The Euro World War II History Collections 1939 continued



The Euro world War II History Collections

Part 15th-17th  September 1939


Created By

Dr Iwan suwandy,MHA

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15 September 1939

In Bucharest.


The Romanian government grants asylum to

Polish civilian refugees;

military personnel are to be disarmed and interned.

In Germany… German radio broadcasts interviews with British and New Zealander aircrew captured during



the Wilhelmshaven


raid on September 4th.

In Britain…

Motorists besiege

petrol stations,

although no date for rationing has been fixed yet.

In Canada…

The first British trans-Atlantic convoy

sets sail from


Nova Scotia.

From now on all ships carrying vital supplies of Canadian wheat and US munitions are to travel in convoys scheduled and protected by the British and Canadian navies. The first convoy organized during the war sailed from Gibraltar on September 2nd.


The vital Glasgow-Thames

coastal trade is now moving in convoys as well.


: The Polish Army was ordered to

hold out at the Romanian border until the Allies arrived.[5]



: The German Army complete the encirclement of

Warsaw. and then 


German Army taken this city

16th : The French complete their retreat from Germany,

ending the Saar Offensive


16 September

In Poland…

Warsaw is now surrounded but a German ultimatum

is rejected by the Polish garrison,

led by General Czuma,


the Warsaw  civil population.

The Poles have already fought off one German assault, inflicting heavy casualties.

This day is also the eve of

the Jewish New Year


and Luftwaffe planes dive-bomb the Jewish quarter of

the city.

Part of List’s army is still fighting

west of Lvov

while other units are advancing north to link with

General Guderian’s forces,

who are maintaining their attack along the Bug.

Polish air force bombers make their final sorties.

In Moscow…

The USSR informs the Poland that the Red Army will enter eastern Poland on September 17th “to protect the Ukrainian and Belorussian minorities.”

In Britain…

The Duke of Windsor is appointed a liaison officer with the French army.

In the North Atlantic.. In the first German U-boat attack on a North Atlantic convoy, U-31 sinks

SS Aviemore.

A major escorted convoy leaves Halifax, Nova Scotia, in Canada for Britain.

Sept. 17, 1939, Soviet Foreign Minister

Vyacheslav Molotov

declares that the Polish government has ceased to exist, as the U.S.S.R. exercises the “fine print” of the Hitler-Stalin Non-aggression pact-the invasion and occupation of eastern be continued

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