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Vietnam Liberation war 1968

a. TET OFFENSIVE  , Vietcong attack  in 1968.


1)January 1968

(1)Sihanouk tells  Joh

nson ‘s emissary, ester Bowles,that he will not stop American forces from pursuing the Vietcong over the Cambodian border.(D)

(2) January,15th. 1968

BIEN VIEN SO 307 /Q6.QV STENCIL CETRIFICATE, SIGN BY NGUYEN THANH TRACH , TUNG-QUNG(?) THRUONG QUAN SAU FOR Toa So Tham Saigon, Luc Tinh Cholon knom 13 gia 8 Phuong Bien vien. With finger print without photo on ..nhon Tay Tro columm.(OD)

 (3)After a decade of American tactics the communist planned a devasting blow “The Tet Offensive” against town in South Vietnam, was design as an all out effort to impress on American that the Vietcong were far stronger that they had supposed.

In preparation for Tet , was design as all-out effort and the North Vietnam had endeavoured to draw US troops from the towns by a diversionary attack on a nothern US base at Khesan .

 (4)January 21, 1968


The Siege of Khe Sanh begins. At 0030, a prolonged NVA mortar and rocket attack announced that the siege of Khe Sanh had started. It destroyed the largest U.S. Marine ammunition dump and was followed by a strong attack on Hill 861. 1,500 tons of ordnance exploded along with helicopters, tents, fuel, and tear gas. Only half the runway was usuable the next day. A simultaneous battalion-size attack on the village of Khe Sanh and its CIDG camp is repulsed after partial penetration by the enemy. After beating off a second attack, the CIDG and the District headquarters are withdrawn into the Khe Sanh Combat Base.



(5)January 30, 1968


  • The 2d Bn, 174th NVA Regt and local forces attacked the Kontum Subsector Headquarters and the town. Prior to the attack, local VC infiltrated the city. About 25 percent of Tanh Canh was destroyed in the battle and the 2/174th suffered heavy casualties, probably as high as 50 percent. After the battle 167 NVA and VC bodies were removed from the city.
  • At about 0200 hours, the 5th Bn, 95th NVA Regt attacked the Tuy Hoa airfield, the provincial prison, and American artillery positions. C Battery, 6th Bn, 32nd Artillery, an 8 inch and 175mm composite battery, was one of these positions. They were located at the Tuy Hoa North Airfield, on the outskirts of the provincial capital of Tuy Hoa. At about 0700 hours, a reaction force arrived from the 4th Bn, 503rd Inf, 173rd Abn reinforced by a battalion from the Korean 28th Regt. The RVN prison camp was just south of the artillery battery. The NVA had suffered very high casualties during the night and holed up in a little refugee village just south of the prison camp. The battalion commander of the 4/503rd landed and personally led a charge against the surrounded NVA which resulted in 19 US KIA and 39 WIA. The brigade commander had him pull back and had the fast movers from Tuy Hoa Air Base annihilated the survivors of the NVA battalion. There were less than a half dozen wounded survivors. The NVA were supported during the Tet attack by a local Viet Cong battalion which escaped almost unscathed. It was this VC battalion that conducted two attacks against the city of Tuy Hoa and were repulsed by two battalions of the ARVN 47th Regt. The ARVN moved against the remaining enemy strongholds in the center of Tuy Hoa on 5 Feb and captured it on the 6th.
  • Pleiku: The VC 15H LF and 40th Sapper Bns attacked cross an expanse of open field at great cost. Heavy fighting raged around the Pleiku sector headquarters, the MACV compount, the 71st Evac, the POW compound, both airfields, and a Montagnard training center. The 3d ARVN Cav Sqdn and the 22d ARVN Ranger Bn backed up by a company of the 1/69th Armor responded immediately. Two mobile strike force cos from B/5th SF were added to the street fighting. Finally the 4th Eng Bn, as infantry, were added. By 3 Feb this amalgamated force was mopping up.
  • Kontum: The 24th NVA Regt, the 304th VC Bn and the 406th Sapper Bn attacked the MACV compound, post office, airfield, and 24th ARVN STZ headquarters. Some of the most ferocious combat of Tet-68 transpired in Kontum city. The initial assault was met by two Montagnard scout companies which were rapidly brushed aside and the 2/42d ARVN Regt which fell back. The B-24 SF Det compound was penetrated at several points. At noon the Americans rustled up the ground elements of 7/17th Air Cav, fused them with 1/22d Inf and C/1/69th Armor. This composite task force was shoved into the heart of the city but the fierce tempo of urban fighting was sustained five more days.
  • Ban Me Thuot: The 33d NVA Regt and the 301E VC LF Bn attacked the 23d ARVN Div headquarters, the MACV compound, both airfields, and numerous other targets including the bank. Initially they were opposed by only the local RFPF force and the SF B-23 Det. By midday on the 30th, the 8th ARVN Cav Sqdn and the 45th ARVN Regt were also engaged. The house-to-house fighting was so intense that the 23d ARVN Ranger Bn was committed on 1 Feb. These rangers were quickly consumed by the slaughter and the next day the 1/503d Airborne Battalion, 173d Airborne Brigade was flown in from Pleiku. Four major NVA assaults were hurled against Ban Me Thuot during the course of the battle, but by 6 Feb the town was cleared. Over one third of the city had been reduced to smoking rubble. In Code-Name Bright Light, we learn that several ARVN, Montagnards and three American civilians were captured by the NVA during the battle. Mike Benge, the head of USAID and one of the senior ranking Americans in Ban Me Thuot, was captured as he drove his jeep around the city collecting Americans and taking them to the MACV compound. He was unaware that various parts of the city were in NVA hands. Two American missionaries, Henry Blood and Betty Olsen, were also captured.



(6)31th January 1968

(a)On Tet Holidays, the Vietcong and Vietminh launched “The Tet Offensive” against the town of South Vietnamm and mounted a huge offensive, penetrating several town s in an attempt to destroy the morale of the South Vietnamese and Americans , who believed  that their power was confined  to the countryside.

January 31, 1968


  • Battle for Hue. The battle began at 0340 with a 122mm rocket attack followed by two bns from the NVA 6th Regt charging across lightly defended bridges and taking part of the Imperial Citadel. They were halted by the ARVN Hoc Bo (Black Panther) Co at the Tay Loc airfield before they could reach the ARVN 1st Div HQ. The NVA 4th Regt struck the MACV HQ defended by a makeshift force of 200 Americans. The USMC base at Phu Bai responded by sending one Inf Co reinforced with 4 tanks. When this force was pinned down, a second Co with 2 SP 40mm guns were dispatched. Six hours later with 10 KIA and 30 WIA this unit reached the MACV compound. At nightfall, the NVA consolidated their positions eventually committing 10 bns (more than a full division) to the Citadel battles. The allies countered with 3 understrength USMC, 6 USA and 11 ARVN bns.During this battle the 1st and the 5th Marines and several ARVN elements defended and drove the enemy out of Hue City as the largest major action of the enemy Tet Offensive. Several USA units from the 1st Cav and 101st Abn Divs were involved blocking position and cutting enemy supply lines to the west and nouth of Hue. The allies claimed 5,113 known enemy casualties in this battle. U.S. losses were 119 KIA, 961 WIA; ARVN were 363 KIA and 1,242 WIA; Civilian 5,800 KIA or MIA and 116,000 homeless.


 (b)It caught the Americans and the South Vietnamese completely by Suprise, because Tet was the National New Year Holiday period, dureing which a truce had always been observed, and because the town of South Vietnam had hierto been thought secure against the largely rural Vietcong.

 (c)Score of Vietnamese towns were assault by  some  70.000 Vietcong and Vietminh , who created wide spread destruction  and even penetrate the heavily fortified US Embassy compaound in Saigon.

 (d)The carnage was worst in the ancient city of Hue in central Vietnam, there the Vietcong overhelmed the South Vietnam Garrison . look at the vintage photo(ibid S,karnow)  ‘a wounded  GI helped by  his buddies  during the battle of Hue. The  toughtest  fighting occured  at the Citadel, which the Vietcong  held tenaciously American artillary  and aircraft also bombed and shelleted this city.”      

 (e)In the end the communists were bloodily repulsed, but the terrible scenes of fighting shown on American television  screens conviced most Americans that US soldiers should be brought home.

(f)The ability of the communists to penetrate  and even to hold their positions in a number of South Vietnamese town hitherto believed to be fitmly in South Vietnamese and American hands succeede in undermining American morale in their longest and most succesful war,

(g)The US President ‘s assurances that The Tet Offensive was the most disastrous Vietnam defeat of the war were perfectly true, but they carried little connection.(D)(h)Tet offensive of 1968 was a campaining  “Liberate” the South before Ho ‘s death (ibid Stanley Karnow)

2) february 1968

(1) Early 1968

After Tet offensive, Whasington was forced  to awful conclusion  that US could  no longer win the war(D)

(IMNAHA report a bogus fake first day cover with ilagalizes too sharp postal cancel Quan Buu 1.2.1968 on the second type Miltitary non nominal value, and fake  postmark” kho tet mau than de phong xuan ky dau.”

I have found the 2nd type Military stamp not cancelled by Quan Buu in sept 1968, but Quan buu cancelled on military stamps type 1 at april 1968, we can made comparative studies about the original quan buu cancelled-aut)

 (2) Feb.2nd,1968

 1st Div, 1/28th BLACK LIONS FEB 1ST and FEB 2nd, 1968 BATTLE OF AN MY


(3)February 4-17, 1968


Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces launch Operation TRAN HUNG DAO to eliminate enemy opposition in the Saigon Circle after the Tet Offensive. It involves 5 ARVN Airborne Battalions, 5 VNMC Battalions and 5 Ranger Battalions. Cumulative results are: 1,666 enemy killed and 1,861 detained. Friendly casualties are 216 KIAs and 605 WIAs.

(Poster of Tran Hung Dao, a legendary hero of Vietnam who defeated three Mongol invasions)

(4)February 7, 1968


  • While conducting a reconnaissance in force operation 10 miles northwest of Phu Loi as part of Operation LAM SON 68, C/2/18 Inf, A/2/16th Inf, and B/1/4th Cav, and I/3/11th ACR clash with a VC force of unknown size. Casualties: US – 3 KIAs, 29 WIAs; enemy 42 KIAs.
  • Fall of the Lang Vei CIDG Camp. The Lang Vei SF camp located eight kilometers west of Khe Sanh was manned by A-101 Detachment with 24 US SF soldiers, an ARVN SF unit, and about 500 Montagnard CIDG troops. The 66th NVA Regiment attacked with about 400 infantry supported by 11 PT-76 tanks and artillery. The attack started just after mid-night and the last radio transmission from the bases was at 0245H. Most of the survivors made it to Khe Sanh on foot or were picked up by helicopters the next day. Over 200 CIDG troops were KIA or MIA, there were 75 WIA. US losses were 10 KIA and 11 WIA. Enemy losses were estimated at 200 KIA. The camp was overrun and destroyed.



(6)February,25th. 1968

After twenty six days of Fighting, American and South Vietnamese troops recapture Hue.

(7)February 26, 1968


  • Operation HOUSTON begins. This 1st Marine Division operation used the 26th Marines with the 2/3 Marines and the 3/5 Marines. It was conducted in the Thua Thien and Quang Nam border region, and had the responsibility of keeping Highway 1 open and providing security for details working on the railroad between Hue and Da Nang. Casualties: U.S. 121 KIA, 848 WIA; enemy 702 known KIAs.
  • The Quang Duc province chief and his senior American adviser were killed in the crash of a U.S. helicopter near Gia Nghia Friday, the U.S. mission in Saigon reported Saturday. Six other persons aboard the helicopter were also killed. Two crew members were the only survivors of the crash. The province chief was identified as Col. Manh (no first name given). The senior American adviser was said to be Robert N. Hamblin, from Danville, Kentucky. Among the other dead were two Montagnard passengers and Manh’s bodyguard. The others were U.S. military personnel whose names were withheld pending notification of next of kin. The U.S. mission said the apparent cause of the crash was engine failure.
  • Elements of the 2d Brigade, 9th Infantry Division on Operation CORONADO XI air-assaulted into a hot LZ and engaged an estimated reinforced company. At the same time, a battalion from the 2d Brigade moved south of contact in USN TF-117 river crafts. The engagement continued throughout the day. Heavy small arms and automatic weapons fire exchanged at 1600 hours. Artillery and Air supported the units in contact. Enemy losses were 57 killed and friendly losses were 26 US killed and 51 wounded.



3) March 1968

(1)  March,1st. 1968

The issued “ should another  206.000 troops be sent to Vietnam, bringing numbers there to almost three quaters of a million? The new secretary of Defense Clifford and the president rejected the increase.

 (2) March ,21th .1968

(a)   After three weeks Vietcong occupation at Hue,  massacre 3000 people and buried them in hastily dug mass graves.      

 (b) Before American and South Vietnamese troops regained control, the Tet offensive had caused them 6000 combat death. Thousand more Vietnamese civilian died, caught up in the fighting. For the Vietcong, the casuaties amounted to a devasting 50.000. AS a fighting force they was never recovered.

 (c)The weakening of the Vietcong was not unwelcome in Hanoi. Indeede, in as Tet was a double victory for North Vietnamese because it undermined American confidence that the war would ever be won and it prevented the independent communist in the South Vietnam  from being able to challenge the nothern communist regime. The Vietminh henceforth played the major military role and so gained the upper hand in determining the future of vietnam.

 (3)  March 11, 1968


  • Operation QUYET THANG begins. This was the largest operation to date. QUYET THANG (Resolved to Win) was conducted in the Saigon area and the five surrounding provinces. Elements of the 1st, 9th, and 25th Infantry Divisions; ARVN 5th and 25th Divisions, ARVN airborne Division, and the Vietnamese Marines combined. There were a total of 22 U.S. and 11 ARVN battalions conducting this post-Tet clearing operation to mop up pockets of rebels. 2,658 known enemy casualties were claimed (3,387 in another source plus 36 POWs). The 1st Inf Div suffered 29 KIAs and 332 WIAs while the 25th Inf Div had 50 KIAs and 396 WIAs.
  • Operation WILDERNESS begins. The 25th Infantry Division and the 199th LIB contribute six infantry battalions to this search and destroy operation that was complementary to YELLOWSTONE and designed to provide security for the Tay Ninh Base Camp. Casualties: U.S. 26 KIA and 155 WIA; enemy 274 KIA, 4 POWs.



(4)March,31th. 1968

 (a) Johnson announced his decision  not to seek reelection, he also indicated that there  would be a measure of disengagement from the war, reflecting the new consencus among his advisers, including former hawks, That at least freed his hand from the inevitable political infighting as the election loomed nearer and anabled him to concentrate on finding a viable alternative strategy in Vietnam .

 (b)He also announced a partial bombing halt and invitee the North Vietnamese to begin peace talk.

 (c) He says that he will not run for reelection(D)

(d) Propaganda picture anti Vietnam war, Presiden Johnson bring back home” daddy skull and bone” to his son (P)


 April 28, 1968


  • Battle of Phuoc Yen. As part of Operation CARENTAN II, element from the 2d Brigade, 101st Airborne Division and the 2/17 Cav encountered a strong enemy force from the 8th Battalion, 90th PAVN Regiment during cordon and search operations four miles northwest of Hue. Casualties: U.S. 6 KIA and 43 WIA; enemy 314 KIA and 107 POW.




 5) MAY 1968 


USA War Office Vietnam,Dept.Of Army,Central Training Institue OCPD USARV, Certificate of Training English Language Development III, signed by W.S.Moyers Civilian Personnel Director US Army,Vietnam

Certificate of Training English Language Development III, signed by W.S.Moyers Civilian Personnel Director US Army,Vietnam





July 23, 1968


  • BLT 2/7 Marines conduct a two-days clear & search operation named SWIFT PLAY in the ‘Go Noi Island’ area of Quang Nam Province, I Corps.

(Aerial view of the ‘Go Noi’)
  • MG Robert E. Worley, Vice-commander, Seventh Air Force, was shot down and killed in an RF-4C Phantom II 65 miles northwest of Da Nang in Thua Thien Province. The co-pilot bailed out safely.










May 3, 1968


  • The 3/17th Air Cavalry Squadron, operating with the 3d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division, conducted armed reconnaissance operations along the Vam Co Dong River and in the Iron Triangle, Ho Bo and Boi Loi Woods. At 0900H, three kms SE of the Filhol Plantation, B/3/17 Cav engaged an estimated 200 enemy. Artillery, mortars and airstrikes supported the contact which resulted in 31 enemy killed.

(A snake, a hog and a loach from Troop B, 3/17 Cav)


                        67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85                              








 (2)May 5, 1968


  • As part of Operation CARENTAN II, elements from the 1/501st, the 2/501st Airborne, the 2/17th Cav, and 2/34th Armor supporting the 2d Brigade, 101st Airborne Division encountered an enemy force about three miles northwest of Hue. Casualties: U.S. 1 KIA and 18 WIA; enemy 55 KIA.
  • As part of Operation COCHISE GREEN, Company A, 2/503d Abn, 173d Airborne Brigade was ambushed by a platoon of enemy troops south of Gia An, approximately nine miles northeast of Bong Son. Casualties: U.S. 8 WIA; enemy 13 KIA.
  • Battle of An Bao, Operation COCHISE GREEN, Phu My District, Binh Dinh Province. Co. A(-), 1/50 Inf (Mech) with 9 APCs was attacked by two enemy battalions near the village of An Bao. The heavy enemy fire destroyed 5 of the APCs in the initial contact. Counter attacked with reinforcements from C 1/50 and B 1/69th Armor. Enemy lost 117 KIA. The 1/50 lost 18 KIA and 91 WIA.
  • Early on the morning, the enemy officially launched their second offensive, later to be called the May 5 Offensive but was also known as the “mini-Tet”. Saigon was again one of the primary targets. The 1st Infantry Division acted to seal off enemy movement toward Saigon with four Infantry battalions (1&2/18th Inf and 1&2/28th Inf) plus two Cav Sqdns (1/4th and 7/1st Cav). At this time the 7/1st was OPCONed to the 1st Inf Div. Another account states that 152 Americans were killed in the eight days of fighting.
  • The II Field Force, Vietnam reported that at 0400H the enemy drive on Saigon started, with primary attacks coming from the west and north and diversionary attacks on the east. The attempt to take Saigon began with a pre-dawn mortar attack on the Newport Bridge followed by a ground attack by elements of the 4th LF and the 2/SR 4 Bns. The mortar attack failed to damage the bridge and the ground attack was halted by the 5th RVN Marine Bn. An hour later the Binh Loi Bridge was attacked by elements of the K1 and K3 Bn of the Dong Nai Regt. The contact ended at 1700H when the enemy was repulsed by the 6th VNMC Battalion. Elements of the VC 3d LF Bn plus one sapper company dressed in RVN Marine uniforms infiltrated into the southern edge of the city in the Tan My Tay area but were stopped after suffering heavy losses.
  • As part of Operation TOAN THANG and the 1st Infantry Division’s reaction to the May 5 Offensive, B&A/1/4th Cav were sent to conduct a recon-in-force of the village of Xom Moi northwest of Di An. B Trp made contact first and A Trp reinforced. On this day 156 enemy were killed. Supported with arty and helicopter gunships they worked the area for several days and killed over 440 enemy. U.S. losses were 5 KIA and 21 WIA.

Some pictures taken during Mini-Tet in Saigon:



(2)May 20, 1968


  • As part of Operation NEVADA EAGLE, B/1/501st Airborne, C/2/501st Airborne, D/1/502d Airborne, 2d Brigade, 101st Airborne Division engage an estimated NVA company while conducting a cordon and search of Dong Gi Tay, five miles east of Hue. Casualties: US 12 WIA; enemy 62 KIA.
  • The Philippine tug BREAM with two US Military Police security guards on board while en route from Vung Tau to Can Tho via the Mekong and Bassac rivers lost their way and strayed over the Cambodian border. The tug and all aboard were taken into custody and escorted to Phnom Penh. The MPs were released on June 10, 1968 to Australian authorities and flown to Bangkok.

(The Bassac at Chau Doc near the Cambodian border)



(1a)May, 22th 1968

A very rare KHAI SANH’s certificate  signed by  Nhan chung, Ho lai and Tran-Hoc-lung in 22-05-1968. without revenue

(the rare collection after four month tet offensive without revenue,military free tax  dan used military area number Ku Buu chin(KBC) 3014(An Duc-Vinh Long) , please comment the complete form of Khai Sanh,s  birth certifiacte below-auth)

                     KHAI SANH

:So hieu  250


:                                       ________________________________________________

     :                                        :Ten,ho au-nhi              TRAN-TUAN-TAI

     :                                    hai :                              NAM                                    :

            :                  :            Ngay hai muoi mot thang nam duong       :

     :                                       :            chin tram sau muoi tam(21-05-1968)          :

     :    SAU-Y-THONG-BO: Sanh: (ngay,thang,nam)…………………………………..:

            : AN-Duc 25/05/1968:  Tai   :…………………Xa An-DUC……………………………:

     : Chu-Tich K/Ho-Tich:   Cha:………………….Tran-Hoc-Luong……………………:

            :                                  :  Tuoi :………………….Hai muoi tam tuoi. ………………..:

            :     Signed &              :  Nghe-nghiep:…….Quan nhan……………………………:

            :       Stamped            :  Cu tru tai  :…………KBC 3014………………………………:

            :Vietnam conghoa         :  Me :…………………..TRANH-LINH…………………………..:

            :Vinh Long Chau.?,,        :  Tuoi :………………….Hai Moi hai tuoi……………………..:

            : UY-BAN  MINH CHANH :  Nghe-nghiep:……Noi Tro…………………………………..:

            : Nguyen-Tam-the    :  Cac tru trai………..Trai gia binh Trong doan 16BB..:

     :   CHUNG NHAN      : Vo :……………………Vo chanh……………………………….:

            :Chu ky cua UY Ban hanh chanh Nghe-nghiep:……..Quan Nhan………………………………..:

            : Xa An-Duc tren day :  Cu tru tai :…………….K.B.C.3014………………………………….:

            :Vinh-Long ngay 25/5/1968    :  Ngay Khai:……………Ngay 22 thang 5 DL 1968…………….:

            : TL Quan Truong CT    :  Nguoi chung thu nhirt: ..LE-HOANG-MINH………………………..:

            HO QUAN TRUONG  : Tuoi :……………………..Hai muoi chin tuoi………………………:

            :                                     : Nghe-nghiep:……….Quan nhan…………………………………:

            :    signed & stamped : Cu tru tai :………………K.B.C.3014………………………………….:

            :                                      : Nguoi chu thu nhi :..LE-HUU-HANH……………………………..:

            : TRAN-VAN-LAN         : Tuoi:……………………….Hai muoi lam tuoi………………………:

            :                                     : Nghe-nghiep:…………Quan Nhan………………………………..:

            :                                     : Cu tru tai :………………K.B.C. 4014………………………………… :

            :                                    :_____________________________________________________:

            :                                                                                                                                               :                       Lam tai ….AN-DUC…………..ngay 22….thang…05…nam..1968……..:

            :                                   Nguoi khai                   Ho lai                      nhan chung        :

            :                            TRAN-HC-LUONG     NGUYEN-VAN-THE    LE-HOANG-MINH

            :                                   (KY TEN)                   (KY TEN)                     (KY TEN)          

                ::                                                                                                                                                                                  :

                :                                                                                                                                      LE-HUU-HANH

            :                                                                                                           (KY TEN)              :



BIRTH certificate

: Number 250

: ________________________________________________

     :: Ten, or au-baby-TAI TUAN TRAN-

     : Two: NAM:

            :: Day Twenty-one months in sugar:

     :: Nine hundred and sixty eight (21-05-1968):

     : AFTER-Y-THONG-BO: Birth: (day, month, year) … … … … … … … … … … … … … ..

            : AN-Duc 25/05/1968: Tai: … … … … … … … Xa An-DUC … … … … … … … … … … …:

     : Chu Tich-K / Ho-Built: Father: … … … … … … …. Tran-Hoc-Luong … … … … … … … …:

            :: Age: … … … … … … …. Two eighteen years. … … … … … … ..

            : Signed &: Play-career: … …. The military … … … … … … … … … … …:

            : Stamped: Resides: KBC 3014 … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … …:

            : Vietnam conghoa: Me: … … … … … … … .. COMPETITION-LINH … … … … … … … … … … ..

            : Vinh Long Chau.?,,: Age: … … … … … … …. Two two years old … … … … … … … … ..

            : UY-BAN MINH DISTRICT: Play-career: Homemaker … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … ..

            :-The-Tam Nguyen: The tru … … … .. left in peace In the 16BB Trai ..

     : Certification: Vo: … … … … … … … … … … … lemon peel … … … … … … … … ….:

            : The period of Executive Committee Hear-career: The Gaming … … .. … … … … … … … … … … … … ..

            : An-Duc Xa above: Resides: … … … … …. KBC3014 … … … … … … … … … … … … ….:

            : Vinh-Long at 5/25/1968: Opening Day: … … … … … On 22 5 DL 1968 … … … … ….:

            : TL Quan Truong CT: The overall collection nhirt: LE-HOANG-MINH .. … … … … … … … … … ..

            HO QUAN TRUONG: Age: … … … … … … … … .. Twenty-nine years old … … … … … … … … …:

            :: Listen-career: … … …. The military … … … … … … … … … … … … …:

            : Signed & stamped: Resides: … … … … … … KBC3014 …(Vinh Long) … … … … … … … … … … … ….:

            :: The employer for Children: LE-HUU-HANH .. … … … … … … … … … … … ..

            : TRAN-VAN-LAN: Age: … … … … … … … … …. Twenty-five years old … … … … … … … … …:

            :: Listen-career: The Label … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … … ..

            :: Resides: … … … … … … KBC 4014 … … … … … … … … … … … … …:

            : :_____________________________________________________:

            :: Done at …. AN-DUC … … … … .. … 22. … 05 months … … … .. men .. 1968:

            : The future declaration Ho Witness:


            : (Signature) (Signature) (Signature)


                : LE-HUU-HANH

            : (Signature):



6) June 1968

(1)  June,5th. 1968

Robert Kennedy was assasination while celebrating his victory in California elections .

(2) The Vietnamese war may become the biggest question mark in airpower history. Even when the full records of the war become available, judgment of airpower effectiveness atill will be a matter of opinion as weel as fact.

The restrictions that always accompany a limited conflict have clouded  the vietnamese situation throughly, and it will be difficult for anyone to appraise the true worth of airpower in this war objectively.(D)

 (3) A USAF helicopter airlift supplies to a Special Forces camp in the central highland of Vietnam (P), A foward air control (FAC) ground team keeps in radio contact with an airborn 0-1 Bird Dog(P), and Vietnamese Air Force A-1 H Skyraiders over Bien Hoa air Base

( I have the postal history sent from this base , keep reading you will find that-auth)(P)

June,19th .1968

Giay Chung Bong Chung Family Certificate,isued by Quan Truong Quan RTu Do Thanh Saigon with national and local revenue.

 7) July 1968


Finally in this day With some nudging from Bill Colby, then chief of MACV CORRD, President Nguyen van Thieu put his official stamped of approval on the program.

July 22Th 1968
The Recieved of Vietnam Auto Service with Coniem Vietnam Conghoa bamboo revenue.
July 23, 1968


  • BLT 2/7 Marines conduct a two-days clear & search operation named SWIFT PLAY in the ‘Go Noi Island’ area of Quang Nam Province, I Corps.

(Aerial view of the ‘Go Noi’)
  • MG Robert E. Worley, Vice-commander, Seventh Air Force, was shot down and killed in an RF-4C Phantom II 65 miles northwest of Da Nang in Thua Thien Province. The co-pilot bailed out safely.




August 1968

(1)     Ho Chu tjeh da tang co thu’ong cho nganh xe quan su nhan dip Hoi ngi lai xe gi’o’i va tho sua chua gioi toan quan thang 8 nam 1968. La co mang nhung dong chu :

Yeu xe nhu con

              Quy xang nhu mau

              Vuot moi kho khan

              Hoan thanh nhiem vu

                           Bac Ho.


Ho Chu tjeh for the sector has increased co thu’ong military vehicles driving on the occasion gi’o’i restless and mechanic in full 8 months of 1968. La has brought these words:

I love the car needs

               Gas demand quick provided

               Overcome any difficulties

               Complete tasks

                            Bac Ho.


(2) August,2nd.1968

Chung Chi Tu-Tai Phan Thu Rai Nha Tong Giam Doc issued by Trung Tieu-hoc va BDGD sign by Chanh Chu KhaobTran Canh Xuan at Hue.


with local Thi Xa Danang Le Phi 10d block four Local revenue desaign red ship.

(3)August ,19th .1968

The worst day  for my unit wan in this day. I was commanding a battery that was providing air defense for a  supply area.We had fifty-two men on dury. at 9.00 we were attacked by F-4Hs and F-105s.By the time it was over forty of my battery personnel were deead including two platoon leaders and the company  executive  officer. The political officer and I were both  wounded and three of our four guns were knocked out. My battery had been deployed right at the center  of rthe attack and we had  taken all  the fire ,The 26th Battery ,which  was on one of  my flanks,had seven killed.The 398th Battery was at my rear .They had one killed  and three wounded.The 27th off to the east  took five wounded.

The guys commanding these batteries had been playing tricks.In principle,the moment Battalion gave the orders, we were all supppsed to open fire at the same time. But the other  companies had withheld their fire at the same time. But the other  companies had withheld their fire for a couple of seconds with that kind of delay, the target might have beeen out of sight.If you delayed just one or two seconds, you could conceal your position.The unit that opened fire first would be pinpointed.

Of cource the other units would be identified as well,but they wouldn’t considered the main objectives.So it was my battery that was identified, ands we got all the bombing and shelling.
I complained about this to the battalion officers, but all I got out of it was a reprimand for “lack of vigilance in leadership” I was lucky I wasn’t subjected to disciplinary action.Battalion didn’t realizede what was going on. so from then I used the same tricks myself (Info from Nguyen Van Thanh,Lieutenan NVA-north Vietnam Army.Antiaircraft Battery)

(4) August,24th. 1968

Information from “NGANH XANG DAU QUAN DOI”:

(a)Ngay 13.6.1968. nganh xang dau da xay  dung xang 42 km duong ong dan dau vuot qua Nam Ban ,Dong Loc, Truong Bang.(D)

(b)Ngay 24.8.1968. Cuc Xang dau thuoc. Tong cuc Hau can chinh thuc thanh lap.(D)

(c) thang 11-1968 , tiep tuc keo dai them 230 km duong ong xuong phia Nam,doc theo duong chien luoc so 12, kip thoi van hanh xang tren duong ong,cung cap cho cac doan xe van tai cho hang vao chien truong.(D)

Google translate :



Information from “petroleum industry military “:

(a) Date 06/13/1968. petroleum industry has built 42 km gas pipeline exceeds Ban Nam, Dong Loc, Truong Bang. (D)

(b) Date 08/24/1968. Cuc Xang medicated oil. General Logistics formally established. (D)

(c) 11-1968 month, drags them 230 km pipeline southward, along the road than 12 strategic and timely operating gas valves on the pipeline, providing transportation for daily convoys in war school. (D)

 3) August,27th. 1968

Air Mail Military Covers from Phong Dinh  with Military Stamp  without nominal value M1.  but not cancelled, NhaTrang circulaired date stamped  9.9.68 outside the stamp (send two weeks  from the date of the letter 27.8.68) was send to TSE R Won cho/AAI KBC 4882.

This civil letter from Nha Trang to Army personel KBC 4882 TSE  R Won cho/ AA I (location ?).

(This miltary cover or civilian  send by regular Phong dinh post office without KBC and Quan Buu CHOPPED,why military stamps used,please comment after read the letter below –auth).


Dem Jay Cho 27.8.68

                    Imh Hoang kinh men.

                    Phnong cham biet thn hoiu em ena phuong cgan dem voi amh la can mot su chom tre, chao la mam hi mong choi va trach hon phuong chan lom phai khong chi loim phai khong cho phuong chan xin loi anhe.

Imh hoang men Troi somh ra chi phuong chan, koi ban cho phuong chan mot noi miem san kho .Pjuong cham ng heo lam , ngeo tat ca hi imh yen cho den vat chat , cho khong nhn omh phoang Imong Imong chan Ai conbiet cho pjuong cham ngoi con gan tay do nay Moi khira dtnong ,phuong chan chi biet nhm xnong,nhn nhn lon cuoc dtoi.

IJ tnoi som mong ina phuong cham xau so any . Troi oi dtinh menh , Thuong che.cha bem cho Phuang chan mot hinh hai, one khong vam cho phuong chan mot mem, Im oni trong cnoa song du mot mem Im vni nho nho. Imh khoang si! Moiu Rhi phuong chan soi bong minh trong gnong, ma com thay Im than vo enng, nhong Phuong chan kip ngln,Imy minh,xan xi, nhing con dtuoc 8 hau phuong, yen lanh, trong khi co,nhien omh linh, cha ngheo tat, ca ma con phan chien chan o noi vong minh lay kho nhoc,Phuong chan nghi chan minh thi,dtang Im cac anh hinh kho nhoc dto nhat la cao anh o mien xa, khong ngo, phuong chan ctuoc dirm phuc anh bien thn den chnh mon biet dnng bhan ena Phuong chan,n ? Khong anh ching tim hien vi ve Phuong , chan ca, nh chi can biet phuong,chan co em gai xau xi va ong hao nan. Omh hay inong inong phuang chan trong tri nho, khi emh muon nghi chen phuong chan, vi su that luc nao emg phu phong va cay dong.

Phuong chan xin ching, but nhe, hen thu sau chuc omh chem nay  chi vao mong dep….

                        Em gai nho Tay thomh (Phuong Chan)

A anh con nho chia khong de phuong chom bien lan ma nho,

Jhn vo. N.H.Trang, cong gnyenh can da moi , Phong Dinh.(OD&PH)

google translate :



Jay Cho Dem 27.8.68

                     IMH Hoang business men.

                     I know Prime cham Phnong hoiu AMH ENA phuong can night with constellations need a tre la, la chao hi mam hope phuong chan hon choi and responsible spending is not a shot is not for phuong loim chan anhe apologize.

IMH wild yeast that direction Troi somh chan, chan phuong koi given a place san stock exemption. Pjuong ng pork cham lam tat ca hi Vulnerability IMH yen for much materials, for not nhn OMH ​​phoang Imong Imong conbiet for pjuong Ai chan triggered manually by the liver now khira dtnong Moi, phuong chan only xnong NHM, nhn nhn dtoi lon life.

Early look ina IJ tnoi than any bad motto. Oh god dtinh par, Thuong che.cha Bem for a two-chan Phuang, one can not block a VAM for mem phuong, but Im ONI in cnoa du VNI Im a little mem. IMH cavity si! Rhi Moiu phuong minh chan reflected in gnong, ma vo com rather than enng Im, but Phuong chan ngln kip, Imy intelligent, Saint xi, 8 dtuoc nhing the rear, safe and sound, while there, OMH natural flexibility, poor dad tat, but also anti-war song chan where you get hard death, suspected chan chan Phuong Minh Thi, dtang Im hardly the image he is most highly DTO o mien him away, unexpectedly, he phuong chan ctuoc dirm bien Prime phuc den mon adjust dnng Bhan said Phuong chan ENA, n? Microscopy did not find him on how ching, ca chan, as only need to know phuong, chan sister ugly and he hao nan. OMH or inong inong Phuang chan memory, while EMH phuong chen chan want to think, because the truth always EMG and spicy ladies room line.

Phuong ching chan application, pen light, hen collecting the information on this wish would OMH chem dep ….

                         Hand thomh little girls (Phuong Chan)

A small child he did not share ma de lan phuong nho bien constellations,

Jhn vo. NHTrang bent can gnyenh new skin, Phong Dinh. (OD & PH)



(4) August.8th. 1968

Nixon elected president of the United States with Spiro Agnew as vice –president.(D)

9) September 1968

Official Cover with Red Round Stamped Nha Tong Ginh Doc Co’ng Vu Vietnam Conghoa Phu Thu Tuong adress 10 Tran Queo Tean Saigon send via cuorier to 30 Nguyen Van Hoan Street Gia Dihn,Saigon.

google translate :

red Round Official General Director Vu Nha Vietnamconghoa to adress  10 Tran Phu Thu Tuong cheerfully,  send via  Saigon 30 Nguyen Van Hoan by cuorier to Gia Dihn Street, Saigon

(1) September .14th.1968

A letter from True Giang ,




Co Hien

Nhan duitc thu c0 tri that phan van kho ngi, khong kieu Co new viet thu cho co khong, nhung rai to quiyet dinh thu chico, keo co trong thui hoan J mai, co Se nghu khong tot ve ngun ban qua co cua toi tri hanh bao tin khong vui co Ro hoang dta anh dung lia dto tri thanh that chia buon cung co va hien nay tri dang gui 2 la thui Cuo co goi cho hoang va 1 taan anh-toi xin loi co ve nanh dong khong dtep cua toi, vi toi va hoang lam2 nguoi ban than new toi da biet co qua nhung thu trore tren dtay toi xin goi tra anh. Cua Co ve Cgu.

Thu dteu dtay vai hay Co reo mot lau nua thanh that chia buon cung co neu Co Co gi muon noi toi khng dam tai choi.

Xin dung but chuo co may man lon. Kinh Chao.

T.B. neu can thu cho toi Xin de de : Ts H.V.J DDR KBC 4882 (location ?) Xin Co Vui Long Hui Bo, Sui Chau Tho Cua Toi. Cam Buu. (OD)

google translate:

Artifacts Gaming revenue duitc c0 phan van tri warehouses that restless, no-frills Co. wrote to have new, but rai palace to collect quiyet Chico, dragging burned completely in J tomorrow, she will nghu ngun bad about the position through my neck Warranty information has not pleased me Ro wild dta lia DTO content knowledge also honest condolences and now is sending 2 million was burned and deserted old can pack a ton for me-I am sorry about canine co ​​dong cua toi khong dtep , because I and wild lam2 new buddy I knew through what I would call dtay trore on his investigation. Cgu of the brush.Thu dteu dtay or Co rings as a sincere condolences longer if she also has something to say I khng dam at play.Please Chuo got lucky pen-lon.

Sincerely.T.B. Please mail me if you need to de de: Dr. HVJ KBC  4882 (location?) would mind Hui Xin Bo, my rough Chau Sui. Buu Cam




The Hoc Sinh ID (ID student card) issue by Hien Truong Saigon,profile photo off.



10) October 1968


Bien Lain Tien Muon Pho reciEved sign by  Phuoc An Tuong Te Hoi Cholon.


AutoService Cholon ‘s recieved with Vietnam Conghoa Coniem Revenue

(3)October 31, 1968


  • At approximatively 1030 hours, an element of the 1st Brigade, 1st Infantry Division on Operation TOAN THANG II engaged an estimated enemy platoon in fortified positions while sweeping an area 8 miles east of Katum in Tay Ninh Province. Contact was lost at 1530 hours when the enemy withdrew. Results were 42 enemy killed and 5 US WIA.
  • At approximatively 0900 hours, an element of the 198th Light Infantry Brigade, AMERICAL Division on Operation BURLINGTON TRAIL, observed and engaged an unknown size enemy force 8 miles west of Tam Ky and Quang Tin Province. Action continued throughout the morning until 1320 when contact was lost as the enemy withdrew. Results were 23 enemy killed and no US casualties.
  • Operation ROLLING THUNDER is terminated. The sustained bombing of North Vietnam by U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine plus South Vietnamese Air Force aircraft that began on 2 March 1965 ends. The statistics are impressive, if not the results. 304,000 tactical air sorties flown. 2,382 B-52 sorties alone dropped 643,000 tons of bombs on North Vietnam. The bombing of the Ho Chi Minh Trail in Laos is tripled in an effort to stem the expected increase in enemy efforts at infiltrating and resupply.



(1a) October, 21th.1968

       The series 641 with JJ  Replacement code of  US military Payment Certificate  start from 31.8.1965 type to 21.10.1968, and this day began to used the BB replacement code until 11.8.1969, this token issued special  for used at South Vietnam field area. The design of US beautiful woman , nominal 5 cent- 25 cent-50 cent-1 dollar,5 dollar  and 10 dollar. The last use of this token in this day .

(I found all of this payment certificate except 5 cent JJ  and 50 cent JJ  and 5 dollars JJ . I found 5 cent BB and not yet found the BB replacement note of another nominal .  The collector’s name “TOKEN” because used only at special area South vietnam , private collection in fine condition except 5 cent everage good condition  have found during my visit in 2007 at HCM-city, but during my last visit 2009 I couldn’t found anymore –auth)

 11) November 1968


Military Cover with Military Stamp without nominal value type M1 from KBC 4858 to Cholon CDS Cho Lon 9.11.1968 with letter inside .


(2)November 18, 1968


  • Operation NAM HOA I begins. The 2/501st Airborne, 2d Brigade, 101st Airborne conducted this search and destroy operation with the 3d ARVN Regiment in Thua Thien Province. Casualties: Allies 6 KIA, 39 WIA; enemy 78 KIA.
  • The 337th Light Maintenance Company, a USA Reserve units from Manitowoc, Wisconsin, arrived for duty in the RVN. The unit has the missions of maintaining vehicles and common equipment assigned to the Army Cam Ranh Bay Support Command.
  • At approximatively 0915 hours, an recon team from the 1st Marine Division on Operation HENDERSON HILL observed 80 enemy soldiers in khaki uniforms 2 miles northwest of An Hoa. Artillery fire was directed onto the enemy force, killing 48.

(The docks at Cam Ranh Bay)




12) December 1968

(1)December 6, 1968


  • Operation GIANT SLINGSHOT begins. It was the third SEA LORDS barrier established along the Vam Co Tay and Vam Co Dong rivers to interdict enemy routes leading from the Cambodian Parrot’s Beak into the III Corps area of South Vietnam.
  • Operation TAYLOR COMMON kicks off. The 1st Marine Division conducted this search and clear operation in the An Hoa Basin and Base Area 112 with the 1/3, the 3/3, and the 5th Marines plus the 1st ARVN Ranger Group. Kilo 4/13, a 155 SP Battery, fired in support of this operation from An Hoa. Casualties: US 151 KIA, 1,324 WIA; enemy 1,398 KIA, 29 POW.

(Grunts form M/3/5 during TAYLOR COMMON, January 1969)



(1a)December 13, 1968


  • At approximatively 1200, a mechanized element of the 2d Brigade, 25th Infantry Division on Operation TOAN THANG II engaged an unknown-size enemy force while conducting a combat sweep 5 miles east of Trang Bang in Hau Nghia Province. Results were 22 enemy killed, 6 US KIA and 14 US WIA.
  • At approximatively 1230, an element of the 196th Light Infantry Brigade, AMERICAL Division, engaged an estimated enemy platoon while conducting a combat sweep 16 miles west-northwest of Tam Ky in Quang Tin Province. Results were 20 enemy killed and no US casualties.



(2) December,18th.68

Vietnam Auto Service Facture(Recived) with local vietnam cong Hoa Conuiem revenue.(In this year I found many Auto service Recived to reconstruction the car,may be many car have trouble during and after Tet Offensive,pklease comment)

(3)Until this day Somone was not the God father of The Phung Hoang  ( or Phoenix, to give it the name that the American hung ) as some would have it.program

(4)American troop strength in Vietnam at year-end is 540.000.

 the end @copyright Dr Iwan Suwandy 2011


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