69 in the An Khe area under control of the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division. Results are 154 enemy killed, 7 detained, 1 US KIA and 9 US WIA.
  • A VC mortar attack on a refugee camp near An Hoa, Quang Nam Province kills 12 civilians and wounds 72 others.


(5)January 6, 1970

  • The ROK Cavalry Regiment (CRID) begins Operation DOK SU RI 7Q in Binh Dinh Province.
  • The ROK 26th Regiment (CRID) begins Operation JANG BI 1 in Binh Dinh Province.
  • An element of the 7th Marines in night defensive positions 10 miles southeast of An Hoa in Quang Nam Province receives more than 200 rounds of 82mm mortar and a ground attack by unknown number of enemy. The Marines return fire with organic weapons and supporting artillery. Sappers penetrate the perimeter and are repulsed. Results are 39 enemy killed, 13 US KIA and 63 US WIA.
  • An enemy force of unknown size is engaged by elements of the 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division 12 km northeast of Tay Ninh City with support from helicopter gunships and the 3d and 35th Tactical Fighter Wings. Results are 37 enemy killed, 1 US KIA and 6 US WIA.


(6)January, 10th 1970

The Airforce VNAF free postal airoplane and rocket cover,  send from “KBC 4652 LDPT”VNAF 4th Division Phong Dinh, to Dinh Vu So 332-1 “KBC 3319” Cam Ranh Naval Training center with CDS Quan Buu 10.1.1970. and red KBC 4652 double circle stamped . At the top of cover handwritten “ Thu Ta The Ve Bien Nhatrang mien Cac nay”(what the meaning ?).

Inside the letter in Vietnamese language:


              Con Tho ngay 31.12.69

                                                Chu Ngen

Hom nay tap nhan dtuoc Tho Qui, tep Lay Lam Ngung, Vi Qui dta chon dtuoc nganh Hai Phoa theo tap nghi thi Qui se La chanh thuc La nguoi lungcua dai duong.

Vi qui Se dti tau bien Luc Qui nang Khoa nganh hai Phai Xem xen, voi nganh Bom dtau cua nganh H.Q.vey,Khi Ban dtuoc dti tau Bien Bau se dtuoc dti tat ca cac tinh cua V,N.

Tap lat tiet La dta mot Phen tinh nguyen dti nganh Xa thu, De Lau nguoi hung o Giang Nghung tap o toai nguyen dtuoc, vi tap dta La RQ ma o dtuoc tren Trei Anh Ban dtuoc, nhung Ban dti hoi Pkao Eoi Chung Cuoi o co vo dto vi no so Ban thut Sap Nha dto Q suen tap cang quen luc qui dti co gei Lai cho thieu Ba lo noi o?———.

Can dtoi voi tap thi o co nhung noi o co thi o dtuoc ngoi nhung nguo: Qui biet Ra con tiet nhiem nhung tap dtem tu choi vi  tap ho mat cam ve van dte am uong vay le lat ra nhung au o tap cung xen xen voi ban ma thu.

Con phep thi Bi cap roi tai du ky roi nen o duoc ve cuoi thu tep cung chuc qui dtuoc nhiem mai mang ve  suc khoc nan nay tap cung nhu qui au tet tai dton vi cung nhu noel vua roi nhung C.T.cung Vui vui dto ban.

Thoi tap xin tau dtung biet va mong tho qui dtien neu Ban co dti dtan coi tap o mai ta dta chi cu.

                                                            Thau ly

                                    Tap luc nay ngheo quc qui vi

Thỏ trên 31.12.69

                                                 Chu Ngen

Hôm nay bạn vẫn có thể thở, trước khi chiến tranh để ngăn chặn, bởi vì bạn có thể lựa chọn hai thành phố theo việc sử dụng vận chuyển bằng đường biển.

Quy định vận chuyển rất nghiêm ngặt, vì vậy thời gian cho những người tị nạn qua ngành Hải quan HQvey Xem, tôi đã được lựa chọn và sẽ được gửi tỉnh tất cả mọi người của Việt Nam (VN)

Ảnh hưởng của áp lực thời tiết cho một ngành công nghiệp tình nguyện Phen DTI gunner (vũ khí), miễn treo Jiang khai thác Nghung được hài lòng mà không có vợ, khó khăn bức tranh mà ít quản trị Hội đồng, nhưng có Đại hội đồng sử dụng cổng so với thường xuyên Q Suen thiếu điều trị bổ sung? —.

Hãy nhớ rằng bài kiểm tra tâm thần của tôi, mỗi lần ngồi nhìn: vẽ tình cảm trong khi chờ đợi thông tin, nhưng chính phủ từ chối cấp phép spigot phân phối nước giải khát cho sự sợ hãi của một bệnh nhiễm trùng buộc phải tiếp nhận đồ uống, vì họ cho vay được sử dụng cung cấp rất ít.

machinal translate

Kelinci di 31.12.69

                                                 Chu Ngen

Hari ini anda masih dapat   bernapas ,sebelum  perang  berhenti, karena Anda dapat  memilih  dua kota yang sesuai dengan memanfaatkan perhubungan melalui   laut.

Peraturan Pengiriman sangat ketat sehingga  waktu pengungsi meliwati   pabean untuk Lihat  sektor industri HQvey,saya terpilih dan akan  terjadi  pengiriman kesemua  provinsi  Vietnam(VN)

Pengaruh tekanan  cuaca bagi seorang relawan Phen DTI pada  industri gunner(senjata) , begitu lama menggantung di  Jiang tap Nghung untuk menjadi tidak  puas tanpa isteri ,  begitulah  gambaran kecil kesulitan    pada  Dewan Pemerintah , tetapi Ada  Majelis Umum   karena dibandingkan  yang  digunakan  pelabuhan Q Suen   secara   reguler untuk kurangnya akomodasi perawatan ? —.

Perlu diketahui bahwa mental saya di uji, setiap waktu  duduk memandang : Gambarmu sayang   sambil  menunggu informasi, namun keran pemerintah  menolak memberikan izin  pengiriman minuman karena takut kena  infeksi sehingga terpaksa  minuman pinjaman digunakan   kerena penerimaan   pasokan sangat sedikit  .

Masih diperbolehkan mengirim bingkisan melalusi pasukan Amerika Serikat tetapi  harus ditutup maka Saya  juga berharap Anda  untuk jangan menangis  , terakhir Anda juga perlu menjaga keselamatan diri  tapi  jangan terlaku ketakutaan  .

Hanya  untuk  Anda  tahu dan berharap   jika Anda  memperlakukan  besok hanya cu.

                                     Ketuk hati kekasih   Anda ini  

_Thau ly


                                                  Chu Ngen

Today you can still breathe,before the   war stop, because you can choose two cities according to the use of transportation by sea.

Shipping regulations are very strict so it’s time for the refugees crossing the customs sector HQvey See, I was selected and will be sending everyone province of Vietnam (VN)

Effect of weather pressure for a volunteer Phen DTI gunner industry (weapons), so long hung Jiang tap Nghung to be satisfied without the wife, that little picture difficulties Governing Council, but There’s General Assembly used the port as compared to regular Q Suen to the lack of additional treatment? —.

Keep in mind that my mental test, each time sitting looking: drawing affection while waiting for information, but the government refused to grant permission spigot beverage delivery for fear of an infection that forced the drinks reception because they loan used very little supply.

Still allowed to send parcels melalusi U.S. forces but must be closed so I also hope you do not cry, you also need to keep the last safety-selling yourself but do ketakutaan.

Just for you to know and expect if you treat tomorrow just cu.

(Free  airmail –rocket VNAF 4th Air Division  cover, postally used with red KBC 4652 and Black Quan Buu stamped 10.1.1972  from KBC 4652(Phong Dinh Air Force)  L.D.P.T (?)  to CTTT Chong Thu literaly mean Gouverment Building,Tao Tac literally mean Building & Construc-tion, CTTT means Corps of Engineers , Ve Bien Nha Trang mien Cac Truong, Dinh Vu Sro 332-1(?),KBC 3319(Naval Training center Cam Rahn). The back side of the cover pencil written nhan ngay (arrive) 17.01-1970. one week after postal date stamped auth), and the type letter fron the same sender to “Huyen Trin Qui” from Phong Dinh 20.2.1970. Huyen Trin Qui covers were the best collection for showed because many variations during the war 1969 until 1971-aut)

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(5) January,15th.1970

The Bird triangle stamps were isuued in this day and  the uncommon mint stamp 30 pi.


(6)January 19, 1970

  • The 1st Brigade, 5th Infantry Division (Mech) begins Operation GREENE RIVER in the Ba Long Valley of Quang Tri Province.
  • The 3d Mobile Strike Force Command begins Operation BULL RUN II in Phuoc Long Province.
  • The 7th ARVN Division begins Operation CUU LONG/7/01 in Dinh Tuong and Kien Hoa Provinces.
  • The 9th ARVN Division begins Operation CUU LONG/9/03 in Vinh Binh Province.
  • As part of Operation WASHINGTON GREEN, the 3d Battalion, 506th Infantry under opcon of the 173d Airborne Brigade begins a month-long battle for the control of Hill 474 in Binh Dinh Province defended by elements of the 22nd PAVN Regiment.
  • At 1145, a suspected VC terrorist threw three grenades into a school yard in Thanh Quit Hamlet 10 km northwest of Hoi An in Quang Nam Province. Four children were killed and eleven others were wounded. Four US Marines were also wounded.
  • At 1445 a mechanized infantry element of the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, discovered a significant enemy cache 15 km east of Lai Khe containing 51,750 rounds of 7,62mm ammunition, 1,350 rounds of 12.7mm heavy machine gun ammunition, 165 RPG-7 rocket-grenade rounds, 75 pounds of TNT and 17 60mm mortar rounds.
  • At 1525, an helicopter gunship from the 1st Squadron, 9th cavalry observed and engaged a group of 20-30 enemy soldiers 10 km southeast of Duc Phong in Phuoc Long Province, killing 12.
  • The enemy detonated claymore mines on an ARVN company traveling to the training area at Thu Duc Infantry School in Gia Ding Province. Results were 20 ARVN KIA and 43 ARVN WIA.

Some great pictures of Hill 474 in the An Lao Valley:



(a) January 24, 1970

  • At 1420 an element of the 1st brigade, 25th Infantry Division engaged an unknown size enemy force 25 km west of Tay Ninh City and 2 km from the Cambodian border. Results were 22 enemy killed and no US casualties.
  • Sales of LIFE magazine 19 Jan issue are banned by the GVN from sale in RVN because the article on My Lai are “violent and helpful to the enemy.”


(b) Banque Francaise De L’Asie (Phap A Ngan Wang) Compte D’Epargne Money  Deposit’s Bank Book:

(a) Front cover

(b) Inside

January 28, 1970

  • Troops of the 28th ROK Infantry Regiment engage an unknown size enemy force 24 km north of Ninh Hoa in Khanh Hoa Province. Results are 25 enemy killed and no friendly casualties.
  • The 3rd Battalion, 16th ARVN Regiment with OV-10 support engages an unknown size enemy force 14 km southwest of Vi Thanh in Chuong Thien Province. results are 34 enemy killed, 2 detained, 3 ARVN KIA and 11 ARVN WIA.
  • An F-105 fighter-bomber is shot down over NVN by ground fire as it returned fire from an attack on an unarmed photo reconnaissance aircraft. Less then two hours later a USAF search and rescue helicopter was shot down by an air-to-air missile while attempting to locate the missing pilots of the F-105. Eight US personnel are listed missing.



(1) February 4, 1970

  • The 2d ROK Marine Brigade begins Operation VICTORY DRAGON XX in Quang Nam Province.
  • At 0427, an unknown size enemy force, later identified as part of the 95C NVA Regiment, attacked FSB TINA defended by elements of the 2d Battalion, 7th Cavalry. Contact broke at 0525. Results were 44 enemy killed, 4 US KIA and 9 US WIA.
  • An RF Company receives a ground attack 24 km south of Tam Ky in Quang Tin Province. Results are 35 enemy killed and 2 ARVN WIA.
  • Another RF Company engages an unknown size enemy force 15 km southeast of Ben Tre in Kien Hoa Province. Results are 22 enemy killed, 4 ARVN KIA and 3 ARVN WIA.
  • Operation CHUONG THIEN under control of the 9th ARVN Division terminates in the Mekong Delta. Cumulative results are 212 enemy killed, 43 detained, 35 ARVN KIA and 243 ARVN WIA.
  • RVN President, in a speech to newsman, indicated that he foresaw no prospects for peace in the country in 1970.


(2)February 6, 1970

  • The enemy violates the announced Tet cease-fire 112 times, of which 71 are considered major.
  • The forthcoming reorganization of US forces in I CTZ in announced in Saigon. Under this organization XXIV Corps will be the senior command with III MAF subordinate to it, the opposite of the present situation. The change is to be made by 9 March.
  • Cobra gunships react to fire taken by observation helicopter on visual reconnaissance in the vicinity of Moc Hoa, Kien Tuong Province. Results are 26 enemy KBA.
  • A suspected M-26 fragmentation grenade is detonated in Enlisted Men’s Club in Da Nang resulting in one killed and 62 injured. The incident is apparently not the result of enemy action.



(a)The postally used cover with vietnamese  US,Phillipine and australia flag stamps, the latter date12/1/69 cross 70, postal cds not clear, hand written recieved 12.02.1970, almost one years no communication, from saigon to KBC 3319 HVHP 12/69, DVS 332-1 tr 73 (Cam Ranh Naval Training center) , without Quan Buu and KBC stamped.

The letter inside in Vietnamese language : 


                                    Cholon ,ngay 12/1/70

Ziu nien,


            Toi vua nhan ctuoc thi Zui vaisang nay. Toi ret vui bung va voi

ho an cho Zui ngay dtay.

            Thoat tien, toi in dtoi cam on loi Chiu tung cao qui cua Zui, nhung Zhui a, Chuong trinh dte I nam nay nang lam

Nut la thoi lai theo ban C thi cang Phai nut hon; Vi mon Triet hoy va Sinh Ngu 1 nang ne ghe dti nen toi pha ban tam toi 2 mon nay nhieu hon ca; dtai Biet la mon triet no vua triue tuong lai vua Khi Khan thi lam dao toi co thi ly ho mot cach tron ven dtuoi-toi  phai dti hoc them lop luyen thi  mo vao dtau thang nay vay nue toi tuong cung chua tham  nhuan dtuoc may.

            Nhung du sao dti mia toi cung pha gong cong dtat gioi dti mia, toi …………………………..etc………………………………………….


Toi man phep dting but noi dtay , hen zui, chui Zui  luon vin kgoe va se huong thu nhung ngay Xuan xap dten mot canh tren ven.

                                                                                    Ban Zui



(if someone want the complete letters please comment and translate ,auth)

 (b)February,12th 1970

          The “Nguyen Trinh Qui civil Cholon “ cover, send by Lo Ngoy,5,Kom voi CL ,civil cover without Quan Buu cds and KBC stamped, rolling cds Cholon on South Vietnam Flag with USA-Australia flag,another design not clear send to H.V.H.P 12c/69 DVS 332 -1 tr D3 , KBC 3319-Can Ranh Naval Training Center.

(Nguyen Trinh Qui joined the Naval Training center at Cam Ranh, the other cover always to his station “Vung Tau HQ 503” , together with another Huyen Trinh Qui cover will very intersting collection to show,please comment-auth)   

February 12, 1970

  • 6 RAR/NZ begins Operation UHLAN, a reconnaissance in force of AO COSSACK, Phuoc Tuy Province.
  • The Capital ROK Infantry Division (CRID) launches Operation WOL KAE in the Go Boi Plain north of Qui Nhon.
  • A MIKE Force company engages an unknown size enemy force 20 km northwest of Tri Ton in Chau Doc Province in three-hour contact. Results are 22 enemy killed and one friendly KIA.
  • An estimated two enemy platoons enter Ban Brieng Village in Darlac Province, abducting 100 civilians and confiscating large quantities of foodstuffs.



February 16, 1970

  • The 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division begins Operation WAYNE STAB II to raid a suspected US POW camp located vicinity of Hill 1114 in far northern Binh Dinh Province.

(humping the boonies with A/1-22 Inf, Feb 70)

February 18, 1970

  • Operation WAYNE STAB II: Members of the 1st Brigade, 4th Infantry Division discover possible POW camp 55 km north of An Khe in Binh Ding Province and capture 24 tons of rice, 1,800 pounds tobacco, one ton salt, 200 chicken and 15 pigs.
  • Incorrect gunfire coordinates given ARVN artillery unit causes US casualties of 3 killed and 20 wounded at the Bien Hoa air base.




February 19, 1970

  • The 51st ARVN Regiment begins Operation HUNG QUANG/1/25 in Quang Nam Province.
  • Members of Company B, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, kill 16 Vietnamese civilians at Son Thang (4), Quang Nam Province.
  • Troops of the 17th ARVN ACR on a search and clear mission engage an unknown size enemy force 25 km northwest of Tam Ky, Quang Tin Province. Results are 26 enemy killed, 6 detained and no friendly casualties.
  • The 1st Battalion, 14th ARVN Regiment engages an unknown number of enemy 30 km southeast of Tra Ving in Vinh Binh Province. The US 3d Squadron, 5th Cavalry provides support. Results are 41 enemy killed, 1 detained, 1 ARVN KIA and 8 ARVN WIA.
  • An element of the 199th Light Infantry Brigade discovers a weapon cache 22 miles northeast of Bien Hoa City. Contents are 52 rifles, 7 machine guns and 10,000 rounds of small arms ammunition.


(3)February.20th 1970

(a)Kissinger begins secret talks in Paris with Le Duc Tho (D)

(b) The vintage B-W photo of the Student of Quan Trung Military academy at Quan Tre  , on the back of the photo ,  handwritten “Ky niem Quang Trung K 1/70 KBC 4091 thang 2/1970 “(This vintage photo will best showed collection with the “Tran Trang Hoa M2” cover because from the same location  during the vietnam liberation war, and also with another “Tran  Tran Hoa M1 “ cover  because the same type military stamps, please comment-auth)


(c)Another “Huyen Trinh Qui “ cover, Free airmail flight-rocketvtype cover from KBC 4652 (Phong Dinh VNAF 4th Air Divison) L.H.P.T.(?) to D.V.S.332-1(?)  KBC 3319 (Cam Ranh Naval Training Center ). with KBC and Quan Buu CDS with letter inside :



Phong Dinh ngay 20.2.1970.

                             Qui Neen

Zap nhan duioc zho qui tap nung lam vi do la Bui tho ctan xuan qui van khoe cho con o xon minh cung nhu zhuong zap moi ve e bua truoc.

          Voi Khoan  ctau thang tu hay  cua thang Ba tap moi xin phep ve 7 ngay a qui co Biet anh thai da xung ngay 17 tai cau tha can cu vi q my.

          Cho anh thai cack tap vao A Cay Si Thoi Zan cunc qui cung ve vung Bon Ling Nbgfoi con Viet zap xai doi ve Sai Gon,Theo Tap chua ughi den Viec du ninh chua co gia vinh hon ning Liang ninh chi ca may ngau Ba ma thi nieu tap ve Sai Gon nen tap dtoi Hay o tien thi o nha Phai cho tap so se nhu anh thai tay thi kho nen tap Quyet dinh o lai. Etc………….

Choi tap co toi loi thein qui va chuc qui van Su Nho y muon o8 dtau thi vw dto vua/chua. Ven thu sau, mong bau.  


(During joined the Training center at Cam ranh KBC 3119, Nguyen Trinh Qui recived several letter , military and civillian cover, best collection with many different type postal histories covers-auth)



February 23, 1970

  • Operation HALFBACK begins. MACV-SOG Hatchet Force inserts 107-man Company B from Kontum on a hill overlooking Highway 110 in Cambodia to bring air strikes and AC-130 gunship fire on NVA trucks.
  • Five US Marines are charged with murder following a formal investigation into the deaths of 16 Vietnamese women and children on 19 February.
  • Operation CUU LONG/VINH LONG/41 initiated 16 February in Chuong Thien Province is terminated. Results are 157 enemy killed, 4 detained, 5 ARVN KIA and 56 ARVN WIA.
  • Infantrymen of the 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division discover 7-ton cache 30 km northeast of An Khe, Binh Dinh Province.
  • Helicopter gunships from the 164th Combat Aviation Group engage an enemy machine gun location and sampan landing 18 miles northwest of Soc Trang, Ba Xuyen Province. Results are 20 enemy killed and 45 sampans destroyed.
  • An elements of the 9th ARVN Regiment finds 15,000 pound rice cache 10 km southwest of Dua Map in Phuoc Long Province. The bags have CHICOM markings on them.

February 28, 1970

  • 6RAR/NZ begins Operation GISBORNE east of Nui Dat in Phuoc Tuy Province.
  • Cambodia releases five crew members of PBR that had stayed over the border 5 February.
  • US military strength in RVN is 466,978.

(Parade day at Nui Dat)


March 1970


March 3, 1970

  • 8RAR begins Operation HAMILTON between Dat Do and Xuyen Moc north of Route 23 in Phuoc Tuy Province.
  • In a three and a half-hour contact, one MSF Battalion supported by troops of the 5th ARVN ACR engaged an unknown size enemy force 30 km southeast of Ha Tien in Kien Giang Province. Results were 49 enemy killed, 7 detained and 3 ARVN WIA.


– Vietnam Combat Operations –


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March 4, 1970

  • The 2d ROK Marine Brigade begins Operation GOLDEN DRAGON I in the Que Son Valley of Quang Nam Province.
  • In an action 16 km west of Quang Ngai City, a forward observer of the 198th Infantry Brigade sights 46 enemy moving with packs and weapons and calls artillery strikes from the 14th Artillery Group. Results are 22 enemy KBA.
  • In a ground probe by an estimated 50 enemy against night defensive positions of an element of the 1st Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division 4 km from the Cambodian border in Tay Ninh Province, the enemy is repulsed. Results are 37 enemy killed, 1 US KIA and 3 US WIA.
  • Operation WOL KAI, initiated by the Capital ROK Infantry Division on 12 February in Binh Dinh Province, is terminated. Results are 330 enemy killed, 13 ROK KIA and 34 ROK WIA.


– Vietnam Combat Operations –


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Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+]
Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+] Boonierat has achieved enlightenment [1200+]

March 5, 1970

  • In Operation CAVALIER BEACH, the HQ, XXIV Corps, is relocated from Phu Bai to Camp Horn in Da Nang. At the same time the HQ, III MAF, relocates from Camp Horn to Camp Haskins on Red Beach northwest of the city.
  • DoD announces 113 Americans are killed in the week ending 28 February, the highest weekly total since 22 Nov 69.
  • Operation GOLDEN DRAGON I: a platoon of the 2d ROK Marine Brigade in night ambush positions engages an unknown size enemy force with organic weapons, killing 21. There are no friendly casualties.
  • In an operation 15 km northwest of Hu Phuoc Long, Bac Lieu Province, elements of the 32nd and 33rd ARVN Regiments and the 2nd VNMC Battalion engage enemy force in seven-hour contact. Results are 42 enemy killed, 31 detained, 2 ARVN KIA and 6 ARVN WIA.

(Camp Haskins)


(4)March 11, 1970

  • The 1st and 2d Brigades, 4th Infantry Division, begin Operation EARHART WHITE in the Dak Som Valley of Binh Dinh Province.
  • The 11th Ranger and 4th Battalion, 53rd ARVN Regiment begin Operation TUYEN DUC 17 south of Dalat in Tuyen Duc Province.
  • An estimated 20,000 Cambodians demonstrate against Vietnamese Communist presence in Cambodia and sack the North Vietnamese and the Provisional Revolutionary Government of South Vietnam (Vietcong political arm) embassies in Phnom Penh.

(Headquarters of the 4th Inf Div at An Khe in 1970)



     Sihanouk overthrown in Cambodia by Lon Nol (D)and his Photo (P)

March 23, 1970

  • 6RAR/NZ begins Operation TOWNSVILLE in AO AUCKLAND, Phuoc Tuy Province.
  • Prince Sihanouk, in Beijing, announces the formation of a National United Front of Kampuchea or FUNK with his former enemies, the Khmer Rouge, to struggle against the Lon Nol government.
  • The Cambodian Government asks the ICC be sent to expel NVA and VC troops peacefully from Cambodian soil.
  • In an area 11 km southwest of Bu Dop, Phuoc Long Province, an element of the 3d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division finds rice cache weighing 13 tons.
  • A helicopter of the 11th Aviation Group engages an unknown size enemy force 13 km west of Loc Ninh in Binh Long Province, killing 30.
  • During an operation 6 km southwest of Phuoc Long, Bac Lieu Province, two ARVN recon companies with helicopter support engage unknown size enemy force. Results are 62 enemy killed, 4 detained, 6 ARVN KIA and 14 ARVN WIA.
  • Cambodian Prime Minister Lon Nol states that the US ammunition ship SS COLUMBIA EAGLE hijacked and taken into Cambodian waters will not be returned.


April 1970


“We were getting too complacent and we paid for it.  Enemy ambush took eleven of our own.” Renegade Woods, April 1970 

“We were getting too complacent and we paid for it.
Enemy ambush took eleven of our own.”

Renegade Woods, April 1970


April 17, 1970

  • The 32nd Regiment, 21st ARVN Division and 5nd VNMC Battalion, begin Operation CUU LONG/21/07 in an area 26 km southeast of Ca Mau in An Xuyen Province.
  • GVN announces offer to repatriate all Vietnamese nationals living in Cambodia. The GVN offer comes after reports of mass killings of Vietnamese in Cambodia.
  • An element of the 32nd ARVN Regiment in a four-hour contact engages an enemy force 26 km southeast of Ca May in An Xuyen Province. Results are 27 enemy killed and no friendly casualties.
  • In an area 33 km southeast of Rach Gia, Kien Giang Province, an RF company supported by helicopter gunships engage an unknown size enemy force. Results are 23 enemy killed, 1 ARVN KIA and 10 ARVN WIA.


May 1970


THE CU TRI (Election card) Saigon Quan(military) Truong.with native char : Tua qamp Voang Quan 8 , sign by Quan Truong saigon Nguyen Van Phav  with four A-D in the corner,the A have used. In the below of certificate “ Chu’y ,- Xin giu ky the de co dip dung sau nay. (OD)

(2) May.4th. 1970

     Large antiwar protests spread across the United states. National guardsmen kill four students at Ken State University in Ohio

 (3) May,1st.1970

Trich Luc Bo Khai Tu (birth)certificate

(4)May 4, 1970

  • At Kent State University in Ohio, National Guardsmen shoot and kill four student protesters and wound nine. In response to the killings, over 400 colleges and universities across America shut down. In Washington, nearly 100,000 protesters surround various government buildings including the White House and historical monuments. On an impulse, President Nixon exits the White House and pays a late night surprise visit to the Lincoln Memorial and chats with young protesters.
  • An element of the 3d Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division discovers 12 ton rice cache 9 km southwest of Bu Gia Map in Phuoc Long Province.
  • US forces discovers a significant cache 21 km northeast of Memot in Cambodia which contains 2,152 individual and crew served weapons and 600,000 rounds of small arms ammunition.
  • In operation 33 km northwest of Tuy Hoa, Phu Yen Province, elements of the Capital ROK Infantry Division engage enemy force in 11 separate contacts. Results are 26 enemy killed and 4 ROK WIA.


(5)May,21th.1970 Vietnam Conghoa Buu bien  Bien Lai So postal recieved money tax with circulate date stamp and revenue


May 28, 1970

  • 1LT Robert G. Lee and CPT Vincent N. Hartmann, formerly attached to the 9th Infantry Division in Vietnam, are charged “with the attempted murder of an unspecified number of human beings…by ordering members of their command to fire into buildings used for human habitation” on or about 15 Jun 1969.
  • Diplomatic ties between RVN and Thailand are restored after break of nine years.


June 1970

(1)June .2nd.1970

The earliest Travelling Pass( Chung-Chi Hop-Le Quan-Dich certificate) Of   Bo Quac Phong Nha Dong vien” So Dong Vien So 3” with Military and People Emblem.


Ho Ten(name)     : Luu Khac Nhon

Sinh(birth)             : 2/2/31

The can-cuoc so : 319334

Cap tai                 : Q5/ 8 / 02 / 1961

Dia-Chi                  : 175 / 17 Nguyen Tri

                                  Phuong Cholon.  825661 SDV3/QD/31     



Co bieu-luc den    : 30/06/1971

KBC 4309  NGAY 02 JUNE 1970

Trung Ta nguyen –Van-Koi

Chanh Su-Cu So Dong vien 3

Hand sign. Yo 825661

Guoc gia ban den 30 SEP 1971

KBC 4.309 ngay 01 JUL 1971

Dai ta Nguyen Phuoc Nhung

Chanh Su-Vu So dong Vien 3


Si-Quan Phu Ta- Handsign .


(The first KBC with point between 4 and 309. at Saigon area-OD)


The Cu Tri “Election” card,sign by Quan Truong Saigon in this day.


                                         Viet –Nam Cong-Hoa

        A                              THE  CU  TRI                                                    B

                                               So : 03008398           


                  Ho va Ten    :    NGUYEN THI  CHAT

                  Nam va noi sinh :       1927        –         HDG

         Tru quan  :  03 CH      07   03     P  T  GIAN      633-  Z 

        The can cuoc so : 03908762  cap tai     SGN ngay   20.02.70

                                                      Saigon,ngay   01  thang   06 nam 1970


                  Chu ky cua Cu-tri                               QUAN TRUONG


                                                                                          SIGNED STAMPED

                                          Red official stamped             NGUYEN VAN-PHAV 

                                  “ Viet -Nam Cong-Hoa

                                          Do Thanh Saigon

     C                                 Toa Ranh Vanh                                                    

                                                  QUAN 8”


(3)June .14th.1970

The earliest Civil covers send from Qui-Nhon without used KBC number (before KBC  3040) send from CDS Qui Nhon  14-7 1970 to Saigon, with black propaganda Stamped “ Goi thu SAIGON bo de so Quan” (meaning:” Go to Saigon …?… Army”) ,

 ( the earliest military propaganda stamped.inside chinese char. Letter date 31.5.71 two month before ,because the war civil letter delayed send-auth). (PH)

 (4)June,22th. 1970

     The “Huyen Trin Qui M1Military cover with military no value stamp from DAI DOI 3/2 KBC 3396 , RIVER  Mine group  91  Navy Saigon ,WITH RED CIRCLE KBC 3396 STAMPED to  T.T.T.P HQ 503 (HQ 503 was the LST;landing ship Transport at Vung Tau  NVH Navy,TTTP ?-auth) VIA KBC 3328(Naval Fleet Headquaters in saigon -auth), the militeray stamp didnot cancelled (from September 1968-auth) ,and Quan Buu CDS on enveloped .

The B-W vintage photo of two soldiers in the battle field .


(The very rare  Huyen Trin Qui M1 NAVN ‘s cover  send from the Battle field, by HQ 503 “LST –Vung Tau” via KBC 3328-Navy Headquaters . This time Nguyen Trinh Qui was back to field area at Vung Tau,  I have several Huyen trin qui Cover from the same persons , but from different type of  free postal cover and  I also  have found five covers with military no value stamp type one green yellow tank and one type two red green guerilla army. The military stamp were only cancelled    26/9-1966  without Quan Buu and KBC stamped ,  postal CDS Quan Buu 2045, 8-4-1968 with  KBC stamped, but the other covers  military stamp wasn’t cancelled with Quan Buu and KBC stamped on eneveloped not on military stamps from September.9th. 1968, Nov.24th 1969 .

 Military stamps cancelled illegalized (CDS or Quan Buu) after 1969 were bogus or phillatelic creation because Military stamps only cancelled by Quan Buu CDS later date found  in March 1968 not after that,   the military stamps type 2, issued in 1969 and never found cancelled CDS quan buu,please comment  because IMNAHA found bogus fake illegal cover ,cancelled in 1968 at tet as first day cover. The six collection’s cover of the military stamps Quan Buu type 1 and 2 were the very best collection for postal history showed, please com-ment and invite us for the show in 2010 -auth).

INSIDE the cover was found   CHINESE CHAR’s Letter written like latin from right to left  different from original native china char:(free translate)


This letter was send from the Battle field at border area“TIN” (KBC 3966-2nd Battalion,not known location-changed location due to the operation field.)


Are you recived my  letter ? I have joint the battle at the border area “TIN”, we were fight until the Gunshot sound were stop, and we were win, the enemy some died and wounded. This time I just came to the province” Lung Ching” Vietnam.

The Battle very best at “Chup” in the “Chung nan Pantau” area (Chung means Center, Nan mean South , and Pantau mean half , where ? may be someone  will told us –auth), the battle around 21/2  hours and the enemy lossed much  with many died, the battle still exist and our  march foward until the enemy flea away .

I didn’t recieved your letter , may be beacuse the war situation. Where do you now ? at “Tin”border too ? How about the health of your  mother and sister&brother ? 

(The only one  and very rare “Huyen Trinh Qiu M1 “ the battle field ‘s Cover send from his friend  Duong Dinh Son Dai Doi 3/2 KBC 3966- 2nd Battalion , always moving due to operasion field at the battle in the border :Tin” –please comment-auth)

(6)June,26th.1970 The red cross Khai Sanh Certificate issue at Nha Trang,with local blue ship nha trang revenue .

 July 1970


Vietnam War PhotoIn July 1970, Edgewood Arsenal was deeply involved in supporting the ongoing Vietnam War. For the Weapons Development and Engineering Laboratories (WDEL), riot control agents and dissemination devices were a major concern. The riot control agent “CS” was in great demand, not only for clearing enemy tunnels in Vietnam, but also for civil disturbances in the United States. The M25 series CS grenades and the M674 CS cartridge (Handy Andy) were in short supply. The ENSURE Program, a special program to move developmental items quickly to the troops fighting in Vietnam, reported a need for a stand-off CS rocket. Edgewood developers tested the XM99 2.75-inch CS rockets at Dugway Proving Ground, UT. The XM33 Portable Riot Control Agent Disperser, a new backpack sprayer similar to a flamethrower, was undergoing operational tests at Fort Riley, KS. Because target personnel could pick up existing tear gas grenades and throw them back at the thrower, Edgewood Arsenal was working on the XM47 CS grenade that had a skittering effect that made it difficult to pick up after functioning.

In 1970, WDEL was also working on a lethal chemical weapons program. Binary chemical weapons that divided the lethal nerve agents into two less-than-lethal chemicals were much safer to produce and store for long periods. The post was in the process of developing 155mm and 8-inch binary chemical projectiles. Recent restrictions on open air testing resulted in simulated tests so far, but some processes like the effect of the binary reaction in the projectile, could not be tested by simulants.

The Defense Development and Engineering Laboratories (DDEL) worked on detectors, protective masks, and decontamination. Already, DDEL had developed the M28 Riot Control Agent Mask for the war. One of DDEL’s experimental detectors, however, was very unique. The concept that detectors could be used to find enemy personnel hiding in jungle terrain led to the development of the XM3 Personnel Detector. Research had determined there were 400 chemical compounds emitted from the human body. In addition to human emissions, the unit detected minute particles from fires, tobacco smoke, engine exhaust, and other emissions that indicated human activity.

Vietnam War protesters The Vietnam War work at Edgewood Arsenal also attracted unwanted attention. Throughout the month of July, protesters at the front gate [today it is the Edgewood Gate] attempted to enter the post to plant a pine tree. On July 8, about 50 protestors showed up. Colonel Paul R. Cerar, in his last month as Edgewood Arsenal Commander, denied their request to enter the post and warned the protesters that it was illegal to protest on post without his permission. Over the next couple of days, 25 protesters were arrested. Having to keep the front gate closed, however, also caused disruption to the workforce. Finally on July 16 a compromise was achieved and the protesters planted their small pine tree on Federal land, but outside the front gate. Eventually, Edgewood accepted another pine tree and it was planted somewhere on the post.

On July 21, Colonel William M. Home, Cerar’s temporary replacement, issued a news release about the protesters and the role of Edgewood Arsenal in the Vietnam War:

While the demonstrators were protesting against war and chemical warfare in particular, they fail to realize the vital role Edgewood Arsenal plays in preventing wars and maintaining peace.


The research and development performed at Edgewood Arsenal has enabled the United States to maintain a limited offensive capability in order to deter the use of chemical weapons by the threat of retaliation in kind. In the field of chemical warfare, deterrence is the primary objective of the United States. Largely because of our known capability to retaliate in kind, gas warfare was not employed by the enemy during World War II, or in any subsequent armed conflict in which the United States has been involved.


Since the U.S. has pledged not to be the first to use lethal chemical weapons, we must be fully aware of the capabilities of these weapons in the hands of potential adversaries. It is important that Edgewood Arsenal continue to conduct research and development in all phases of chemical warfare, not only to provide necessary detection and protective equipment, but to fully define and quantify the potential threat from these weapons and the hazards involved if they are ever used against us.

By the end of the month, the tree planted outside the gate had disappeared. Then the tree planted on post was run over by a lawn mower. In early August, both trees were replaced. By then, Edgewood Arsenal had returned to normal and was again hard at work supporting the war effort.



(I have seen the same medal in Rusian market Cambodge in 2007 but very expensived price, and I found at HCM city le Cong Key market with fair price, original because the owner name was scrabbed and still have pattina, please comment why on the front’s center blank ,something missing?–may be ROK military will gave information. Imnaha also have ROK-vietnam postal covers.At the other place I also found a pin with a hand hold flag red-white with one star in the center , Coan Thanh Nien ….Danang Vietnam ? not clear good patina,why two colour ? and a square bronze patina pin”Dai Hoi I Ngia-Binh 1977, please comment -auth).

(2) July,21th1970

Acte Notariete tenant Lieu d’Acte de Naissant(Giay Khai Sinh) certificate  issued at Hanoi with legalization on Hanoi Thue Than Po(local Hanoi Revenue) 3 d (very rare local Hanoi revenue)

 August 1970 



Trich Luc Bo Khai Sanh (birth)Certificate


August 4, 1970

  • An element of the 12 ARVN Regiment with helicopter support engages enemy forces 18 km northwest of Cai Be in Dinh Tuong Province. Results are 24 enemy killed and 3 ARVN WIA.
  • A company of the 31st ARVN Regiment engages enemy force 10 km southwest of Long My in Chuong Thien Province. Results are 22 enemy killed and 1 ARVN WIA.


9) September 1970


The course of France langue Certificate of Saigon ‘s Francai institute

(2)September.13th. 1970

(a) prepaid Stamped free military letter sheet type light blue, send from  DA 83/8 ND(?) via KBC 3119( airbone 6th Battalion Saigon) to 27/10/2 Huynh Ainh Cua (?)  Tan Dinh Saigon, but without Quan Buu and KBC stamped (may be personal delivary).

     The letter written in native vietnamese char :



Mien Gioi  t vien ngay 13/9/70

Khin Phia

Ba, Ma

Nhan sewe phu chi maino qua va doi da dac bat ven say gui ve than gia sing qa chi.

            Ba Ma ngoai ny con van manh va phu dia sinh lam rat monh pin nha, ma’a! Chi hai chi chac dta kha toi phai khong ma, gia Sinh minh pan bang an chu o con qu ma ong hanh to cho lon chac lua roi chu gi phai o ba Ma.Vai hano vo tham Ba ma vo cau chuc na dinh manh khoe bang on.

        Con  cua va ma.(OD&PH)


     (b) Letter sheet pre stamped M3, send from DD 83/8 ND KBC 3119 (Airbone 8th Battalion saigon) to Saigon, send by courier, no CDS Quan Buu & KBC stamped, M3 type a-light blue colour. The letter :


                                              Mien Gioi tra ven ngay 13/9/70

                                                            Kihn Phua


            Nhanh tuoc thu  am maino qua va vai da dtac ven say geu ve tham gia sinh va cho. Ba na nguoi nay con van manh va nha na sinh lam nen rat nong tin nha, ma a   ! chi hoi chi chac dta kho toi phai khong ma, gia sinh minh tan bang an chu a con vu na ong thanh to cho con chac lua roi chu gi phai o ba ma

            Vai hang vo tham ba ma va cau chuc gia dinh manh khoe hang on.

                                                                                    Con cua va ma


Vi trong nguoi tuoc khoe nen con nhay noi dtay

            Ma nho ge cho con xin S lon man ruot thi l

            Kho dtay nha ma dte con dung.



            (c) Letter sheet pre stamped M3 type 2-drak blue, send from KBC 3043/HQ ( never report,not know location &institution) to  trung si I THAI /TL/QV, KBC 3921(not known institution & location), send by courier , no CDS Quan Buu and KBC stamped. The letter inside :

                        Em Thu !

            Da hon tuan li nay thanh nho pho Tay-Minh Vang Long nguoi tinh nhay-Du. Bon anh dta phai truoc them mot tuoc quan tranh hanh mia, Anh dtat moi hy vong em cha anh sec dtang quoi cho anh nhiem. Nhung roi ! Bon anh dta dti ra.Nhiem Thien –Ngon man lua va mo hoi.

            Em Thuong !

            Mot sai nguoi bon cua anh dta nga giu mot cach dton dtan khi anh va ung bon bi tuoc  lanh tren xa them , theo sat voi cai tien dtoan sat vung trin gioi ta va bon.

            Nhan la thu thu hoi ma em voio chien ngay 26/10/71 trong luc anh tong sap sua dtua hon ve ban mong hom ngay sau nhung dtem thiue trang con mat ma lam viu.

            Em! Anh khong tuong truong chuve anh co thu hong dtem thiu suot , chin trong vov con truon ngu liu nao cung nhu thiu duc mon moi. Hioi dtem la, bon thuoi ,mot ly ca phe sua , ca cao loi thiu an thi khoi noi, ga co , vat co cav dtong co. Dam nao vai ngui trong bon anh thanh phien nhan, nguoc lam viu, ke lam dto om nan chao co, con goi co,..cung vi the tuy…….very long letter……etc………………………………..

            Vai hong cho gia dinh, nha co ranh bim thu cho anh hay va anh cung se tin thu ho em dti em va tinh dto lo phan nao ve anh, goi ve thu cua anh long thung nho cua nguoi chong xa vo, cha xx con,xi gia dinh hanh phuc



September 5, 1970

  • The 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) begins Operation JEFFERSON GLENN in Thua Thien and Quang Tri Province. It will end in October 1971 and will be the last major combat operation by US forces in Vietnam.
  • The 196th Infantry Brigade of the AMERICAL Division and 3/7 Marines of the 1st Mar Div begin Operation NEBRASKA RAPIDS to clear the road from LZ BALDY to Hiep Duc, Quang Nam and Quang Tin Provinces.
  • Operation TEXAS STAR initiated 1 April in Quang Tri and Thua Thien Provinces under control of the 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile) is terminated. Results are 2,053 enemy killed, 89 detained, 349 US KIA and 1,774 US WIA.
  • Operation QUYET THANG 63B initiated 1 July in Quang Tin Province under control of the 2nd ARVN Division is terminated. Results are 240 enemy killed, 24 ARVN KIA and 128 ARVN WIA.
  • In a strike directed against South Vietnam’s pacification program, VC guerrillas attack a civil defense training center in Binh Dinh Province. 14 VN are killed and 26 wounded.
  • Congressional delegation arrives in RVN on a five-day visit to study problems associated with drugs and alcoholism in the military services.

September 26, 1970

  • A CIDG border patrol on a search mission engages en estimated enemy company with organic weapons 32 km southwest of Quang Ngai City. Results are 32 enemy killed and 1 CIDG WIA.
  • Vice President Ky announces he has decided not to attend a pro-war rally scheduled for October 3 in Washington D.C


(South Vietnamese Vice Premier Nguyen Cao Ky with Henry Kissinger and Ellsworth Bunker in Saigon)


October 1970

(1) October.7th. 1970

(a)Nixon proposed “Standstill cease-fire” but repeat mutual-withdrawal formula next day(D)


(b) American combat death in Vietnam during last week in this month numbered twenty-four.(D)


(c) American troops strenght in Vietnam down to 280.000 men at year end.(D)


(d) In this day , the new series 692 with the replacement note EE of US military payment certificate were issue and used until 15.3.1973. This note very difficult to find .

( I have never seen this note, maybe someone will showed us their own collection-auth)


(e) October,7th.1970

The official free postal cover of Bo tai Chanh “Nha Tong Giam Doc  Thue Vu” with the red official stamped, send to Saigon  CDS Saigon Vietnam 7-10 1970 and round E.K Saigon no date round stamped.

(what the meaning “ Bo tai Chan “Nha Tong giam doc Thue Vu”?

      , official cover with official stamped free postal charge.-auth)

(2) October 13, 1970

  • At 1445, a recon element from Task Force SOUTH engaged an estimated enemy squad 15 km north of Phan Thiet in Binh Thuan Province. Results were 6 enemy killed and no friendly casualties.
  • At 1700, helicopter crewmen from an aviation element of the 1st Cavalry Division spotted an estimated 10 enemy 36 km northwest of Bao Loc in Lam Dong Province and engaged them with aerial rockets. Results were 8 enemy killed and no friendly casualties.
  • At about 1940 an element of the 198th Infantry Brigade on Operation GENEVA PARK detonated a booby trap 18 km northwest of Quang Ngai City. Results were 9 US KIA and 6 US WIA.
  • In a report prepared at the request of President Nixon, British counterinsurgency expert Sir Robert Thompson explains that smashing the VC is a prerequisite for solving the political troubles of South Vietnam. After a five-week secret mission to RVN in September and early October, Thompson reports that US and Allied intelligence and police efforts have failed to destroy the Communists’ subversive apparatus in SVN. His reports concludes that success in other areas of pacification cannot solve the basic political problems of South Vietnam after the withdrawal of the bulk of US forces so long as the VC apparatus remains virtually intact.



Trich Luc bo Khai Sanh (birth)Certificate

November 1970


Us flag replaced  by South Vietnam flag

Corbis information :


Soc Trang Airfield, 1970

04 Nov 1970, South Vietnam — Moments before the U.S. flag was replaced by the Vietnamese flag, Vietnamese Air Force crewmen line up before one of the 62 UH-1 “Huey” helicopters turned over to them November 4, 1970, along with command of the Soc Trang airfield

November 21, 1970

  • A combined Air Force and Army team of 40 Americans, led by Colonel “Bull” Simon, USA, conducts a heliborne assault of a prison camp at Son Tay, 35 km west of Hanoi, in an attempt to free 70-100 Americans suspected of being held there. US warplanes provide escort and attack NVA installations and AA sites within 3 km of the camp. However, the team finds no POWs and has to fight its way out, killing 25 enemy soldiers in a 40-minute fight at the camp while sustaining no casualties.
  • Approximately one hour after the Son Tay raid, US aircraft (200 fighter bombers and 100 support aircraft) inflict the most severe bombing raids in two year on North Vietnam as retaliation for the shooting down of US reconnaissance aircraft.
  • Operation CUU LONG/21/19, initiated 15 Nov in An Xuyen Province under control of the 21st ARVN Division is terminated. Results are 335 enemy killed, 1 detained, 69 returnees, 29 ARVN KIA and 94 ARVN WIA.
  • At about 1100, a US Army convoy was ambushed on Route 19, 22 km west-northwest of An Khe in Binh Dinh Province. Results are 2 US KIA, 15 US WIA and unknown enemy losses.
  • In Qui Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, a fire starts in a residential section of the city. Approximately one thousand VN civilians homes are destroyed leaving five thousand civilians homeless. The fire is not enemy-initiated.


December 1970

(1)December.10th 1970

Very rare “Huyen Trin Qui”Free airmail flight and rocket covers, postally used with Postal cds  Pho(ng Dinh) (10).12.1970  and not clear red  official Double circle stamped “Viet-Nam Cong-Hoa NHA TRANG ? “ SEND TO    KBC 3319 (Cam Ranh-Naval Training center/military school) HQ 503 Vung Tau(LST,Landing Ship transport NVH Navy Vung Tau) , but din’t found the postal man made with handwritten in  red ink pen:” cross and  another adress C-KBC 3328 “ (send via Navy Headquaters)

     To open the mysteri of this covers, please read the letter inside that cover :


Xu Biwn Ngay 10.12.1970

Qui Ngen

Cap nhou duoc thi Ban sau ngay tap tro Ve ctun nvi co nguo hen trao lai tap, tap nung lam bei ti tap nhon thu dai ngaoi quc ca co le ban kiet cho vi tep o co han gai, baw trai den cung mot cton vi ca dan mang kho quan du. Con gia Dinh o Ca vi rhi moi thang moi Ve thi tap o la vet ve, kan a kan cu Biet ngay tap ve ctun Vi Bi nhop het mot ctem,roi bi phat lam j dem Ban ngay shi Phai Truc Dien pkoai nen tap o CS Phi gio  hoi cum cho kan, Vi hom nay. Lauc Vi Ce Binh Thuong.

            Bo dong I thang nghi Thi Ve Phong ngu cho cten toi hom sau lai lain Va nhoi lam Buun Vo tan o cu viec nao Viec cho het duoc , cho nen doi tap qua Ben ctay tap moi du luc jauve Thi Lam Ngi Hia thi hoi met ty jhink jhiong moi nghi,com bay gio.  Etc………………

            Thoi yen gio lam roi tap  xin tau tan cting no’r ctay nho meng thu te……. etc(OD&PH)



(2)  December.12th 1970

     The civil postally used covers without the sender ‘s name send from Saigon CDS 12.12.1970 with rate stamp 6 Dong +3 Dong (9 D) to Parto (Patton ?) Ca USA, Mrs V.J. Eletto, without sencored  , the earliest civil letter to the American’s wife from saigon (PH)




Con Thien 1970 – U.S. soldier reads letter from home

16 Dec 1970, Con Thien, Vietnam — December 16, 1970 – Con Thein, Vietnam: Pfc James Hekman, 20, of Kalamazoo, Michigan, clutches a Christmas present under his arm as he reads a letter from home December 7, 1970. Hekman, who has been in Vietnam for six months, is stationed with units of the 5th Cavalry at this base only four miles from the DMZ.

(4)Dec.31th.1970 The recieved of Sending tax money by Postal(Buu dien Bien Lai So) with revenue stamped


the end @copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


Vietnam War 1970

 Combat Medic Vietnam 1970. More than 2 million Vietnamese people died in the attack on Vietnam by the US. Estimates of deaths are between 2 million and 4 million people.
Photo: Mike Hastie
Vietnam Veteran



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