The Euro World War II 1939 Continued

The Euro world War II History Collections

Part October  1939


Created By

Dr Iwan suwandy,MHA

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 Octoner  1939

5 October 1939

: Latvia signs a 10-year Mutual Assistance Pact with the Soviet Union, which allows the Soviets to have 25,000 men in military bases in Latvia. Stalin promises to respect Latvian independence.

In Poland..

. Hitler tours the conquered capital of



reviewing the victory parade, before returning to Berlin.

Meanwhile, German forces continue mopping up operations against Polish troops still at large between

the Vistula

and Bug rivers.

In Germany…

The Nazi anti-Semitic weekly, Der Sturmer, publishes a “Hymm of Hate” calling England the “curse of the world.”

In Moscow…


The Soviets continue their moves to strengthen their position in the Baltic by asking the Finnish government for new talks on altering their boundaries. Meanwhile, a Soviet-Latvian Pact is signed, giving the USSR the use of sea and air bases in Latvia. This pact is the second in a series designed to ensure Soviet control of the Baltic.


In the North Atlantic..


. Eight British and French hunting groups are formed to hunt for the Graf Spee. At this stage the British and the French can afford to divert considerable forces to such a task. Meanwhile, the German pocket

To Be Continued


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