The Euro World War II HIstory Collections 1939 continued

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The Euro world War II History Collections

Part 22 th-  September 1939


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Dr Iwan suwandy,MHA

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 September 1939

23 September 1939


In Berlin…

The German government issues a statement claiming that all organized fighting in Poland has ended.


It states “The Polish Army of a million men has been defeated, captured, or routed.

No single Polish active or reserve division escaped this fate.

Only fractions of individual groups were able to avoid immediate destruction by fleeing into the swamps of eastern Poland. They succumbed there to

Soviet troops.

Of the entire Polish army only an insignificant remainder still is fighting at hopeless positions

 in Warsaw,

in Modlin

and on the Hela Peninsula.”



1939-09-23 for page-1. Bismarck Tribune.

Ill Duce Relfirm Neotrality

In Germany… Wireless sets are confiscated from all Jews.

On the Western Front… German forces are reported to be counterattacking with no success.

In Rome…

Mussolini restates the Italian intention to remain neutral unless attacked, following a policy to “strengthen our army in preparation for any eventualities and support every possible peace effort while working in silence.” He also suggests that the “liquidation” of Poland presents an opportunity for a European peace settlement.

In Poland…

In Warsaw, food supplies are running out although the determination to resist remains among the Polish garrison surrounded in the cityTo Be Continued

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