The Chinese Imperial Ceramic Artwork Found In Indonesia (continiu)






Dr Iwan Suwandy , MHA

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3.5.5 1) (3)

 Arabic Islamic Charaters Caligraphy


the only one artifact found f a Chengde  Ming Dynasti blue white plate white with Arabic calligraphy

La Ila Ilalah Mohammad Rasullah


There is no god other than Allah Muhammad prophet of  Allah

Tiada Tuhan Selain Allah Muhammad God Phrophet

 During the Zhengde period, some blue and white porcelains with Islamic influence such as Arabic scripts were produced.  Some speculated that it was because emperor Zhengde was converted to Muslim faith.  However, the more probable  reason could be the influence of the powerful eunuchs , many of whom were Muslims

Saucers with Underglaze blue decoration 9n the center an Arabic description Ming Dynasty ,Zhengde Mark and Period (1506-21)

3.5.5 1) (4)

Chinese characters Art Calligraphy motif

Qing calligraphy Shou

Lucky Shou loglife and happ1ness calligraphy

Late Ming Chinese Happines Shou Calligraphy Bowl and Plate

d marriage

3) calligraphy double happiness (Double Happiness)


Eight Divided   late qing CarsonesaucLateng Vase Double Hapiness calligraphy shou motifer with Double Happiness Chinese shou calligraphy and chrysanthemum flower(illustration not upload)


Eight Divided   late qing blue and white  with Double Happiness Chinese shou calligraphy and chrysanthemum flower(illustration not upload

Late qing vase with double hapinness shou calligraphy

3.5.5 1) (5)

Sansekrit Hindu Character calligraphy

Dr Iwan found  three palte 1 bigger, two middle, and small artifact. Of  Om –God  in sansekrit hindu caharter.(illustration not upload)

Interlacing floral scrolls with Sanskrit characters. It shows  typical calligraphic style of execution of the motif

3.5.5 1) (6)

  JaJavanese and other Indonesian native character Calligraphy

Chinese Imperial ceramic with javanese calligraphy Not yet found, but Dr Iwan foud  one plate and one cover bowl with Javanese charater means

Peringatan 10000 hari meninggalnya Ratu Kenvaca (permasuri hemangkubuwono Vii( , ibu daru Ratu Mas Permaisuri sultan Solo Pakubuwono le  sepuluh (X(

Itu buatan Petrus Regout Mast rich bergambar Ratu Kencana,permaisuri HB VII dan ibunda dari Ratu Mas permaisuri PB X,set piring dipesan utk peringatan 1000 hari meninggalnya Ratu Kencana.terdiri dari dinner set komplit dibagikan pada seluruh kerabat dan undangan.nuwun ,panji java salatiga 085726853098

(Panji salatiga info)


The same calligraphy also on the bigger dutch maastrich plate in Blue white colour(illustration not upload)


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