The Chinese Imperial Ceramic Artwork Found In Indonesia (continiu)






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Bigger Celodon plate found West Sumatra

Rare Yuan Fish bigger plate

Yuan Fish found West Sumatra

Yuan Fish found West Java



A. The Chinese Ethnic History of Fish
1.Fish forms an important part in the domestic economy of the Chinese. Together with rice ir constitutes the principal staple of their daily food, and fisihing has for this reason formed a prominent occupation of the people from the most ancient times. The commonest kind of fish that serve as food in China are the carp,perch,plaice, whitevfish, blue fish, mullet,pmfret, Sciaenidae fish, rock trout,sabbard fish etc. for more info read the vintage book The Ningpo Fishere,in the New China Review,1919,vol IV,pp 385.
2.From the aesthetic point of view Fish are also much appreciated by the Chinese. Many beautiful and fantastic varietes of fish are reared in ponds and jars, this ornamental species having been introduced into Europe toward the end of the 17th century.
Carp and Perch are frequently depitched on Chinese Porcelain. (look at the Rare Carps fish on Yuan celadon bigger Plate)
3. Yhe legendary Emperor Fu Hsi (2953-2838 BC) is said t have given his name, which means literally HIdden Victims, on account of the fact that he made different kinds ofnets and taught his people how to snare animals and secure the products of the se.
4. Fish Symbol of Wealth
The fish is symbolically employed as the emblem of WEalth r abundance, on account of the similary in the pronouncation of the word Yu,fish and yu,superfluity, and also because the fish are extremely plentiful in Chinese water.
5. Fish symbol of regeration
owing to its reproductive power it is a symbol of regenations.
6. Fish Symbol of harmony and connubial bliss
As Fish is happy in its own element of sphere, so fish has has come t be the emblem f harmny and connubial bliss.

7.A pair of fish is emblematic of the joys of union
A brace of fish is presented amongst other articles as a betrothal gift to the family of the bride-elect on accunt of its auspiciuos significantce; as fish are reputed to swim in pairs, so a pair of fish is emblematic of the joys of union, especially of a sexual nature.

8.Fish is also one of the Charm to avert devil and symbol of Buddha fully emancipated.
it is also one of the Charms to avert evil, and is included among the auspicious sign on the footprints of Buddha. The fish signifies freedom form all restraints. as in water a fish move easily in any direction, so in the buddha-state the fully-emancipated knows no restraint or obstruction.

9. The Carp fish as the symbol of perseverance
The carp,with its scaly armour, which is regarded as a symbol of martial attributes, is admires becausu fish struggles against the current, and it has therefore became the emblem of perseverance.

10. The Fish transformed into dragons
The sturgeon of the Yellow river are said to make an ascent of the stream in the third moon of each year, when these which succeed inpassing above the rapids hence this fish is a symbol of Lung-men becme transformed int dragons; hence this fish is a symbol of literary eminence passing examinations with the distinction.
If the Fish have 300 scales, it will transfrmed to Dragon or be get the dragon, nly the turtle can prtect it.
(I have the bigger plate with decrations fish transfrmed to dragon, and will installed at The Rare Ming Imperail Dragn five clown ceramic)

11. The Fish legend of Po Ku TU
According to the Po KU Tu, fish are compared to a king’s subject, and the art of angling to that fo ruling. Thus an unskilled angler will catch the fish,or will a tactless prince win over his peple. on account of various legend that letters have been fund in the bellies of carps etc, the fish is also emblem of epistolary correspondence.

12 The Chinese phillosophy of Fish and catching fish.
If you a fish to someone, he will eat fish only one day, but if you teach them how to get the fish, they will eat fish everydays.
this mean donnot give a materia t smeone because he will used that material or money only until off, but if you teach them how to mede or get the material or Money they will find every days.


B. The Chinese Lucky Fengsui of Fish

1. In the Chinese bigger party, Fish must exist as the foods, but if at that area didnt have fish, the Fish must be the decorations.because a pair of fish is the emblem of joy union. The fish als gave wealthy fengsui, that is why carps in china was called Lei-Yu ,the prnuncatins like ‘Have the property of wealthy’.

2. In the Temple Fish statue put on the roof in order to prtect the temple from burning.

3. In the House better to have the Fish statue because, the fish will gave the owner the Wealth or much money .

4. The Fish especially the red gold arawana fish in aquarium will gave the owner healthy long life and wealthy.

5. The Chinese Newyear card with The Carp leaping the gate in order to transforme as the dragon, this is the emblem of the god day.

6.The Carps had associated with the Art and science ancetors because that ancetors always rides the Fish-dragon, that is why the Chinese always want to be the scientist because the Schlar have the highest rank, honorable and will be the famous human.(this is the Confusius phillosophies, that is why many Chinese always studies along his live )


Late ming  Fish change to fragon when enter the heaven gate motif plate


Late ming fish and dragon motif cup

 Transitional Ming Qing Fish motif plate

Motif Fauna

7)Motif Deer

Late Ming swatow Deer motif plate

(Motif) longevity Symbol

Ming Wanli Deer Motif Cup

Motif Fauna

8)Motif Frog

Kendi three sancai colour frog motif(illustration not upload)



Motif Fauna

9)Motif Bird


The  Late Qing De Hua Bird  red in glazed Plate

 Bigger and middle size.(illustrstion not upload)


(Motif) longevity Symbol

Motif Symbol Love and marriage Bird

Compare literatures

Another large diameter kraak plate with a bird on a rock below a flower arrangement. With these motifs, the artist convey the meaning of chum gung Chang shou which refers to ‘spring time and longevity’ to the Chinese. A motif which was very popular during the Ming dynasty. Together, these motifs connotes the blessing for vibrant youth, healthiness and long life. The designs are crispy, well-drawn and stand out against the white background.


Motif Fauna

10) MANDARIN  Duck



 Late Ming Mandarin duck motif  Plate



Late Ming period blue white jar with 6 sided panel. with depiction of pairs of Crane and Mandarin Ducks on pond. Height 12cm

Motif Symbol Love and marriage
Mandarin Duck

 Motif Bird  On The Rock


Ming De Hua Bird On The Rock soucers



Ming De Hua Bird On Yhe Rock motif Cover Box


Motif bird on

Compare Literatures rock


a bird on a rock below a flower arrangement.

These motifs express wishes for a long life which, to the Chinese, means: chun guang chang shou referring to the theme: ‘spring time and longevity’. All this together connotes blessings for vibrant youth and healthiness

and long life


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