The Euro World War II History Collections 1939 Continued

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The Euro world War II History Collections

Part 24 th-  September 1939


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Dr Iwan suwandy,MHA

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 September 1939

24 September 1939
In Poland…

German forces

isolate Modlin Fortress, north of Warsaw; reports from Warsaw suggest heavy casualties among those in the city including wounded in hospitals.


Meanwhile, Soviet forces

enter the Galician oilfields.

In the North Atlantic…

German U-boats sink

a Swedish steamer carrying timber

and a British cargo ship.

In the United States… The American Farmer arrives in New York harbor with 29 survivors of the crew of the British steamer Kafristan, sunk by a German U-boat. Passengers and the master of the American Farmer said that

while the survivors were still in their boats a British airplane swooped down

on the German submarine, spraying its deck with machine gun fire and dropping bombs, one of which fell on the conning tower.

Over Germany…

French bombers strike


the German Zeppelin base at Friedrichshafen.

On the Western Front…

French artillery fires on the German border


: Soviet air force

violates Estonian airspace.


The Estonians negotiate with Molotov in Moscow.

Molotov warns the Estonians that if the Soviet Union doesn’t get military bases in Estonia, it will be forced to use “more radical actions”.

To Be Continued

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