The Euro World War II History Collections 1939


The Euro world War II History Collections


1st September 1939


By Dr Iwan suwandy,MHA

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At 4:45 on the morning of September 1, 1939

(the morning following the staged attack),



 German troops entered Poland. The sudden, immense attack by the Germans was called


a Blitzkrieg (“lightening war”).

The term “Blitzkrieg” was coined by Western newspapermen to convey



the rapid and mechanized German attack on Poland.

The German air attack



hit so quickly that most of Poland’s air force was destroyed while still on the ground.


To hinder Polish mobilization,


the Germans bombed bridges and roads. Groups of marching soldiers were machine-gunned from the air.

But the Germans did not just aim for soldiers, they also shot at civilians. Groups of fleeing civilians often found themselves under attack. The more confusion and chaos the Germans could create, the slower Poland could mobilize its forces.

Using 62 divisions, six of which were armored and ten mechanized, the Germans invaded Poland by land. Poland was not defenseless, but they could not compete with Germany’s motorized army. With only 40 divisions, none of which were armored, and with nearly their entire air force demolished, the Poles were at a severe disadvantage – Polish cavalry were no match for German tanks.


Declarations of War
On September 1,1939

 the beginning of the German attack, Great Britain and France sent Hitler an ultimatum – withdraw German forces from Poland or Great Britain and France would go to war against Germany. World War Two had begun.

The attack on Poland

Poland was attacked by Germany

on September 1st 1939.

The German attack was code-named Operation White (Fall Weiss). The attack on Poland started at 04.45 hours when blitzkrieg tore through the Polish military and by the end of the month Poland had surrendered to the Germans and the country was occupied.

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Adolf Hitler – Hitler, along with Mussolini, Stalin, Franco, Tojo, etc., represented a rise in fascism that would result in the outbreak of World War II.

Blitzkreig – The German invasion of Poland, on September 1, 1939, igniting World War II.













in September 1939.

These figures do show that the victory was not as easy as the very short time span and simple statistics might indicate. In total, 90,000 Polish military personnel escaped to either Hungary or Rumania and a number of Polish airman fought with distinction in the Battle of Britain.

on 1 September 1939


03. Invasion of Poland

Finally accepting that Germany could not be appeased Britain and France stepped up their rearmament programmes and gave guarantees to Poland, Hitler’s next target.

After signing a non-aggression pact with the Soviets, Hitler demanded territorial concessions from the Poles. These were refused and the Germans attacked on 1 September 1939. Britain and France declared war two days later. The Second World War had begun.

A British anti-aircraft gun, 1939.

To be continued

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  1. My father passed away last month and I found in his attic a stamp collection with more than 20 books of old stamps. In one envelope found a Monaco stamp just like you have in this page: the stamp reads “Principaute De Monaco” 5F, and is red, he place it in a small envelope. I would like to know how I can sell it and for how much.? Also the whole collection.
    Thanks, if you can email me
    Thank you very much in advance.

    • hallo peter,
      tahnks for visit my blog, if you want to sell your father collections better contact Very difficult for me to sold the collections from foreign country, if you have time please scan some cover from euro circa 1939 until 1945 to add the illustration of my euro world war II e-book in CD-ROM,thanks very much.

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