The Chinese Imperial Ceramic Artwork Found In Indonesia (continiu)






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Mot1f Peony

Motif Symbol Love and marriage

4) Peony Flower Tan Mou



Yuan peony flower symbol motif palte

Peony  croll

compare literatures


Motif Flora  Scroll Peony

Medallion 1339


This RARE and magnificent medallion is cut from a 51 cm diameter kraak plate. The motif include a basket with the Chinese scroll, peony and chrysanthemums. These motifs symbolize spring time and express wishes for prosperity and a long life. By placing these motifs inside a fence, the artist wish inner peace. The medallion was split in two but are now joined and the split is near impossible to see. It stretch from  about2 o’clock to about 5 o’clock. So it only cover a small part of the right side. There are now only two medallions of this size and quality available.

Size: 30 cm Motif Flora Fungus Liangcao




This fungus bowl belongs to the ‘best available’ group of ceramic artefacts from the Wanli shipwreck site. It shows a series of fungus liangcao motifs. This plant is a rare Chinese herbal medicine reputed as “elixir of life”. The bowl is totally intact with little ‘tender edges’along the rim. The glaze is in a very good glossy condition and the resonance of the bowl is very high pitch.

Motif  Flora Peony


This center medallion shows a  peony flower which symbolizes spring time. The medallion have a full, glazed foot. This medallion was cut from a 20 cm large flower bowl.

Size: 11.5cm diameter

Motif Flora Peony Flower

rial Mark Cenghua

Lion dog  with peony flower symbol motifbowl

This lion dog  with peony flower symbol motif  bowl is from the best available group and feature one of the best-known Ming dynast motifs: ‘Lion piecing through peony scrolls’. The cobalt blue decoration is rich, contrasty, well-rendered and stands out in contrast to the white background. The bowl is totally intact and has a think, satin glaze covering. Resonance whe tapped is very high pitch which suggest good quality clay and high firing temperature. There is very little ‘tender edges’ along the rim. The base show the (apocryphal), six character mark; “Chenghua Nian Zhi” (Made during the Chenghua reign of the Great Ming dynasty) (1464-1487). .   Size: 21.5 cm diameter

Motif Flora

Flora Peony flower


Flower bowl W-6009 is intact and in an overall good condition.  Resonance is very good which confirms proper firing temperature and good quality clay. The base is glazed and show the (apocryphal) reign mark of emperor Chenghua whom ruled China between 1464 – 1487.


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