The Euro World War II History Collections 1939 continued

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The Euro world War II History Collections

Part 19th-  September 1939


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 September 1939

19 September 1939
In Danzig…

Hitler makes

a triumphal entry into the formerly free city

and makes a foreign policy speech that seems to offer conciliation with France and Britain, suggesting that the war could be concluded on the basis of the German territorial gains already achieved. He also swears that Danzig will be German forever and that Germany will fight to the bitter end, if necessary.

In Poland…

The Soviet advance reaches the Hungarian frontier.

In the north Vilna (Wilno) is taken.

The Soviets link up with the Germans at

Brest Litovsk,

which is given up to the Soviets according to the provisions of the secret agreement of August 23, 1939.

Meanwhile, about 30,000 Polish troops reach Warsaw after fighting their way out of


 German bombers being a continuing assault on Warsaw, initially striking utilities and other essential public facilities.


the battle of Bzura ends

with the surrender of 100,000 officers and men of the defeated Polish Pomorze and Poznan armies (consisting of 19 Polish divisions). In eastern Poland, German forces surround



In France…


The first British army corps lands


in France.

to be continued

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