THE History Of The First Qing Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang



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1, Qing ancestor Fulin Shunzhi


Fulin Shunzhi emperor of the Qing (1638-1661)


was the ninth son of

Prince Nu’ErHachi, Emperor Tai Zu of North China

Qing  Emperor Tai Zong,

Born on  the first month on the 30th Zonta three Tiger E pm (evening 7:00 to 9:00) health, his mother was Princess Yongfu Miyanosho , B or economic Jeter’s, that is, after

Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang.

Zonta eight years (in 1643)

 inherited the parent place on February 16, when he was six years old, from his uncle,

  Prince Dorgon

read more about Prince dorgon

Dorgon – Famous Historical Figure in the Qing Dynasty

AisinGioro Dorgon (1612-1651)

 was the fourteenth son of the founding father of Later Jin (predecessor of the Qing Dynasty) Nurhaci.

Within less than one hundred days after Dorgon was born, Nurhaci started to launch severe attacks on Ula and then gave end to it, the motherland of his wife Lady Abahai – Dorgon’s mother. As Ula perished, Dorgon and Abahai were faced with the risk of being consigned to limbo. However, thanks to Nurhaci’s policy of giving lenient treatment to the captives as well as Abahai’s cunning and eloquence, they survived the disaster.

 When Nurhaci was dying, he even appointed Dorgon as his heir. Yet Dorgon was too young to win the power struggle over his elder brother – the eighth prince Huangtaiji who was well prepared at that time.

After Huangtaiji was enthroned, Dorgon was recognized and put into key positions by virtue of his remarkable military success. Always following Huangtaiji’s orders, he played extremely important roles in strengthening the centralization of state power.

After Huangtaiji’s death, he supported the young prince Fulin to ascend the throne. Thereby, his power reached its peak. Afterward, he suppressed the peasant uprising in the Battle of Shanhaiguan Pass, captured Beijing City and thus enabled the Qing regime to become the ruler of the Central Plains.

In 1650, Dorgon fell off his horse while hunting and died in Kala City in the following year. Emperor Shunzhi granted him the posthumous rank of Emperor Yi and the posthumous title Chengzong. He was buried outside of Dongzhimen Gate of Beijing (near No. 3, Lane 3, Xinzhong Street of Today’s Beijing).

 and Zheng Rui Jierhalang Colonial Prince.


Pan Ying Zi A ˉ mos4 ° (18 sheets) Wanli Forty-four years (1616
to establish the country after the payment. Nurhachi death, the eighth child sweat-bit successor Huang Taiji, the Northern Expedition Mongolia, Nanzheng North Korea, and
nine in Chong (1636,
said Emperor, the country clear, Chien-yuan Zonta, its capital Mukden, and the Ming Dynasty away with confrontation.
Chong seventeen years (1644
peasant army led by Li Zicheng captured Beijing, the emperor Chongzhen death from hanging Meishan, Ming Wu Sangui guarding Shanhaiguan , cast Qing Ming rebel, so Ben Qing cavalry broke into the customs, the Central Plains,
 Li Zicheng Dashun Pursued by the collapse of the Qing regime.

 Jia Sheng second year,

a time when the Ming Dynasty in the first month

Chongzhen 17, reign title Junji.

Moved the capital from

 Mukden Palace








in September in Beijing, October started this day at

the Beijing forbidden city  palace








that the emperor. Junji seven years (1650)

Regent Dorgon dead, ancestor before they may reign.

 September 19,
the Qing imperial clan Prince Jierhalang rate Zheng Jin riding, escorted the young master  jinji clear moved to Beijing from Mukden.
 October 1, Dawn,
a new decorating the old Imperial City, the morning is when the very front of the temple whip Wong Ming three ring, bell cross-Ming Pan, Shao and typical music played slowly. only six years old small Emperor Fulin, ascended the throne in the Qing Dynasty ruled China for two hundred and sixty eight years of history, kicked off from here, however. this little emperor, does not understand this high throne and the sound of cheering meaning, he only sat next to the young women who head Daifeng Guan, looking solemn, she is the mother of the little emperor, referred to as the posthumous name Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang


Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang

in after his mother’s help, he governed well, night sunset extravagant tired.

Zhuang Fei anecdotes”, “Xiaozhuangmishi”, “Young Emperor”, “Kangxiwangzhao”, “Queen of Da Yuer generation” …

 those involved in the early Qing Dynasty, a concubine,

and later became Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang drama, suddenly occupy the television screens in recent years; novels, biographies, plays, also have emerged. For a time, north and south, blowing up the streets,

“Xiao Zhuang hot.”

So, Xiao Zhuang’s hometown, and their descendants for her to learn how They also use the “Xiao Zhuang,” the name of promoting their “culture up the stage, singing the economy”

With these questions, the reporter came to the history books recorded on Xiao Zhuang’s hometown — Horqin Left in

Tongliao City flag.

Zhuang Fei’s hometown is not beautiful legend

Tongliao city frm the north,

after more than two hours of bumpy, the seat of government to


Kezuozhongqi Baokang town.

Along the tree-lined grass green.

Although the road due to disrepair and uneven, prolonged drought and desertification of land there, but then the water abundance of grass here, the United States remains charming still exist.


Feng Qing Taizong Taiji to here as the Qing Dynasty to the Mongol princes who helped,

 it is not surprising. Today, Kezuozhongqi or key national commodity grain base, oil base and export base of corn, known as “cattle town”, “holy town” “Castor town,” “White Goose Prairie Township” in the world. Kezuozhongqi all flags are 54 million, of which there are 370,000 Mongolian, is the largest Mongolian area. |

“If you just to know Xiao Zhuang away Kezuozhongqi no sense, because to get there you will see nothing.”


Tongliao City Office

 Director Shi Zhong Yu propaganda has so advised Correspondent .

Nearly 50-year history of


Zhong Yu

-out Kezuozhongqi people living and working there since childhood, eight years ago, they raised the city.

The words of the old history, the reporter did not believe at first that

 the Mongolian nobility empress Xiaozhuang,




 his grandfather, my late father was a Kezuozhongqi founder,


Xiao Zhuang

and after the Qing Dynasty Emperor four, bow to help dynasties, two Boys Lord, rare in Chinese history, women should have her hometown remains kind, folk legends, no less.

Even so, that is not physical and historical information, there are always some parts of the country, as now, as by the history of celebrity brands, production sites, “Zhuang Fei wine”, “Zhuang Fei smoke,” built “Zhuang Fei Square”, cover from “Zhuang Fei Memorial” erected “Zhuang Fei statue,” let the reporters feel “concubine culture” flavor.


However, to Kezuozhongqi only to find, these are just wishful reporters only, Shi Yu; director of the advice is not without reason.

Nomadic migration, ancient, resulting in records, legends and heritage of lost is disappointed not to have too many reporters,

 Kezuozhongqi Party Propaganda Department has specially invited the flag Art and literature compose room Mr. Chen Cao, briefed reporters on

the history of the Kezuo zhongqi and Xiao Zhuang.


Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang


Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang (March 28, 1613 -1688 on January 27, Bor economic Jeter’s, name cloth wood Buthe, also for the Buthe, Mongolia Horqin Department (in today’s second daughter

 Tong liao  Baylor Sang Village


Life tomb

Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, Bor economic Jeter’s, name cloth wood Buthe, also for the Buthe, the mother of Emperor Shun Zhi. Wanli forty-one, born in early February 8, 1998 (March 28, 1613, the Qing Taizong Aisingiorro Taiji’s Princess, Hau Man Queen’s niece.


the Qing Taizong


Aisingiorro Taiji’s Princess, Hau Man Queen’s niece,

 the mother of


Emperor Shun Zhi Aisingiorro Fulin.

 is the history of the famous Yin, the cultivation of life, his assistant, Junji, Kangxi two generations of monarchs, the early Qing Dynasty outstanding female politicians.



Chinese name:

Ji Ji Tebu wood Buthe Bor





Place of Birth:

Mongolian Ministry of Horqin

Date of Birth:

In early February 八日 Wanli forty-one

Date of death:

Kangxi 20 December 25


Queen Mother too



Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang casual as old

[1] name: Bor economic Jeter’s name: cloth wood Buthe own tribe: the Mongolian Ministry of married Horqin time: Destiny in February at the age of ten years:  seventy-five burial ground:


 Eastern Qing Tombs of Zhao Xi Ling (Xiaoling of the South
Grandfather: Baylor on solid homogeneous (broken things official Mang Guth, was bestowed as a and
Shuo-fu Taiji Prince grandmother: Bei Lezha on solid homogeneous (broken things the wife of the official Mang
Guth (Guth Mang Mang
after the death of the ancient re-married Sri Lanka’s third sub-sets of Ji Suonuo wood, called the Qing Dynasty


 Princess Horqin large,
 and was canonized as the Taiji Master Fu Fei.
Baylor Jae Sang – cloth and, after being bestowed on
the Emperor Shun Zhi Shuo Zhong and
Prince.  Mother:
Baylor Jae Sang – cloth and wife, were Bo Li, Fei Qing Dynasty called Horqin times, and was canonized as Taiji master Xian Fei with her ??husband: Aisingiorro Taiji (Qing Taizong  aunt: Hau Man Queen (Bor economic Jeter Zhezhe, sister, husband, wife Di Huang Taiji: Min Hui Christine and she enjoyed (Bor economic Jeter Highland Pearl,
the woman loved her husband Taiji bestowed on her the most: three, Wong Seattle and four women, namely solid-Lun Yong Mu princess, married Bute Tower Hall, Wong A map of five women, that solid-Lun Shu Hui princess, first married Suoer Ha, re-married colored cloth Teng, Wong and seven women, that is solid London side offer princess, married La Masi. son: Wong nine sons Fulin (Emperor Shun Zhi

Person’s life

Ming Wanli



Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang

young as

Ming Wanli forty-one (in early February 1613 8 (born March 28.

Golden Destiny

February gold destiny years later, married Huang Taiji (after the payment when the son of sweat, their side of the Princess whose regardless Zhezhe for large Princess. Jintian Cong
after the beginning of Taiji that sweat-bit, it has been called regardless Zhezhe Great Princess,
 the Palace said the Princess, has been called the west side of cloth wood Buthe Princess, the Princess said Nishinomiya, but there was no Orient House Princess, so cloth wood Buthe ranked second in the harem, behind their Regardless Zhezhe . Tiancong three years is beginning八日
Health Seattle King and four women. Jintian Cong
 after February Chinese linar year 2006,
 Bayar Dai Qing’s daughter鲁特博尔economic Jeter’s Taiji for the east side of Princess marry, said the Princess of Orient House . cloth down wood Buthe position in the harem ranks third. Tiancong health Wong
on 12 February 2006 A map of five women. Tiancong health Wong
on 16 November 2007 and seven women. Jintian Cong
after August 2008 ,
 widow of sinus Chahar Lindan Han Ah Pa Gai Tumen Princess Bor married Huang Taiji as economic 吉特巴特 Zao Fei side seven days after the beginning of October nine Jintian Cong, Fei 鲁特博尔 side economic Jeter Khan’s intention to fail to materialize, is married to Minister to change the Department of delger Daikichi Empress son of the south Chu. Jintian Cong
after October 2008,
cloth, wood beads Buthe’s sister married HIGHLAND Taiji, pet crown palace. Jintian Cong
after nine years July
 Chahar Lindan Han’s widow Princess A large cyst capsule Pa Gai Ji Ji Tena Bor married Taiji wooden clock. Highland fabric beads wood Buthe’s sister, Lin Danhan widow married successively with Taiji, the cloth wood Buthe’s position in the temple down.




Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang casual as old

[2] The  first year of the emperor Huang Taiji in Mukden,
 the canonization of five palaces Zonta Empress, also known as the five Princess: Taiji, the Mongolian woman, almost a monopoly emperor Huang taiji Mukden  harem.
Horqin only have a three Baylor Sang Village: Takashi farm from the Mongolian steppes to Mukden, birth to Taiji men and three women (his son Fulin
later the Emperor Nurhaci with reigh title Shun Zhi, Princess canonizing
Yongfu village house in Taiji during his lifetime, Xiao Zhuang’s position in the harem is not prominent.
Temple by the Taiji pet, unifying all of her sister, Chen Fei.
 in the Palace   of the Qing Ning Queen, said the monarch Princess Bor economic Jeter’s Horqin, Ming Zhezhe (ie, Hau Man Queen, is the Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang Regardless of the first place. Orient House
Guan Ju Gong Chen Fei, said
East Princess, Horqin Bor economic Jeter’s, Ming Hailan beads (ie, Min Hui Christine) and she enjoyed, is
the sister Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, ranking second bit.
 Nishinomiya – Trench Royal Palace,
said the Qing western Princess, A Hai Ba Bor economic Jeter’s, name Na wood clock (that is, Yi Jing Tai Royal, ranks third. times
 the Orient House – Yin Hing Temple imperial concubine, saying
east of the Princess, A Hai Ba Bor economic Jeter’s, Mingbatema Zao (ie Kanghui Shu Fei, ranking fourth.
times Nishinomiya – Zhuang Fei Yongfu Temple, said
 the west side of the Princess, economic Jeter’s Horqin Bor, Name fabric wood Buthe (the Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, ranking fifth.
 During three month 30 Xushi (1638.03.15
 Palace in Shengjing Huang
 Yongfu Temple Fortune Health King nine sons. 
The  eight August 16 came to the throne his son Fulin.


Junji first September,
 (the first year of Junji reign)
welcome to
 Respect for the (Our Lady the Queen Mother.)
Dorgon Junji first year
 in December
 ordered the inventory of unclaimed wasteland, the establishment of the Eight Banners Shoda, but in fact not the case, but brought the matter fields on the circle, whether it is a primary or without the Lord.
If the Lord of the fields, for allocation to other land on the surface, but large-scale killings, many of barren land into a barren land, can not be cultivated, or even impossible to find the allocated land.
Junji years to September,
due to the influx of people outside the customs soldiers, ordered to continue to expand Dorgon enclosure,


Great wall area in  Hebei,


and other places have suffered, people or exile, or resistance, officials have also dissuaded at the same time Some Han Chinese were forced to put into Manchuria with its nobility, not from their homes, and some local ruffians alleged rogue free people of the land is all his, bring investment charge, forcing the land’s original owners have become the slaves.
The Junji March 2002
more than Seoul to allow the poor to vote gun charge, no doubt full of people through a variety of ways to increase the number of their slaves provided an excuse. enclosure and cast a direct consequence of charge to ‘escape’ and the problem. land filled circle or are forced to vote became the Han people’s servant, can not endure brutal oppression and have to flee.
Dorgon Junji three years in May,
 found that ‘this is only a few months, between a few tens of thousands of people have fled.’ so many times to order increased escape and the officers of the penalty, even for his son, wife, brother fled the reunion are also not forgive, but the effect is just the opposite, Junji years when its slaves’ escape to do all this, the officers and men have control of Manchuria played.
‘As the Qing rulers such as the state system and to maintain the privileges related to the Eight Banners, so any official memorial Shenhe of these things, all to be punished, resulting in harmful interference these bad governance community for several decades in the national relations and foreign policy, Dorgon can be said that the success of his first inherited his father Naixiong policy, the Monan Mongolia friendly treatment.
Horqin, A Pa Gai, Zha Lute, Erdos, Guo Erluo Si, tumd, Sonid, Wengniute, harqin, Ao Han, Nai Han Qing tribes who crossed the border to help combat Dorgon plus they have excellent workers, raised him handsome, then both sides of the tributary continued long-term dealings.
 In addition,
 both leading figures from time to time, such as
the Ministry of Excellence ceremony Ketu Horqin Prince Wu Keshan, Dukes and other Guiqi full Raymond Zhu come Dorgon other person shuttle banquet. Dorgon because the incident out
 Junji February 2008,
 ancestor reign, Hui Xiao Yue Zhao Shengci life on the Queen Mother,
 the Queen Mother referred Zhaosheng Huang,
Hui Xiao Yue Zhao Shengci repeated on Life
Christine Jane Ann Yi Zhang as the Qing Empress Dowager.
 Junji eighteen years
ancestor collapse, emperor nurhaci  third son Xuan Ye, ascended the throne as
 Emperor Kangxi,
respect for the very Queen Mother, said Zhao Santa Empress, repeated on the emblem, said Zhao Sheng Ci Shougong Jane Ann Yi Zhang Qing Dun Hui-Wen Zhuang Yan Xuanhong Jing Kang and Queen Mother too.


Quiet play Xiao Zhuang (20)


Kangxi 20 December 25 (January 27, 1688 collapse, was seventy-five.
Xiaoling buried south,
said Zhao Xi Ling. Shi said Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, Yongzheng and Qianlong cumulative Shi, Yue Xiao Zhuang Renxuan constitution Christine Cheng Hui Yi Yi D’pure Queen’s apocalyptic holy text.’s background, the early 17th century the decline of the Ming dynasty, the rise of northeastern Jurchen. Jianzhou Jurchen Jurchen leader Nurhachi unified ministries, in the next



indonesian version

Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang.

Zonta delapan tahun (tahun 1643)

 mewarisi tempat orang tua pada tanggal 16 Februari ketika ia berusia enam tahun, dari pamannya,

  Pangeran Dorgon

membaca lebih lanjut tentang Pangeran dorgon

Dorgon – Gambar Sejarah Terkenal pada Dinasti Qing

AisinGioro Dorgon (1612-1651)

 adalah anak keempat belas bapak pendiri Kemudian Jin (pendahulu dari Dinasti Qing) Nurhaci.

Dalam waktu kurang dari seratus hari setelah Dorgon lahir, Nurhaci mulai melancarkan serangan besar pada Ula dan kemudian memberikan akhir untuk itu, ibu pertiwi-nya Lady istri Abahai – ibu Dorgon itu. Sebagai Ula tewas, Dorgon dan Abahai dihadapkan dengan risiko yang diasingkan ke limbo. Namun, berkat kebijakan Nurhaci tentang memberikan perlakuan lunak terhadap tawanan serta Abahai yang licik dan kefasihan, mereka selamat bencana.

 Ketika Nurhaci sedang sekarat, ia bahkan ditunjuk Dorgon sebagai ahli warisnya. Namun Dorgon masih terlalu muda untuk memenangkan perebutan kekuasaan atas saudara tuanya – pangeran kedelapan Huangtaiji yang dipersiapkan dengan baik pada waktu itu.

Setelah Huangtaiji itu bertahta, Dorgon diakui dan dimasukkan ke dalam posisi kunci berdasarkan sukses yang luar biasa militernya. Selalu mengikuti perintah Huangtaiji, ia memainkan peran sangat penting dalam memperkuat sentralisasi kekuasaan negara.

Setelah kematian Huangtaiji, ia mendukung pangeran Fulin muda untuk naik takhta. Dengan demikian, kekuatannya mencapai puncaknya. Setelah itu, ia menekan pemberontakan petani dalam Pertempuran Shanhaiguan Pass, ditangkap Kota Beijing dan dengan demikian memungkinkan rezim Qing untuk menjadi penguasa Dataran Tengah.

Pada 1650, Dorgon jatuh dari kudanya sambil berburu dan meninggal di Kala City di tahun berikutnya. Kaisar Shunzhi diberikan kepadanya pangkat anumerta Kaisar Yi dan Chengzong gelar anumerta. Ia dimakamkan di luar Dongzhimen Gerbang Beijing (dekat Nomor 3, Lane 3, Xinzhong Jalan Hari Beijing).

 dan Zheng Rui Jierhalang Kolonial Prince.


Pan Ying Zi Sebuah ˉ mos4 ° (18 lembar) Wanli Empat puluh empat tahun (1616
untuk membangun negara itu setelah pembayaran. Nurhachi kematian, anak yang kedelapan keringat-bit pengganti Huang Taiji, Utara Ekspedisi Mongolia, Nanzheng Korea Utara, dan
sembilan Chong (1636,
kata Kaisar, negara jelas, Chien-yuan Zonta, Mukden modal, dan Dinasti Ming jauh dengan konfrontasi.
Chong tujuh belas tahun (1644
petani tentara yang dipimpin oleh Li Zicheng ditangkap Beijing, kematian kaisar Chongzhen gantung dari Meishan, Ming Wu Sangui menjaga Shanhaiguan, cast Qing Ming pemberontak, sehingga Ben Qing kavaleri masuk ke bea cukai, Dataran Tengah,
 Li Zicheng Dashun Diburu oleh runtuhnya rezim Qing.
 Jia Sheng tahun kedua,

waktu ketika Dinasti Ming di bulan pertama

Chongzhen 17, pemerintahan judul Junji.

Memindahkan ibukota dari

 Mukden Istana








pada bulan September di Beijing, Oktober mulai hari ini di

Beijing terlarang kota istana








bahwa kaisar. Junji tujuh tahun (1650)

Bupati Dorgon mati, nenek moyang sebelum mereka dapat memerintah.

 19 September
Qing kekaisaran klan Pangeran Jierhalang tingkat Zheng Jin kuda, mengawal tuan muda Jinji jelas pindah ke Beijing dari Mukden.
 1 Oktober Dawn,
sebuah dekorasi baru Kota tua Imperial, pagi hari adalah ketika bagian paling depan dari cincin cambuk kuil Wong, Ming tiga bel lintas Ming Pan, Shao dan musik khas bermain lambat. hanya enam tahun Kaisar Fulin kecil, naik tahta pada Dinasti Qing memerintah China selama 268 tahun sejarah, dimulai dari sini, namun. ini kaisar kecil, tidak memahami hal ini takhta yang tinggi dan suara bersorak makna, ia hanya duduk di sebelah wanita muda yang memimpin Daifeng Guan, melihat serius, dia adalah ibu dari kaisar kecil, disebut sebagai nama Xiao Zhuang anumerta Wenhuang

Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang

setelah bantuan ibunya, ia diatur dengan baik, malam matahari terbenam lelah boros.

Zhuang Fei anekdot “,” Xiaozhuangmishi “,” Kaisar muda “,” Kangxiwangzhao “,” Ratu Yuer generasi Da “…

 mereka yang terlibat dalam Dinasti Qing awal, selir,

dan kemudian menjadi Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang drama, tiba-tiba menempati layar televisi dalam beberapa tahun terakhir, novel, biografi, drama, juga telah muncul. Untuk sementara waktu, utara dan selatan, meledakkan jalan-jalan,

“Xiao Zhuang panas.”

Jadi, kampung Xiao Zhuang, dan keturunan mereka baginya untuk belajar bagaimana Mereka juga menggunakan “Xiao Zhuang,” nama mereka mempromosikan “budaya atas panggung, menyanyikan perekonomian”

Dengan pertanyaan-pertanyaan, wartawan datang ke buku-buku sejarah yang tercatat pada kampung Xiao Zhuang ini – Horqin Kiri di

Tongliao Kota bendera.

Kampung Zhuang Fei bukanlah legenda indah

Tongliao kota FRM utara,

setelah lebih dari dua jam bergelombang pemerintah, kursi untuk


Kezuozhongqi Baokang kota.

Sepanjang hijau rumput pohon-pohon.

Meskipun jalan karena rusak dan tidak merata, kekeringan yang berkepanjangan dan penggurunan tanah di sana, tapi kemudian kelimpahan air rumput di sini, Amerika Serikat tetap menawan masih ada.


Feng Qing Taizong Taiji di sini sebagai Dinasti Qing untuk para pangeran Mongol yang membantu,

 tidak mengherankan. Hari ini, Kezuozhongqi atau kunci nasional basis komoditas gandum, minyak dasar dan basis ekspor jagung, yang dikenal sebagai “kota sapi”, “kota suci” “kota Castor,” “White Goose Prairie Township” di dunia. Kezuozhongqi semua flag adalah 54 juta, dimana ada 370.000 Mongolia, adalah daerah Mongolia terbesar. |

“Jika Anda hanya tahu Xiao Zhuang jauh Kezuozhongqi tidak masuk akal, karena untuk sampai ke sana Anda akan melihat apa-apa.”


Tongliao Kota Kantor

 Direktur Shi Zhong Yu propaganda telah begitu disarankan Koresponden.

Hampir 50-tahun sejarah


Zhong Yu

-Out Kezuozhongqi orang yang hidup dan bekerja di sana sejak kecil, delapan tahun lalu, mereka mengangkat kota.

Kata-kata dari sejarah lama, wartawan tidak percaya pada awalnya bahwa

 bangsawan Mongolia permaisuri Xiaozhuang,




 kakeknya, ayah saya terlambat adalah pendiri Kezuozhongqi,


Xiao Zhuang

dan setelah Kaisar Dinasti Qing empat, busur untuk membantu dinasti, dua Anak laki-laki Tuhan, langka dalam sejarah Cina, perempuan harus memiliki kota kelahirannya tetap jenis, legenda rakyat, tidak kurang.

Meski begitu, yang tidak informasi fisik dan sejarah, selalu ada beberapa bagian negara, seperti sekarang, karena dengan sejarah merek selebriti, lokasi produksi, “Zhuang anggur Fei”, “Zhuang asap Fei,” dibangun “Zhuang Fei Square “, tutup dari” Zhuang Fei Memorial “didirikan” Patung Fei Zhuang, “membiarkan wartawan merasa” budaya rasa “selir.


Namun, untuk Kezuozhongqi hanya untuk menemukan, ini wartawan hanya angan saja, Shi Yu, direktur saran ini bukan tanpa alasan.

Migrasi nomaden, kuno, menghasilkan catatan, legenda dan warisan hilang kecewa untuk tidak memiliki terlalu banyak wartawan,

 Kezuozhongqi Departemen Propaganda Partai secara khusus mengundang bendera Seni dan sastra compose ruang Mr Chen Cao, penjelasan wartawan

sejarah Zhongqi Kezuo dan Xiao Zhuang.


Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang
Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang (28 Maret 1613 -1688 pada tanggal 27 Januari Bor ekonomi Jeter, nama kain kayu Buthe, juga untuk Buthe, Mongolia Horqin Departemen (di putri kedua hari ini

 Tong liao Baylor Sang Desa


Hidup makam
Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, Bor ekonomi yang Jeter, nama kain kayu Buthe, juga untuk Buthe tersebut, ibu dari Kaisar Shun Zhi. Wanli empat puluh satu, lahir pada bulan Februari, awal 8 1998 (28 Maret 1613, Qing Taizong Aisingiorro Taiji Putri, keponakan Hau Man Ratu.


yang Taizong Qing


Aisingiorro Taiji Putri, keponakan Hau Man Ratu,

 ibu dari


Kaisar Shun Zhi Aisingiorro Fulin.

 adalah sejarah Yin terkenal, budidaya hidup, asistennya, Junji, Kangxi dua generasi raja, Qing awal Dinasti politisi perempuan yang luar biasa.



Cina nama:
 Ji Ji Tebu kayu Buthe Bor
Tempat Lahir:
 Mongolia Departemen Horqin
 Tanggal Lahir:
 Pada awal Februari 八日 Wanli empat puluh satu
Tanggal kematian:
 Kangxi 20 Desember 25
 Ibu Ratu terlalu

Xiao Zhuang kasual setua Wenhuang

[1] nama: Nama Bor ekonomi Jeter itu: kain kayu Buthe suku sendiri: Departemen Mongolia waktu Horqin menikah: Takdir pada bulan Februari pada usia sepuluh tahun: tujuh puluh lima tanah penguburan:

 Timur Qing Makam Zhao Xi Ling (Xiaoling Selatan
Kakek: Baylor pada padat homogen (resmi hal patah Mang Guth, dianugerahkan sebagai dan
Shuo-fu Taiji Pangeran nenek: Bei Lezha pada homogen padat (hal patah istri dari Mang resmi
Guth (Guth Mang Mang
setelah kematian ketiga kembali menikah kuno Sri Lanka sub-set Ji Suonuo kayu, disebut Dinasti Qing

 Putri besar Horqin,
 dan dikanonisasi sebagai Taiji Guru Fu Fei.
Baylor Jae Sang – kain dan, setelah diberikan pada

Kaisar Shun Zhi Zhong dan Shuo

Prince. Ibu:
Baylor Jae Sang – kain dan istri, adalah Bo Li, Fei Qing Dinasti disebut kali Horqin, dan dikanonisasi sebagai Taiji Master Xian Fei dengan suaminya: Aisingiorro Taiji (Qing Taizong bibi: Hau Man Ratu (Bor ekonomi Jeter Zhezhe, adik? , suami, istri Huang Di Taiji: Min Hui Christine dan ia menikmati (Bor ekonomi Jeter Highland Pearl,
wanita itu mencintai suaminya Taiji diberikan pada dirinya yang paling: tiga, Wong Seattle dan empat wanita, yaitu solid-Lun Yong Mu putri, menikah Bute Menara Hall, Wong Sebuah peta lima perempuan, yang solid-Lun Shu Hui putri, pertama kali menikah Suoer Ha, kembali menikah Teng kain berwarna, Wong dan tujuh wanita, yaitu padat London sisi penawaran putri, menikah La Masi. putra: Wong sembilan anak Fulin (Kaisar Shun Zhi
Seseorang hidup
Ming Wanli
Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang

muda sebagai

Ming Wanli empat puluh satu (pada awal Februari 1613 8 (lahir 28 Maret.
Emas Takdir
Februari emas tahun takdir kemudian, menikah Huang Taiji (setelah pembayaran ketika anak keringat, pihak mereka dari Putri yang terlepas Zhezhe untuk Princess besar. Jintian Cong
setelah awal yang Taiji keringat-bit, telah disebut Putri Besar terlepas Zhezhe,
 Istana Putri mengatakan, telah disebut sisi barat kain kayu Buthe Putri, Putri mengatakan Nishinomiya, tetapi tidak ada Orient House Putri, sehingga kain kayu Buthe peringkat kedua dalam harem, di belakang Terlepas Zhezhe mereka. Tiancong tiga tahun mulai 八日
Kesehatan Seattle Raja dan empat perempuan. Jintian Cong
 setelah Februari tahun Linar Cina 2006,
 Putri Bayar Dai Qing 扎鲁特博尔 Taiji ekonomi Jeter untuk sisi timur menikahi Putri, mengatakan Putri Orient House. kain bawah posisi Buthe kayu di harem peringkat ketiga. Tiancong kesehatan Wong
pada 12 Februari 2006 Sebuah peta lima wanita. Tiancong kesehatan Wong
pada tanggal 16 November 2007 dan tujuh perempuan. Jintian Cong
setelah Agustus 2008,
 janda sinus Chahar Lindan Han Ah Pa Gai Tumen Putri Bor menikah Huang Taiji sebagai sisi ekonomi Zao 吉特巴特玛 Fei tujuh hari setelah awal Oktober sembilan Jintian Cong, niat Fei 扎鲁特博尔 sisi ekonomi Jeter Khan gagal terwujud , menikah dengan Menteri untuk mengubah Departemen delger putra Ratu Daikichi dari Chu selatan. Jintian Cong
setelah Oktober 2008,
kain, adik kayu manik-manik Buthe yang menikah HIGHLAND Taiji, hewan peliharaan mahkota istana. Jintian Cong
setelah sembilan tahun Juli
 Putri janda Chahar Lindan Han Kista yang besar kapsul Pa Gai Ji Ji Tena Bor menikah jam Taiji kayu. Adik Highland kain manik-manik kayu Buthe itu, Lin Danhan janda menikah berturut-turut dengan Taiji, posisi kain kayu Buthe di kuil bawah.

Xiao Zhuang kasual setua Wenhuang

[2] Tahun pertama kaisar Huang Taiji di Mukden,
 kanonisasi lima istana Ratu Zonta, juga dikenal sebagai lima Putri: Taiji, wanita Mongolia, hampir monopoli kaisar Huang taiji Mukden harem.
Horqin hanya memiliki tiga Baylor Sang desa: pertanian Takashi dari stepa Mongolia untuk Mukden, kelahiran laki-laki dan tiga perempuan Taiji (Fulin anaknya
kemudian Kaisar Nurhaci dengan reigh judul Shun Zhi, Putri mengkanonisasikan

Yongfu desa rumah di Taiji selama hidupnya, posisi Xiao Zhuang dalam harem tidak menonjol.
Temple oleh hewan peliharaan Taiji, pemersatu semua adiknya, Chen Fei.
 di Istana Ratu Ning Qing, mengatakan raja Putri Bor ekonomi Jeter itu Horqin, Ming Zhezhe (yaitu, Hau Man Ratu, adalah Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang Terlepas dari tempat pertama Orient House. –
Guan Ju Chen Gong Fei, mengatakan
Putri Timur, Horqin Bor ekonomi yang Jeter, Hailan Ming manik-manik (yaitu, Min Hui Christine) dan dia menikmati, adalah

adik Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, bit kedua peringkat.
 Nishinomiya – Palung Royal Palace,
kata barat Qing Putri, A Hai Ba Bor ekonomi yang Jeter, nama jam Na kayu (yaitu, Yi Jing Tai Royal, menempati urutan ketiga. kali
 Orient House – Yin Temple Hing kekaisaran selir, mengatakan
timur Putri,, A Hai Ba Bor ekonomi Jeter itu Mingbatema Zao (yaitu Kanghui Shu Fei, peringkat keempat.
kali Nishinomiya – Zhuang Fei Yongfu Temple, kata
 sisi barat kain Putri, ekonomi Jeter itu Horqin Bor, Nama kayu Buthe (Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, kelima peringkat.
 Selama tiga bulan 30 Xushi (1638/03/15
 Istana di Shengjing Huang

 Yongfu Temple Fortune Kesehatan Raja sembilan putra.
Delapan 16 Agustus datang ke takhta Fulin anaknya.

Junji pertama September,
 (Tahun pertama pemerintahannya Junji)
selamat datang di

 Penghormatan terhadap (Ibu Bunda Maria Ratu.)
Dorgon Junji tahun pertama
 pada bulan Desember
 memerintahkan persediaan tanah kosong yang tidak diklaim, pembentukan Delapan Banner Shoda, tetapi sebenarnya tidak demikian, tetapi membawa materi pada bidang lingkaran, apakah itu primer atau tanpa Tuhan.
Jikalau Tuhan ladang, untuk alokasi lahan lainnya di permukaan, tetapi skala besar pembunuhan, banyak lahan tandus menjadi tanah yang tandus, tidak bisa dibudidayakan, atau bahkan tidak mungkin untuk menemukan tanah yang telah dialokasikan.
Junji tahun hingga September,
karena masuknya orang di luar kebiasaan tentara, memerintahkan untuk terus memperluas kandang Dorgon,

Dinding besar daerah di Hebei,



dan tempat-tempat lain telah menderita, orang atau pengasingan, atau perlawanan, para pejabat juga telah dibujuk pada saat yang sama Beberapa Cina Han terpaksa dimasukkan ke Manchuria dengan bangsawan, bukan dari rumah mereka, dan beberapa bajingan lokal diduga bebas orang jahat tanah adalah semua-nya, membawa biaya investasi, memaksa pemilik asli tanah itu telah menjadi budak.
Para Junji Maret 2002
lebih dari Seoul untuk memungkinkan masyarakat miskin untuk memilih muatan senjata, tidak diragukan lagi penuh orang melalui berbagai cara untuk meningkatkan jumlah budak mereka memberikan alasan. kandang dan melemparkan akibat langsung dari biaya untuk ‘melarikan diri’ dan masalah. tanah diisi lingkaran atau dipaksa untuk memilih menjadi pelayan orang-orang Han, tidak tahan penindasan brutal dan harus melarikan diri.
Dorgon Junji tiga tahun pada bulan Mei,
 menemukan bahwa ‘ini hanya beberapa bulan, antara beberapa puluh ribu orang telah melarikan diri. ” berkali-kali untuk memesan melarikan diri meningkat dan petugas dari hukuman, bahkan untuk anaknya, istri, saudara melarikan diri dari reuni juga tidak mengampuni, tetapi efeknya justru sebaliknya, Junji tahun ketika melarikan diri budak perusahaan untuk melakukan semua ini, para perwira dan pria memiliki kontrol Manchuria dimainkan.
“Sebagai penguasa Qing seperti sistem negara dan untuk mempertahankan hak istimewa yang berkaitan dengan Delapan Banner, sehingga setiap Shenhe peringatan resmi dari hal-hal ini, semua harus dihukum, sehingga gangguan yang membahayakan komunitas ini pemerintahan yang buruk selama beberapa dekade dalam hubungan nasional dan kebijakan luar negeri, Dorgon dapat dikatakan bahwa keberhasilan pertamanya mewarisi kebijakan ayahnya Naixiong, yang Monan Mongolia perlakuan yang ramah.
Horqin, A Gai Pa, Zha Lute, Erdos, Guo Erluo Si, tumd, Sonid, Wengniute, harqin, Ao Han, Nai Han Qing suku yang menyeberangi perbatasan untuk membantu memerangi Dorgon ditambah mereka memiliki pekerja yang sangat baik, membangkitkan Dia tampan, maka kedua sisi anak sungai terus jangka panjang urusan.
 Selain itu,
 kedua tokoh dari waktu ke waktu, seperti

Departemen Excellence upacara Ketu Horqin Pangeran Wu Keshan, Dukes dan lainnya Guiqi penuh Raymond Zhu datang Dorgon perjamuan antar-jemput orang lain. Dorgon karena peristiwa itu
 Junji Februari 2008,
 leluhur pemerintahan, Hui Xiao Zhao Yue Shengci kehidupan di Ibu Ratu,
 Bunda Ratu disebut Zhaosheng Huang,
Hui Xiao Zhao Yue Shengci diulang Hidup

Christine Jane Ann Yi Zhang sebagai Qing Janda Kaisar.
 Junji delapan belas tahun
leluhur runtuh, kaisar nurhaci ketiga anak Xuan Ye, naik tahta sebagai

 Kaisar Kangxi,
menghormati Ibu sangat Ratu, kata Zhao Santa Ratu, diulang pada lambang, kata Zhao Sheng Ci Shougong Jane Ann Yi Zhang Qing Dun Hui-Wen Zhuang Yan Xuanhong Jing Kang dan Ibu Ratu juga.

Tenang bermain Xiao Zhuang (20)


Kangxi 20 Des 25 (27 Januari 1688 runtuh, berumur tujuh puluh lima.
Xiaoling dikuburkan selatan,
kata Zhao Xi Ling. Shi mengatakan Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, Yongzheng dan Qianlong kumulatif Shi, teks apokaliptik suci Yue Xiao Zhuang Renxuan konstitusi Christine Cheng Hui Yi Yi D’murni Ratu ‘latar belakang., Abad ke-17 awal kemunduran Dinasti Ming, munculnya timur laut Jurchen . Jianzhou Jurchen Jurchen pemimpin Nurhachi terpadu kementerian, 



Related events

Xiao Zhuang potret (6)
 Hari ini pagi-pagi, dua menteri kuning sumpah di depan Dinasti Qing, bar perintah ini gigi bendera La (kaisar mengenakan penjaga busur kekaisaran, cincin sampai istana sesi sebelum memulai kuning Menteri Sydney:
 ‘Untuk kaisar-an seorang pangeran dalam, seseorang harus berdiri. ‘Awal pertemuan, generasi tinggi generasi hormat yang baik untuk berbicara pertama,’
. mulut harimau (putra tertua Kaisar Haug, ketika bantalan sistem besar ‘Haug melihat suasana ini, sedikit akan diberikan secara eksklusif untuk bahan besar, bermain keras, bangun Xunxie mengatakan:
 ‘The Debo kecil berkat, bukan dari layak.’ Harus meninggalkan tempat tersebut. Haug, kerendahan hati, A Fransiskan, mengambil kesempatan untuk membujuk Dorgon Tudor naik tahta, tidak ingin Dorgon baik tua generasi Vincent Fang menyinggung semangat Anda, sikap di pagar, berkata: “Rui Wang Ruoyun, berkat kita, atau ketika Li Huangzai.
‘Kuning kedua menteri kehabisan kesabaran, dan pedang sementara mantan, mengatakan: “Kami makan di Royal, pakaian dalam kaisar, pengasuhan dan hari-hari dengan besar, jika tidak
putra Kaisar Li adalah lebih baik mati di tanah hanya dari Kaisar! ‘Diangkat atas nama orang, baik tua tidak ingin jatuh ke dalam pusaran, salah satu berkata: “Aku kepada saudara Kaisar, ketika urusan negara, tidak memprediksi, apa yang mungkin berpartisipasi dalam perdamaian yang diusulkan!
‘Kemudian keluar, A Fransiskan juga mengikuti jauhnya. Numuxiangxiang dua menteri kuning, Tudor diam tanpa kata, pertemuan itu melihat jalan buntu. Dorgon berbicara: ‘Raja mulut harimau jadi pergi, tanpa mengikuti penyatuan Italia,
ketika kebencian anak ketiga dari Kaisar Li, sedangkan usia delapan naif tinggi (Katayama tentara, tidak dengan raja nyata kanan (Jierhalang bertanggung jawab atas kebijakan semi-sub, jadi kolonial, maka lebih tua, segera kembali.
 “Ini adalah kompromi dua, Pangeran Siwei, dua kaisar posisi pengawal kuning tetap tidak berubah, jadi Menteri tidak lagi mematuhi mendirikan dua kuning Haug. berubah dengan Seoul untuk meredakan suasana lebih pistol tiba-tiba tegang. peringatan doa hari, kolektif sumpah, bayi Fortune-tahun dibantu di atas takhta, pemerintahan judul Junji.
Dorgon di atas takhta itu telah lama didambakan, kenapa menyerah saat yang kritis? kurangnya keseimbangan tinggi jaringan listrik? tidak. Dorgon situasi keseluruhan mungkin, untuk membuat konsesi untuk menghindari perselisihan sipil, tetapi kontribusi terhadap langkah ini,
ada faktor non-diabaikan – Xiao Zhuang di belakang layar sebagai Aisingiorro anggota keluarga, Xiao Zhuang perselisihan sipil tidak akan ragu memahami apa bahaya yang disebabkan oleh relaksasi untuk membuat partai-partai oposisi,
hanya perbedaan dalam mencari hal yang sama, persyaratan dari kedua belah pihak sebagian telah terpenuhi – baik untuk memenuhi dua kuning Menteri Li persyaratan Huangzai, tetapi juga untuk membuat keinginan Dorgon untuk kekuasaan tidak akan jatuh,
 satunya cara untuk memecahkan masalah ini adalah untuk membantu membangun tuan muda, ketika berusia empat atau lima pangeran muda, yang Zhanju tahta kaisar? Xiao Zhuang dilemparkan pergelangan tangan. menang Dorgon,
 tabel Program Dole mengadopsinya, tahan Fulin anaknya di singgasana. Xiaozhuang bagaimana memenangkan Dorgon? Rekam resmi buku-buku sejarah perbaikan tanpa meninggalkan catatan, tulisan pribadi tidak meninggalkan catatan lebih banyak. Beberapa peneliti percaya bahwa Xiao Zhuang untuk Dorgon memberikan kursus mereka, ini hanya menebak.

Political strategy, Mongolian marriage

Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang a political marriage Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang supporting the age of 13, escorted by her brother Wu Keshan to Mukden, married to Taiji. Qing Manchuria and Mongolia marriage, is an established national policy.

After a little persuasion, with only with appearance

Zonta seven years (March 1642: Qing Ming Ji Liao captured the Governor Chengchou, Taiji rejoicing. Chengchou very shadow of the Ming Dynasty


Pan Hong plays Xiao Zhuang (11) ring of a border high-ranking officials, rein in his close embrace Han Chinese intellectuals for the heart, the collapse of the Ming Dynasty has a very meaningful. Taiji ordered to flood detention on Mukden, sent Han Chen Fan Cheng turns to persuade , Chengchou ‘extension of the neck bearing knife. always unyielding,’ this Taiji torn, food is not sweet taste. Xiaozhuang see this situation, volunteered to go and persuade her to be posing as a female, possession of a pot of ginseng juice came Chengchou of residence, Yan Wen Wan words, the ‘pot bearing their lips,’ to give him a mouthful of ginseng juice under irrigation, and emotionally moving, metaphor with reason, after several days of effort, finally persuaded Chengchou put into the clear House under military because of the Qing Xiao Zhuang always pay attention to participate in political activities, her political qualities and talents have been honed, and soon come to the fore when the major political events, when suddenly, in order to clearly show that out.

Widows and orphans, Li Chu storm


Siqin played Xiao Zhuang (3) Zonta eight summer, Qing Song Jin victory after World War II, the country as large sheets, weather on the day. Taiji smug, map out the next step is strategic, not days of annual leave, eight March 29 at the sudden stroke, sudden death in the Qing Ning Gong. imperial sudden death, has always been prone to political unrest due to the succession of the throne Taiji did not leave a will, funeral in the tedious behind the power of a fierce competition is quietly launched. Nurhaci who had been provided, and his successor must be public discussion by the Manchu nobility, from eight in the selection of representative government Baylor, Baylor eight ‘Care seeking country’, which the son of military medals on behalf of impeccable good, Mang Guer Tai, Taiji and nephew Amin wheel on the ruling, Asaga when the four brothers sit side by side, the south – which is a primitive remnants of military democracy. Taiji Khan inherited bit, breaking the frame, the emperor sitting in the south, single exercise power. Only in this way, the title for the emperor among the highest circles of power, the people most likely to get it, the more tempting. secretly action between the parties soon became clear: the eldest son of Prince Su Huang Taiji Haug, 34, his father fighting north and south, with the pro-father and uncle to the two yellow behalf of the good inlaid red, blue flag Xiang Tang Shu Jierhalang endorsement and support, Prince Rui Nurhaci fourteen sub-Dole Gun, 32, ingenious, Chahar Lindan Han had the remnants of the Loop expedition, was owned by Xian Xi Yuan Chuan-Guo Huang Taiji, landing North Korea, military forces sense of propriety, rather combined force of the road, it was Taiji rely on and trust, a loud voice to the throne, Prince advocates in English Franciscan A, Yu Dukes Tudor and positive, set two white flag generals. is, set two yellow generals vows, would rather die for one, determined to Li Huangzai, and is, Minister unwilling to do two white flag set up Haug, who ascended the throne immediately knelt Dorgon advised: ‘Ru is not that up, does the Minister of fear almost two yellow?’ ‘two yellow minister who is willing to Li Huangzai throne, but the number of people Seoul! I am so relatives and a large bit salty like the king that also! ‘thread, lobbying, Union House, urged into frequent activity, leading to the two sides against each other. August 14, the fifth day after the death of Taiji, Chong Zheng Dian Kings General Assembly, and finally a showdown with each other!


Xiao Zhuang portrait (6) This day early in the morning, two yellow minister vows in front of the Qing Dynasty, the command bar of this flag La tooth (the emperor wearing a bow imperial guards, ring up the palace of the session before the start of yellow Minister Sydney: ‘To the late emperor a prince in, one must stand. ‘beginning of the meeting, the generation of high-generation respect good to speak first,’ tiger’s mouth (Haug Emperor’s eldest son, when bearing a large system. ‘Haug see the atmosphere of this, bit will be awarded exclusively to material large , playing hard, got up Xunxie said: ‘The blessing small Debo, non of the worthy.’ Having to leave the venue. Haug, a humility, A Franciscan, took the opportunity to persuade Dorgon Tudor ascended the throne, do not want good old-generation Vincent Fang’s Dorgon offend your spirit, attitude on the fence, said: ‘Rui Wang Ruoyun, our blessing, or when Li Huangzai.’ yellow two ministers running out of patience, and saber while the former, said: ‘We are eating at the Royal , clothing in the emperor, upbringing and days with large, if not the son of Emperor Li is better to die on the ground only from the Emperor! ‘was raised up on behalf of the good, old man do not want to fall into the vortex, one said: ‘I to Emperor brother, when affairs of state, not predict, what may participate in this proposed peace! ‘Then exit, A Franciscan also follow away. Numuxiangxiang two yellow minister, Tudor silent without a word, the meeting saw a stalemate. Dorgon speak : ‘King of the tiger’s mouth so away, without following the unification of Italy, when the hatred of the third son of Emperor Li, while the age of naive eight high (Katayama army, not with the right real king (Jierhalang charge of the semi-sub , so colonial, then older, immediately return policy. ‘This is a two compromise, Prince Siwei, two yellow emperor bodyguard position remains unchanged, so the Minister is no longer adhere to established two yellow Haug. turn with more Seoul to ease gun suddenly tense atmosphere. memorial day prayer, collective vows, Fortune-year-old baby was helped on the throne, reign title Junji. Dorgon on the throne has long coveted, why give up a critical moment? lack of high balance of power grid? not. Dorgon the overall situation may be, to make concessions in order to avoid civil strife, but contributed to this move, there is a non-negligible factor – Xiao Zhuang’s behind the scenes as Aisingiorro a member of the family, Xiao Zhuang civil strife will no doubt understand what the harm caused by a relaxation to make the opposition parties, only the differences in seeking the same, a requirement of both sides have been partially met – both to meet the two yellow Minister Li Huangzai requirements, but also to make Dorgon desire for power will not fall, the only way to solve this problem is to help establish the young master, when the old four or five young prince, who Zhanju emperor throne? Xiao Zhuang cast wrist. win Dorgon, the Dole program table adopted her, hold her son Fulin on the throne. Xiaozhuang how to win Dorgon? official Record of repair history books without leaving any records, private writings did not leave more many records. Some researchers believe that Xiao Zhuang to Dorgon gave their course, this is just a guess.

Uncle Prince Regent, a small imperial pressure

Dorgon for the throne, in fact, is very desirable because of his stand in the kings of the General Assembly initiated on Fulin, the pattern of 10%, it is difficult to tether, the overthrow of the former proposal, although he was regent of the highest in place, grasp the Qing military and political power, under one person, people above, but after all, did not wish to smooth, or a deficiency, therefore, in the tumult of his military career while he will be caught in a spiritual world, self-contradictory, regret responsible for the pain sadness Ziyuan Zi With his exploits progressive, his lust for power, increasingly rampant, and later, like a fire roasting that his heart desires, so he made the ridiculous actually move: steal containers with Queen, the Emperor made private robes, the mirror from the tours, etc. He then prevent access to the throne of Haug, in the first year Junji (1644 was cook up charges, spent for the common people, but also forbidden to death, Haug he received the Department’s Princess Palace, satisfied for the new. living with him the king of the place of Jierhalang Colonial, although the outset to get the picture back away, hand over the power of spending, but the end result with the former by over Haug resentment cherished hate, in Junji four years (1647 was relieved of duty, the second year and dropped to the Dukes. Dorgon ordered by the emperor system as a historian he wrote Qiju Zhu, and construction scale exceeding the imperial mansion. army scheduling, penalty reward dismiss involved, one has meaning, relations within the customs, Rui Wang were only aware of one fact, Dorgon mastered all the power. Xiaozhuang in Dorgon pressing harder and harder, take a forbear, give way compromises attitude and her approach is to constantly give Dorgon flatter, add titles, not to Dorgon Emperor Fei of self-reliance. Junji first October, sealed to his uncle Prince Regent, his uncle Emperor Regent sealed Xuanyou. Junji four years, stop Dorgon Imperial bow and finally, about the end of 2004 Junji, Xiao Zhuang to marry the Queen Mother as Regent, Fulin said the father of the emperor Dorgon, Zhu Chen said the King Father memorial Regent. case New Year’s Day or Qing He Dali, Dorgon along with the emperor to accept the officials bow down.

Politik strategi, Mongolia pernikahan
Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang perkawinan politik Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang mendukung usia 13, dikawal oleh kakaknya Wu Keshan untuk Mukden, menikah dengan Taiji. Qing Manchuria dan Mongolia pernikahan, merupakan kebijakan nasional yang mapan.
Setelah persuasi kecil, dengan hanya dengan penampilan
Zonta tujuh tahun (Maret 1642: Qing Ming Ji Liao menangkap Chengchou Gubernur, Taiji bersukacita Chengchou sangat bayangan dari Dinasti Ming.
 Pan Hong memainkan Xiao Zhuang (11) cincin dari pejabat tinggi perbatasan, mengendalikan intelektual dekatnya pelukan Han China untuk jantung, runtuhnya Dinasti Ming memiliki sangat berarti. Taiji diperintahkan untuk membanjiri penahanan di Mukden, dikirim Han Chen Fan Cheng ternyata membujuk, ekstensi Chengchou ‘dari pisau bantalan leher. selalu pantang menyerah, ‘ini Taiji robek, makanan tidak rasa manis. Xiaozhuang melihat situasi ini, mengajukan diri untuk pergi dan membujuknya untuk menyamar sebagai kepemilikan, perempuan panci jus ginseng datang Chengchou tempat tinggal, Yan Wen Wan kata-kata, ‘pot bantalan bibir mereka,’ memberinya seteguk ginseng jus di bawah irigasi, dan emosional bergerak, metafora dengan alasan, setelah beberapa hari berusaha, akhirnya dibujuk Chengchou dimasukkan ke dalam Gedung yang jelas di bawah militer karena Qing Xiao Zhuang selalu memperhatikan untuk berpartisipasi dalam kegiatan politik, kualitas dan bakat politiknya telah diasah, dan segera maju ke depan, jika kejadian politik besar, ketika tiba-tiba, untuk jelas menunjukkan bahwa.
Janda dan anak yatim, Li Chu badai
 Siqin dimainkan Xiao Zhuang (3) Zonta delapan musim panas, Qing Jin Lagu kemenangan setelah Perang Dunia II, negara sebagai lembaran besar, cuaca pada hari itu. Taiji sombong, memetakan langkah selanjutnya adalah strategis, bukan hari dari cuti tahunan, delapan Maret 29 di stroke tiba-tiba, kematian mendadak pada Falun Ning Qing. kematian mendadak kekaisaran, selalu menjadi rentan terhadap kerusuhan politik karena suksesi tahta Taiji tidak meninggalkan surat wasiat, pemakaman di belakang membosankan kekuatan sebuah persaingan sengit yang tenang diluncurkan. Nurhaci yang telah disediakan, dan penggantinya harus diskusi publik oleh kaum bangsawan Manchu, dari delapan dalam pemilihan perwakilan pemerintah Baylor, Baylor delapan ‘Perawatan mencari negara’, yang putra medali militer atas nama baik sempurna, Mang Guer Tai, Taiji dan keponakan roda Amin pada keputusan itu, Asaga ketika empat bersaudara duduk berdampingan, selatan – yang merupakan sisa-sisa primitif demokrasi militer. Taiji Khan mewarisi sedikit, melanggar frame, kaisar duduk di kekuasaan, latihan selatan tunggal. Hanya dengan cara ini, judul untuk kaisar di antara lingkaran tertinggi kekuasaan, orang yang paling mungkin untuk mendapatkannya, semakin menggoda. diam-diam tindakan antara pihak-pihak segera menjadi jelas: anak tertua dari Pangeran Su Huang Taiji Haug, 34, ayahnya berjuang utara dan selatan, dengan ayah pro-dan paman ke nama dua kuning merah hias baik, biru bendera Xiang Tang Shu dukungan Jierhalang dan dukungan, Pangeran Rui Nurhaci empat belas sub-Dole Gun, 32, cerdik, Chahar Lindan Han memiliki sisa-sisa ekspedisi Loop, dimiliki oleh Xian Xi Yuan Chuan Guo-Huang Taiji, mendarat Korea Utara, militer pasukan rasa kepatutan, gaya agak dikombinasikan jalan, itu Taiji mengandalkan dan kepercayaan, suara nyaring kepada tahta, Pangeran pendukung di A Fransiskan Inggris, Yu Dukes Tudor dan positif, mengatur dua jenderal bendera putih. adalah, mengatur dua jenderal kuning sumpah, lebih baik mati untuk satu, bertekad untuk Li Huangzai, dan, Menteri tidak bersedia untuk melakukan dua bendera putih mengatur Haug, yang naik tahta segera berlutut Dorgon disarankan: “Ru tidak bahwa sampai, tidak Menteri takut hampir dua kuning? ” ‘Dua menteri kuning yang bersedia tahta Huangzai Li, tetapi jumlah orang Seoul! Saya sangat kerabat dan sedikit asin besar seperti raja yang juga! ‘Benang, lobi, Union House, mendesak ke dalam kegiatan yang sering, menyebabkan kedua belah pihak terhadap satu sama lain. 14 Agustus hari kelima setelah kematian Taiji, Chong Zheng Dian Kings Majelis Umum, dan akhirnya pertikaian satu sama lain!
 Xiao Zhuang potret (6) Hari ini pagi-pagi, dua menteri kuning sumpah di depan Dinasti Qing, bar perintah ini gigi bendera La (kaisar mengenakan penjaga busur kekaisaran, cincin sampai istana sesi sebelum mulai dari Sydney Menteri kuning: ‘. Untuk kaisar-an seorang pangeran dalam, seseorang harus berdiri’ awal pertemuan, generasi tinggi generasi hormat yang baik untuk berbicara pertama, ‘harimau mulut (anak Haug Kaisar tertua, ketika bantalan besar . sistem Haug melihat suasana ini, sedikit akan diberikan secara eksklusif untuk bahan besar, bermain keras, bangun Xunxie berkata: “Berkat Debo kecil, non dari layak ‘Harus meninggalkan tempat tersebut Haug, kerendahan hati seorang,.. Sebuah Fransiskan, mengambil kesempatan untuk membujuk Dorgon Tudor naik tahta, tidak ingin tua yang baik generasi Vincent Fang Dorgon menyinggung semangat Anda, sikap di pagar, berkata: “Rui Wang Ruoyun, berkat kita, atau ketika Li Huangzai. ‘kuning Kedua menteri kehabisan kesabaran, dan pedang sementara mantan, mengatakan: “Kami makan di Royal, pakaian dalam kaisar, pengasuhan dan hari-hari dengan besar, jika bukan putra Kaisar Li adalah lebih baik mati di tanah hanya dari ! Kaisar ‘diangkat atas nama orang, baik tua tidak ingin jatuh ke dalam pusaran, salah satu berkata: “Aku kepada saudara Kaisar, ketika urusan negara, tidak memprediksi, apa yang mungkin berpartisipasi dalam perdamaian yang diusulkan’! . Kemudian keluar, Sebuah Fransiskan juga mengikuti jauhnya Numuxiangxiang dua menteri kuning, Tudor diam tanpa kata, pertemuan itu melihat jalan buntu Dorgon berbicara:. ‘Raja mulut harimau jadi pergi, tanpa mengikuti penyatuan Italia, ketika kebencian terhadap ketiga putra Kaisar Li, sedangkan usia delapan naif tinggi (Katayama tentara, tidak dengan raja nyata kanan (Jierhalang bertugas semi-sub, jadi kolonial, maka lebih tua, segera kembali kebijakan ‘Ini adalah kompromi dua, Pangeran. Siwei, dua kaisar posisi pengawal kuning tetap tidak berubah, jadi Menteri tidak lagi mematuhi mendirikan dua Haug kuning berubah dengan Seoul lebih untuk memudahkan pistol tiba-tiba suasana tegang.. peringatan doa hari, kolektif sumpah, bayi Fortune-tahun itu membantu pada tahta, pemerintahan judul Junji. Dorgon di atas takhta itu telah lama didambakan, kenapa menyerah saat kritis kurangnya keseimbangan tinggi jaringan listrik?? tidak. Dorgon situasi keseluruhan mungkin, untuk membuat konsesi untuk menghindari perselisihan sipil, tetapi memberikan kontribusi terhadap langkah ini, ada faktor non-diabaikan – Xiao Zhuang itu di belakang layar sebagai Aisingiorro anggota keluarga, Xiao perselisihan Zhuang sipil tidak akan ragu memahami apa bahaya yang disebabkan oleh relaksasi untuk membuat partai-partai oposisi, hanya perbedaan dalam mencari hal yang sama, persyaratan dari kedua belah pihak sebagian telah terpenuhi – baik untuk memenuhi dua kuning Menteri Li persyaratan Huangzai, tetapi juga untuk membuat keinginan Dorgon untuk kekuasaan tidak akan jatuh, satu-satunya cara untuk memecahkan masalah ini adalah untuk membantu menentukan muda master, ketika empat atau lima tua pangeran muda, yang Zhanju kaisar tahta Xiao Zhuang pergelangan cor.? menang Dorgon, tabel Program Dole mengadopsinya, tahan Fulin anaknya di atas takhta Xiaozhuang bagaimana memenangkan Dorgon?. Rekam resmi perbaikan sejarah buku tanpa meninggalkan catatan, tulisan swasta tidak meninggalkan catatan banyak lagi. Beberapa peneliti percaya bahwa Xiao Zhuang untuk Dorgon memberikan kursus mereka, ini hanya menebak.
Paman Pangeran Bupati, tekanan kekaisaran kecil
Dorgon untuk tahta, pada kenyataannya, sangat diinginkan karena berdiri di raja-raja dari Majelis Umum dimulai pada Fulin, pola 10%, sulit untuk menambatkan, penggulingan usulan mantan, meskipun ia Bupati yang tertinggi di tempat, memahami kekuatan militer dan politik Qing, di bawah satu orang, orang di atas, tetapi setelah semua, tidak ingin untuk kelancaran, atau kekurangan, karena itu, di tengah gemuruh karir militernya ketika ia akan terjebak dalam dunia spiritual, kontradiksi-diri, menyesal bertanggung jawab atas kesedihan nyeri Ziyuan Zi Dengan eksploitasi progresif, nafsu untuk kekuasaan, semakin merajalela, dan kemudian, seperti api yang memanggang keinginan hatinya, sehingga ia membuat konyol sebenarnya bergerak: mencuri kontainer dengan Ratu, Kaisar membuat jubah pribadi, cermin dari wisata, dll Dia kemudian mencegah akses ke tahta Haug, pada tahun Junji pertama (1644 itu memasak biaya, menghabiskan bagi masyarakat umum, tetapi juga dilarang untuk kematian , Haug ia menerima Departemen Princess Palace, puas untuk baru tinggal bersamanya raja tempat Jierhalang Kolonial, meskipun awal untuk mendapatkan gambar mundur, menyerahkan kekuatan belanja, namun hasil akhirnya dengan mantan. oleh lebih dari kebencian kebencian Haug dihargai, dalam Junji empat tahun (1647 dibebastugaskan dari tugas, tahun kedua dan jatuh ke Dukes Dorgon diperintahkan oleh sistem kaisar sebagai seorang sejarawan ia menulis Qiju Zhu,. dan konstruksi skala melebihi rumah kekaisaran. tentara penjadwalan, hadiah penalti menolak terlibat, satu memiliki makna, hubungan dalam adat istiadat, Rui Wang hanya menyadari satu fakta, Dorgon menguasai semua kekuatan. Xiaozhuang dalam Dorgon menekan lebih keras dan lebih keras, mengambil sabar, memberikan cara sikap kompromi dan pendekatannya adalah untuk terus memberikan Dorgon datar, menambahkan judul, belum Dorgon Kaisar Fei kemandirian. Junji pertama Oktober, disegel untuk pamannya Prince Regent, pamannya Kaisar Bupati disegel Xuanyou Junji empat tahun., berhenti Dorgon busur Imperial dan akhirnya, sekitar akhir tahun 2004 Junji, Xiao Zhuang menikah dengan Ibu Ratu sebagai Bupati, Fulin mengatakan ayah dari Dorgon kaisar, Zhu Chen mengatakan Bapa Raja peringatan Bupati. kasus Hari Tahun Baru atau Qing Dia Dali, Dorgon bersama dengan sang kaisar untuk menerima pejabat sujud




Imperial father regent, Empress marry

Empress Regent marry the issue, historians still controversial. Some writers tried to explain the marriage from the perspective of love, this is probably a bit idealistic. Dorgon life indulgence, Haug wife arrested his wife, but also good at the Korean king to marry family woman, a woman less than a wish and marry a woman, this is the official book that contains things. Empress marry, forced by the times, what is love at all, probably the largest value of scrutiny, not to mention actually, although Xiao Zhuang give way again and again, and finally lean marry, Dorgon coveted the throne did not subside. He also once said: ‘If I am King, the storage spaces on the home today, why I have this disease! ‘Fortune’s reign, Emperor Yan Zhu Chen repeatedly to typical school teacher, Dorgon are ignored, the intention of Fortune shortage in education, doing a silly emperor, resulting in fourteen Fortune reign, no knowledge of Chinese characters, Zhu Chen memorial, loss puzzled. Dorgon son of Xiao Zhuang, so-called ‘love’ and so it is difficult convincing. ‘Empress Regent marry’ issue is a big Mystery Qing study, So far historians still debate in civil society, this statement was very popular, but seen in the text, was the late Qing Dynasty print and publish the Ming Dynasty heritage minister Zhang Huangyan <<Cangshui poems>>, where <<building razed Palace Lyrics>> there is a mapping Empress marry, poetry is written like this: co-Jin on respect for the life bars, Cining Gong in the rotten door,


Xu Qing version of Xiao Zhuang (20) spring into the new instrument last official note, every gift Christine Empress marriage. Cining Gong is the Queen Mother’s residence, the official refers to the Spring Rites officials, this poem mean, Cining Gong in decorated jubilant yesterday the Ministry of Rites was drawn into the pre-ceremony format, because the Queen Mother are having a wedding ceremony. <<Cangshui} a collection of poems, ‘Empress marry’ if the issue has been confirmed. Zhang Huangyan poem about time Junji six or seven years, when the Qing Empress has two, one is now Queen’s Palace, Hau Man, was 50 years old can not marry in their thirties Dorgon, another is Fortune’s Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang mother, she is less than Dorgon two years old, so the poem referring to marry the Queen Mother, only Xiaozhuang, but since this is only speculation, because reciting poetry, history can not be certified as the Qing death, the Republic of China Ministry of Education, cleaning rites file, find the archive of historical subjects successful candidates, making the text in the ‘imperial father regent’ character, and the ’emperor’ with frame lift write, then clean up a large library red this (Emperor Royal Assent of the pieces) file, found inside and outside the memorial to the throne four years later Junji resembles known as ‘King Father’, and Jiang Liang Qi <<Donghua recorded>> Junji five Chao Feng Huang uncle of King Father Regent, Junji chase on eight counts of Chao in Dorgon ‘claiming imperial father regent’, ‘they went to the palace courtyard,’ and other words are relative Surely, with Xiao Zhuang and Taiji are not buried after death, but within a single burial customs, many people believe that the issue marry Queen Mother general conclusion can be used for the famous Qing scholars Monson did not agree with that, that the words of Zhang Qing Huang cherish prejudice, not as historical facts based on his poems, points buried in the Qing Dynasty Empress many examples, such as was true, should then be reflected in the private writings, a large number of Qing Qing Dynasty published private writings come out, in addition to Zhang Huangyan poetry, there is no nothing to prove ‘Empress’ marry regent of historical materials, which marry and so on, is ‘ enemy ‘(Guide to the rumor that the government, but also suggested that the likelihood of this great North Korean Yi Dynasty Record of some text related to’ King Father ‘, it may be interesting:’ Junji Renyin February 1996, fresh king tide on saying: ‘Qing Dynasty’s message in the language of imperial father regent, what this move?’ gold from the point of saying: ‘Robinson asked for to make, the answer to this is tert-word, Asaga issue, and the emperor one cloud. ‘Zheng Tai said:’ Although there is no reform and open in this language, seems to have to carry on too much! ‘, saying:’ What, then two God now! ”A North Korean official Kim imperial envoy from the point of that sentence , vague, twinkling, is described which can be too awkward, the Korean Minister Cheng Wo have seen them get frustrated, that have been made Dorgon overlord, then the fact that when the emperor has Dorgon father, It went on to say Empress Regent is a means marry. Dorgon died, chase posthumous title of ‘Fidelity, meaning Emperor’, with the emperor funeral, tablets with the Imperial Ancestral Temple (ancestors of the land, such treatment, except the emperor himself Only by following the Great Commission offshoot into the emperor’s father was with the access, or if, as Huang Shu colonial minister, Dorgon is difficult to match, so we can say that Xiao Zhuang is likely to marry Dorgon . I believe that with the discovery of new historical data, sooner or later, this historical Mystery truth.

Imperial ayah bupati, Ratu menikah
Ratu Bupati menikah masalah ini, sejarawan masih kontroversial. Beberapa penulis mencoba menjelaskan pernikahan dari perspektif cinta, ini mungkin sedikit idealis. Dorgon kesenangan hidup, Haug Istri ditangkap istrinya, tapi juga pandai raja Korea untuk menikahi wanita keluarga, wanita kurang dari keinginan dan menikahi seorang wanita, ini adalah buku resmi yang berisi hal. Ratu menikah, dipaksa oleh waktu, apakah cinta sama sekali, mungkin nilai terbesar dari pengawasan, belum lagi sebenarnya, meskipun Xiao Zhuang memberikan jalan lagi dan lagi, dan akhirnya bersandar menikah, Dorgon didambakan tahta tidak mereda. Dia juga pernah berkata: ‘Jika Aku adalah Raja, ruang penyimpanan di rumah hari ini, mengapa saya memiliki penyakit ini! ‘Pemerintahan Fortune, Kaisar Yan Zhu Chen berulang kali untuk guru sekolah khas, Dorgon diabaikan, niat kekurangan Fortune pada pendidikan, melakukan kaisar konyol, yang mengakibatkan empat belas pemerintahan Fortune, tidak ada pengetahuan tentang karakter Cina, Zhu Chen peringatan, kehilangan bingung. Anak Dorgon Xiao Zhuang, apa yang disebut ‘cinta’ dan sehingga meyakinkan sulit. Masalah ‘Ratu Bupati menikah’ adalah studi Misteri besar Qing, Sejauh sejarawan masih menjadi perdebatan dalam masyarakat sipil, pernyataan ini sangat populer, tapi terlihat dalam teks, adalah cetak akhir Dinasti Qing dan mempublikasikan warisan Dinasti Ming menteri Zhang Huangyan < >, where <> there is a mapping Empress marry, poetry is written like this: co-Jin on respect for the life bars, Cining Gong in the rotten door,” b=”>, where <> there is a mapping Empress marry, poetry is written like this: co-Jin on respect for the life bars, Cining Gong in the rotten door,” c=”>, di mana bangunan diratakan Istana << >> Lyrics ada pemetaan Ratu menikah, puisi ditulis seperti ini: co-Jin pada penghormatan terhadap bar hidup, Cining Gong di pintu busuk,   “><Cangshui poems>>, di mana bangunan diratakan Istana << >> Lyrics ada pemetaan Ratu menikah, puisi ditulis seperti ini: co-Jin pada penghormatan terhadap bar hidup, Cining Gong di pintu busuk,
 Xu Qing versi Xiao Zhuang (20) musim semi ke dalam catatan resmi instrumen baru lalu, setiap hadiah Christine Ratu pernikahan. Cining Falun adalah kediaman Ibu Ratu, pejabat itu mengacu pada pejabat Musim Semi Ritus, ini berarti puisi, Cining Gong di gembira dihiasi kemarin Departemen Ritus ditarik ke dalam format pra-upacara, karena Ibu Ratu yang memiliki upacara pernikahan. << Cangshui} kumpulan puisi, ‘menikahi Ratu’ jika masalah ini telah dikonfirmasi. Zhang puisi Huangyan tentang waktu Junji enam atau tujuh tahun, ketika Ratu Qing memiliki dua, satu adalah sekarang Ratu Palace, Hau Man, adalah 50 tahun tidak bisa menikah di Dorgon usia tiga puluhan, yang lain adalah Fortune Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang ibu, dia kurang Dorgon dari dua tahun, jadi puisi itu mengacu untuk menikahi Ibu Suri, hanya Xiaozhuang, tapi karena ini hanya spekulasi, karena membaca puisi, sejarah tidak dapat disertifikasi sebagai kematian Qing, Republik Cina Departemen Pendidikan, pembersihan ritual file, menemukan arsip mata pelajaran sejarah kandidat yang berhasil, membuat teks dalam karakter ‘kekaisaran ayah bupati, dan’ kaisar dengan menulis bingkai angkat, kemudian membersihkan perpustakaan besar merah ini (Kaisar Kerajaan persetujuan dari potongan-potongan) file > Junji five Chao Feng Huang uncle of King Father Regent, Junji chase on eight counts of Chao” b=”, found inside and outside the memorial to the throne four years later Junji resembles known as ‘King Father’, and Jiang Liang Qi <> Junji five Chao Feng Huang uncle of King Father Regent, Junji chase on eight counts of Chao” c=”, ditemukan di dalam dan di luar peringatan takhta empat tahun kemudian Junji menyerupai dikenal sebagai ‘Raja Bapa, dan Jiang Liang Qi << Donghua tercatat >> Junji lima Chao Feng Huang paman Raja Bapa Bupati, Junji mengejar pada delapan tuduhan Chao “>, ditemukan di dalam dan di luar peringatan takhta empat tahun kemudian Junji menyerupai dikenal sebagai ‘Raja Bapa, dan Jiang Liang Qi << Donghua tercatat >> Junji lima Chao Feng Huang paman Raja Bapa Bupati, Junji mengejar pada delapan tuduhan Chao dalam ‘bupati ayah mengklaim kekaisaran’ Dorgon, “lanjutnya mereka ke halaman istana,” dan kata lain relatif Tentunya, dengan Xiao Zhuang dan Taiji tidak dikuburkan setelah kematian, tetapi dalam adat penguburan tunggal, banyak orang percaya bahwa masalah menikah Ratu Ibu kesimpulan umum dapat digunakan untuk sarjana Qing terkenal Monson tidak setuju dengan itu, bahwa kata-kata Zhang Qing Huang menghargai prasangka, bukan sebagai fakta sejarah berdasarkan puisi-puisinya, poin dimakamkan di Dinasti Qing contoh Ratu, seperti adalah benar, maka harus tercermin dalam tulisan-tulisan pribadi, sejumlah besar Dinasti Qing Qing dipublikasikan tulisan-tulisan pribadi keluar, selain Zhang Huangyan puisi, tidak ada apa-apa untuk membuktikan ‘Ratu’ menikahi bupati bahan sejarah, yang menikah dan seterusnya, adalah ‘musuh’ (Panduan untuk rumor bahwa pemerintah, tetapi juga menyatakan bahwa kemungkinan ini Rekam Korea Utara Yi besar Dinasti beberapa teks yang berkaitan dengan ‘Bapa Raja’, mungkin menarik: ‘Junji Renyin Februari 1996 , raja pasang segar di berkata: “Qing pesan Dinasti dalam bahasa kekaisaran ayah bupati, apa langkah ini? ’emas dari sudut berkata:” Robinson meminta untuk membuat, jawaban untuk ini adalah ters-kata, Asaga masalah, . dan kaisar satu awan ‘Zheng Tai berkata: “Meskipun tidak ada reformasi dan terbuka dalam bahasa ini, tampaknya harus melakukan terlalu banyak’, mengatakan: ‘Apa, kemudian dua Tuhan sekarang” Sebuah Korea Utara resmi! Kim kekaisaran utusan dari sudut kalimat, tidak jelas, sekejap, diuraikan yang bisa terlalu canggung, Menteri Korea Cheng Wo telah melihat mereka frustrasi, yang telah dibuat Dorgon tuan, maka fakta bahwa ketika kaisar memiliki ayah Dorgon , It melanjutkan dengan mengatakan Ratu Bupati adalah sarana menikah Dorgon meninggal,. mengejar gelar anumerta ‘Fidelity, yang berarti Kaisar’, dengan pemakaman kaisar, tablet dengan Kuil Leluhur Imperial (nenek moyang dari tanah, pengobatan tersebut, kecuali kaisar dirinya Hanya dengan mengikuti cabang Amanat Agung menjadi ayah kaisar adalah dengan akses, atau jika, seperti Huang Shu kolonial menteri, Dorgon sulit untuk mencocokkan, sehingga kita dapat mengatakan bahwa Xiao Zhuang kemungkinan untuk menikah Dorgon.   


Saya percaya bahwa dengan penemuan data historis baru, cepat atau lambat, kebenaran sejarah Misteri



Junji reign, the reform of official management

Junji years (December 1650, Dorgon hunting, died of Kara city was Zhuizun as ‘Fidelity, meaning Emperor’, with the emperor funeral. Fulin reign, came two months, announced that Dorgon ‘Great place to seek usurp’ and various other counts, cut and removed the Imperial Ancestral Temple Jazz destroyed the tomb tablets, membership did not possessions, the gang has also been cleaning Dorgon in the ‘down and more’ process, Jierhalang Instead, a new power focus point. Xiao Zhuang Minrui discovered this is a sign as a preventive measure, so that Fortune published the Edict, note that all Zhangzou view into the pro-emperor, not Shuo Zheng Kai and Prince (Jierhalang, eliminating the possible risks . the young emperor in the Queen Mother’s governance arrangements, reading, eagerly absorbed the Han culture, the bold use of Han Guan, rectification official management, etc., to create a political situation in the early Qing Dynasty.

Mother and a battle of wits, Junji grudge

Just come to an end the power struggle, Xiao Zhuang and swirl into family conflicts. As mentioned earlier, Mongolian marriage, is set during the reign of Nuerhachi established national policy.
The establishment of the Qing Empire, Mongol Eight Banners also Khan set horse power, Mongol princes in the imperial political life, has been the strength of an leaning to Gu Gong order to ensure that this relationship from generation to generation, but also to maintain their family’s special status,
 Fortune came to the throne soon, filial piety village on the book stand his niece, the daughter of Mongolia Horqin Baylor Wu Keshan Bor economic Jeter’s for the Queen, then emperor, reign, married on the gift, the middle house of the place. Since ancient times, emperors of marriage, always with a clear political overtones, people preferences and feelings are secondary, while Fortune is precisely the lack of such mind, his own likes and dislikes more to deal with this relationship.
 Queen Bor economic Jeter’s smart, beautiful, but like a luxury, and jealous . Originally, as a woman of noble birth, these are not big problems, but they can not tolerate Fulin, insisted after the separate waste and this character is very stubborn young emperor, although ministers have repeatedly dissuaded, still stuck to their guns , no concessions. Junji years (165 in August, Xiao Zhuang see his son there is no room to turn, had agreed, reduced static Princess Queen, living side of the house change order to eliminate this move possible negative political impact of filial piety Horqin Duoluobeile village chose the daughter of Bor Mongolia Jin’s palace Weifei economy, but Fortune came out of the yurt pretty girl is not interested in the same Dong E’s access to the palace is the status of imperial concubine in the harem second only to the Queen, but Fortune’s feelings for Dong E, has to be added to the point where he believes Dong E’s virtuous talented, is an ideal candidate for the Queen, so be prepared after secondary waste and if Fortune once again waste
After Stand, Dong E’s, a woman lost in the Mongolian ruler son’s place, is bound to affect relations between Manchuria and Mongolia, tilting the founding of the Qing Empire base, Xiao Zhuang did not hesitate to move his son was suppressed as a result, between mother and child gap appears, emperor, or even openly ordered to pull to the Imperial Ancestral Temple of the Mongolian language on the plaque, and who live in the feelings of the Mongolian desert queen, for the arrangement of their own destiny with the family did not appreciate her mother, contrary to misery and resentment, all imputation to the Queen Mother who, with the Queen Mother fell ill, not to greet for all this, Xiao Zhuang have endured, tolerance is her understanding of the principle of such a delicate mother-law relations remain tense five or six years, but fortunately she has many years of political experience and determination of the character, the Qing imperial palace of the foundation was not due to tilting and shaken. Xiaozhuang such efforts, Fortune and the Queen probably do not understand, but added Dong E’s accessible to human understanding of the difficulties Xiaozhuang She actively mixing in between Queen and the Emperor, to ease adjustment both conflicts, and sometimes play the role of Xiao Zhuang difficult to achieve. Only in this way, what Xiao Zhuang Dong E’s always looking for things to discuss, what words are always looking for The daughter said that later, almost to the mother of the daughter can not leave the state. Junji fourteen years (October 1657, Dong E’s birth to a son, died four months later, unfortunately, death of a child’s grief made her depressed into the illness, the court made her contradictory spirit of the original weight of the body more wasting sick frail. Junji seventeen years (August 1660, Dong E’s died. blow befell the Emperor, the spirit of decadent down, sickly apathy, not of six months, suffering from chicken pox disease dies.

Junji pemerintahan, reformasi manajemen resmi
Junji tahun (Desember 1650, Dorgon berburu, meninggal karena Kara kota adalah Zhuizun sebagai ‘Fidelity, yang berarti Kaisar’, dengan pemakaman kaisar pemerintahan Fulin,. Datang dua bulan, mengumumkan bahwa Dorgon ‘Great place untuk mencari merebut’ dan jumlah lain berbagai dipotong dan dihapus Jazz Temple Imperial Leluhur menghancurkan tablet makam, keanggotaan tidak harta, geng juga telah membersihkan Dorgon dalam proses ‘ke bawah dan lebih’, Jierhalang Sebaliknya, fokus power point baru. Xiao Zhuang Minrui menemukan ini adalah mendaftar sebagai tindakan pencegahan, sehingga Fortune bahwa diterbitkan Edict, diketahui bahwa semua Zhangzou pandangan ke dalam pro-kaisar, tidak Shuo Zheng Kai dan Pangeran (Jierhalang, menghilangkan risiko kaisar muda dalam pengaturan tata Bunda Ratu,. membaca, bersemangat menyerap budaya Han, penggunaan huruf tebal Han Guan, perbaikan manajemen resmi, dll, untuk menciptakan situasi politik di awal Dinasti Qing.
Ibu dan pertempuran kecerdasan, Junji dendam
Hanya berakhir perebutan kekuasaan, Xiao Zhuang dan aduk ke dalam konflik keluarga. Seperti disebutkan sebelumnya, Mongolia pernikahan, diatur pada masa pemerintahan Nuerhachi ditetapkan kebijakan nasional.
Pembentukan Kekaisaran Qing, Mongol Delapan Banner Khan juga mengatur daya kuda, pangeran Mongol dalam kehidupan politik kekaisaran, telah menjadi kekuatan sebuah condong ke urutan Falun Gu untuk memastikan bahwa hubungan ini dari generasi ke generasi, tetapi juga untuk menjaga mereka keluarga khusus status,
 Keberuntungan datang ke tahta segera, kesalehan desa berbakti pada buku berdiri keponakannya, putri Mongolia Baylor Horqin Wu Keshan Bor ekonomi yang Jeter untuk Ratu, maka kaisar, pemerintahan, menikah pada hadiah, rumah tengah tempat itu. Sejak zaman kuno, kaisar pernikahan, selalu dengan nada politik yang jelas, orang-orang preferensi dan perasaan sekunder, sementara Fortune adalah justru kurangnya pikiran seperti, suka sendiri dan tidak suka lebih banyak untuk berurusan dengan hubungan ini.
 Ratu Bor ekonomi Jeter yang pintar, cantik, tapi seperti sebuah kemewahan, dan cemburu. Awalnya, sebagai wanita yang terpandang, ini bukan masalah besar, tetapi mereka tidak bisa mentolerir Fulin, bersikeras setelah limbah terpisah dan karakter ini adalah kaisar muda yang sangat keras kepala, meskipun menteri telah berulang kali dibujuk, masih menempel di senjata mereka, tidak ada konsesi . Junji tahun (165 bulan Agustus, Xiao Zhuang melihat anaknya tidak ada ruang untuk mengubah, telah sepakat, mengurangi statis Putri Ratu, hidup sisi urutan perubahan rumah untuk menghilangkan langkah ini mungkin dampak politik negatif dari bakti Horqin Duoluobeile desa memilih putri Bor Mongolia Jin ekonomi Weifei istana, tapi keberuntungan keluar dari gadis cantik Yurt tidak tertarik pada akses Dong sama E ke istana adalah status kekaisaran selir di harem kedua setelah Ratu, tapi Fortune perasaan untuk Dong E, harus ditambahkan ke titik di mana ia percaya berbakat saleh Dong E, adalah calon yang ideal untuk Ratu, jadi bersiaplah setelah limbah sekunder dan jika Fortune sekali lagi membuang
Setelah Stand, Dong E, seorang wanita hilang di tempat penguasa Mongolia putra, pasti akan mempengaruhi hubungan antara Manchuria dan Mongolia, memiringkan pendirian basis Kekaisaran Qing, Xiao Zhuang tidak ragu untuk memindahkan anaknya ditindas sebagai hasilnya, antara ibu dan anak kesenjangan muncul, kaisar, atau bahkan secara terbuka memerintahkan untuk menarik ke Kuil Leluhur Imperial dari bahasa Mongolia pada plak, dan yang tinggal di perasaan Mongolia gurun ratu, untuk pengaturan nasib mereka sendiri dengan keluarga tidak menghargai ibunya, bertentangan dengan kesengsaraan dan kebencian, semua imputasi kepada Ibu Ratu yang, dengan Ibu Ratu jatuh sakit, bukan untuk menyapa untuk semua ini, Xiao Zhuang telah mengalami, toleransi adalah pemahamannya tentang prinsip sedemikian halus ibu mertua hubungan tetap tegang lima atau enam tahun, tapi untungnya dia memiliki pengalaman bertahun-tahun politik dan penentuan karakter, istana kekaisaran Qing yayasan bukan karena miring dan terguncang. Xiaozhuang upaya-upaya tersebut, Fortune dan Ratu mungkin tidak mengerti, tetapi menambahkan Dong E diakses oleh pemahaman manusia dari kesulitan Xiaozhuang Dia aktif pencampuran di antara Ratu dan Kaisar, untuk memudahkan penyesuaian kedua konflik, dan terkadang memainkan peran Xiao Zhuang sulit untuk mencapai. Hanya dengan cara ini, apa Xiao Zhuang Dong E selalu mencari hal-hal untuk membahas, apa kata-kata selalu mencari putri itu mengatakan bahwa kemudian, hampir kepada ibu dari anak perempuan tidak bisa meninggalkan negara. Junji empat belas tahun (Oktober 1657, lahir Dong E untuk anak, meninggal empat bulan kemudian, sayangnya, kematian kesedihan anak membuatnya depresi menjadi penyakit, pengadilan membuat semangat kontradiktif nya dari berat asli tubuh lebih wasting sakit lemah Junji tujuh belas tahun (Agustus 1660, meninggal Dong E. pukulan menimpa Kaisar, semangat merosot ke bawah, apatis sakit-sakitan, bukan enam bulan., Mati karena menderita penyakit cacar air




Four colonial minister, Xuan Ye capture ao

Fortune died intestate-year-old third son of Emperor Xuan Ye into following the Imperial system, Kangxi reign title order to avoid autocratic regent tragedy, the Emperor intends to put aside the royal prince, loyal to the royal family arranged for four Sony Manchurian veteran , Ebi Long, Suksaha and Oboi Colonial, when Anhui One scholar called Zhou Nan arrived in Beijing far away, behind a screen requesting Empress, Xiao Zhuang sternly refused, because the beginning was clear summary of the history of the founding Dukes interference in domestic affairs led to subjugation of the lesson, the provisions of Empress not Powerbut interference in domestic affairs, Xiao Zhuang was sufficient reputation and qualifications, although Lin Chao, but this precedent, future generations may Yi interest, so she insisted the minister lost political system, the affairs of state entrusted to four ministers, the effort to tune their grandson, training and bringing peace to his country, so that he could play after the reign effect the important task of governing a huge empire. Junji did not think the choice inhuman, duplicity Oboi soon exposed the arbitrary nature of violent, bullying the young emperor ignorance, planted his gang, intolerance, to embrace the affairs of state, just like the Prince Regent and then out. Oboi origin Rong Wu, Junji toward the absorption of Chinese culture for change is not suited to the practice of ritual , once in the right hand, he gave the orders, everything should be through the progenitor system, return to the past chapter, and the enclosure is no longer openly breaking the four-year ban Junji, exchanged by the flag of the machine, expand the enclosure, so that a large number of farmers Displaced. Oboi this perverse behavior, elicited resentment from top to bottom, but most people awed Oboi despotic power, not for sound. Colonial Secretary, Sony old shrink, Ebi Long weak, dependent Oboi, The only courage and Oboi withstand dry Suksaha junior, has been in a pressure position. Kangxi (1667 years, Xuan Ye, fourteen, as a rule reign, but has not Oboi convergence, but intensified. Su Ke Saha because by Oboi repression by the Emperor reign of the machine, the memorial to resign. request to keep the late emperor mausoleum, ‘than to serve as line rate, to all students.’ protest to the Emperor is actually arbitrary Oboi. Oboi also clear Suksaha intention with him and his accomplices, fabrication Suha Sark twenty-four sin, arrested the Soviet prison to capital punishment. Suksaha complaints sent from the prison, the Emperor was informed, strongly disagreed, ao thanks actually ‘Rangbi before God, strong playing Leiri’ Finally, Suksaha hanged, clan implicated and family, not official. Oboi presence has become a threat to the authority of the emperor, but has become Oboi wings, disposal slightly wrong, it may be excited into the changes. how to solve this problem? Xiaozhuang on these issues at this time has a considerable experience in the impatient care of her grandson quietly, asking him to forbear all at the same time without a trace layout up . I do not know the beginning from the day, the palace appeared a number of young, dedicated training cloth library (Manchu: wrestling, said the emperor play like this fabric library for a fourteen-year-old boy, this is completely understandable, so no one more think. Just when everyone used to play for Palace Thimpu library when the Kangxi eight years (one day in May 1669, Oboi audience with the palace, screw around in the play of children along the road suddenly swarmed , divvying up his Qinzhu until Oboi pressure of cross God, even though some extraordinary brawn, have been futile. devil arrest gang dispersed, threatening imperial power Oboi group, and thus did not move a knife gun, the uprooting of the the emperor regained power.

Empat menteri kolonial, Xuan Ye menangkap ao
Keberuntungan meninggal wasiat tahun anak ketiga dari Kaisar Xuan Ye ke dalam mengikuti sistem Imperial, Kangxi pemerintahan agar judul untuk menghindari tragedi bupati otokratis, Kaisar bermaksud untuk mengesampingkan pangeran kerajaan, setia pada keluarga kerajaan diatur selama empat veteran Manchuria Sony , Ebi Long, Suksaha dan Oboi Kolonial, ketika Anhui Seorang pakar disebut Zhou Nan tiba di Beijing jauh, di belakang layar meminta Ratu, Xiao Zhuang tegas menolak, karena mulanya adalah ringkasan yang jelas tentang sejarah gangguan Dukes pendiri urusan dalam negeri menyebabkan penundukan pelajaran, ketentuan gangguan Ratu tidak Powerbut urusan dalam negeri, Xiao Zhuang adalah reputasi yang cukup dan kualifikasi, meskipun Lin Chao, tapi preseden ini, generasi mendatang mungkin Yi bunga, jadi dia bersikeras menteri kehilangan sistem politik, urusan negara dipercayakan kepada empat menteri, upaya untuk menyempurnakan cucu mereka, melatih dan membawa perdamaian ke negaranya, sehingga dia bisa bermain setelah efek pemerintahan tugas penting untuk mengatur sebuah kerajaan besar. Junji tidak berpikir pilihan tidak manusiawi, bermuka dua Oboi segera terkena sifat sewenang-wenang dari kekerasan, bullying ketidaktahuan kaisar muda, ditanam kelompoknya, intoleransi, untuk merangkul urusan negara, seperti Bupati Prince dan kemudian keluar. Oboi asal Rong Wu, Junji terhadap penyerapan budaya Cina untuk perubahan tidak cocok dengan praktek ritual, sekali di tangan kanan, ia memberi perintah, segala sesuatu harus melalui sistem progenitor, kembali ke bab terakhir, dan kandang tidak lagi secara terbuka melanggar empat tahun larangan Junji, dipertukarkan oleh bendera dari mesin, memperluas kandang, sehingga sejumlah besar petani Displaced. Oboi perilaku yang merugikan, menimbulkan kebencian dari atas ke bawah, tetapi kebanyakan orang terpesona daya Oboi lalim, bukan untuk suara. Sekretaris Kolonial, Sony lama menyusut, Ebi panjang lemah, Oboi tergantung, Keberanian saja dan Oboi menahan kering Suksaha SMP, telah dalam posisi tekanan. Kangxi (1667 tahun, Xuan Ye, empat belas, sebagai pemerintahan aturan, tetapi permintaan tidak memiliki konvergensi Oboi, tetapi diintensifkan. Su Ke Saha karena dengan represi Oboi oleh pemerintahan Kaisar dari mesin, peringatan untuk mundur. Untuk menjaga kaisar-an makam, ‘daripada untuk melayani sebagai tingkat baris, untuk semua siswa. “protes kepada Kaisar sebenarnya Oboi sewenang-wenang Oboi juga. Suksaha tujuan yang jelas dengan dia dan antek-anteknya, fabrikasi Suha Sark dua puluh empat dosa, ditangkap penjara Soviet untuk hukuman mati Suksaha keluhan. dikirim dari penjara, Kaisar diberitahu, sangat tidak setuju, terima kasih ao sebenarnya ‘Rangbi hadapan Allah, kuat bermain Leiri’ Akhirnya, Suksaha digantung, klan terlibat dan keluarga, tidak resmi. kehadiran Oboi telah menjadi ancaman bagi otoritas kaisar, tetapi sudah menjadi Oboi sayap, pembuangan sedikit salah, mungkin akan gembira ke dalam perubahan cara untuk memecahkan masalah ini?. Xiaozhuang pada isu-isu saat ini memiliki pengalaman yang cukup dalam perawatan sabar dari cucunya diam-diam, memintanya . bersabar semua pada waktu yang sama tanpa tata letak jejak up saya tidak tahu awal dari hari, istana muncul sejumlah muda, perpustakaan kain pelatihan khusus (Manchu: gulat, mengatakan bermain kaisar seperti ini perpustakaan kain untuk empat belas tahun anak, ini benar-benar dimengerti, sehingga tidak ada satu lagi berpikir. Hanya ketika semua orang digunakan untuk bermain untuk perpustakaan Thimpu Istana ketika Kangxi delapan tahun (satu hari pada bulan Mei 1669, penonton Oboi dengan istana, sekrup di sekitar bermain anak-anak sepanjang jalan tiba-tiba menyerbu, membagi-Qinzhu sampai tekanan Oboi salib Tuhan, walaupun beberapa otot yang luar biasa, telah sia-sia. setan geng penangkapan tersebar, mengancam kekaisaran daya Oboi kelompok, dan dengan demikian tidak bergerak pistol pisau, tumbangnya dari kaisar kembali kekuasaan




Kakek-nenek dan cucu bersama-sama, adalah untuk menguasai dunia
Kaisar, sekarat, awalnya ditujukan untuk anak kedua dari Fuk Tsun, Xiao Zhuang Xuan Ye mewah, oleh kaisar terpercaya misionaris Johann bersyafaat, Li Xuan Ye, diubah, sehingga satu tangan di Xiao Zhuang Xuan Ye didirikan. Xuan Ye tahun datang ke takhta, Tong Jia Shi-tahun ketika ibunya meninggal, ia adalah nenek peduli Janda Permaisuri Xiao Zhuang juga, jadi dua kakek buyut perasaan sangat baik. Xiaozhuang tidak hanya peduli tentang kehidupan sehari-hari, dan kata-kata pindah, telah menetapkan aturan, persyaratan ketat, sedikit terlampaui, maka kritik yang parah, tidak sedikit lebih lebar vertikal dan kredit palsu dalam ajaran-nya. Xuan Ye, pertumbuhan yang sehat, masa depan yang kualitas luar biasa dan inci raja, di masa muda saya meletakkan yayasan. berkat penyu untuk memberantas kelompok Setelah Xiao Zhuang mari Xuan Ye pemerintahan, biarkan dia berolahraga dalam praktek, tetapi juga mengingatkan dia untuk menjadi pekerjaan hati, keselamatan dan jangan lupa bahaya, Xiu senjata dan peralatan, dll untuk Nenek menghormati Xuan Ye ajaran besar , semua adalah hal penting pertama komentar, dan kemudian diimplementasikan dalam upaya bersama mereka, Dinasti Qing dari kekacauan untuk stabilitas dan kemakmuran ekonomi dari Depresi, San Francisco untuk pengamanan dari pasukan militer terpadu Taiwan dan skala besar lainnya perbatasan perang dan meletakkan dasar material dalam Kaisar Dinasti Qing Kangxi terhadap pembentukan masa keemasan pertama, yang mencakup kredit untuk Xiao Zhuang dan usaha.
Kakek buyut Istri, dunia emosional
Xiao Zhuang hidup hemat, bukan sesuatu yang mewah, San Francisco, ketika meletakkan, istana perak untuk menyumbangkan tabungan pahala dari tentara. Setiap tahun kabisat kelaparan, dia selalu keluar tabungan bantuan ke istana, sepenuhnya bekerja sama dengan dan mendukung cucu penyebab perilaku yang patut dicontoh, tapi juga meningkatkan penghormatan kaisar kedua belas. Kangxi 20 tahun (musim semi 1682, kaisar parade Mukden, bersama hampir setiap hari mengirim salam pribadi buku Chi, melaporkan keberadaan mereka, dan menempatkan dirinya pada tangkapan sungai perak ikan mas, ikan mas surat lemak, dikirim ke sini untuk mendapatkan pengadopsi awal nenek tua , dua tahun (musim gugur 1683, Kaisar Kangxi untuk menemani Gunung neneknya Xunxing, di mana satu menanjak, kaisar sering turun, membantu dirinya padanya perlindungan nenek kereta. Xiao Zhuang kaisar dari hubungan intim dan harmonis, mencerminkan suaminya, sama pengalaman dengan dua ratus tahun kemudian dinasti, memiliki dampak yang signifikan pada politik Cina Janda Permaisuri Cixi, berbeda.
Ratu Ibu meninggal, diberikan pada Ratu
Kangxi 26 tahun (Desember 1687, Permaisuri Xiao Zhuang kondisi kritis, Kaisar Kangxi dipisahkan siang dan malam tentang dia untuk medis pro-Bong, dan secara pribadi memimpin menterinya berjalan ke Temple of Heaven, berdoa menggugat Tuhan, meminta hanya mengorbankan hidupnya, oleh perpanjangan dari nenek harapan hidup
Kaisar Kangxi menangis ketika membaca lintas Zhu-Wen Yi, mengatakan, “Kenangan dari usia lemah, perkiraan kerugian awal mengandalkan, semakin bantalan lutut nenek lebih dari 30 tahun, Ju Yang ajaran, serta sukses.
 Janganlah nenek janda juga, tidak dapat dibatalkan Untuk mengatur sana hari ini, dengan kasih karunia sangat, hidupnya sulit untuk melaporkan … ..
. jika jumlah besar atau miskin, seperti usia oleh Chen Ji dengan tahun terlalu sedikit kehidupan Bunda Ratu. ‘Hukum alam, bagaimanapun, adalah sangat menarik, bulan dua puluh lima hari, Xiao Zhuang telah menyelesaikan perjalanannya untuk umur panjang 75, meninggal dunia dengan aman.
kaisar untuk neneknya di gelar anumerta hormat – sebuah Christine konstitusional Cheng Xiao Zhuang Yi Yi Renxuan Saint Ratu Wahyu, menurut keinginannya, Lingshu tidak dikirim ke Mukden dan Taiji terkubur, tapi keamanan sementara di Jingdong Timur Qing Makam.
Misteri makam, lalu menunjukkan beredar
Menurut catatan sejarah, tidak ada alasan mengapa Xiao Zhuang dan Taiji dikuburkan, karena dia sedang sekarat, Kaisar Kangxi telah berkata: “Naskah Kaisar Taizong Zigong menghargai waktu yang lama, saya tidak bisa untuk aksi cahaya, status Cinta hati saya Ru Huang Bapa dan Ru, menanggung pergi, menutup untuk memilih layanan di Xiaoling Ji rumah, maka hati saya menyesal sekarang!
‘Xiao Zhuang meninggal, Tsukuan (yaitu, peti mati) diparkir di istana hanya 17 hari di halte hormat berputar-spin overflow, di Kangxi belum diaktifkan,
Zigong sementara aman (dikuburkan di suatu tempat di tempat pertama disebut ‘pengaman sementara’ Bong Temple selama lebih dari 30 delapan tahun, sampai pembangunan tiga buru-buru memulai
 Yongzheng makam (Zhao Xi Ling, dan makam pekerja sibuk, perbaikan terburu-buru dengan kurang dari setahun.
Beberapa peneliti percaya bahwa Xiao Zhuang akan nya ‘beruang’ dan sebagainya, tetapi akal-akalan, pada kenyataannya, menikah karena Dorgon, didiskreditkan dalam hidup mereka melihat di bawah Sang suami, juga menyatakan bahwa pengadilan akan sendiri menjadi yang dirancang dengan pseudo- kata, untuk membuka jalan untuk pembuangan pemakaman berikutnya, ini juga terkait dengan masalah ‘Ratu menikah’, silakan lihat menikah di depan pendahuluan Ibu Ratu.
Manusia dan perbuatannya
Sejarah Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, nama Bor ekonomi Jeter itu, Ming Jiaobu kayu Buthe (atau menerjemahkan nama ini, legenda Buthe tidak resmi Dayu Er bahwa dia tidak berdasar.
Horqin Mongolia kesetiaan ke pos sebelumnya pada emas, dan emas dan sesudah pernikahan, dalam rangka konsolidasi aliansi politik mereka. tahun setelah Takdir Raja (Februari 1625, menikah 34 anak Nurhaci kedelapan sisi Putri Taiji, yang merupakan selir Dan sejak 11 tahun lalu, orang tuanya telah menikah bibi Zhezhe Taiji untuk rumah utama dengan Princess besar. , sembilan hari setelah delapan tahun Cong (1634, Khan telah mewarisi sedikit Taiji dan menikahi adiknya, Highland manik-manik,
sehingga Guzhi Kazuo tiga rekannya. pernikahan, kain kayu Buthe Taiji melahirkan suksesi tiga anak perempuan.
 Tiancong tiga tahun (1629
 Raja Kesehatan dan empat wanita, adalah sekilas dari solid-Lun Mu utama Yong Changgong,
 hari Cong enam tahun (1632
siswa lima kaisar perempuan, adalah sekilas dari Hui solid-Lun Shu Putri
tahun berikutnya,
tujuh perempuan melahirkan Raja,
dan kemudian ditawarkan sekilas dari sisi London padat Princess. tiga putri, menikah dewasa Hal Bute Menara dengan warna bangsawan Mongolia, dan kain Teng Keng Jier Ge.
 untuk 1636,
Huang Taiji mengubah negara dari Dinasti Qing, kaisar di Mukden (Shenyang, sambil membentuk harem sistem, dalam banyak istri dalam sebuah paket lima selir istana.
kain kayu Buthe telah disebut Zhuang Fei, Nishinomiya tempat kedua – Yongfu Temple, Taiji dianugerahi dengan teks lengkap dari bukunya, Mongolia, Cina ditulis dalam tiga bahasa, diksi sederhana: ‘…
Hazel Para Boutet, Qin Universitas Nasional Seoul putri profil Mongolia, Su-tepi untuk kualitatif, gabungan Shu ke dalam.
 Saya papan harta,?? antik sistem, volume untuk Yongfu Temple Seoul Zhuang Fei. Seoul nya-Yi Christine Jane, Chunxiao kerendahan hati, Ke Ratu pelatihan kepatuhan,
Saya tidak menanggung kehidupan. ‘Zhuang Fei bibi Zhezhe saja anteroposterior di Istana Ratu, istana dari desa setelah sang Putri Highland manik adik telah disebut Chen Fei, tertinggi di Gedung Orient – Istana Guanju, kedua setelah Ratu.

Imperial selir Yang

Nishinomiya Palung lain dua Royal Palace, Istana kekaisaran selir kali Orient House Yin Hing, sebelumnya Chahar
Istri Mongolia Lindan Han, menikah setelah Departemen Taiji penaklukan Chahar

Chahar (Mongolia: Цахар; Cina: 察哈尔; pinyin: Cháhā’ěr), juga dikenal sebagai Chaha’er, Chakhar, atau Qahar, adalah sebuah provinsi di Cina ada 1912-1936, sebagian besar meliputi wilayah dalam apa yang merupakan bagian timur Mongolia. Hal ini dinamakan Mongolia Chahar.




 dan melakukannya pengaturan, terutama karena pertimbangan politik.
Jadi, dalam harem, Zhuang Fei Gu Zhi adalah posisi yang paling menonjol, selain paling kakak Putri Grace Chen, yang termuda dari Fei Zhuang lebih dipengaruhi oleh hewan peliharaan, terutama Zonta adalah tiga tahun
(1638 bulan pertama,
Chen Fei lahir dari Kaisar Huang Taiji sebagai Huangsi delapan anak meninggal, Zhuang Fei bertepatan dengan waktu dua hari kemudian melahirkan sembilan anak Kaisar Fulin, statusnya lebih tinggi.
 Zhuang Fei Qing pejabat mengatakan buku tersebut adalah ‘asistennya, Wen Taizong kaisar, “tetapi pada periode Taiji Taizong, yang muda Zhuang Fei juga tidak mungkin memiliki banyak politik sebagai cerita terungkap dan Hanya rumor sipil Zhuang Fei disarankan domain’
Cerita, seperti ‘Ratu menikah, “kata bayangan, tampaknya Putri pintar Dewi fasilitas desa yang indah digunakan perangkap madu.
Zonta tujuh tahun (1642,
Ming dan Qing Song Jin-perang, di luar kebiasaan Ming Liao tentara panglima tertinggi thistle Gubernur Chengchou kalah dan ditangkap, dikawal ke Mukden. Taiji Chengchou ingin Guixiang, untuk penggunaannya, kemudian mengirim Fan Cheng pejabat Han seperti Tuhan ternyata menyerah, tetapi Chengchou akan tampak sangat tegas, bergeming, aksi mogok makan di penjara untuk mati, Taiji cemas sia-sia.
Suatu malam, pintu penjara halus, Zhuang Fei melayang ke tangan ke Ginseng itu, pernyataan menyentuh Chengchou untuk berubah pikiran, melemparkan dirinya di kakinya di bawah Qing Gui Jiang, kemudian di bawah Qing Wang Zhaoli banyak.
Cerita ini banyak penafsiran yang sangat jelas tentang karya sastra, tetapi menurut catatan sejarah,


 Chengchou ditangkap pada awal menolak untuk menyerah, tetapi tertangkap kelemahan Taiji pemikirannya, secara pribadi memanggil seseorang untuk menyerah keberhasilan
Zonta delapan awal Agustus 9, 1998 (September 21, 1643,
kampanye hidup Taiji meninggal karena sakit karena Taiji meninggal tanpa ahli waris yang ditunjuk untuk takhta, kekosongan kekuasaan di Korea Utara, sehingga raja kebingungan berlomba-lomba untuk situasi posisi pada akhirnya,
para pihak mencapai kompromi, didirikan Fulin hanya enam tahun untuk kaisar, kemudian
 Status Fulin Zhuang Fei ibu Ratu sebagai lima besar memainkan peran penting
pada tanggal 26 Agustus 1998 (tanggal 8 Oktober
Fulin naik tahta naik tahta, memerintah sebagai Junji perubahan, Zhuang Fei gelar “Ibu Ratu Lady kami.” Junji meskipun seorang kaisar yang tersesat, tetapi dalam tanggung jawab Zhuang Xiao di bawah Gubernur, semua aspek sekolah cukup baik dalam bukunya




Grandparents and grandchildren together, were to rule the world

Emperor, dying, originally intended for the second son of Fuk Tsun, Xiao Zhuang Xuan Ye fancy, by the emperor trusted missionary Johann intercede, Li Xuan Ye, was changed, so that one hand on Xiao Zhuang Xuan Ye is established. Xuan Ye year-old came to the throne, Tong Jia Shi-year-old when the mother dies, he is a caring grandmother Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang too, so the two great-grandfather feelings very well. Xiaozhuang not only concerned about his daily life, and his words move, have set the rules, stringent requirements, slightly exceeded, then the severe criticism, not slightly wider vertical and false credit in her teachings. Xuan Ye, healthy growth, a future of outstanding qualities and inch a king, in my youth laid a foundation. turtle thanks to eradicate group After Xiao Zhuang let Xuan Ye governance, let him exercise in practice, but also reminded him to be careful employment, safety and do not forget danger, xiu weapons and equipment, etc. for the Grandmother’s teachings Xuan Ye great respect, are all important things first a comment, and then implemented in their joint efforts, the Qing Dynasty from the chaos to stability and economic prosperity from the Depression, San Francisco for the pacification of a unified military forces of Taiwan and other large-scale border war and laid the material foundation in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi towards the formation of the first golden age, which includes a credit to Xiao Zhuang and effort.

Great-grandfather Wife, emotional world

Xiao Zhuang frugal life, not something luxurious, San Francisco, when put down, the palace of silver to donate reward savings off the soldiers. Every famine leap year, she was always out relief savings to the palace, fully cooperate with and support the grandson of the cause of her exemplary behavior, but also increase the twelfth emperor respect. Kangxi 20 year (spring 1682, the emperor parade Mukden, along almost every day to send personal greetings Chi book, report their whereabouts, and put himself in the river catch of silver carp, carp fat letters, sent here to get early adopters old grandmother, two years (fall 1683, Emperor Kangxi to accompany her grandmother Xunxing Mountain, where one uphill, the emperor often got down, helping himself to her grandmother chariot protection . Xiao Zhuang emperor of this intimate and harmonious relationship, reflects her man, the same experience with the two hundred years later dynasties, have a significant impact on Chinese politics of Empress Dowager Cixi, is different.

Queen Mother died, bestowed on the Queen

Kangxi 26 years (December 1687, Empress Xiao Zhuang critical condition, the Kangxi Emperor separated day and night about him for the medical pro-Bong, and personally led his ministers walk to the Temple of Heaven, pray sue God, request sacrificed his life, by the extension of life expectancy grandmother
Emperor Kangxi in tears when reading cross-Zhu-Wen Yi, said: ‘Memories from the weak age, early loss estimates rely, increasingly bearing grandmother knee over 30 years, Ju Yang teachings, as well as successful.
 Let no dowager grandmother too, can not be broken To set up there today, with the very grace, his life difficult to report … ..
. if the big count or poor, like age by Chen, Ji by too few years of life the Queen Mother. ‘laws of nature, however, is irresistible, the month twenty-five day, Xiao Zhuang has completed her journey to longevity 75, passed away safely.
the emperor to his grandmother on the posthumous title of respect – a constitutional Christine Cheng Xiao Yi Yi Zhuang Renxuan Saint Queen Apocalypse, according to her wishes, Lingshu not shipped to Mukden and Taiji buried, but temporary security in Jingdong Eastern Qing Tombs.

The mystery of the mausoleum, and then show outstanding

According to historical records, there is no reason why Xiao Zhuang and Taiji buried, because she was dying, the Kangxi Emperor had said: ‘The text of Emperor Taizong Zigong esteeming a long time, I can not for the light action, the status of my heart Love Ru Huang Father and Ru, bear away, close to choose service in Xiaoling Ji house, then my heart regrets now!
‘Xiao Zhuang died, Tsukuan (ie, coffin) parked in the palace only 17 days on the spin-spin overflow respect stop, in the Kangxi has not been enabled,
Zigong temporarily safe (buried somewhere in the former place called ‘temporary safety’ Bong Temple for more than 30 eight years, until the three hurriedly started construction


Yongzheng mausoleum (Zhao Xi Ling, and tomb workers rush, hasty repair on less than a year.
Some researchers believe that Xiao Zhuang his will ‘bear’ and so on, but a subterfuge, in fact, marry because Dorgon, discredited in their lives see an under The husband, also suggested that the court will itself be a well-designed pseudo-word, to pave the way for the next funeral disposal, this is also related to the ‘Empress marry’ issue, please refer to marry in front of the Queen Mother’s introduction.

Man and his deeds

The history of the Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, Bor economic Jeter’s name, Ming Jiaobu wood Buthe (or translation of this Buthe, unofficial name Dayu Er legend that she is unfounded.
Horqin Mongolia allegiance to the post earlier on gold, and gold and after the marriage, in order to consolidate their political alliance. years after King Destiny (February 1625, married 34 Nurhaci eighth child for the side of the Princess of Taiji, which is the concubine. And as early as 11 years ago, her parents have been married aunt Zhezhe Taiji for the main house with large Princess, nine days after the Cong eight years (1634, Khan has been inherited bit of Taiji and married her sister, Highland beads,
so Guzhi Kazuo three colleagues. marriage, cloth wood Buthe Taiji gave birth to a succession of three daughters.
 Tiancong three years (1629
 Health King and four women, was a glimpse of the main solid-Lun Yong Mu Changgong,
 days Cong six years (1632
students five female emperor, was a glimpse of the solid-Lun Shu Hui Princess
the following year,
seven women gave birth to King,
and later offered a glimpse of the solid Princess London side. the three princesses, were married adult Hal Bute Tower with the Mongolian nobility, color and fabric Teng Keng Jier Ge.
 to 1636,
Huang Taiji changed the country of the Qing Dynasty, the emperor at Mukden (Shenyang, while establishing harem system, in its many wives in a packet five palace concubines.
cloth wood Buthe has been called Zhuang Fei, second place Nishinomiya – Yongfu Temple, Taiji was awarded with the full text of her book, Mongolian, Chinese written in three languages, diction simple: ‘…
Hazel The Boutet, Qin Seoul National University of Mongolia profile daughter, Su-edge for the combined, Shu qualitative into.
 I board the treasure, ?? antique system, volumes for the Yongfu Temple Seoul Zhuang Fei. Seoul its-Yi Christine Jane, Chunxiao humility, Ke Queen of compliance training,
I do not bear life. ‘Zhuang Fei’s aunt Zhezhe anteroposterior course in Queen’s Palace, the palace than the village after the Princess’s sister Highland beads has been called Chen Fei, the highest in the Orient House – Palace Guanju , second only to the Queen.


Imperial concubine yang

Nishinomiya Trench other two Royal Palace, Palace of imperial concubine times Orient House Yin Hing, formerly  Chahar
Mongolia Lindan Han’s wife, married after the Ministry of Taiji conquest of chahar


Chahar (Mongolian: Цахар; Chinese: 察哈爾; pinyin: Cháhā’ěr), also known as Chaha’er, Chakhar, or Qahar, was a province of China in existence from 1912 to 1936, mostly covering territory in what is part of eastern Inner Mongolia. It was named after the Chahar Mongolians.





 and do so arrangements, mainly because of political considerations.
Thus, in the harem, Zhuang Fei Gu Zhi is the most prominent position, in addition to most older sister Princess Grace Chen, the youngest of the Zhuang Fei is more affected by the pet, especially Zonta is three years
(1638 the first month,
Chen Fei was born to the Emperor Huang Taiji as Huangsi eight children died, Zhuang Fei coincides with the time two days later gave birth to nine sons Emperor Fulin, more elevated her status.
 Zhuang Fei Qing officials said the book was ‘his assistant, Wen Taizong emperor,’ but in the Taizong Taiji period, the young Zhuang Fei also unlikely to have much political as the story unfolds and Only civil rumors ‘Zhuang Fei advised domains’
The story, as was ‘Empress marry,’ said foreshadowing, it seems that the clever Princess Goddess beautiful village facilities used honey trap.
Zonta seven years (1642,
Ming and Qing Song Jin-war, outside the customs Ming Liao army supreme commander thistle Governor Chengchou defeated and captured, was escorted to Mukden. Taiji eager Chengchou to Guixiang, for its use, then send Fan Cheng Han officials such as Lord turns to capitulate, but Chengchou will seem very firm, unmoved, hunger strike in prison to die, anxious Taiji in vain.
One night, the prison door delicately, Zhuang Fei floated to the hand into the Ginseng, remarks touched Chengchou to change his mind, threw himself at her feet under the Qing Gui Jiang , then under the Qing Wang Zhaoli a lot.
This story is a lot of very vivid interpretation of literary works, but according to historical records,



 Chengchou captured at the beginning refused to surrender, but was caught Taiji weakness of his thought, personally summon somebody to surrender success
Zonta eight early August 9, 1998 (September 21, 1643,
campaign life Taiji died due to illness because of Taiji dies without a designated heir to the throne, a power vacuum in North Korea, resulting in confusion kings vying for positions situation in the end,
the parties reached a compromise, established only six years old Fulin for the emperor, then
 Fulin Zhuang Fei’s mother Empress’s status as a top five play an important role
on August 26, 1998 (October 8,
Fulin ascended the throne ascended the throne, reign as Junji change, Zhuang Fei title of ‘Our Lady Queen Mother.’ Junji though a wayward emperor, but in the Xiao Zhuang’s responsibilities under the Governor, all aspects of the school is quite good in his

pemerintahan setelah Xiao Zhuang masih memperingatkan bujukan kata-kata dan perbuatan, sehingga dia juga membuat banyak prestasi dalam kematian, politik


sayangnya, Junji terlalu cepat, Xiao Zhuang pribadi dipilih dalam Huangsun tahun ketidakpuasan Xuan Ye mewarisi tahta,


 ia sekali lagi memikul tanggung jawab berat untuk melindungi, mendidik kaisar muda, dan posisinya lebih lanjut dipromosikan ke janda permaisuri, lambang kumulatif ‘Jane Ann Chao St Cishou Falun Yi Zhang Qing Dun Hui Wen Chong Hong dan Ren Xuan Hongjing Janda Kaisar’. Xiaozhuang yang Kangxi sangat mencintai muda segera tinggal lutut terangkat, dan pribadi pembantu Sumalagu dialokasikan, perawatan khusus untuk melayani Dia, pendidikan Xiao Zhuang Kangxi juga sangat ketat.


 Kangxi kemudian bercerita, “Saya dapat berbicara dari balita muda , Feng Sheng nenek rahmat pelatihan Corps, di mana makan, bergerak sepatu, pidato, ada isotacticity, meskipun peringkat tingkat saja, tetapi juga untuk mengajarkan keberanian untuk melompat trek, kurang atau ditambah Gubernur harus mengabaikan,


 Lai adalah gram sukses ‘di Kangxi. pengaruh mereka dalam tahun-tahun awal situasi politik yang kompleks,


Xiao Zhuang menyeimbangkan berbagai hubungan, khususnya, dia tidak melanjutkan untuk memilih dari Ratu keluarga ibu Bor ekonomi Jeter, tetapi pro-mengatur cucu Shoufu Sony Dia Scotia Richter Ratu, Sony pin bawah hidung di Oboi Sekretaris Kolonial mencerminkan pikiran dan pengetahuan para politisi.


Kangxi yang kemudian berhasil memberantas Oboi juga terlepas dari dukungan dan Xiao Zhuang.


 Kangxi tidak hidup dengan telaten  sesuai harapan nenek , dan segera tumbuh menjadi generasi sebagai Kerajaan Serikat

Xiaozhuang utama juga kesalehan yang sangat berbakti, besar-kakek perasaan yang sangat mendalam dalam tahun-tahun Xiaozhuang sangat senang.


Kangxi 26 tahun 25 Desember (27 Januari 1688, Xiao Zhuang, akhir 75 tahun kehidupan.


 terbaring sekarat, ia bertanya Kangxi kata Taizong bukit makam telah lama, bukan untuk cahaya bergerak Selain itu, hati saya tidak tahan Anda untuk anaknya, maka akan saya memilih Xiaoling dekat ayahmu untuk pemakaman Zunzhu Kangxi,. dan Xiao Zhuang seumur hidup Cining Falun Timur Dian lima dari C & D kaki Changrui gunung, mengatakan ‘kuil Anfeng sementara’, Kesemutan dari mereka.


Yong tiga tahun (1725,


 hanya secara lokal di candi Anfeng sementara asli di mulai membangun kuburan, terkubur di istana bawah tanah untuk makam di bagian barat Mukden Taizong Taiji Zhaoling, disebut ‘Zhao Xi Ling’.


Zhao Xi Ling dan Zhao Ling gema, memang ada dua, dua menjadi satu, jika lingkaran ke dalam Tanglin feng shui dinding, tetapi pembentukan penghalang, ayah dari orang tua Xiao Zhuang Wen Xiao Zhuang dan menghormati kakek segel Departemen Horqin dari Sapporo-Jepang padat Qi (rusak anak hal-hal resmi Mang Guth tertua, Huang Taiji kaisar pendiri Istana Dinasti Qing adalah kakak Huang kain nama Zhezhe Hou dan Jae Sang tugas, dan bahkan kata Jae Sang – kain, dan Jae-Sang adalah untuk mengambil China perdana menteri homonim Staf Umum Departemen para kepala suku dan asisten.


 sejarah yang jelas tentang beberapa catatan, ayah Zhuang Fei disebut Jae-Sang, tugas sebagai nama, seperti yang sekarang Chang Ketua, Seperti Zhang sebagai nama. Jae Sang Ha Tuen (disebut Ibu Bo upacara (arti perdamaian, orang Qing yang disebut ibu mertua Putri Horqin, yang disebut padanya Horqin kali Putri Bo upacara. orang tangkas berbudi, taat dan rendah hati, dengan keterampilan interpersonal yang kuat pada awal 1623 bulan pertama upacara Bo mulai melepaskan membiarkan anak tertua dari Wu Ke baik Daikichi mengirim utusan dengan pasca-gold kontak hubungi 0,1626 Nurhachi meninggal, dia adalah anak Mongolia Bei hanya Taiwan jin itu Jha Tuen (identitas istrinya, yang dipimpin oleh putra tertua Wu Ke baik untuk menyatakan turut berduka cita Mukden. Sejak itu, dia didampingi istana-hukum emas yaitu Horqin kali Putri beberapa untuk mengunjungi kerabat, tahun Zonta. (1637 musim gugur, University of Shi Fan Wen Cheng Fenghuang Tai Chi Chao, secara pribadi di Horqin padang rumput Ratu Fei Chen dan kampung Zhuang Fei mengambil Paten buku: diberikan Zhezhe orangtua, kakek dari Chen Fei dan Zhuang Fei yang Guth Mang untuk Pangeran Shuo Fu, didirikan sebuah monumen di makam, Zhezhe disegel ibu, Fei Chen dan Zhuang Fei nenek Horqin besar Putri dan Master Fu Fei. segera, Fu Fei Beijing khusus kepada audiens dengan Shane, Bo upacara, disertai dengan mertuanya, Wu Ke baik, penuh manik-manik Raymond dua putra penjaga untuk Mukden. Taiji dirinya dipimpin oleh Zhu Baylor, Putri ke lapangan Yanwu untuk memenuhi lurus selamat datang ke Royal Palace, tempat di Chongzheng candi, untuk memaksakan tertinggi bertemu dengan upacara, ruang takhta dan meletakkan mereka keluar pesta, berkumpul bersama-sama, Zonta tiga tahun (musim panas tahun 1638, Fu Fei rutin Beijing audiensi dengan, atau disertai dengan upacara Bo, yang disebut pengawalan dua putra ke Mukden. Taiji keramahan yang hangat, dan menari untuk merayakannya. beberapa hari, Taiji kekaisaran segel Highland manik-manik dan kain, ibu kayu Buthe itu, Horqin Fei Bo Li dan Shuo Xian Fei, dan diberi penjaga upacara kehormatan terdiri dari 16 orang, keamanan, musisi, pembantu, dll, pengeluaran alokasi negara, benar dan salah dengan Rongchong besar dapat dianggap selain keluarga Aixinjueluo luar sendirian di sebuah negara pasca reformasi keuangan kepada Qing modal Beijing, Bo Li memiliki berulang kali Beijing putri Qiaokan dari Empress Xiao Zhuang dan cucu Kaisar Shunzhi erat Bei hanya anak-anak pon keluarga dan mencintai nuansa baru hubungan antara keluarga Luo, sangat populer dengan rasa hormat dan kasih sayang dari pengadilan. alasan ini, Jae Sang anak Bo dan cucu upacara untuk pembentukan dinasti Qing untuk mengkonsolidasikan dan ketenangan perbatasan telah membuat kontribusi besar kepada Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang orang tua pemakaman di selatan perifer Nenjiang dan Sungai Songhua kedua pada pertemuan tepi kiri sekitar 18 Lane Wa, Songhua kedua Sungai Chagan Danau (air suci danau di tengah. sini awalnya Xiaozhuang kakek Mang Guth dan ayahnya dan saudara tiga generasi tempat teritorial manusia nomaden sekarang Kezuozhongqi

yang Shunzhi lima tahun (1648


mengatur Sake Zha dari Zhenguo Bemba Guo’erluosi sebelum bendera. Jadi Guo’erluosi melalui Sungai Songhua Kedua. untuk hari ini Changchun (kemudian disebut penutup rambut Gambar dan Kezuozhongqi berdekatan dengan selatan besar.


Dalam hal ini, suku Horqin  tanah Barat Industri panjang Gambar bendera (sekarang Bada upacara Sayap Kanan, bendera Wales, Junji delapan (1651 atau mengundang Keyouqianqi Zha Sake Dukes Qi Buda, Zhuo


Seperti bendera Gambar (Kezuozhongqi pendahulunya Zha Sake of Wales Wuke yang baik,


Sake bendera Guo’erluosi mantan Zha Zhenguo bar ini, dan pejabat terkait akan Uni untuk membicarakan demarkasi perbatasan empat bendera karena Wing Kanan, sebelum dua bendera leluhur truk g, Cabang meninggalkan pertandingan bendera kayu leluhur, sebelum dan sesudah Guo’erluosi dua bendera Departemen trio Wu Bashi seorang ibu saudara Untuk mencegah anak-anak masa depan dan cucu karena sengketa perbatasan menyakiti persaudaraan saudaranya, sehingga untuk sopan dengan perjanjian, utama berhasil mencapai dalam Township tujuh Kezuozhongqi pohon adalah sekitar 15 li sebelah timur laut dari laut Tuen Haituozi sebuah anak gundukan besar, massa disebut ’empat raja batas tumpukan’ setelah perbaikan siram dengan rel,. mendirikan stasiun kereta api, sisi yang disebut Chao (Haituozi stasiun, masih ada Dengan cara ini, lokasi dari Zhuang tua Fei bukit ditempatkan di bawah bendera Guo’erluosi,. tetapi bukit masih Para Kezuozhongqi normalisasi bawah yurisdiksi, sampai berdirinya Baru Cina, ditempatkan di bawah yurisdiksi sebelum Guo’erluosi Mongolia Autonomous County, Provinsi Jilin, sekarang kota, Curry Village, QIANGUO panjang (Tuen. Curry, Mongolia hari hampir hitam (kuburan sebuah desa homonim disebut kebajikan hampir hitam (hari cinta, ditujukan untuk Tsz kuburan tidak memiliki kuburan pertama Tsz, tapi kuburan pertama, setelah pembangunan Tsz nama ini Menurut << Sejarah Dinasti Qing.. keluarga istri >> tabel berisi: “Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang orang tua Jae Sang, Mang anak Guth anumerta Semoga Junji sepuluh tahun Guru Zhong Prince. ‘. Judul ini dapat dipahami bawah satu kaisar, dan kemerdekaan dari pihak pangeran dibantai Sang – kain, dan kematian dini, itu adalah Mongolia kebiasaan pemakaman, setelah pemakaman di kemiringan benjolan Curry Tuen Selatan, bukan dari gundukan kuburan Zhuang Fei ibu dan Shuo Xian Fei Bo Li meninggal, mereka suami Jae Sang dikuburkan dengan ini. dianugerahkan oleh kaisar dan Pangeran Shuo Zhong Shuo Xian Fei. Bahkan, upacara Bo Xian Fei judul, awal tahun 1638 oleh Kaisar Huang Taiji kekaisaran segel ini, Junji kaisar kekaisaran segel kakek Jae Sang Guru Zhong Pangeran pada saat penyegelan nenek sama Xian Fei, hanya melayani untuk menegaskan kembali peran tahun kedua, Junji tahun (Mei 1655, hari ketujuh, Junji Kaisar s akan, dengan cucu mereka dan menara berdiri sebuah monumen di makam. Sejauh ini, tempat ini hanya sebuah nama ‘perpustakaan’. yang Tuen perpustakaan dikelilingi Haituozi, yang lonjong, cekungan tengah, dari utara ke selatan 8 timur ke barat sekitar 10 Xu, ketinggian 10 multi-suami, multi- Yang, willow, pohon elm. pusat cekungan memiliki barat ke penduduk setempat timur Haituozi disebut tanah Longgang, baskom dibagi menjadi dua, untuk membentuk sebuah flat ‘kata’ topografi berbentuk, Tsz terletak di sisi utara dataran di tanah Longgang mata air di ujung timur air bumi Longgang terus Four Seasons, jelas dan manis, aliran selatan berliku, membentuk pemandangan Hangzhou Streaming Desa Longjing 18 Jiuxi ke Haituozi Selatan sisi utara pembentukan lepuh kecil sub. paozi musim panas dengan bunga teratai, ikan mas berenang Xiang dangkal dari sekelompok angsa sering datang untuk bermain di air. benar-benar raksasa siap dengan Zangmu orang tua Zhuang Fei, maka di tengah lereng selatan tanah Longgang Junji Kaisar memutuskan, negara dialokasikan bagian dalam Sake Zha Kezuozhongqi (gedung pemerintah Mang Guth, pembantaian murbei dua kuburan dan Master Zhong Pangeran Jae Sang pemakaman, selatan. di sebuah Haituozi dan ayahnya, Mang Guth pemakaman utara dan selatan melintasi pemakaman dari makam. Beiting, candi kurban terdiri dari tiga bagian setia Pangeran Xian Fei pemakaman kubah gundukan bersama, celemek bata.. lebih dari 50 meter selatan makam berdiri monumen, monumen Beiting bangunan adalah persegi, bata kuning struktur genteng Pavilion timur. sekitar 30 meter dari sebuah biara di luar tembok biru di depan tiga penjaga pintu, di pintu merah, pintu, atau lebih berkaitan dengan Ping, Zhou Cang tanah liat seperti taman adalah lima hal Pengadilan memiliki tiga dengan ruang, baik Renzi Jia bata biru dan ruang ubin abu-abu adalah Mahkamah sebagai kuil pengorbanan, gelap tiga berikutnya, untuk Taiwan, dinding mezbah jauh ke utara di antara tengah kuil, bagian atas untuk kekaisaran segel pembantaian Pangeran Sang Guru dan Zhong Bo upacara dekrit Xian Fei dua dekrit untuk suriko berbentuk, kertas dinding sutra kuning, sisi panjang terbungkus satin kuning, ditempatkan disempurnakan rosewood, Phnom Penh, hias dengan kotak giok putih, masing-masing, tengah Tibet Ha Saer garis keturunan silsilah, catatan nama dari Ha Saer mulai Jae Sang generasi ini dari 18 generasi.


Menurut legenda, jirem Union (sekarang kiri Tongliao Kota Cabang, Divisi kanan dan bendera telah dikirim Bi mobil Qi (alat mereproduksi berakhir. kepemilikan yang ada Akademi Mongolia Dalam Ilmu Sosial Perpustakaan << tersebut Horqin Dunia silsilah >> tulisan tangan dari Kezuozhongqi yang diminta, adalah silsilah membuat salinan pribadi dari isinya dari Mongolia asal-usul keluarga << >> Sa kapsul Toru Chen kakak Jalan Po – Daikichi menulis buku >> << rhubarb (halaman 155 ibadah Buddha Suci ruang antara Barat dan Timur untuk patung-patung publik untuk mempromosikan loyalitas candi Jalan ini, orang-orang Mongolia disebut Bintou – jumlah dan nada -. Sumo Bintou dipelajari, bijaksana, karakter moral, stabil, jujur, berpendidikan orang, tempat dan mengacu pada ibu, nada,” berarti, Sumo, mengacu ke kuil. Manchuria Nasional Departemen Kesehatan Departemen Kesehatan Sekretaris pencerahan Kekang De delapan tahun (pada Oktober 1941 << Manchuria bintik monumen alam barang antik dan perakitan monumen bendera >> Pasal Guo’erluosi, catatan:. “Bintou Putri kuburan Taft Curry Tuen , Junji Qing tahun, Putri Bintou, karena itu, untuk menempatkan Da Erhan raja dengan memilih kubur untuk bendera Cooley Tuen terkubur Xiumiao dengan sepuluh tinggal di kuburan Manajemen hal ritual D. “dicatat di sini ‘Bintou’ Putri konsisten dengan tulisan ‘Xian Fei’ makam, monumen, candi semua hancur dalam peninggalan budaya dibebaskan kunci: Pangeran Shuo Zhong Xian Fei batu nisan monumen, bagian dari tablet, monumen, Beizuo komposisi tiga bagian, dengan tinggi 5,82 m. bagian dari tablet adalah persegi panjang, agak bulat pojok atas, 145 cm, 130 cm lebar 40 cm tebal jumlah positif,. di belakang masing-masing komposisi dua saling Beaulieu digulung. Ssangyong tubuh depan dukungan satu sama lain saling ekor volume, dan kaki belakang menendang bola, mengepul air awan, karya ukiran manusia hidup bola dengan baik. di bawah 45 cm, 40 cm lebar adalah bidang tonjolan segi empat di atas masing Manchu kawat Mongolia menorehkan dua baris karakter, kata Cina untuk ‘dekrit didirikan berarti sisi kiri baris kata tersebut Manchu baru benar kata Mongolia Manchu Chong Timur, yang mencerminkan awal Dinasti Qing, Mongolia, dan Cina dalam latihan kedua hak di bawah bagian teks tablet di bagian bawah 12 cm lebar baik-baik saja terukir pola air awan monumen adalah persegi panjang, cm 292, lebar 125 cm 34 cm tebal monumen positif empat minggu adalah 12,5 cm Yunlong luas timbul… terukir dua belas naga, plus atau minus dua, setiap kelompok dua dari Perdana Menteri, langsung pergi ke manik-manik di sekitar keempat adalah kepala ke tubuh bagian atas ke arah bagian dalam masing-masing oleh satu manik-manik. oleh bola, api berkibar vitalitas permukaan monumen 15 vertikal, berdampingan dengan total 383 kata, baris menorehkan Mongolia Manchu di kedua Manchu tujuh kiri tindakan, sebanyak 182 kata, sisi kanan dari delapan tindakan, Mongolia, sebanyak 201 kata untuk setiap teks Baris pertama dari Kekaisaran Qing yang ‘diberikan pada Pangeran-cum-Prince setia Zhong Xian Fei monumen’ akhir baris yang ‘mapan’ Junji tahun pada Mei, hari ketujuh sebagainya. prasasti memuji manfaat dari orang tua Fei Zhuang. sisi dan depan monumen di bagian belakang juga Yunlong lega, dalam teks tengah Beizuo untuk batu lengkap diukir penyu batu (bernama Bixi, rawat penyu kedua 310 cm, 145 cm, 132 cm pada titik terlebar. binatang berkaki empat, kepala terangkat tinggi. maju, dua di depan, sebagai sikap tenang, bagus berat Milenium tanpa sikap dendam, ornamen diukir tubuh penyu lebih hidup monumen didorong ke jatuhnya 1947., pemisahan monumen dan kursi, monumen dalam dua bagian. melempar di 0,1981 padang gurun Angkatan Provinsi Jilin Tugas Warisan menemukan bahwa, setelah Penerjemahan prasasti bahwa monumen dalam prasasti Dinasti Qing, status, lebih besar lebih tinggi dari master monumen tinggi, ukiran halus adalah monumen yang sempurna pengobatan artistik satu memiliki nilai seni tertentu. prasasti Manchu dan Mongolia, pengembangan Mongolia penuh dua jenis bahasa etnis minoritas, pembentukan budaya nilai referensi sangat penting bagi persetujuan Pemerintah Rakyat Provinsi Jilin, monumen sebagai Provinsi Jilin, batch kedua dari kunci unit perlindungan peninggalan budaya yang diberi nama ‘Mongolia teks monumen’ Departemen Jilin Provinsi Kebudayaan pada tahun 1983, dana di tempat untuk perbaikan obligasi dan mengembalikan fitur sejarahnya, lokasi Beiting beton struktur heksagonal bertulang, dan dibangun pagar perlindungan, membangun Deskripsi bendera Pada tahun 1987, Pearl Park, Long Bukit tanaman untuk membangun taman untuk membangun sebuah museum propinsi – ‘berbakti kesalehan Zhuangzu Ling galeri’, ‘Mongolia teks monumen’ untuk pindah ke pusat rumah sakit galeri, situs atap Xieshan Huangwa bata biru, empat penjuru untuk menyelamatkan struktur ujung Beiting antik, untuk melindungi mereka, dan berubah menjadi obyek wisata dan menjadi dasar bagi studi sejarah


government after Xiao Zhuang was warned persuasion of words and deeds, so he also made many achievements in the death, politics, unfortunately, Junji too fast, Zhuang Xiao personally chosen the year of discontent Huangsun Xuan Ye inherit the throne, he once again bear the heavy responsibility for protect, educate the young emperor, and was promoted to a position further dowager, the symbol of the cumulative ‘Jane St Ann Chao Yi Zhang Qing Cishou Falun Dun Wen Hui Chong and Ren Xuan Hong Hongjing Dowager Empress’. Xiaozhuang the young Kangxi loved living knee lifted immediately, and a personal assistant Sumalagu allocated, special care to serve him, Xiao Zhuang Kangxi education is also very tight. Kangxi later recalled, “I can speak of a young toddler, Feng Sheng grandmother Mercy Corps training, where to eat, move shoes, speeches, there isotacticity, although the ratings level, but also to teach the courage to jump the track, less or plus the Governor must neglect, Lai is a gram a success’ in Kangxi. their influence in the early years of the complex political situation, Xiao Zhuang balance the various relations, in particular, he did not continue to choose the family of the Queen Mother Bor Jeter economy, but the pro-set grandchildren Shoufu Sony He Scotia Richter Queen, Sony pin down his nose at the Colonial Secretary Oboi reflect the thoughts and knowledge of the politicians. Kangxi who later managed to eradicate Oboi also detached from the support and Xiao Zhuang. Kangxi did not live up to the patient’s grandmother and hope, and soon grew into a generation The United Kingdom is also a major Xiaozhuang very filial piety, great-grandfather very deep feelings in the years Xiaozhuang very happy. Kangxi 26 years December 25 (January 27, 1688, Xiao Zhuang, end 75 years of life. lay dying, he asked Kangxi said Taizong’s tomb has been a long hill, not moving addition to the light, my heart can not bear you to his son, then I will choose a father for burial near Xiaoling Zunzhu Kangxi. and Xiao Zhuang lifetime Cining East Falun Dian five feet from the C & D Changrui mountain, saying ‘Anfeng temple temporary’, Tingling of them. Yong three years (1725, only locally in the temple while Anfeng native began building a tomb, buried in the underground palace to the tomb in the west of Mukden Taizong Zhaoling Taiji, called ‘Zhao Xi Ling ‘. Zhao Xi Ling and Zhao Ling echoes, there are two, two become one, if the circle into the Tanglin feng shui wall, but the formation of the barrier, the father of Xiao Zhuang Wen parents Xiao Zhuang and honor seal grandfather Horqin Department of Sapporo Qi-Japan solid (broken child matters officially the oldest Mang Guth, Huang Taiji founder of the Palace of the Qing Dynasty emperor’s brother Huang Hou Zhezhe fabric name and Jae Sang tasks, and even said Jae Sang – fabric, and Jae-Sang is to take China homonym prime minister of the General Staff Department of the chiefs and assistants. a clear history of some note, Zhuang Fei’s father called Jae-Sang, the task as a name, as is now the Chairman Chang, like Zhang as the name. Jae Sang Ha Tuen (called Mrs. Bo ceremony (the meaning of peace, the Qing-called mother-daughter Horqin, called to her daughter Bo ceremony Horqin times. the agile virtuous, obedient and humble, with strong interpersonal skills in the early months of 1623 Bo ceremony started off letting the eldest of Wu Daikichi sent envoys to both the post-gold contact contact 0.1626 Nurhachi died, he was the only child Mongolia Bei Taiwan Jinn Tuen Jha (the identity of his wife, led by the eldest son of Wu to good to condole Mukden. Since it He accompanied the golden palace-law Princess Horqin time to visit some relatives, in Zonta. (autumn 1637, University of Shi Wen Cheng Fan Fenghuang Tai Chi Chao, in person at the Queen Horqin grassland Fei Fei Chen and Zhuang village take the Patent book: supplied Zhezhe parents, grandparents and Zhuang Fei Fei Chen a Guth Mang Shuo Fu for Prince, established a monument on the tomb, sealed Zhezhe mother, Zhuang Fei Fei Chen and Horqin great grandmother Princess and Fei Fu Master. soon, Fu Fei Beijing specifically to an audience with Shane, Bo ceremony, accompanied by in-law, Wu to good, full of beads of two sons Raymond guards to Mukden. Taiji himself led by Zhu Baylor, daughter to the field to meet straight Yanwu welcome to the Royal Palace, where the Chongzheng temple, to impose the highest met with ceremony, the throne room and put them out of the party, gather together, Zonta three years (summer of 1638, Fu Fei Beijing audience with a routine, or be accompanied by Bo ceremony, called the escort of two sons to Mukden. Taiji warm hospitality, and dancing to celebrate. few days, the imperial seal Taiji Highland beads and cloth, wood Buthe’s mother, Horqin Fei Bo Li and Shuo Xian Fei, and given a ceremonial guard of honor consisting of 16 persons, security, musicians, servants, etc., the allocation of state spending, right and wrong with big Rongchong Aixinjueluo can be considered in addition to the family out alone on a post-reform state finances to the Qing capital Beijing, Bo Li has repeatedly Beijing daughter of Empress Xiao Zhuang Qiaokan and grandchildren Emperor Shunzhi closely Bei pounds only children families and loved the feel of a new relationship between the Luo family, is very popular with the respect and affection of the court. this reason, Jae Sang Bo children and grandchildren ceremony for the establishment of the Qing dynasty to consolidate and tranquility of the border have been made great contributions to Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang parents cemetery in southern peripheral Nenjiang and Songhua River at the confluence of the left edge of the second about 18 Wa Lane, the second Songhua River Chagan Lake (holy water lake in the middle. here originally Xiaozhuang Mang Guth and his grandfather and three brothers generation of human places nomadic territorial now that Shunzhi Kezuozhongqi five years (1648 to set Zha Sake of Zhenguo Guo’erluosi Bemba before the flag. So the Second Songhua River Guo’erluosi through. for today’s Changchun (then called the hair cover Kezuozhongqi Images and adjacent to the south of the . In this case, tribal lands Horqin long-Picture Industry of Western flags (now Bada Right Wing ceremony, the flag of Wales, Junji eight (1651 or invite Keyouqianqi Zha Sake Dukes Buda Qi, Zhuo As Figure flag (predecessor Kezuozhongqi Zha Sake of Wales Wuke good , Sake Guo’erluosi former Zha Zhenguo flag this bar, and relevant officials will discuss the border demarcation Union for four flags for the Right Wing, before two trucks ancestral g flag, the flag timber Branch ancestors left the game, before and after the two flags Department Guo’erluosi Wu trio Bashi a mother’s brother to prevent future children and grandchildren because of border disputes hurt fraternity brother, so to be polite to the agreement, the major success achieved in Township seven Kezuozhongqi tree is about 15 li south of the sea Tuen Haituozi a child bumps large, mass-called ‘four kings limit stack’ after repairs flush with the rails,. establish the railway station, the so-called Chao (Haituozi station, there is still this way, the location of an old Zhuang Fei hill was placed under the banner Guo’erluosi, . but the hills are still under the jurisdiction of the Kezuozhongqi normalization, until the founding of New China, was placed under the jurisdiction before Guo’erluosi Mongolia Autonomous County, Jilin Province, now the town, Curry Village, QIANGUO length (Tuen. Curry, Mongolia today is almost black (the grave of a homonym village is excellent or almost black (the day of love, addressed to TSZ graves had no grave TSZ first, but the tomb first, after building TSZ is the name of the Qing Dynasty History According << .. >> table contains a family of his wife: “Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang parents Jae Sang, Mang Guth posthumous child of ten years Professor Junji May Zhong Prince. ‘. This title can be understood under one emperor, and the independence of the princes slaughtered the – the fabric, and premature death, it is the burial custom Mongolia, after a funeral in the slope of the bump Curry South Tuen, not from the grave mound Zhuang Fei Fei Xian mother and Shuo Li Bo died, they buried with her husband Jae Sang this. conferred by the Emperor and the Prince of Zhong Shuo Shuo Xian Fei. In fact, Bo Xian Fei ceremonial title, beginning in 1638 by Emperor Huang Taiji was the imperial seal, Junji emperor’s imperial seal of the Master Jae grandfather Prince Zhong’s grandmother at the same time sealing Xian Fei, only serve to reaffirm the role of the second year, Junji year (May 1655, the seventh day, Junji Emperor’s will, with grandchildren them and the tower stands a monument in the cemetery. So far, this place is just a name ‘library’. a library surrounded Haituozi Tuen, an oval, central basin, from north to south 8 east to west around 10 Xu, a height of 10 multi-husband , multi-Yang, willow, elm trees. center of the basin has a west to east Haituozi locals called the land of Longgang, the basin is divided into two, to form a flat ‘word’ shaped topography, TSZ is located on the north side of the plain in the land of springs in Longgang the eastern end of the earth’s water continues to Four Seasons Longgang, clear and sweet, winding south flow, forming a view Longjing Village Hangzhou Streaming Jiuxi 18 South to the north side Haituozi small blisters forming sub. paozi summer with lotus flowers, goldfish swim shallower than a bunch of geese Xiang often come to play in the water. really giant ready to Zangmu parents Zhuang Fei, then in the middle of the southern slope of the land Longgang Junji Emperor decided, the state allocated in Kezuozhongqi Zha Sake (Guth Mang government building, killing two graves mulberry and Master Zhong Prince Sang Jae cemetery, south. in a Haituozi and his father, Mang Guth cemetery north and south across the cemetery from the tomb. Beiting, sacrificial temple consists of three sections devoted Prince Xian Fei domed burial mound together, brick apron .. more than 50 meters south cemetery stands a monument, a monument Beiting building is square, yellow brick structure east pavilion roof. about 30 meters from a monastery outside the walls of the three guards in front of blue door, red door, doors, or more to do with Ping, Zhou Cang clay like park are five things the Court has three with space, both Renzi Jia blue bricks and gray tiles space is the Court as a temple sacrifice, dark the next three, to Taiwan, far to the north side of the altar in the middle of the temple, the top to the imperial seal slaughter Prince of the Master and ceremony Bo Zhong Xian Fei two decrees decree for suriko shaped, yellow silk wallpaper, hand wrapped in a length of yellow satin, was placed enhanced rosewood, Phnom Penh, inlaid with white jade box, respectively, the central Tibetan lineage Ha Saer genealogy, records the name of Sang Jae Ha Saer from this generation of 18 generations. According to legend, jirem Union (now left Tongliao City Branch, Division of Right and the flag has sent automobile Bi Qi (reproducing means to an end. ownership of the existing Inner Mongolia Academy of Social Sciences The World Horqin library << >> handwritten genealogy of Kezuozhongqi requested, the pedigree to make a personal copy of the contents of the Mongolian family origins capsule << >> Sa Po Road Toru Chen’s brother – Daikichi write books >> << rhubarb ( 155 pages Sacred Buddhist worship space between East and West for public sculptures to promote loyalty to the temple this way, the people called Bintou Mongolia – the number and tone -. Sumo Bintou learned, wise, moral character, stable, honest, educated people, place and refers to the mother, the tone,” meaning, Sumo, referring to the temple. Manchuria National Department of Health Secretary enlightenment Curb De eight years (in October 1941 << Manchuria spots of natural monuments and antiquities flag monument assembly >> Article Guo ‘erluosi, notes:. “Bintou Princess Curry Tuen grave Taft, Junji Qing years, Princess Bintou, therefore, to put Da Erhan tomb for the king to choose a flag Cooley Tuen Xiumiao buried with ten lives in terms of ritual burial D. Management” note here ‘Bintou’ Princess consistent with the word ‘Xian Fei’ tombs, monuments, temples were destroyed in the cultural heritage of all the key released: Prince Shuo Zhong Xian Fei tombstone monument, part of the tablet, monument, Beizuo composition of three parts, with a high-five, 82 m. part of the tablet is rectangular, slightly rounded top corners, 145 cm, 130 cm width 40 cm thick positive number. in the back of each composition of two mutually Beaulieu rolled. Ssangyong forelimb support each other the tail volume, and hind legs to kick the ball, billowing clouds of water, lifelike carving work the ball well. below 45 cm, 40 cm wide is the area of the rectangular bulge on top of each wire Mongolia Manchu two lines of incised characters, Chinese word for ‘means that the decree established left of the word lines of the new Manchu Manchu is said Chong Eastern Mongolia, which reflects the early Qing Dynasty, Mongolia, and China in the second exercise the right under the text of the tablet in the bottom 12 cm wide fine patterns etched into the monument of cloud water is a rectangle , 292 cm, 125 cm width 34 cm thick positive monument to four weeks is 12.5 cm wide Yunlong arise … twelve carved dragons, plus or minus two, each group two of the Prime Minister, immediately went to the beads around The fourth is the head of the upper body toward the inside of each one by one bead. by the ball of fire flying vitality vertical surface 15 monuments, side by side with a total of 383 words, lines incised Mongolia Manchu Manchu seven left in the second act, as many as 182 words, the right side of the eight measures, Mongolia, about 201 words for each text first line of the Qing Empire ‘is given to the Prince-cum-Prince loyal Zhong Xian Fei monument’ end line ‘established’ Junji year in May, so on the seventh day . inscription extolling the benefits of the elderly Fei Zhuang. side and front of the monument in the back of the Yunlong also relieved, in the middle of text Beizuo for complete stone carved stone turtle (named Bixi, the second turtle care 310 cm, 145 cm, 132 cm at its widest point. quadruped, head held high. forward, two in front, as a calm, nice weight without being vengeful Millennium, ornaments carved turtle’s body over to the living monument to the fall of 1947 are encouraged., monuments and seat separation, the monument in two parts. throw in 0.1981 wilderness Heritage Task Force Jilin Province found that, after translation of the inscription that the monument in the inscriptions of the Qing Dynasty, status, larger master monument higher than high, smooth carving is a perfect monument to the artistic treatment of a particular artistic value. inscription Manchu and Mongolia, the development of Mongolia is full of two kinds of ethnic minority languages, the establishment of reference values culture is very important for the approval of the People’s Government of Jilin Province, Jilin Province as a monument, a second batch of key cultural relic protection unit, named the ‘text Mongolia monument’ Jilin Provincial Department of Culture in 1983, funding in place to repair bonds and restore historical features, the location of the hexagonal structure of reinforced concrete Beiting, and built a fence of protection, building Description of the flag in 1987, Pearl Park, Long Hill plant to build the park to build a provincial museum – ‘ filial piety Zhuangzu Ling gallery ‘,’ text Mongolia monument ‘to move to the center of the hospital gallery, the roof website Xieshan Huangwa blue brick, four corners to save ancient Beiting end structure, to protect them, and turned into a tourist attraction and is the basis for the study history


Apakah kata Xiao Zhuang
Xiao Zhuang dan Dole adalah kekasih masa kanak-kanak


 Anak adalah karakteristik Cina yang paling tradisional, drama emosional, drama dan rakyat tidak resmi Xiao Zhuang dan Dole memiliki begitu untuk beberapa hubungan cinta anak anjing?


Keduanya dibesarkan di rumah yang sama, yang cukup cocok, karena Xiao Zhuang menikah, urusan ini dipaksa untuk waktu yang disisihkan …


Bahkan, menurut catatan sejarah resmi, Xiao Zhuang adalah Mongolia , tumbuh di padang rumput,

usia 12, dikawal oleh saudaranya untuk Mukden, menikah untuk Taiji.


Dorgon sekitar lima belas atau enam belas

 (tahun menurut prince dorgon)


empat ekspedisi mengatur eksploitasi terkenal untuk negara dari Dinasti Qing.


awal bangsa Manchu, tingkat selesai masih dangkal , tapi istana selir dan istri, sebuah adalah rekening mantan Xiao Qiang , bagaimana mungkin menemukan mengenal satu sama lain, bisa di bayangkan . Xiao Zhuang ketika Ibu Ratu setelah tidak menikah berikut Dorgon ?


dalam sejarah adalah sebuah misteri selama ini dalam akademisi Qing masih tentu orang-orang dari negasi skeptis juga Ratu kawin


sejarawan  mengatakan bahwa paling awal yang menjadi perhatian disebabkan oleh sepuluh Jian Yi << >> Ming loyalis Zhang Huangyan kata Palace, salah satu berkata:.


 “pada pesta hidup bersama-sama dan menghormati pintu Falun Cining li busuk kemarin Catatan Miriam erotis juga upacara Christine setiap pernikahan Ratu ‘.. Zhang Huangyan kata ini menulis


Junji tujuh tahun, dalam pikiran adalah sesuatu, seperti beberapa, menurut Cining Falun istana Janda Permaisuri Xiao Zhuang, dalam kata-kata dalam Falun Cining Yingying dihiasi pernikahan pesta adalah Ibu Ratu Xiao Zhuang menikah hal Dorgon untuk mendesak Ibu Ratu untuk menikah beberapa argumen lain:


Pertama, Dole yang dikenal sebagai ‘ayah kekaisaran bupati, dan


kedua, menurut Jiang Liang Qi << Donghua yang tercatat >> catatan, penghitungan Zhaogao Dorgon tidak hanya mengaku sebagai’ Wong orangtua Bupati, serta ‘ke halaman dalam istana kekaisaran dan pro-‘, seperti adalah sebuah referensi terhadap Dole memaksa Ratu dengan mereka untuk menikah,


ketiga ,Xiaozhuang wasiat Kangxi tidak bersama Taiji terkubur, apakah Dorgon menikah menyembunyikan sesuatu, tapi generasi lebih tua Qing Mr Meng Sen memiliki esai panjang << Ratu menikah >> tes yang sesungguhnya dikatakan untuk Ibu Ratu menikah, satu per satu untuk dibelah sulit Monson Zhang Huangyan


Oleh karena itu, Ming Chen Qing Dinasti hamil. bermusuhan, kata-kata ayat buatan pasti memfitnah


Apalagi Junji kata Dorgon untuk ‘ayah kekaisaran bupati, menempatkan raja, di Cina kuno, kata veteran sebagai’ Zhong Fu ‘,’ Shang Fu ‘makna, juga dikenal sebagai Raja Wu dari Zhou Kakek Jiang Shang Fu, tidak memadai,

Adapun yang disebut ‘istana rumah sakit, tersangka Dole jika tidak bergerak kekacauan Palace, belum tentu secara khusus mengacu pada Ibu Ratu Xiao Zhuang


Selanjutnya Xiaozhuang tidak ingin Taiji terkubur, yang Zhaoling telah dimakamkan di sana Hau Ratu, dan Ratu dan suaminya dikuburkan dan tidak kekurangan contoh, yang di zaman kuno, tapi Mr Hu Shi membaca Monson << Ibu Ratu untuk menikah buku tes >> nyata telah menyebabkan kritik adalah bahwa Meng Wen ‘gagal menyelesaikan rilis mengatakan alasan orangtua Huang’, ‘akhir terlalu Huang induk yang tampaknya tidak dianggap sebagai Zhongfu dan Shangfu satu kasus’.


Sejak itu, lanjut para ulama ‘Ratu menikah’ Pos diadakan berbagai pandangan, tapi tidak mengenakan Zhuang Xiao lebih solid empiris di belakang telapak terhadap perawatan rumah tangga kehidupan Xiao Zhuang dan? terkait dengan tiga kaisar, yang memberi imajinasi penulis skenario yang cukup besar, hasil Xiao Zhuang tampaknya menjadi Manchu lain di belakang layar perawatan rumah tangga telah berkuasa dan pusat politik pusaran air.


Bahkan, Xiaozhuang menikah Huang Taiji ketika 12 tahun Mongolia yang yang Horqin Bor perekonomian Jeter mencari salah satu kepentingan politik dari chip ke Manchu,


tahun-tahun berikutnya telah tinggal di istana selama pindah ke rumah, dari Mukden pindah ke Beijing


Huangtaiji Jiabeng sebelumnya, kegiatan Xiao Zhuang yang jarang, meskipun dia anumerta nama Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, pada kenyataannya, dia tidak pernah dilakukan Ratu, Fulin didirikan, dia yang terakhir adalah Putri Taiji lima, sampai kapan Ratu Ibu, satu-satunya kontak dengan peluang politik,


sementara Junji Kangxi Kaisar pada masa pemerintahan lebih dia adalah asistennya, bukan dalam kekuasaan [3].



Jelas dari biografi
Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang Bor ekonomi Jeter adalah Baylor Horqin Sang Walled perempuan, keponakan Hau Ratu.


Takdir dekade di bulan Februari, normalisasi Zonta tahun pertama penutupan Yongfu Temple Zhuang Fei


Tiga tahun dari bulan pertama Jiawu,. Leluhur Kesehatan leluhur datang ke takhta, menghormati Ibu Suri.


 Junji sebelas tahun, karunia Ratu orangtua Walled Sang dan Master Zhong Prince, ibu dari Xian Fei Februari untuk 13 tahun, 30 Ratu Panjang Umur,


 Puisi yang pertama untuk menawarkan pada Orde pelatihan Ibu Ratu , esai, Yan Yi, dan urutan untuk masuk Patriark datang ke takhta, dan menghormati Janda Kaisar. Kangxi 2009,


atas instruksi dari dekade Ibu Xiaoling Ratu Ye, Ye Fu Mausoleum dan Zhao Mausoleum. sebelas tahun, untungnya Akagi air panas, Ridge Chang’an, atas dan bawah kuda, mendukung kereta, untuk Tan Tao sebelum mereka meluncurkan tidak, juga, Ridge gelar adalah hujan deras, masih turun, membantu kereta.


kehidupan Ratu naik dari Ha Ling, yang naik di dekat garis kereta. kekacauan Sangui untuk Frekuensi tahun kekuatan militer, Bunda Ratu membaca bencana parsial, Noir membuat dana uang bantuan dari retribusi tentara yang bekerja, membuat istana yang Jinbo ditambahkan bonus untuk mencium provinsi.


 Buer pemberontak Ni, tanda bagi Utara, Bunda Ratu Cining Falun Shu Fei tahun ibu, sembilan lebih dari sepuluh, peringkat Chahar menggugat perintah baris divisi tidak menjarah awal cerita, jubah, Baylor Putri, Kaiko, publik dan istrinya, Jieling Mingfu Gengfanrushi awal kehidupan kepada Ibu Ratu menyerang istana untuk menjaga sistem leluhur, tidak membangun para wanita Han hidup


 terjemahan Khonghucu dari Universitas Yan Yi. ke Ibu Ratu, Bunda Ratu berkata baik, dan memberikan Lama Ratu tidak pra-politik, pengadilan menurunkan dan mempromosikan divisi dan kemudian OK. rasa Mian mengatakan: ‘nenek moyang berkuda dan menembak untuk membuka basis, senjata dan peralatan tidak bisa santai menggunakan administrasi, Layanan Raja Edward, putusan publik virtual.’ untuk perintah buku berkata: “nama kuno Raja dan sulit orang awam untuk jemaat, Putra Langit ke. klinis, melahirkan pengasuhan, tidak berani untuk memimpin, harus merenungkan memiliki menguntungkan dengan semua Jalan negara, sehingga universal asin Naruyasu Fu, kapas menghitung tak terbatas, tapi Hugh Ru masih cukup Cihren Wenliang Gong Jing, Shen adalah sedikit pun martabat, ingin Seoul keluar didedikasikan bahwa Keqin, hanya Chengzu warisan tes, jadi aku harus penyesalan di jantung dedikasi ‘pada bulan April.,


sembilan belas tahun pada esai Dade Jingfu Chung ke Ibu Ratu. dua dekade atas instruksi kompleks dari Ibu Ratu Untungnya, air panas. Yunnan Ping Yi terlalu harem meraih kemenangan dalam 21 tahun, Yi Fengtian Yeling, Tuci bermain buku catatan ucapan, sehingga menawarkan hal sisi, bermain, berkata: “melayani Mukden, pro-bersih Ikan up>? dip ke lemak, pegunungan liar membakar hazelnut dan pecans, Korea Utara ke dalam kesemek kering, pinus, cokelat, ginkgo, yang melekat pada inlet,


V mengemis turun berkat tertawa, sangat beruntung ‘dua tahun di musim panas. Empress Feng musim panas Gubeikou. musim gugur Untungnya, Gunung Wutai, untuk Longquan ke Ridge Great Wall Jun harus mencoba Nian Zhi, memainkan Ibu Ratu. hari berikutnya, Bunda Ratu Terungkap Teng Ling, yang besar di diskon tidak tersedia,


Bunda Ratu juga Longquanguan yang kehidupan sebelumnya generasi upacara Zhu Temple. musim panas dua puluh empat tahun pada musim panas Frontier, Bologna dan Tuen Ratu Wen Yu, Chi juga ibukota,


penyakit Ibu Suri sudah baik September dua puluh enam tahun,.


kompleks penyakit Ratu siang dan malam, sebagai langkah Desember Doa Temple of Heaven, untuk pengurangan operator untuk manfaat Bunda Ratu membaca Saya berharap, pada menangis menemani ibadah raja menteri yang menangis penyakit Ratu secara bertahap, kehidupan di mengatakan:.. “Taizong Fengan waktu yang lama. tidak ringan bergerak untuk saya. kondisi hatiku Cinta Ru dan anaknya, untuk Xiaoling hampir pemakaman, hati saya mulai menyesal Baba runtuh ‘.,


75 tahun. pada berkabung Untuk layanan memegang 27 di istana Wangda Chen mengulangi Paten kepatuhan Shuqing genetik untuk bulan mudah, mulai dari ‘kuil Anfeng sementara’ memerintahkan untuk menarik Ibu Ratu Istana tempat tinggal menggeser Jianchang Ruishan Xiao Ling dekat,.


Dua puluh tujuh tahun pada bulan April Bong Ibu Ratu yang Zigong Yi Changrui Hill. alami tahun harus Yi Ye Yong Zheng Desember 2003 yaitu Sejong dari makam, kata Zhao Xi Ling. yang Chikamasa leluhur, pada lambang Ratu, BUMN perayaan harus ditambah. ke Patriark ke tingkat Yunnan, menang kemenangan, mengingat lambang Xiao Zhao Yue St Falun Cishou Jane Ann Yi Zhang Qing Dun Hui-Wen Chuang Kang Ren Xuan Hongjing permaisuri janda, awal Fengan anumerta. Yongzheng dan anumerta kumulatif Qianlong, mengatakan Hyo Zhuangren Xuan Cheng konstitusi Christine Alice D murni lambang Yi Apocalypse Saint Vincent dan anak Ratu dan satu perempuan nenek moyang, menikah Bute Vallarta Hal, warna kain Teng, Keng Jier Ge.


Terkait buku dan film dan televise

Drum dan lonceng (buku, Ling Li muda Kaisar (buku, Ling Li Xingguo Ratu – rumit Xiao Zhuang (buku, ZHANG Jian-maju

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Is said Xiao Zhuang
Xiao Zhuang and Dole is the childhood sweetheart Children are the most traditional Chinese characteristics, emotional drama, drama and folk do not formally Xiao Zhuang and Dole have so for some puppy love relationship?


 Both grew up in the same house, which is quite appropriate, because it married Xiao Zhuang, business is forced to set aside time …


 In fact, according to the official historical records, Xiao Zhuang is Mongolia, grew in the meadows, the age of 12, escorted by his brother to Mukden, married to Taiji.


Dorgon about fifteen or sixteen, four expeditions known to regulate the exploitation of the Qing Dynasty. beginning of the Manchu, the finish is still shallow, but the harem and his wife, a former account Xiao Qiang is, how might find getting to know each other, you can imagine.


Xiao Zhuang when the Queen Mother after the following unmarried Dorgon?


in history is a mystery so far in the Qing scholars are necessarily those of the skeptical negation also married Queen said,


the earliest historian of concern caused by the ten Jian Yi Sun << >>


loyalist Zhang Huangyan said Palace, one said. “The parties live together and respect the door yesterday foul Falun Cining li erotic Note Miriam Christine every wedding ceremony is also the Queen ‘.. Zhang Huangyan said Junji seven years of this writing, the mind is something like a few, according to Falun palace of the Empress Dowager Cining Xiao Zhuang, in the words of the Falun Cining decorated wedding party Yingying is the Queen Mother married Xiao Zhuang Dorgon to urge the Queen Mother to marry some other arguments: First, Dole, known as the ‘father of the imperial regent, and the second, according to Jiang Liang Qi noted Donghua << >> records, counting only Zhaogao Dorgon not claim to be ‘Wong’s parents Regents, as well as’ the page in the imperial palace and pro-‘, as is a reference to Dole forcing them to marry the Queen, three wills Xiaozhuang Kangxi was not with Taiji buried, whether married Dorgon hiding something, but the older generation Meng Qing Mr. Mon has a long essay >> << Queen married the real test is said to marry the Queen Mother, one by one to cut in tough Monson Zhang Huangyan therefore , Ming Chen Qing Dynasty pregnant. hostile, words must be defamatory Moreover, the artificial verse Junji Dorgon word for ‘father of the imperial regent, putting the king, in ancient China, said the veteran as “Zhong Fu’, ‘Shang Fu’ meaning, also known as Grandfather of King Wu of Zhou Jiang Shang Fu, inadequate, The so-called ‘palace hospital, accused Dole if it is not moving chaos Palace, not necessarily specifically referring to the Queen Mother Xiao Zhuang Furthermore Xiaozhuang not want Taiji buried, who had been buried in Zhaoling There Hau Queen, and Queen and her husband was buried, and no shortage of examples, which in ancient times, but Mr. Hu Shi read Monson << Queen Mother to marry a real >> test books has led to criticism is that Meng Wen ‘failed to complete the release said the reasons parents Huang ‘,’ end too Huang parent who does not seem to be as Zhongfu and Shangfu one case ‘. Since then, continued the scholars’ Queen married’ the Post held a variety of views, but do not wear a more solid empirical Xiao Zhuang behind the palm of household care Xiao Zhuang and life? associated with three of the emperor, who gave a screenwriter’s imagination is large enough, the results of Xiao Zhuang seems to be behind the scenes another Manchu household care has been in power and political center of the whirlpool. In fact, Huang Taiji Xiaozhuang married when 12 years of Mongolia that the economy Jeter Drilling Horqin seek political gain from one chip to the Manchu, the following years has lived in the palace during the move into the home, from Mukden Huangtaiji Jiabeng moved to Beijing before, Xiao Zhuang rare events, even though he’s posthumous name Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, in fact, he never made the Queen, Fulin was established, she is the daughter of the last five Taiji, until when the Queen Mother, the only contact with the political opportunities, while Junji during the reign of Emperor Kangxi over him is his assistant, not the rule [3].
It is clear from the biography
Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang economic Bor Jeter is the Walled Horqin Baylor women, Hau Queen’s nephew. Fate decade in February, the first year of normalization of the closure of Zonta Yongfu Temple Zhuang Fei Three years from the first month Jiawu. Health ancestor ancestors came to the throne, the honor of the Queen Mother. Junji eleven years, the gift of the Queen’s parents Master Zhong Walled Sang and Prince, the capital of Xian Fei February for 13 years, 30 Long Live the Queen, Poetry is the first to offer training on the Order of the Queen Mother, essays, Yan Yi, and the order to enter the Patriarch to come to the throne, and the honor of the Dowager Empress. Kangxi 2009, upon instructions from the decade of the Queen Mother Xiaoling Ye, Ye Fu Mausoleum and Zhao Mausoleum. eleven years, fortunately Akagi hot water, Chang’an Ridge, above and below the horse, train support, to Tan Tao before they launched not, well, Ridge is the title of heavy rain was still falling, helping to train. Queen lives up from Ha Ling, a ride on the train near the line. Frequency of chaos Sangui for military power, the Queen Mother read a partial disaster, Noir make money help fund the work of the levy soldiers, making Jinbo added bonus castle to kiss the province. Buer Ni rebel, signs for the North, Our Lady Queen of Falun Cining mother Shu Fei year, nine more than ten, ranking the division Chahar sued encroaching on the command line start of the story, cape, Baylor Princess, Kaiko, the public and his wife, Jieling Mingfu Gengfanrushi early life to Queen Mother attacked the palace to keep the ancestral system, does not establish the Han women living translation of the Confucian Yi Yan University. to the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother said well, and give the Old Queen does not pre-political, lower courts and promote division and then OK. sense Mian said: ‘ancestors riding and shooting to open bases, weapons and equipment can not be relaxed using administrative, King Edward Service, virtual public verdict.’ to order the book said: “The ancient name of the King and the layman it is difficult for the congregation, to the Son of Heaven. clinical care delivery, did not dare to lead, must contemplate having all the benefit to the country road, so that universal salt Naruyasu Fu, cotton count is infinite, but Hugh still quite Cihren Wenliang Ru Gong Jing, Shen is a bit of dignity, that is dedicated to Seoul out Keqin, only Chengzu legacy tests, so I have to regret in the heart of the dedication ‘in April., nineteen years old at the Dade Jingfu Chung essay to Queen Mother. two decades the complex instructions of the Queen Mother Fortunately, the hot water. Yunnan Yi Ping too harem victory in 21 years, Yi Fengtian Yeling, Tuci playing greeting notebook, thus offering the hand, play, said: “serve Mukden, pro-net fish up>? dip into the fat, burn the wild mountains of hazelnut and pecans, North Korea into a dried persimmon, pine, chestnut, ginkgo, which is attached to the inlet, V begging down thanks to laugh, very lucky ‘two years in the summer. Empress Feng Gubeikou summer. Fortunately autumn, Mount Wutai, to Longquan to Ridge Great Wall in June should try Nian Zhi, played the Queen Mother. The next day, the Queen Mother Revealed Teng Ling, who grew up in a discount is not available, the Queen Mother is also a former life Longquanguan generation Zhu Temple ceremony. summer twenty-four years in the summer of Frontier, Bologna and Tuen Queen Wen Yu, Chi is also the capital, the Queen Mother has good disease September twenty-six years. Queen of the disease complex day and night, as a step in December of Prayer Temple of Heaven, for reduction of operator for the benefit of reading I hope the Queen Mother, the king cried to accompany worship minister who cried the Queen of the disease in stages, life said: .. “Taizong Fengan a long time. Not lightly move for me. Love Ru heart condition and his son, for nearly Xiaoling funeral, my heart began to regret Baba collapse ‘., 75 years. In mourning for the service at the palace holds 27 patents Wangda Chen repeat compliance Genetic Shuqing easy to month, ranging from the ‘temple Anfeng while’ Queen Mother ordered to withdraw shift residence Jianchang Palace Ruishan Xiao Ling close. Twenty-seven years in April, the Queen Mother Bong Yi Zigong Changrui Hill. natural year must Yi Ye Yong Zheng in December 2003 the Sejong of the tomb, said Zhao Xi Ling. the Chikamasa ancestors, the symbol of the Queen, owned celebration should be added. to the Patriarch to the level of Yunnan, won a victory, given the symbol Xiao Yue Zhao Falun Cishou St. Ann Jane Zhang Qing Yi Dun Kang Hui-Wen Chuang Ren Xuan Hongjing widowed empress, beginning Fengan posthumously. Yongzheng and Qianlong cumulative posthumously, said Hyo Zhuangren constitution Christine Alice Cheng Xuan pure D symbol Yi Apocalypse Saint Vincent and the Queen’s children and one female ancestor, married Vallarta This Bute, Teng fabric color, Jier Ge Keng.
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 TV series (the the Siqin decorated filial Zhuang Daqing situation (TV series (Xu Qing the ornaments Xiaozhuang Xiaozhuangmishi (TV series (Silent
Xiaozhuangmishi – quiet decorated Da Yuer
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皇太子秘史 (TV series (Lu in the decoration of filial piety Zhuang Kangxi Secret History (also << Kang toward the Secret History >> TV (Wu Qianqian decorated Xiaozhuang the late Ming and Storm (TV series (Lee lengthy decorated Xiao Zhuang who the main Central Plains (also known as << the late Ming and FY-2 >> TV series (Lee lengthy decorated Xiaozhuang forbidden thunder (TV series (Cheng decorated Xiaozhuang Manchu Dynasty (TV series Miao Xiao Zhuang Xiaozhuangmishi show decorated figure
Quiet played by Xiao Zhuang (20)

Pan Ying-violet A, ˉ mos4 ° (18 sheets)


Pan Hong plays Xiao Zhuang (11)


Siqin played by Xiao Zhuang (3)






He said  Kezuozhongqi  ancestor Mang Goth in 1614 married


 the daughter Zhezhe son Nurhaci Taiji,

perhaps aware of the move and at the end of his descendants with how enormous and far-reaching significance. Mang Sang Village Guth’s son, and has two daughters Highland beads and cloth wood Buthe (the Xiao Zhuang) married Taiji, there Guzhi Kazuo married with three rare marriage.

Mr. Chen Cao of the year “in Manchuria and Mongolia and the family” made a very insightful statement: “Manchuria and Mongolia and the pro-imperial Mongolia Huairou actually an important way through and pro, in the north and build an artificial Great emotion, which said the Great wall than the previous rulers of the Great Wall to be built with a solid debris much. ”

” Xiao Zhuang’s happened in 300 years, historical records that there were no any kind of history stay, Kezuozhongqi Fei Zhuang people almost do not know the history, it is most regrettable. “About Xiao Zhuang, Mr. Chen Cao both pleased and slightly sad.

Mr. Chen Cao said Xiao Zhuang was born in Kezuozhongqi exactly where, it is very clear. By Mongolian nomads, movement, flow, there is no fixed housing compound, when Kezuozhongqi much larger than it is now under the jurisdiction of the site, historical texts record the north-south 2000 km from east to west 1000 kilometers. So find the former residence of Xiao Zhuang is a matter of course.


Mr. Chen Cao said that the early years, Xiao Zhuang’s grandfather, father’s grave in


Jilin Province, Guo Er Luosi Mongolian Autonomous County before,




 but now the cemetery has been razed to the ground.

Faku County in Liaoning,



 there had been 10 Horqin tribal tombs of kings and nobles, the Cultural Revolution also saw, and now it has become farmland, forest land, without leaving any marks. Xiao Zhuang died after a young daughter, buried in the territory of Tongliao City jarud qi, the mass graves has now disappeared.

“Do people really do not Xiao Zhuang’s legend” The reporter asked. Mongolian women, tolerance, kindness, thrift, to win the hearts of the Qing emperor.

Smart Manchu rulers, through the “Mongolian and pro” approach, with the Mongolian ruling class became relatives, and then accompanied by political privileges and material to buy, so powerful Mongols Zhezhe consistent with the forces to maintain peace in the north. In the Qing Dynasty to break new ground, Dingding Central Plains, siege, “San Francisco” rebellion war, Horqin Mongol conquests, set illustrious exploits. Nearly 300 years of Manchu rule, culturally advanced Han culture to absorb attention, but often rely on the military bravery and combat skills of the Horqin Mongols.

“If men are brave and fierce Mongolian nature, then the women showed the Mongolian character is dignified, tolerant kind, corruption refused to extravagant, full of wisdom, features which may be the year the Qing emperors and Mongolian nobility choose to marry the girl’s cause. “Tongliao City Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang researchers, historical novel” Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, “the authors horse aspirations, such an analysis when the Manchu and Mongolian dignitaries such enthusiastic girl marriage.

Mr. Ma said that in ancient times, “harem” and “frontier” in two places do not go wrong, it can be said to hold half of the country.


First, the Empress Xiao Zhuang


Huang Taiji’s aunt.

She came to power in Taiji for 17 years, presided over the affairs within the palace, very diligent, very satisfied with


their Taiji. Concubines in the harem


she has a high public prestige, whenever there is a large public celebration to come Asaga Mongolian kings, or royal wedding with the Mongolian tribes occurred, she must manage to lead the congregation concubines usher rushed matters, etiquette is very and thoughtful.

 In particular, Xiao Zhuang and sister also have Highland beads near the palace of the Empress start Taiji, Guzhi three working Kazuo, but harem normal unharmed, make Taiji pleased.

Later Taiji died, Xiao Zhuang’s son

Fulin (ie Junji) 6-year-old throne,

Emperor Fulin Aifei Shunzhi, name unknown, contained the history of her “18 years Rushi, thick on the insured.”


Many people think she is beauty Dongxiao Wan Ming Jiangnan, but Dong Xiaowan as much as 15 years older than Junji. Dong E’s last name as one of the eight Manchu. German missionary in Beijing, according to Schall’s records, her brother was originally Xiang Jun Wang Bo Mubo Shunzhi Fruit Fall of Princess, her husband because of her relationship with Junji was Junji slapping, Xiufen suicide. Junji then has her house of earned income, plus equipment pet. Junji the age of 22 as a son, but the Hundred Days and tender, she died in Anger in the contracted smallpox. Junji also died of smallpox shortly after. .



the Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang,



Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang



Empress Xiaozhaoren


Empress Xiao Jing Chen




Empress Xiaoyichun


Empress Xiaoshencheng



Empress Xiaoquancheng



Empress Dowager Ci’an



Empress Dowager Cixi



Junji she assisted in many ways. Unfortunately, Junji is a short-lived emperor, 24-year-old smallpox terminal one.


 In the Sun Zixuan Ye (ie, Kangxi) a successor after the emperor,







Kangxi adjuvant Xiaozhuang spare no efforts to govern, to make Kangxi quickly grow to become the longest reign in Chinese history, the emperor, but also the history of the Qing Dynasty of China appeared on the rare “Kangxi and Qianlong.”

“Some people say that Xiao Zhuang is the early Qing Dynasty politicians, and Empress Xiao Zhuang also compared. I do not agree with this view.

Xiaozhuang have the ability in politics, often to Junji,


Kangxi confidential briefings, advice, but she came forward to participate in politics, but more than. “Mr. Ma said, according to records, young Kangxi ruled, Anhui Tongcheng a scholar named Zhou Nan, all the way to the capital, a letter to the court, please Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang too” invisible hand “, but Xiao Zhuang politely declined.


As a mother, grandmother, Xiao Zhuang invest more is two emperors character education.


Such as the Kangxi have the bad habit of smoking opium, and later  Xiao Zhuang’s in science, made a good advice, he just let Dangshanghuangdi the Kangxi up smoking.

Xiao Zhuang frugal life, often practicing corruption in the palace refused to extravagant. There are historical records, the early Qing Dynasty, the frequent war, the treasury empty, Xiao Zhuang put out the money and the temple to save his own money out to reward soldiers.

For every natural disaster, she was in the palace, making a donation to the disaster areas to take the lead. Junji,



 great honor to her father, and Xiao Zhuang every birthday, will be put on a large feast, a grand celebration.


Xiao Zhuang was bound to cause adverse effects such luxury, we firmly ordered the closure of banquet. Zhuang Fei’s words and deeds of Junji, Xuan Ye great impact.

Xiao Zhuang is an extraordinary Mongolian woman, her 13-year-old palace, 62 years his assistant, the Qing Taizong, clear ancestor, Emperor Qing Patriarch dynasties ruled for the Qing government of national unity and the consolidation of made an indelible contribution.


 Grandson of  emperor Kangxi said of his grandmother: “Let no dowager grandmother too, can not be broken today, London has set up.”

Fact, Xiao Zhuang not been a Queen, but the Queen Mother, the Queen Mother too. It is called Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang, after the death of her posthumous title of Emperor Kangxi to its abbreviation



After Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang


Xiaozhuang Queen …

Empress Dowager Xiao Zhuang Zhuang Fei is the history of the Qing Dynasty, is a legendary figure, to help young as six years old, and other powerful opponents Fulin Duoergun boarded over the throne, but also help eliminate the Aobai Kangxi. Prior to entry in the Qing Dynasty,


the most legendary Zhuang Fei capitulate the story is she had vow to fight to the death of




Hong Chengchou

Hong Chengchou (1593-1665) was from Nan’an of Fujian Province. He became a successful candidate


 Governor Hongcheng Chou Liao Ming Ji. .

Song Jin campaign fails after capture,

Hong Chengchou were held in three tests in


 the Temple of the forbidden city, Huang taiji repeatedly sent people to induce to capitulate, Hong Cheng chou ignored, and even hunger to die. Then drop Qing dynasty Chinese official Fan Wencheng to induce to capitulate, he finds Hong Chengchou dust Warbled times fell on the clothes, so he went back tells Huang taiji, said Hong Chengchou “will not die”, Cutie induce to capitulate is scheduled to begin.

At the time of the night, Hong Chengchou lying in bed, this is a delicate and attractive young woman walked to the front, speak soft words to call “adults”, and then expressed his admiration to Hong Chengchou fight to return integrity..




 Beautiful kangxi cup of tea brought to see opportunities, not eating for several days immediately after drinking the spirit of Hong Chengchou a lot. Beauty gone, Hong Chengchou feel better world, decided to drop clear. .

Legend has it that she is Zhuang Fei. Yue Tong introduction, these are legends in the unofficial, there is no text to testify. Historical data are recorded, Huang taiji in person to the Temple of the three tests to see Hong Chengchou and personally in Hong Chengchou mink coat wearing body, Hong Chengchou knelt down to secondary. Analysis of Yue Tong, Huang taiji induce to capitulate before, you may already have beauty ready to convert the preliminary work, Zhuang Fei may induce to capitulate …

Empress Xiao Zhuang is my favorite historical figures. .

His love, his courage, his ingenuity and subtlety to get my admiration ….

Sumalagu’s life or after death. .

Qing dynasty history research has shown that Su 构词成分。 is indeed in the history of a legendary figure. She is the Mongolian people, was born in keerqin Prairie Home of a poor herdsmen, approximately in the Ming Wanli 40 years (1612). Originally called Su 构词成分。, or Su Moer, Mongolian transliteration, mean wool length pockets. Shunzhi late Kangxi was renamed Su Mala, meaning “a-half Pocket”. After she died, up or down in the honorific title of her Ma Lagu Su …

Natural beauty of the Sumalagu intelligence, known far and wide, was Chinese and Mongolian Baylor House, let her into the House became Baylor’s second daughter, the Fort San Buthe (also translated as “cloth wood Buthe”), the personal maid. The second lady is none other then the famous Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang later. Years after the Golden Destiny (1625), although only 13 years old this Buthe, it has like a big girl Chula, white teeth bright eyes, charming and moving. In that year, the Buthe in his elder brother Wu Keshan, escorted travel to the capital after the payment Mukden, after the King Khan and the eighth child Taiji Nurhaci married, then Taiji 34.。.

Junji first year (1644) Qingjunruguan, Sumalagu has been hailed as the Empress Dowager of the Buthe arrived in Beijing and was admitted to the magnificent Forbidden City. .

  This from Mongolia grassland girl since into Baylor House, expanding horizons, culture is also growing quickly. Not only does she Mongolian speaks well, and were quickly mastered the Chinese and Manchu, especially the beautiful Manchu, has won the praise of the Temple from top to bottom. So she may serve Xiaozhuang dowager’s life, acts as the infant first Manchu Emperor Kangxi of the teacher. During the reign, in witness whereof, the 构词成分。 in the Xiao Ting a miscellany of his mind: “Yan Emperor young Jesu, Lai (Su Ma Lagu) training design, teaching credentials. ” 。.

Sumalagu ingenuity, but also experts in the cutting area, where her clothes, both fit, and beautiful, it had participated in the formulation of the Qing Dynasty dressed like ornaments. She grew up in Mongolia since childhood, of course, is very good at riding, every time after the main people to extrauterine Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang act, she is riding the line. .

  Su Mala Xiaozhuang Queen be closely associated, and carrots, stay for more than 60 years, the duo actually already exceed the General master and servant relationship between. Especially after Huang taiji die, Xiaozhuang Queen has just 31 years old, young people will live a widowed, need a companion to accompany, and she is about the same age, and have been single Lady Su Ma Lagu, is, of course, she’s the best candidate. They are master and servant relationship in public, but in private, but with the sisters, it is for this reason, actual high position in the Soviet Union Ma Lagu in the Palace, was respected.. The Sumalagu but which are self-knowledge, and always respectful caution. After she was only in front of Xiao Zhuang Wenhuang respectful, careful serve, but also less than their 40-year-old Emperor Kangxi fetish, always claiming to be slaves before the emperor. .

  26 year of Kangxi (1687), Xiaozhuang Queen died. This spirit of giant Soviet Union Ma Lagu against, making her into a sad, lonely, bored, then Su Mala is already more than 70 years old, if long-term go on like this, about her mental and physical health is very bad. In order to overcome her sadness and loneliness, Emperor decided to study Fei Wan Liuha (later Fei)-born King 12 offspring Tao Ma Lagu handed over to the Soviet upbringing. Offspring Tao was born in the reign of 24 years, only 3 East Asian age reckoning. Evacuation practice, themes are eligible to raise more than only a concubine of an emperor chambers the Prince. Su Mala dependency Prince, that Emperor Kang Xi Su Ma Lagu very trusted and valued.

Like Sue 构词成分。 and the small village is the look of the Queen of Qing dynasty, moving for a long time


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