The rare Unique Letter Collection 1955


The Rare Unique Letter

History Collections

Koleksi Surat Unik Yang Langka


Created By

Dr Iwan Suwandy,MHA

Limited E-Book In Cd-ROM Edition

Special For Senior Collectors

Copyright @ 2012


At the time of preparing the electronic book collection of the past history of Indonesia when colonized by the Dutch East Indies, Japanese Occupation when the second world war and the Revolution and War of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia

I found some unique collections of historical  and interesting letters also writing about Around The  World With Unique Collection (Cover and letter, postcard and other philatelic collections and numismatic collections and related artwork).

Unique collection of historical letter, I gather in an electronic book on CD-ROM which is very exciting to be known by collectors as well as very special, beautiful and charming to be exhibited in an international exhibition.

As an example I will show some of the above collection in my web blog
Hhtp :/ /

The entire collection will be presented in an electronic book on CD-ROM, published privately by a limited number of only 100 books.

I strongly hope that this e-book will be able to provide information that is very interesting and adds to the knowledge of the reader.

I understand the electronic book is flawed, mainly because most of the grammar translated with electronic machines, and I’m not an expert Grammar just an old retired physician intending to share their experiences in developing a ko9leksi the historic.


Therefore, comments, corrections and suggestions from readers so I expected.

 Thousands thanks to the various parties that I can not mention one by one name for their assistance so that electronic books can be realized.


Jakarta, September 2012


Dr Iwan Suwandy, MHA





Kata Pengantar

Pada saat menyusun buku elektronik koleksi Sejarah Indonesia tempo dulu saat dijajah Hindia Belanda, Pendudukan Jepang saat perang dunia kedua serta Revolusi dan  Perang Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia

Saya menemukan beberapa koleksi surat historis yang unik dan menarik.Begitu juga saat menulis tentang Kelililing Dunia Dengan Koleksi Unik  (Sampul dan surat,kartupos bergambar dan koleksi filateli lainnya serta koleksi  numismatik dan karya seni  terkait).

Koleksi Surat Unik  Yang Langka ini saya kumpulkan dalam suatu buku elektronik dalam CD-ROM yang sangat  menarik untuk diketahui oleh para kolektor serta sangat istimewa, indah dan menawan  untuk dipamerkan dalam suatu pameran internasional.

Sebagai contoh akan saya tampilkan beberapa koleksi tersebut diatas dalam web blog saya


Seluruh koleksi akan disajikan dalam sebuah buku elektronik dalam CD-ROM yang diterbitkan secara pribadi dengan jumlah terbatas hanya 100 buku saja.

Besar harapan saya agar buku elektronik ini akan dapat memberikan informasi yang sangat menarik dan menambah wawasan para pembaca.

Saya maklum buku elektronik ini sangat banyak kekurangannya,terutama tata bahasanya karena sebagian besar diterjemahkan dengan mesin elektronik, dan saya bukan ahli Tata Bahasa hanya seorang dokter tua yang sudah pensiun yang ingi berbagi pengalaman dalam menyusun suatu ko9leksi yang historic. Oleh karena itu komentar, koreksi dan saran dari pembaca sangat saya harapkan.

Saya haturkan ribuan terima kasih kepada berbagai pihak yang tidak dapat saya sebutkan satu persatu namanya atas bantuan mereka sehingga buku elektronik ini dapat terwujud.

Jakarta September 2012

Dr Iwan Suwandy,MHA

The Rare Unique Mourning letters Collection 1955


Madame Chiang Kai-shek


Office Of President




Mr James A.Ferley

New York city, New York


Dear Mr Fearly :

                        I just Heard , through Mrs Fulton Currier

Wive  was visiting me at fortnight  ago of the death  of

Mrs Ferley.

                        I know how closed she has been to you

And how much you to missing   her.      The separation

Through death , however for your love one, to my

Mind,  is only temporary  whereas the memories of the past

Happiness  and be evoke whenever we will these and

Wherever we be, I hope , therefore, that you will

Take comfort to knowing that she is from frost

Suffering  and her spirit is never far from you.

With personal regard

                                                            Your sincerely,

                                                            Madame chiang Kai-sek

Look the original photo and  letter below

the picture Of Chiang and madame chiang

the picture Of James a ferley USA Postmaster general

Taiwan, 1955 (March 24) Letter From Madame Chiang Kai-shek to James A. Farley, touching letter to Farley extending sympathy regarding the recent loss of his wife. Few glue stains, F-VF scarce


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