Padang west sumatra CD-ROM new Informations Tionghoa lived at Padang in 1944-1955





Kampong Tionghoa (Chinese Camp)

Chine camp(kampong tionghoa) Street starting from the Kinol Aphotek corner until the Chinese temple.The left one,with staircase where my grandfather printing office(later My Ftaher and Uncle) Express.also seen Eng Djoe Bie and at the right the house Mie Yap Kie(noodle restautrant),Lena Khoe my teacher house(his father the brother of My Wife Grandmother at Padang Panjang Mrs Tjan Tjie Seng),no car this time only Bendi(delman ,horse carriage) and pedati.

In 1945 live at Kampoeng tionghoa street(now Pondok street) based to dr Iwan collections Road tax registration Book

kampoeng tionghoa,now Pondok street (  Tjan Hoei Nio ,no 21,  Tjoa eng Keng   gold marchant shop at kampoeng Tionghoa  and he had also house  at tepi Bandar Olo where dr Italian and Dr Khamardi thalut practse, Tjoa  tjong Thay, Sho Sien Hien, ) 

At theright side apotik sehat (owner Mak kim seng then sold to the new owner), some house,small gang two small shop, dentist Kwee Tjeng Tang,the father Dr Kwee Hoa Yong, then Barber sop,some house, then The Andalan Medical Faculty ,now became healh school(may be Nursing), the corner tionghoa kedai kopi(coffee sho) now closed  the kampong sebelah, some house, gho kobg liang Tempo Medical distributor(now I donn’t know), Auyong Tjoe Pong house the owner of Lam kiauw coconut oil fabric, Lay him house now took kaca mata owne Drg Lie Yaou Hoei  and the  daughter of Lay hin ,and hisher siter merried my thirs uncle hardi Firgo(gho Bian Jan), after that Ghan Keng soan , the corner Apotik kinol the owner the family of Liem Bian Djang Mother and the owner of Dexa Medica Palembang, after that Sungai bong street, at the corner Lape salero restaurant(not exist anymore)


At the leftside of kampong (village)  Tionghoa street were the house of gho fmali(father of dr Gho Tjeng hoen) the fist leader of Gho Famili(marha) Kongsi Padang, then small gang tanah Kongsi, then the house of the mother of dr Lie Po Tjoe(maria), then the house of Khoe family(mfather of Lena Khoe my teacher at SD Fransikus(low s basic school or Sekolah Dasar),her sister merried Thio Tjoe Liong, after that I donn’t know, the one gang to Kali Kecil street, the took(shop) Julia  father of dr Itje Juliani, then Toko(shop) Romeo (later became wasserij,now painting Shop Tjia Eng Wan and his his wife mu second uncucle  ,my father brother Gho Ie Keng- name Gho soei Hong, then Hidangan Kita,then the shoe shop, then Nam Yang  restaurant(father of Bo liong) the corner now became the car shop then  Kampung sebelah street then  Khoun  Chan foto studio,Hen seng hotel, Toko Murah owner Oei Soei Ho, from his first wife they did not had children and  get step children Oei Djie san and Oei Bok sioe(meeried with my thirs  brother of My Father Gho Ie Hauw(Hardi Firgo), after that the new house before burned, many years this building not finish. I remember only few oner like the father of Eng Liang and Eng Liep and Mak Kim Lian (son of Mak Pak soei) merried  aunt Tjoe she ever played lawn tennis with me their children  Mak Ying Fa,Mak yoek Fa and son Mak Wan Wie.


klenteng te Padang 

Chinese Captain Lie Say 

Chinese Major  Li say was the first padang Major,

Info from Lie swan hauw

Lie Saaij or Lie Ma Saaij must be spelled in Dutch colonial spelling, as this was his name as entered in official legal documents.
\Furthermore he was not the first chinese captain ( 1860) , but the first chinese Major ( Majoor der chinezen ), which appointment was done after he contributed more than 25.000 old dutch guilders to the Krakatau relief fund in 1883.
Before Lie Saaij there were among others Lie Piet as captain of the chinese with Lie Kee as lieutenant. ( ±1855 )

Sya akan menghubungi perhimpunan (kongsi) marga Lie untuk mendapatkan informasi dari Lie Ma sai.

the  Chinese temple beside his house,


 he did not like the HTT Kongsi which built this temple and in the front of his house there a small street to the Arau River, there were Pasar Borong Market and many small Chinese citizen, turn to right the Padang spaarbank or Bank Tabungan Negara(now closed), I just have new info that  the this Padang spaarbank was built by Gho chong ,grand grand pa of Nila Go who just send me the info .read the original info below:

Pak Iwan, beberapa hari yang lalu saya baca sekilas cerita tentang keluarga gho cong yang membangun gedung spaarebank di depan kelenteng see hin kiong…saya sangat tertarik, karena saya pernah dengar diberitahu bahwa kakek buyut saya bernama Gho Cong……..apakah pak iwan tahu mengenai keluarga gho itu? Terima kasih sebelumnya pak

Saya akan menghubungi konsi she Gho untuk mendapatkan informasi tetntang Gho Chong tersebut. 

Lie say died buried in the Padang Hill not in the Chinese tomb which belonged to HTT members.

Beside the temple there were Tjia wie hien house,who work at Semen Indarung Fabric,his son my friend Dr Tjia Boen liong merried with Sian,the sister of Ang Tjeng Liang(Wirako),and The HO TEK chinese social brotherhood organization, the house of Thio Tjoe liong-wife the sister oleh my teacher Lena Khoe(her father the brother of my wife grandma Khoe Kim lian),also my friend  house of Lim Pie Ho  with his sister Lim Giok Tjin with her husband Thio Tjoe Ban, dr Lim giok Lin Sp.P anak with her huband in memoriam dr Djohan Teddy their father Lim sim hong which falily with the wife of brother of my son anto ‘s wife Greece shanty which ever stay at Padang beside of percetakan Express kampong tionghoa ,and Siong Hwa are threre too.


Sumatra’s first Malay newspaper in Padang. Akhbar pertama

One of my father’s favorite stories was how in 1905 he was talked into buying a printing press by a representative of a printing press firm when he had one too many at his club. He forgot all about it but one day the press arrived. He had no idea as to what to do and interested a few people into starting a first malay newspaper on Sumatra in 1905. It became a succes. In 1929 a commemorative isse was printed. I have no idea whether it survived the Japanese occupation.



Oranje Hotel (Hotel Muara)



Oranye hotel,kenudian diganti tek Muara , saya pernah lihat didalam gedung ini tegel bergambar lambing seluruh keresiden(saat ini propinsi) daris eluruh hindai belanda(saying tak tahu kemana perginya)Hotel ini runtuh pada saat gempa besar tahun 2008,dan tahun 2012 sudah dibangun hotel baru dengan nama yang sama.

Kerah kiri(to the left The Goeoren street ever live there Heng (monkey), Phoa yan sam , salon Grate Djelita) and in 1045 based on dr Iwan Collections Roat tax registration book in March 31th 1945 live at the Goeroen street some tionghoa

Goeroen street no 7(Lie Oen Hok)  no 9(Lie Oen Hok) No 25(Kam hong Oei) no 19(Lie Hong Lie) no 17(Injo tek sioe),no 29( Injo Thay sao)

The Rooseboom was steaming west of Sumatra  

On 1 March 1942 at 11.35pm

the Rooseboom was steaming west of Sumatra


On 1 March 1942 at 11.35pm

when it was spotted by the Japanese submarine I-59 and torpedoed. It capsized and sank rapidly leaving one life boat (designed to hold 28) and 135 people in the water. 80 people were in the lifeboat the rest clung to flotsam or floated in the sea. Two of these survivors, one of whom was a Corporal Walter Gibson, were picked up nine days later by the Dutch freighter Palopo. Until the end of the Second World War they were assumed to be the only survivors. Sadly, Robert Kingshott did not survive and his body was never recovered. The reason that I mention Walter Gibson, is that he wrote an account of his survival which demonstrates the conditions he, and others, endured in the days following the sinking.


According to Gibson in and around the lifeboat were an estimated 135 survivors, many with injuries, including Gibson himself who was in the lifeboat due to those injuries. By the time the boat had drifted for more than 1,000 miles, to ground on a coral reef, less than 100 miles from Padang, Rooseboom’s starting point, only five of its 80 passengers remained alive, and one of those drowned in the surf while trying to land.


In Gibson’s account the ordeal that followed the sinking showed the worst of human nature under some of the most extreme conditions. On the first night many of those in the water drowned or gave up. S


ome twenty men built a raft from flotsam and towed it behind the boat. The raft slowly sank and all twenty perished three days later. In the first few days discipline collapsed men and women went mad with thirst, some drinking sea water which sent them into hallucinations. Many threw themselves overboard rather than face further suffering, and a gang of five renegade soldiers positioned themselves in the bows and at night systematically pushed the weaker survivors overboard to make the meagre rations go further.


 Gibson claims to have organized an attack on the renegades with a group of others who rushed them and pushed them en masse into the sea. Brigadier Paris died, hallucinating before he fell into his final coma. The Dutch captain was killed by one of his own engineers.


Towards the end Gibson realized that all who remained alive were himself, another white man, a Chinese girl named Doris Lin (who turned out to be a secret agent for the British) and four Javanese seamen.  That night the Javanese attacked the other white man and started to eat him alive. Later the oldest Javanese died.


The lifeboat eventually landed on Sipora,


 an island off Sumatra and only 100 miles from Padang, where the Rooseboom started its journey 30 days earlier. One of the Javanese seaman drowned in the surf whilst the other two disappeared into the jungle and have never been found.


After a period of being treated by some of the local population Doris Lin and Gibson were discovered by a Japanese patrol. Gibson was returned to Padang as a prisoner of war while Lin was shot as a spy soon afterwards. 


It is not clear at what point Robert died, but I would hope that his death was quick and as painless as possible.


Robert was my 5th cousin once removed

Source:Jan Brian Kingshot


The reaction of the Japanese took a day to set up but it is up to the challenges. It is indeed out of the question to leave the British foothold on an island of vital importance to the Japanese war economy. Early in the morning the dreaded torpedo bombers Nells appear on Padang. Private air support British ships have no chance of escape. The largest ship is the first target. The ship Dunera cash two torpedoes, then come Vals led by student pilots who did not believe to be launched in the fight so quickly. All bombs fell except water dropped by their instructor, a veteran of Pearl Harbor. The cargo Trevilley is touched.

A new raid occurs. Japanese airmen begin to collect dividends from their attacks. They run with their torpedoes and the Dunera Madras City and reach once more leTrevilley. This is a disaster for the British lose 87canons, 20 vehicles and 400 men.

Madras City torpedoed transport flows with its load

The ship HMT Dunera flows to Padang. Sinking cancels the hand British Sumatra.

(The ship had Dunera headlines. On 10 July 1940 the ship left Liverpool with 2,500 passengers, double its capacity. “Passengers” are in fact prisoners of war and German or Italian people suspected by the authorities British sympathies Nazis. actually 2,000 of them are Jews escaped from Germany. Some of them are survivors of a torpedoed ship. Travel to Sydney last two months in appalling sanitary conditions. A arrival in Sydney énorme.Churchill the scandal was arrested in the House of Commons. Passengers are sent to a camp where Australian authorities are trying to forget the abuse. Upon entry into Japan war refugees are released and join the ranks of the allied camp)



The island was conquered in two weeks by the Japanese in February 1942 has not seen any military action since. The few Japanese garrisons live in a torpor punctuated by Equatorial rain and shake the earth’s crust.

The only question which concerns the Japanese on the island are the statistics of production of oil wells and refineries, as well as ores, rubber, rice. In short, the country is being fleeced.

 At night comes a message on the office of Admiral Kondo Nobukate, commanding the IInd fleet. It comes from a marine commando unit of the 91st regiment of the Guard stationed in Padang on the west coast of Sumatra.

 It signals the arrival of a British landing force escorted by destroyers Arrow and Foxhound. The big troop transport Dunera is identified. The first elements of the 6th British brigade arrive. Apparently there is a hand operation as Canadians attempt an equivalent four days later at Dieppe.

End of the day the British landed 1600 men. This is insufficient to dislodge the 1500 Japanese elite soldiers sheltered in their fortifications and bunkers.


After the huge losses the day before the British ships depart from Padang

during the night leaving the 6th Brigade to its fate. The landing force was divided into British deux.Malheureusement for them they did not go fast enough and are still in the range bombers destroyers.

The two trains met at the morning sailing northwest toward Ceylon. Therefore the planes come wave after wave and again it is a massacre. 3 freighters escorted by HMS Decoy are cast shot torpedoes. Fritillary corvette escorting the 2nd section of the convoy was torpedoed. Then the bombers are attacking the escort destroyers first section.

Throughout the morning the destroyers HMS Decoy Arrow and manage to avoid the thirty torpedoes intended for them. DCA of these two small vessels, dense and accurate damage several bombers. However during the afternoon bombers back.

 A short ammunition anti-aircraft destroyers become easy prey. The Decoy attacked by 18 Nells can not avoid a torpedo, then Arrow impacted by Long Lance explodes and sinks. The Decoy torpedoed again tilts and capsizes. HMS Foxhound 2nd part of the convoy escaped the pack of the aircraft continues.

A British ship is in serious trouble after the passage of Bettys.
Japanese airlift continues throughout the day. A 2nd para regiment is dropped to reinforce Japanese positions.

 A 3rd Regiment, 15th Marine commando Guard is deposited on land beaten by British artillery. 3700 Japanese are now hard at work in 2500 against the British. The Japanese did not attack. They expect tanks that are long in coming, wading on the slopes soggy Sumatra.

Japanese paratroopers about to embark for Padang.(121)


The Japanese continue to strengthen their defense Padang with an airlift. Their numbers reach 4,000 men against the British in 2500. 4 units with two parachute regiments were brought reinforcements entirely by aircraft.(121)


The assault led to Padang to force the 3000 British 6th Brigade to surrender failed despite the 9200 Japanese soldiers arrived on the scene backed by hundreds of tanks. Jungle promotes the defense of British hiding under the canopy for protection from daily aerial bombardment.




Postally used registerd cover send from CDS solok 18.9.27(27.9.1943)  to  CDS Pariaman 18.9.1943 shift to padang with Sumatra west coast sai nippon cross overprint on DEI Kriesler 40 cent(provenance dr iwan 1985)

Kreisler 40 cent met opdruk DNY en kruis in zwart op R-brief Solok 18.9.27 naar Priaman 18.9.29 en doorgestuurd naar Padang 18.9.30, rechterzijde zie


Dai Nippon military homeland postcard with added  11/2 sen surcharged  postally used send from CDS Solok(west sumatra)  18.6.25(25.5.1943) to Bandoeng

With info

Oleh sebab gampo(gempa) itoe(itu)  dan lagi djalan2(jalan-jalan) habis  roesak(rusak) .Adik akan datang ke Padang kedua hari Djum’a(juma;at) tanggal 24  dengan si Oepik(upik) tertoempang(tertumpang) salam adinda dan oeni(kakak) nurhani dan lakinya(suaminya) rifai

Dari adinda

Siti marlian

Simpang Toeah Boeah Koebang solok


001-012 zonder 3 1/2 cent op R-brief Padang met 1e-dagstempel, vrijwel pracht

CDS dai nippon pa=da-n(g) 18.8.1(august,1st.1943) original first day first day cover od Dai nippon sumatra definitive stamps

Made by Mr The Tjeng Jan

Dr Iwan Ever met this in memoriam man at his home Terusan Djawa dalam now  Rohama Kudus Street and found one kon 35 cent over print cross dai Nippon from him,his son The Se Ham merried Dr Iwan wife nice in memoriam  Tjan sioe Kim.the daughter of his Mother In Law elder Brother. Tjan Tjeng Hay


Dai Nippon Interneering Camp Padang





 The postally used money order send from CDS dai Nippon padan(n) pandjan(g) 18.11.30(novemebr,30th.1943) to Ramlah Koto tanngai soengai batang Manindjau(lake) used Japanese homeland stamp and overprint bigger Dai nippon yubin od DEI def 5 cent



Road Tac regristrion Book Of Padang City(Dr Iwan collections found at Lapak ex paper from Padang city Hall Archived wgich sold out in 1980) ,inside were found the name of Tionghoa People who paid the tax with rthe name of street where there lived, this iformations very important for the fsmily who want to trace their older grandpa.(who want to have the scan of this original document please contact dr Iwan via comment in Driwancybermuseum blog’s comment)

Goeroen (Desert)street(the still exist until this day)

Handel Goan Hoat jl goeroen no 49

Lie Hong Lie jl Goeroen 19

Kampoeng(village) Tionghoa(now Pondok street)

Ong Hong Kiat, Oh Tjong Thong(no 25),

Tugu A.T. Raff  di Lapangan Imam Bonjol Sekarang 1938

.Alang Lawat no 9(Kam  Hien Oei),

belakang Poeroes( Liem Tjeng Yong),  Kampoeng Baharoe IV no  12(Oei Tjoei seng), Simpang haroe(Lim eng tjiang), Djati street no 71(Oei Goan beng),Alai street no 7(Tjoei Lan),Tepi Bandar belakang gerdja (Lie Tek boe, may be the grandpa of my friend Lie sin Nio ,she lived there in 1970)

Kampoeng Nias street(Liem Eng Tjiang)

Many native Minangkabau  will up load in part Minangkabau like Sjarif Gani Jalan Poeloaoe karam 22.



I was born this day at Kali ketjil street behind Tanah Kongsi Patang City,look the picture of the house  with me in 1948


Road Tac regristrion Book Of Padang City(Dr Iwan collections found at Lapak ex paper from Padang city Hall Archived wgich sold out in 1980) ,inside were found the name of Tionghoa People who paid the tax with rthe name of street where there lived, this iformations very important for the fsmily who want to trace their older grandpa.(who want to have the scan of this original document please contact dr Iwan via comment in Driwancybermuseum blog’s comment)

Kampoeng (villige) Nias(Oei Boe) , 

kampoeng tionghoa,now Pondok street (  Tjan Hoei Nio ,no 21,  Tjoa eng Keng later he lived at tepi Bandar Olo where dr Italian and Dr Khamardi thalut practse, Tjoa  tjong Thay, Sho Sien Hien, ) 

Pasar Moedik before  named Psaar gadang, then  changed name as Batipoeh street untik now

Batiporh street( Kongsi Yan leng tong she gho,Gho soen tong major Chinese house,still until now lived his son with wife Kiam), Injo tek Lok no  7, )

Goeroen street no 7(Lie Oen Hok)  no 9(Lie Oen Hok) No 25(Kam hong Oei) no 19(Lie Hong Lie) no 17(Injo tek sioe),no 29( Injo Thay sao)

 Jalan sawahan(  Tjan Khay  &hok sioe),  Jalan andalas (lim eng tjiang),jalan Poeroes(So Lai yang).

Jalan palingam no 9(Injo tek soan)no 8(Be siok Lian),

Jalan nipah(stiil exist now no 72(Liem Eng Tjoe). Near the house  of TIKI Lie hap kiang and Lie Hap boe

Jalan Belakang Olo Januari 1988

 Jalan  Tepi Bandar Olo

no 25( Liang eng Lim)no 8(lIm Bian Lian)

Belantung Kecil(now A Yani street

( no. 18a(Pek siauw Thay).,So tong beng, liem thiuw Bhe<Siauw hong Seng, Lim Ham Bie (the owner of took Bie? He still lived there in 1970)

Pasar Borong (lim tiauw Sioe)

Dr Iwan notes




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  1. hello there !!
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    Also their knowledge about previous Padang persons is very limited.
    I went 3 times there, no specific data found or heard.
    Your only chance is to find historic info is newspapers and books in the museum or arsip national.
    writing and collecting true stories yourself is very difficult without double and triple checking them with old writings from trustworthy sources like newspapers ( dutch, chinese, malay ) from 1850 – 1945.
    you may write me by email for further info.

  2. Hi uncle, I wonder whether i could have a look on those photos that you have on kampung cina? i am doing research for old kampung cina foto. it was said lie Lie Ma Saaij is the one who build pasar jawa. I am unsure of the supporting evidence. Pls help me on that. I need a really old pasar jawa foto if u need it. Thank u

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