The Euro Wolrd War II History Collections 1939 Continued

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The Euro world War II History Collections

Part 25 th-  September 1939


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 September 1939

25 September 1939

: German

home front measures begin with

food rationing.


 : Soviet air activity in Estonia.



Soviet troops along the Estonian border include 600 tanks and 600 aircraft and 160 000 men.

In Poland…

The Germans issue a second ultimatum to

the Polish Warsaw garrison.


German forces step up their bombardment of Warsaw

and add heavy air attacks to it.


Some 400 Luftwaffe bombers and


Stuka dive bombers make repeated sorties, starting significant fires.


wishes to complete the conquest as soon as possible and since the garrison is fairly strong, it is necessary to force them to submit by terrorizing the civilian population. The bombing continues until the surrender.

In Berlin…


Hitler issues his fourth war directive, ordering


increased attacks

on Allied shipping

a swift conclusion to the war in Poland.

In the North Atlantic… After a near miss in an air attack,


German propaganda claims that the British aircraft carrier Ark Royal has been sunk. This is the first of several such false claims during the coming months. The attack also marks the debut of the German Ju88 bomber.

To Be Continued

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