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  • Chevron Beads found in west Borneo


In 1980-1985 during on duty at West Sumatra, I have found some rare antique Beads, like qing bead , dutch bead ,venetian beads etc.

In 1990-1994 during on duty at West Borneo I found  another beads from dayaks beads.

In 1996, when visit East borneo during travel between Balikpapan to Samarinda I found another dayaks beads

Some of the bead I have upload in my old web blog uniquecollection,

Now in 2015 I upload  again in my new web blog

I add some info from fgoogle ecploration, I hope the info owners will give me permission to pout their info in this articles

The Information in web not complete without illustration , the complete CD-Rom exist, the price for Indonesian collectors only, Rp 500.0000.- including sending cost via Titipan KIlat, donnot forget to upload your ID Copy and complete address, this to ptotect from hiject internet.

I hope this information will help the collectors to compare there collections, original or replica and the estimate price also included.

Jakarta January. 2015


Dr Iwan Suwandy,MHA


Indonesia Beads Collection (Intro)

January 13, 2010 by uniquecollection

IMUCS best beads collection identified by Dubin Chart in “The History of BEADS ” some samples indentified beads look below, after this will put in this blog Identified indonesia beads. collections and unidentified Indonesia beads collection.@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010.

Eye beads found at Pontianak from Dayaks and Jakarta, the Dayak called “Tiung Bird eye ‘ very popular by dayaks as amulet to protect again evil spirit.


Carnelian bead India influence found at Banten in single form


Islamic beads Egypt influence found at Pontianak in form Malat Gasper, I think this fake repro bead because many seen at Jakarta from Middle and east Java.


Glass bead Klong Thom Thailand style (800-1100) during Srivijaya Kingdom, found at Palembang in single beads.


Opalized Palm wood with Mongolian influence found at Pontianak from Dayaks in form necklets.


Baltic Agate found at Bukittinggi in form Necklets and islamic Rosary


Venice Mosaic beads found at Pontianak from the native Malay Gasper.


Nederland Chevron beads found at Pontianak from Dayaks.


China beads in necklets found at Bukittinggi West Sumatra


Unidentified ancient brass beads neclets found in Sumatra combine with small white and brown beads.

Beads are small,colorful,symetrical, and often quite beautiful. They are frequently standardized inexpensive units that can be arranged in almost endless configuration. They can be seen not only in the familiar forms of necklaces and bracelets but also on anklets, headbands, and headdresses. Beadwork is used in acncient Asia (also in Indonesia-auth.) , beads were scattered like seeds beneath temples to induce harvets , In Indonesia , the Maloh tribe-Kalimantan(Borneo) the ceremonial costumeonsist of a highly decorated short shirt,jacket and headcloth  and a Dayak beadwork baby carrier which hold the infant during the first month of life ,Shells,beads, andcthe teeth of bears and pigs-animals with protective spirit-are often suspended from the wooden carrier to make a rattling sound,which frighten away evil spirits  ( I hane ever seen at West Borno’s dayaks, Chinese overseas in Indonesia ,now Tionghoa ethnic , also used beads as the  part of wedding-bed decoration , gown -handkerchief and shoes -auth)In the Phillipine, the parctise of placing two beads in acup at wedding ceremonies still binds merriages.(Dubin,L.S-1987)

In Indenesia there were special beads literature by Sumirah Adyatman , the new one the bead from shipwreck. I will use Dubin Chart to identified my beads collections found from Sumatra(Bukittinggi and palembang), Java (Jakarta & Bantam), and Borneo (Pontianak and Balikpapan).

After made a study with Dubin chart, I identified several type of beads in my collection that show above, still many unidentified. I will showed the Identified and unidentified best beads collection in order to collector choice,please chose the besr collection to put in IMUCS Cybermuseum. I hope Mrs Sumirah Adhyatman and other Beads specialist to comment my collections showed in this blog with more informations to identified  my UNFO (unidentified non flying object) Beads , THank you very much .

Greating from Dr Iwan S.

Palm opalizedwood beads with decoration type e.


702 a. Plam opalizedwood with decoration type a


703 c. Palm Opalizedwood with decoration type c


703-var Palm opalized wood round with strip variation type a