The Euro World WarII History Collections 1939 Continued

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The Euro world War II History Collections

Part 12th-  September 1939


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 September 1939


: General Gamelin

orders a halt to the French advance into Germany.

On September 12, the Anglo French Supreme War Council gathered for the first time at

Abbeville in France.

It was decided that all offensive actions were to be halted immediately. By then, the French divisions have advanced approximately eight kilometres into Germany on a 24 kilometres long strip of the frontier

in the Saarland area.

Maurice Gamelin ordered his troops to stop not closer than 1 kilometre from the German positions along the Siegfried Line. Poland was not notified of this decision.

On the Western Front… French forces have now advanced about 5 miles (8 km) into Germany on a 15-mile (24 km) frontage in the Saarland region.

The French claim that the action has forced the Germans to withdraw 6 divisions from Poland, although British observers express doubts.

The advance places the front within half a mile of the Siegfried Line and a frontal assault on this defensive system is considered to be out of the question. General Gamelin calls an end to the Saar offensive.

In Poland… Some of List’s troops are

fighting near Lvov

while others are

moving north from their bridgeheads over the San.

The Polish army


around Poznan, the one that was to have marched on Berlin, unexpectedly turns about and attempts to take the German 8th Army in the flank.

This is the start of

the violent battle of

the Bzura River.

Polish troops push

the German forces 12 miles south of Kutno


and recapture Lowicz.




evacuated by the Poles.

Luftwaffe planes bomb


Krzemieniec (Kremenets)

in eastern Poland, a declared open village where the diplomatic community from Warsaw has sought refuge.

In Bucharest…

The German Foreign Minister,

von Ribbentrop, demands that the Romanians not give asylum to Polish officials crossing the border and threatens military action in case of noncompliance.

. Meanwhile,

a Czech army-in-exile is formed.

In Britain… The home office opens an inquiry into blackout rules.

In the North Atlantic…

The US Navy begins regular neutrality patrols along the entire length of the eastern seaboard

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