The Chinese Imperial Ceramic Artwork Found In Indonesia ( Continius )






Dr Iwan Suwandy , MHA

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(1)   The Indonesian Ocean Shipwreck Treasure Report

Indonesian Ocean Shipwreck Traesures


Ceribon Shipwreck Treasures

 Liao Bigger Vase and many unmotif cups and bowls

ceribon shipwreck coins

Ceribon shipwreck gold treasures 


 Posted Image

Late  Ming Duck symbol motif ewer, Chrysanthenum Bowl and unmotif ginger jars


Late Qing chrysnathenum plate,bowl,cover box also  Wanli grasshopper motif plate

Liao  Lotus flower pattern  plate


Ceribon shipwreck Liao Fish  moulded ewer pottery


ceribon shipwreck Liao  moulded Lotus flower motif bowl

Ceribon shipwreck Liao dynasti unmotif bowl


Ceribon shipwreck liao moulded chrysanthemum motif plate


 Teksing porcelains

Late qing fungus longevity motif  bowl

late ming chysanthenum geometric motif cup

The reseacher Dr Iwan Note

The Indonesian Ocean Shipwreck ceramic many found from era before Sung Dynasti  because the Yuan and Ming Ban to export their artwork to Indonesia due to the political situation at that era ( read Driwan CD-ROM  the Majapahit history collections) without Chinese symbolic Motif, except some from Wanli dynasti , late ming dan late qing  with symbolic motif.

The Indonesia report of Shipwreck not told the Chinese symbolic motif, they only told the problem to sold, and the price they get.

The reasecher hope all Indonesia Archeologist will read this studies report from South China Shipwreck  at the before chapter  and in the next chapter to ge the informations of the Chinese imperial ceramic artwork symbolic motif whicn tell everybody why they produced the artwork ceramic and relation with the Indonesian Tionghoa ethic tradition and religious.

After that they can write the most best informations to all Indonesian  and iinternational ethnic and thay will understand and can make more good relation with the Tionghoa ethnic  and living together with peace and get the propesrity, wealthy ,healthy and longevity life together.



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