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Mouse Zodiac Motif

I. The Ethnic History of Mouse

1. The China charcater of mouse
The China character of mouse have showed ancient calligraphy of Mouse with head,mostage, leg and tail.
( The rare Ming mouse decoration ceramic , only the unsual
head decoration like animation clown, eyes, ear and mostage
this is the only one ever seen and report, never seen at international auctions, if the collectors ahve the same decoration please report via comment-Dr Iwan S.)

2. The Chinese Ethnic legend of Mouse
Mouse were the Yin animal , in the Chinese legend the mouse hae belief can live until 300 years, and when It became 100 years the color have changing into white. When the country occupied by the enemies , the white mouse will show itself.

3. The Chinese Ethnic symbols of Mouse
The symbol of mouse were the symbol of fear , but also the symbol of cleverness(Kecerdikan) and the symbol of wealtyness due to hardwork (Same ass the Charater of Mouse)

4. The Chinese Etnic zodiac of Mouse
Mouse was the first animal from twelve Zodiac creations and have told that the mouse had betrayed the Cat , that was why the Cat didnot exist in the Chinese Ethnic Zodiac.

II. The Ethnic lucky Fengsui of Mouse

1. Use By Chinese Ethnic Fortune Teller
The Mouse could be used by the Chinese ethnic fortune teller to know what will happened in the Chinese Mouse year and also what will Happened at the area abouth the distance of 1.000 mil

2.The wedding day of Mouse
The 19th days of the first Month is the Mouse wedding day, this day is celebrated by the Etnich Chinese to asked the The King of Mouse for changed the destroyed of their family to the people who didnot payed attention to their religious.

3. The Bigger Fatty Mouse will bring the wealthyness
If a Bigger Fatty mouse enter the home, the ethnic Chinese willnot kill or threw that fatty mouse, becasue they belief the Bigger Fatty mouse will bring the lucky of wealthyness.

4. Mouse were the animal have made Fear especially the Pes diseases, but also as the honor animal because the fatty mouse was the lucky symbol of wealthyness.

5. The legend of a Mouse disaster day
The mouse have belief in the Chinese ethnic legend had related with the Sun , that is why this day didnt luckyday for built the House , if still done will made disasters of the family who lived in that house and they will seperate bed because they cannot sleep well .

6. The legend of the mouse lucky fengsui
(1) The Guard of North Mo Li-shou have bring the creators which near same profile with White Mouse in the native bigger beg, and the Mount Ancetors Erh Lang or Yang Chien killed him and took the unique white Mouse Creators to be his beloved animal.
(2) There were the invitation sent to the tweleve zodiac Animal, but the mouse made fool to Cat, the invitation of the cat have recieved lately after the choose of the name of animal Zodiac over, that was why had need one name to change with Cat, and when first meeting was the Pig , the cat change with Pig Zodiac and The Mouse still as the first Chinese zodiac , if the cat arrive on time, The Cat will be in Chinese Zodiac and The Mouse will out of the Chinese Zodiac. Who had keep the cat invitation, you have known the clever White Mouse.
(Why the Cat decoration very rare in Chinese Ceramic decoration and became one of RCD-Rare ceramic Decoration in China tradition ? please read carefully the history and legend above, and we will understand by in the world Walt Disney very success with his Mickey Mouse , the lucky,humor and clever mouse, but in Japan the native Nippon people more preferred Cat with their very famous humor creators Hallo Kitty that belief as the symbol of wealthyness, and every weving hand will pussed the money into the owner of the lucky Cat, that different in China that is why no cat in China Zodiac, but in Sarawak Cat were the very lucky animal that is why their capital called Kuching with her excellent Cat or Kuching musuem ,

 Buffalo Zodiac Motif

    1. The Bos Bubalus or Water Buffalo which serve so well at theplough and the Mill.
    2. The milk of Common Cow is sweeter than that of the Buffalo, thhough the latter is richer in cream.
    3. A large bronze image of a water buffalo is to be seen n the bank of the Summer Palace lake at Beijing, being placed there in the belief that the sacred and powerful animal will repress the evil spirits that disturb the lake, rivers and seas.
    4. The chinese may be didn’t eat water buffalo because they honored the Buffalo which plough the sands and Buddhist frmIndia also didn’t eat Buffalo meat.
    5. During archeolgist excavation the Buffalos bones only found at te area after 1400 AD , may be this animal came frm westren because there fund the Ancient Bones .The Tartar used the Buffalo horn that came from the Middle east.



1.The Ox (Sapi) is the emblem of Spring and Agriculture

2. The ox is the second of symbolical animals corresponding to the Tweleve Terrestrial Branches.

3. It has a rich variety of name in the Chinese language, and a special designatin in each year of growth, up to the seventh year.

4.The character of ox was said that the four dots of the presnt symbol for fish being supposed to reprsent the four leg of the Ox.

5. The creature is said to be deaf in its ears (that is why in the school alway said you are Ox to the stupid student) , but t hear with its nose.
The flesh of the Mule (eaten cow meat or beef) is sold for food, but , out of respect for the Jellow Ox (holy ox-look at the OX figurine) . Beef is not musch eaten, and its consumptin by Buddhist and Mohameddan, but Hindus prohibited for religious reasons. .

6. The meeting of the spring is farmers holiday which occur at the Slar perid knwn as Li Chun falling abut the 5th February, and it is then that the ceremnial ploughing and the beating f the spring x tkes place. this ceremonial first done during Dinasty Chou after beaten shang Dinasty 1122 BC , the buffalo had stop at 900 steps and Chiang Tzu-ya said that dinasty Chou will exist 900 years and that reeally happened.

7. The so called Spring Ox is made of clay and is beaten with sticks to stimulate the revival of spring. The detail f clur bth of ox and driver are carefully worked ut every year accrding t the astrlogical and geomatic omens. Its head and back were white, its abdomen and feet were green,it horns,leg,ears and tail were yellow.

8. Niu Mang or Mang Shen , a youth whose function is to beat the ox with a willw branch. He wore a green cat with a white belt. If the x is Jellow, the peple say that the year will be a fruitful ne, and a bumper harvest is expected. If it is red and calamity will be rife and if white mourning will be very plentiful.


1. The Male Buffalo as the emblem of spring time and farmers, which related with the future weater situations.

2. Male Buffalo was the Animal Zodiac number two. The male Buffalo under the Venus and didn’t bring Feng zui.(That is why very rare painting in Ming ceramic).

3. If someone built his huse starting at Friday-the buffalo day, will made the brother fighting each other and the Buried and wedding in this day will not found wealthy and the family will gne away.

4. The Male Buffalo was associated with Lao Tze ,who also ride male buffalo when seeking the long life.

Tiger Zodiac Motif 

(Compile from many Vintage book by Dr Iwan S.)

1. Tiger were very common in ancient times, and are still to be found circa 1974 Quantung ,Quan-shi .Fuk-ien .Qiangshi and Manchuria. The largest runs to 12 feet in length (no info today).

2. The Tigers stripes written in China as the radical Hu, and the tiger form with the legs like human being erect written in Vhina as the form of man Jen.
The Tigers strip also meant as the written on the whole body with brown gold color like chinese wriiten the emperor or Wang.

3.The Tiger illustration in China only on the ancien Copper Broonze statue, and some ancient legend pictures of The Chief Tao monk Chang tao-ling ride the tiger. Chang Tao Ling was the 8th chief
of Tao monk circa in the year 200 BC as the member of the first Han emperor government below Chan Liang, and after Chang become emperor.
Chang Liang have long life 123 years, because he drink the water of persist Lifes and the chinese people believed that Chang Tao -Ling have the power to send to earth the City goddest and to control the Neraka (hell) guard.The monk used amulet wit his written name to scarring the devila. Every year in the 5th day of the 5th Month(May.5th) there were the special celebrities for him in other to destroy Devil and and protect the people life.

4. Beside Chang Tao-ling, Hsuan Tan Wealthy Goddest
Tsai Shen- the chief of five Wealthy Goddest, he ride the Tiger or he himself image as the tiger.that is why in the 5th day chinese Imlek newyear all the window and doors were open to let Tsai Shen come in the House with her Wealthy blessing, until this day the Indonesia Tioghoa etnic had done that ceromonial in 12.00 PM in the night, especially when there ware rainning days more wealthy Fengsui will come in.

5.The Tiger in china was called the King of the wild beasts, and its real or imaginery qualities afford them matter for more metaphors than any other wild anima. It is taken as the emblem of magisterial dignityvand sternness, as the model for the courage and fierceness which skould characterize a soldier, and its presence or roar is synonymous with denger and terror. Its present scarceness had tended to magnify his prowess, until it has by degrees become invested with so many savage attributes tha nothing can exceed it (My friend had told me that when he hunting the tiger in Sumatra with the Younger man, when he heard the Tiger roar in the night and filled very scarring that his urination on his trousers-Dr Iwan S.)
In the days of Marco Polo, the multitude of tigers in the nothern parts of the empire rendered travelling alone dangerous, the sam situation in Sumatra, I have never travelled in the night around the Tigers area with the special Tiger Road Plague around Lahat-tebing Tinggi-Lubuk Linggau South Sumatra area beside the traditional Robbery Bajing Loncat or the leaping dog in that road that is why many car stopped and rest at Lahat or LubukLinggau.

6. The history of White Tiger
The White Tiger or Pai Hu, is the name given to the Westren quadrant of the Uranosphere and metaphorically to the West in general. The title o White Tiger was bestowe on the canonized Yin Chen-hsiu , a general of the last emperor of the Yin dynasty. His image may be seen at the door of Taoist temples.

(compile from many vintage book by Dr iwan S)

1. The God of anti Demon Teror and Military Powers
If the dragon or Chinese Dinosaurus is chief of aquatic creatures, the Tigers were lord of all land animal. These two share the position of prime important in the mtsterious pseudo-science called Feng Shui. The tiger is figure on many of the most ancient bronze ,often with a ring in its mouth. It frequently appears in a groteque form which native archeologist designate a Quadruped.The tiger symbolies military proweres (in Indonesia the symbol WEst Java Military Forces SiliwangI-Dr iwan S). It is an object of special terror to demons , is therefore painted on walls to scare malignant spirits away from the neighbourhood of houses and temples. The Shoes of small children are often embroidered with tiger head for the same reason

2. The God of Wealth
The Tiger sometimes represented as the God of Wealth and tiger goddest also to be found, chiefly in Hanoi, manchuria and also in Indonesia, where this animals are most plentyful.

3. The military Tiger-skin immitation dressed as the symbols of the powers (In Indonesia the national Police Academy and also The Military Academy used this dress at their Drumband Marching. They adnavnced to battled shouting loundly, in the hope thatvtheir cries would strike terror into the enemy as if they were the actual roats of Tiger.

3. The Tigers in Chinese astrology
(1)According to the astrologers, the star (ursa major) gave birth by matamorphosis to the first beast of this kind. He is the greatest of four-footed creatures, representing tthe masculine principle of nature, and is the lord of all wild animal. He is also called the King of Beasts , and the character King or Wang is believed to be traceable upon his brow. He is seven feet in lenght,because seven is the number appertaining to Yang, the masculine principle, and for the same reason his gestation endures for seven months.
(2)Due to Feng-Shui, all over the Galaxi including world divided on four direction,four stars and four creature who control that area :
(a) The east area controlled by the Blue dragon
(b) The west area controlled by the White tiger
(c) The South area controlled by the red phoenix
(d) The North area controlled by the black turtle
The white tiger have three lucky or Feng-sui :
(a) Brave,powers and passion.
(b) Against the criminal teror,swallow devils.and the tigers strip pointed the combination of yin and Yang that defense from the bad powers.
(c)Against and push out three criminas of flame,thief and devils.
(3) The man who born in the Tiger year, very lucky because he can merried fast with the women who merried in the Pig, dog, horse, mouse and cock years, but he cannot merried the women who born in the Monkey,snake, or cow years.
Very unlucky for the women who born in the Tigers years because she will swalow her husband and she will difficult to merried, only with the same or more powers man who born in the Tiger or Dragon years only.
4. The Tiger as the charm against sickness
Tiger lives to the age of one thousand years. When five hundred years old, his colour change to white. His claws are powerful talisman (many native Indonesian used Tigers clawn as amulet-Dr Iwan S.).and ashes prepared from his skin worn about the person act as a charm against sickness.
( I didn’t know why not many Tiger figur painted in the Plate,Cup of Vase ceramic, also no Chinese Tiger coins exist but on tiles more exist , I only have one Ming Tiger ceramic from Thousand of the artifacts , may be the Chinese archeologist will tell us via comment-Dr Iwan S.)

4)   Rabbit Zodiac Motif


5)   Dragon Zodiac Motif

6) Snake Zodiac Motif

1 Snake as the Supranatural power
(1)The written symbol representing the snake is compounded of the form from Chung,reprile or worm, and To ,humpbacked, which is derived from the figure of a cobra rising on its tail with dilated neck and darting toungue, but the China ceramic never with the Cobra snake decorations, but in India more often used the Cobra for show also in Indonesia with unpoison snake (ular sanca), also in Thailand they used snake for sexual showed .
The Snake is one of the symbolic creatures corresponding to the sixth of tweleve Terrestrial Branches, and is the emblem of evil, cunning and sycophancy.

2. Snake have the supernatural powers
The Snake is regarded with the feeling of awe and veneration owing to its supposed supernatural powers and its kinship with the benevolent dragon.that is why unpoison Snakes are offered for sale as food in China,and also in Indonesia.

3. The Demons and Fairies transform into Snakes.
The Chinese believe that elfs,demons and fairies often transformed themselves into snakes. The Buddihst monks occasionally harbour snake around their temples.

4. The Poison Snake have the power to cure
The Poison snake have the power to cure, that is why the Snake used as the Emblem of Medical sciencies(with stick and wing, meaning the snake were beaten by the eagle and the stick as the emblem of the cure powers ) by the Father of Medicine Aeculapius, the Aphothecry aslo used as the Emblem of Medicine sciencies(with cup).but in Chine the Snake didnot used as the emblem of medicine or medical practise. but my Brother ever the Chinese Snake medicine to cure his stomach bleeding patient at medan to Singapore hospital and succeed, the snake poison medicine to used for anticoagulant and made the circulation more good to protect against the effect of Vena Cava stopping circulation by the cirrhosis Hepatis which made Esophagus Varices with vena dilated and broken with many bleeding. The cure succees, their motto poison beat poisons.(Hallo Dr Edhie medan, thankyou for your medical reporting to Dr iwan S, are youn have another patient with the poisoning medicine therapy, please contact and report via comment)
The Chinese have various herbal remedies for snake-bite, and the masked head of the reptil is sometimes applied to wound .
The Medicine science have motto that The Medicine were the control Poison, that is why the using must by the Physician recipes and if the using up that the medical dosis, will became poison, the driug abuse or poisoning lethal dosis will send you to hell or hea-ven .Many Poison used for kill in the political situation ,ancient the Empress dowger ,read The Qing postal history in this blog , and the latest murdered of Indonesian activis against the Indonesian Violent and lost people, by Arsenic poisoning still cann’t detected the criminals who done the poisoning.

5.The Snake in Holy Bijbel
The First man Adam and Ave have eating the forbidden fruit by the snake, that is why the snake were the evil creature and God punished the snake , that must moving without legs and to be the evil creatures.

6. The Snake as the emblem of Criminals
The snake were the emblem of Criminals and evil that is why many snake tattouge made by the criminal because they think Snake will scaring their victim which made them gave what the criminals want.

7. The history of White Snake
The man who fallen in loved with the white Snake lady Hsu Han-wen or Hsu Hsien, after sexual intercourse , they have a child. Whe he now his wife was a snake, he asked the Buddhist Monk to seperate , but the white snake was killed during she want to have his husband back, The teacher Hsu had fighting with the white Snake lady and kill her and bring the White snake children to the temple until became the yun man , and this legend will related with Pai-she as the mother of the femous monk Hsuan-tsang in the journey to the west. A bandit criminals sinking the Chen father ship and kidnapp his Mother . The mother didnot want to makelove with the bandit (Ciao) , the Water dragn ancestor. The youngman(White snake son) met his mother and help to kill the bandit and his father body(Chen) was keeping by Shui-hsien(The Water Goddest) and he body life again by the sailors goddest Ma Tsu, and the Quan yin Buddha Goddest was ancestor from the Sailors Goddest.

1. Very unlucky to kill the snake
The Chinese believed that very unlucky to kill the snake which made its democili below the floor of ones house and they purchase a snake thathas been captured, and liberate it, it considered a good deed that will not go underrewarded. They also believed that elfs,demons and fairies often transform them-selves into snakes. The Buddhist monk occasionally harbour snakes around their temples.

2. Why Snake important in the Chinese Zodiac
(1) The Chinese believed snakes keep the jewell in his head and the snake meat will cure the diseases, the skin of snake with white dot used to cure leprosy. reumatic and hemiplegia.
(2) Many Chinese scaring to Snake , but the snake have two power control :
(a) The black snake control the North area because all the disaters and criminals came from the North. If the Chinese General who believe on the Snake power attacked his enemy in the North and he soldiers at South, he will moved to the North and attack the enemy from North not straight from South.I he didn’t attacked from North will be the losser. The snake ancestor will became the Human.
(c) The Snake important because he have the power against the Criminals and he were very clever and hard fighting (cerdik & Gigih) and this best power belong to the human who born in the Snake years

The Chinese Imperial ceramic Artwork Motif Found In Indonesia(continiu)






Dr Iwan Suwandy , MHA

Private Limited E-Book In CD-Rom Edition

Special For Senior Reseacher And Collectors

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Chinese Zodiac Symbols Motif 

7)  Horse Zodiac Motif


8) Goat Zodiac Motif

9) Monkey Zodiac Motif



1.The skin of the golden brown monkey or Rhinopethicusbroxellane of Szechuan and kansu is much valued by the Chinese and it is asid at one time only members of the Imperial family were entitle to wear it (couling,Encyclopedia Sinica,Monkeys)

2. The Monkey is one of the symbolic aninal correspondent with the ninth of the Tweleve Terretrial Branches, and though worshipped to some extent by the Buddhists, is commonly regarded as the emblem of ugliness and trickery.

3. The monkey was first worshipped in return for some supposed services rendered the individual who went to India, by special command of an Emperor of thereligion-so some affirm. This Emperor deified the monkey or at least he conferred the august tittle of ‘The Great Sage equal to Heaven’ upon that quaduped, The birthday of ‘His Excellency, The holy King’, is believed to occur on the twenty-third of the second Chinese Month, when His Majesty is pecially worshipped by men from all classes of society. 

4. The Monkey is believed to have the general control of hobgoblins, Witches , elves etc. It is also supposed to be able to bestow health (Dr Iwan S. birth at the last day of Monkey Years, that is why his parent said him the tail of monkey, and also became the physiciann and master of Healt & Hospital Administration), protection , and sucess on mankind, if not directly, indirectly, by keeping away maliciuos spirits or goblin. Chinese People often imagine that sickness , or want of sucess in study or trade, is caused by witches and hobgoblins. Hence the sick, or the unsuccesful, worship the monkey in order to obtain its kind offices in driving away or preventing the evil influences of various imaginary spirits or powers(Doolittle;social life Of chinese p.228)

5 In Tionghoa ethnic history, the Monkey very known as the Sun Go Kong

. or now in China Sun wu-Kang , the Monkey Ancetors with the Magic ring ar0und his forhead

that will smaller and made the head’s pain if he made the wrong sexual act , also he have the power to duplicated himself by pull his armpit’s hair.
In the Chinesehomeland and Tionghoa etnic folklore story THE TRAVELLING TO WEST , the Monkey was the emblem of Human’s Cleverness(kecerdasan) and the power of human pshycollogic brains powers (akal budi) , and the name- the King of all Monkeys have given to someone who have many strategic actions(tipu muslihat) , also during this travelling the Monkey very clever in medical therapy (as therapist)
( everybody have ever seen the movie or video of the famous Sun go Kong or Dewa Kera, but until this time UCM only found one Sun Go Kong -the Ming sancai Monkey figurine, and this is the first report and never seen in the International auctions,this Figurine very rare and very high investation value because the chinese belief that he have the power to control all the creator which made the sickness and unsuceesfull,you will always healthy and sucess if collect this rare Monkey figurine, that is why in my senior age I am alway healthy and succeed,don’t you believed?
please if the collectors have the same Ming Monkey figurine please contact via comment with your opinion-Dr Iwan S)

6. Sun go kong or Sun Wu-Kong (wu and go ast the same meaning and character but different dialeg Fukian an Kek), was borned from a magic stone and after have the magic power and trined by the monk Tao P’u ti Tsu-shih , he have the magic stick Yu which could made the the Dragon king became afraid. he became the king of Monkey and command all the animal all over the world . But Sun Go-kong didnot sastified, he asked the air’s queen (Ratu langit) to be the as same with her and he still the the Queen Long Life Peer fruit, but he was kninapped ,but the monkey cannot destroyed by the Queen and the flame of eight diagram Lao Tzu., The Buddhist Queen Quan-yin have traped the Monkey in the below of the Mointain to wait the Hsuan Tsang monk which travel to India in order to get the Buddhish Books . The instersting story about how the Monkey ancetors , with The Pig ancetors and the Mountain monk help the Hsuan Tang monk travel to India and found the Buddhist Books, The travel to the West was the original history during The Tang dinasty which the emperor order the Monk travelto India to get the Budddiht books, this book were written during the Ming dinasty (please read the Ancient Travel Unique collection and the Book Unique Collec-tions ) The story based on the India Hindu Ramayana story about the clever and magic power of The King of Money Hamonan in Rama-Shinta history.
The history of the magic Yu stick were original during the third emperor of last emperor Tayu of Hsia dinasty , this emperor Nefrit was the first man who used the stick to estimate the water level of fload and control that fload, and the Water Ancetor was the Monkey which could control the water animal which caused the fload before the devil had tied at the mountain but i could free itself and made fload .The traditional Chinese yu dancing were in actions during the anti Fload ceremony.


1. The Monkey is the emblem of long life and Healthyness

2. The Monkey Could control the evil and women whictcraft that is why the Monkey have believed will bring the healthyness, protections against diseases and pull out the criminal factors against humankind.

3. The relation bertween the Monkey and the Yu emperor and the Dewa Guntur had told how important the Monkey in China or Tionghoa tradition, they honored to the Sun Go-kong , that is why the Chinese artcraft didnot painting the Holy Monkey figure in ceramic , and very difficult to found the Sun Wu-kon figurine small statue during dinasty Ming, because the Brown gold Monkey only used by the Ming Imperial court or as the given the Indonesia’s King or the Tionghoa Commander in Chief . please the sinolog help me with more informations via comment, also if the collectors who found the Ming Monkey Figurine please report via comment

The Chinese Imperial Ceramic Artwork Found In Indonesia (continiu)






Dr Iwan Suwandy , MHA

Private Limited E-Book In CD-Rom Edition

Special For Senior Reseacher And Collectors

Copyright @ 2013

THIS THE SAMPLE OF Dr Iwan Limited E-Book In CD-Rom with unedited non complete info illustration, the complete CD-Rom exist but only for premium member please subscribe via comment with your email address and private information same as  your ID-Card


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Chinese Zodiac Symbols Motif 



9) Chicken Roster Motif

Rare Yuan Cock ceramic.

(1). The cck is the chief emnodiment of the element Yang,which represents the warmth and life of the universe. It is supposed to have the power of changing itself into uman form, to inflict good or evil upon mankind.
(2). The cock have a crown in his head, a mark of his literary spirit and he also have spurs on his feet, a token of his warlike disposition.
(3), The Cock is courageoud, for he fights and benevolent , always clucking for the hens when he scratches up a grain and faithful, for he never lses hours.
(4) The picture of a red cock is often pasted on the wall of a house in belief that the bird is a protection against fire.
(5). As aGhsts disappear at sunrise, the cock is supposed to drive them away by his crowing.
(6). Hence a white cock is sometimes placed n the coffin in funeral processions to clear the road of demons.
(7). The Chinese say that one of the three spirits of the dead comes into the cock at the time of the meeting the corpse, and that the spirit is thus allure back to the residence of the family. Some explain the used of a purely white cock to the exclusion of any other coloured cock on such occasions, by saying that White cock is a divine or spiritual fowl.
(8) Cock-fighting was practised in China some five hunderd years ago (In Bali still a traditions until now, althoug agains the law if t be a gambling and the Police will arrest them especially at the islamic area.

3. The Chinese Lucky Fengsui of the Cock
(1.) No doubt, however, its white colour is emblematical of purity of heart.It was the customof the bride and bridegroom to eat white sugar cocks at the wedding ceremony. A white cock is said to be aprotection against beneful astral influences and to be the only capable guide of transient spirit.
(2)The Sins of the offerer are said to be transferred t the entrails of the Cock, and these are exposed upon the hused-top, to be carried away by birds of the airs,
(3) A cock and a hen standing amid artificial rck-work in a garden of peonies is common pictorial design symbolizing the pleausures of a country life.
(4) A Cock on the roof of a house is regarder as a bad omen, and it very unlucky if it thunders while a hen is sitting on eggs.
(5) The embroidery Cock design were used on the Judge wear,the cock on the rock looking the sunrise were the emblem of the Emperor power and authorities.
(6) The lucky days of the cock is the Saturday, if someone have their wedding in this day, will made the harmonis and wealthy merriage, but if the buried ceremony on this day will made their rank up in People society

10) Dogs Motif

Late Ming white  Dog Motif Figurine


Late Ming  Lion Dog  Motif Figurine

11) Pigs Motif




 Pig symbol motif ceramic


The Chinese Imperial Ceramic Artwork Found In Indonesia(continiu)






Dr Iwan Suwandy , MHA

Private Limited E-Book In CD-Rom Edition

Special For Senior Reseacher And Collectors

Copyright @ 2013

THIS THE SAMPLE OF Dr Iwan Limited E-Book In CD-Rom with unedited non complete info illustration, the complete CD-Rom exist but only for premium member please subscribe via comment with your email address and private information same as  your ID-Card


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2) Chrysanthemum flower (Chrysanthenum) SYMBOL BEAUTY


Tang Chrysanthenum Flower Motif

Tang treasure

These photos by Tony Law, National Geographic

Yang menarik adalah jumlah besar dan -kondisi mint keramik  Changsha , bentuk  Keramik Tang selatan mudah diidentifikasi oleh khas glasir coklat dan kekuning-kuningan 

The Changsha specimens found in the Belitung wreck are decorated with an enormous range of motifs. There is something for everyone: lotuses, makara fish and Chinese calligraphy for the Buddhists, invocations of Allah and non-pictorial, geometric patterns for the Muslims, and everything in between.

These are not terribly valuable in and of themselves; they are, as Simon Worrall’s droll appraisal in his article in National Geographic goes, “the Tang equivalent of Fiestaware”.

Changsha spesimen ditemukan di bangkai kapal Belitung dihiasi dengan berbagai motif besar. Ada sesuatu untuk semua orang: teratai, ikan makara dan kaligrafi Cina bagi umat Buddha, doa Allah dan non-bergambar, pola geometris bagi kaum muslim, dan segala sesuatu di antaranya. Ini tidak sangat berharga dalam dan dari diri mereka sendiri, mereka, sebagai penilai lucu Simon Worrall dalam artikelnya di National Geographic pergi, “setara Tang dari Fiestaware” 

Yuan red underglazed chrysanthemum motif vase yuhunchuping.


chinese Imperial Persian Mohameddan blue chrysanthenum motif  bowlYuan chrysanthemum cup


Yuan chrysanthemum and dragon   motif ink box

Yuan Chrysanthenum motif jarlet


Yuan Chrysanthenum motif Cup

Yuan Chrysanthenum  Motif Vase



:”The Rare Ming Imperial Chrysanthemum Ceramic” 


Ming Imperial Chrysanthenum

Original Ming mark

Ming tsuante mark

Original Ming Imperial



(1). The Chrysanthemum Indica or China Aster, is much cultivated il all parts of the country and is greataly esteemed for the variety and richness of its colouring.

(2). There are innumerable varietes of the Chrysanthemum in China,of which at least thrirty-five are said to be indigeneous in Honan. Four distimct treatises have been written on the cultivation of this composite flower.(PRC had issued the serial Chrysanthemun flower on their special commemorative stamps)
(3). The Dried fragnant flowers are said to be tonic, sedative and cosmetic.They re principally used as a wash for sore eyes. The tincture is said to be useful in debility. the ashed of the flower are said to be insecticide. The flower istaken in the form of powder to recover the drunkard. .

(4).A kind of tea is made from the dried petals which are sometimes soaked in wine.

(5) The 9th moon is known as the Chrysanthemum Month, when it is customary to make a special point of going out and feasting the eyes upon the beautiful blossoms, after which a refestion of crabs and samshu is consumed. In Beijing, chrysanthenum cuttings of different kinds are grafted on a sturdy, wild variety, which grows in profusion on the city wall, thus producing a grotesque plant with bloosoms of many colours.

(6) Since the republican ere it has been employed as a decorative motif on collars, badges, buckles,sword-hilts etc. used by the Army, in contra-diction to the sheaves of rice, which are similary employed in the Naval uniforms. It was regard as the national flower. (the same during Yuan dinasty, that is why many yuan ceramic with this flower decorative also in ming dinasty, but the imperial chrysanthenum decoration were special type, please the biologist collectors help to tell us the spesies of the Imperial chrysanthemum from the illustrations via comment)

Sejarah Bunga Krisan Derunia  Di tiongkok

(1). The Chrysanthemum Indica atau China Aster, yang banyak dibudidayakan il semua bagian negara dan
sangat  terhormat untuk berbagai dan kekayaan pewarnaan. 

(2). Ada varietes tak terhitung dari Krisan di Cina, yang setidaknya thrirty lima dikatakan indigeneous di Henan. Empat risalah distimct telah ditulis pada budidaya bunga ini komposit. (RRC telah mengeluarkan bunga Chrysanthemun serial pada perangko peringatan khusus mereka)

(3). Bunga-bunga kering fragnant dikatakan tonik, obat penenang dan cosmetic.They kembali terutama digunakan sebagai pencuci untuk sakit mata. Tingtur dikatakan berguna dalam kelemahan. yang ashed dari bunga dikatakan insektisida. Bunga istaken dalam bentuk bubuk untuk memulihkan pemabuk. .

(4). Sebuah jenis teh yang terbuat dari kelopak kering yang kadang-kadang direndam dalam anggur.

(5) The 9th bulan dikenal sebagai Bulan Krisan, ketika kebiasaan untuk membuat titik khusus untuk pergi keluar dan berpesta mata atas bunga yang indah, setelah itu refestion kepiting dan samshu dikonsumsi. Di Beijing, Chrysanthenum stek berbagai jenis dicangkokkan pada kokoh, berbagai liar, yang tumbuh di profesi di atas tembok kota, sehingga menghasilkan tanaman aneh dengan bloosoms banyak warna.

(6) Sejak ere republik telah digunakan sebagai motif dekoratif pada kerah, lencana, gesper, pedang-gagang dll yang digunakan oleh Angkatan Darat, di kontra-diksi ke berkas gandum beras, yang similary digunakan dalam seragam Angkatan Laut . Itu anggap sebagai bunga nasional. (sama selama Yuan dinasti, itu sebabnya banyak yuan keramik dengan bunga dekoratif ini juga dalam ming dinasti, tapi dekorasi Chrysanthenum kekaisaran tipe khusus, silahkan para kolektor biologi membantu untuk memberitahu kami spesies dari Imperial krisan dari ilustrasi melalui komentar ) 

(1) The flower is an emblem of mid-autumn and symbol of joviality.
(2) The Chrysanthemum is generally associated with a life of case, and retirement from public office. The poet Tao Chien 365-427 AD is spite of poverty refused to occupy an official post, but preferred to devote his life topoetry, music, wine and chrysanthemum growing.
(3) Chrysanthemum are given very charming and refined names. The yellow button, similar to wild form, is called Heaven full of star. the White quill,Goose-feathers Tube’, the yellow quit’Carrot-threads’. The large ragged mauve ‘Drunk with wine made from Peaches of the Immortals.
The big single white with yellow center ‘ Jade Sauceer Gold cup’, the varietes with very fine petals’ Pine Needles’ or ‘Dragon’s beard’
REd ground and white dots’ Maple leaves and Reed flower’. White striked with red’ Snow on the Ground rouge’; The idea suggested being either that of a young girl admiring the snow or journey of the lovely Wang chao-chien to the snowy wasted of Central Asia.
(The ethnic chinese always look the flora and fauna nature related to lucky fengsui and the made the exciting poem which gave the sensitive emotion for joy and longlife -the art of ethnic chinese homeand still didnot disappear in ethnic Tionghoa Indonesia, tehy alway prefered their wedding day at the 9 Month of the Year circa September and october, I and allmy son also merried in that month ,and we are always happy in the family, do you belief or not, please proof to your family wadding day-DR iwan S)
@copyright Dr Iwan S.2010

Look the artifact Yuan Ceramic with motif chrysanthemum



fake repro bluur design compare with the original below

Please compare flower decoration left Anamese vs right Yuan -style


Best perfect decoration


Bold dark blue bead jarlet


Best style flower decoration


The beast and the beauty,s red flower body decorations

Best dark red body decoration
Dark brown red bold body decoration (anamese?)
Darkred splash body decoration
Simple perfect red decoration
simple decoration with bright red colour

Simple perfect red decoration

simple decoration with bright red colour

Very dificult to produce the red in glazed ceramic, the collour gradation from best ruby red, red brown, and brown depend on the firing technology that is why during Yuan dynasty  didn’t produced for daily used, only the best red colour used in the imperial court and some as the given to friend’s King or Sultan, please look carefully verious exciting red colour from our artifact collectiions found in Indonesia. Please comment and choose the best one to put in the IMUCS cybermuseum. Thank very much to joined the collector choice program.




Simple bottom decoration

Upper part of cloud decoration in the body
simple best cloud decorations
Best blue and style flower decoration in the body
Best perfect spout,s dragon decoration
Best and perfect neck-body border key fret decoration
Bold Necklet decoration
Simple necklet decoration
Simple bold neck decoration
Simple neck decoration
Simple inner mouth decoration

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December 24, 2009 by uniquecollection

Simple,perfect and best colour MBlue yuhunchuping vase decoration

The very rare blue of Yuan ceramic were import from the middle east that is why called Mohhamedan Blue or Sunipo (please read the information in this blog”The unique red and blue Yuan-Ming ceramic collection”. This type of colour  was first use during  Yuan Dynasty very beautiful like Saffir blue and use for imperial court or give to the friedly King. In Indonesia still hard to find the guinine and fine conditions item, many brokken restored and must be carefull to the repro one. The artifact were IMUCS private collection found in Indonesia, we will put some of the best collector choice in our IMUCS Cybermuseum, please collector to choice which one the best collection with your comment especilly compared with your own collections.


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The beast and the beauty,s red flower body decorations

Best dark red body decoration
Dark brown red bold body decoration (anamese?)
Darkred splash body decoration
Simple perfect red decoration
simple decoration with bright red colour

Very dificult to produce the red in glazed ceramic, the collour gradation from best ruby red, red brown, and brown depend on the firing technology that is why during Yuan dynasty  didn’t produced for daily used, only the best red colour used in the imperial court and some as the given to friend’s King or Sultan, please look carefully verious exciting red colour from our artifact collectiions found in Indonesia. Please comment and choose the best one to put in the IMUCS cybermuseum. Thank very much to joined the collector choice program.


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Simple bottom decoration

flower bouqet body decorations
Dark red flower body decoration
simple redbrown body decoration
Neck,mouth and lips of red yuhunchuping vase yuan dynasty

simple bracelet neck decoration

RED IN GLAZED YUAN DYNASTY CERAMIC WERE THE VERY RARE CHINESE ART WORKS. In Indonesia until this day not much gunine items found, at Central Musuem Jakarta have only two items yubunchuping vase without neck and mouth. Many new reproductions from China and Indonesia have seen this day, to help the collector for identified their collections , IMUCS cyber musuem will put some best illustrations of our artifact collections. I hope all colectors all over the world to choose from some illustations the best one  to put permanetly in our cybermusuem, and you will joined our collector choice program.

 Dr, Iwan S.  

Keberuntungan  fengsui Bunga krisan

(1) Bunga merupakan lambang pertengahan musim gugur dan simbol
kegembiraan .

(2) Krisan umumnya dikaitkan dengan kehidupan kasus, dan pensiun dari jabatan publik.

Penyair Tao Chien 365-427 AD adalah meskipun kemiskinan menolak untuk menempati pos resmi, tapi pilihan untuk mengabdikan hidupnya  pada  penulisan sanjak  , musik, anggur dan pertumbuhan krisan .

(3) Krisan diberi nama yang sangat menarik dan halus. Tombol kuning, mirip dengan bentuk liar, disebut Surga penuh bintang. Putih pena, Goose-bulu Tabung ‘, kuning quit’Carrot-benang’.

Besar compang-camping mauve ‘Mabuk dengan anggur yang terbuat dari Persik dari Dewa.
Satu besar putih dengan kuning pusat ‘Jade Sauceer Emas cup’, para varietes dengan kelopak yang sangat halus ‘
  jarum Pine ‘ atau ‘Jenggot Naga Dragon ‘
Tanah Merah  dan titik putih ‘Maple daun dan Reed flower’. Putih striked dengan ‘Snow on the Ground rouge’ merah, Ide menyarankan menjadi baik bahwa seorang gadis muda mengagumi salju atau perjalanan dari Wang indah chao-chien ke bersalju terbuang dari Asia Tengah.

( etnis Cina selalu melihat flora dan fauna alam yang berkaitan dengan lucky fengsui dan membuat puisi yang menarik yang memberikan emosi sensitif untuk sukacita dan longlife-seni homeand etnis Cina masih didnot hilang dalam etnis Tionghoa Indonesia, tehy alway prefered pernikahan mereka hari pada 9 bulan Tahun sekitar September dan Oktober, saya dan anak allmy juga merried pada bulan itu, dan kami selalu senang dalam keluarga, apakah Anda percaya atau tidak, silakan bukti kepada gumpalan keluarga Anda sehari-DR iwan S)

Motif Lotus flower


Various Late Ming Loyus flower motif bowl

Late Ming Lotus flower motif cover box

Late Ming Lotus flower motif  Bowl



3) Lotus symbol of perfection and progress indefinitely


Ming Lotus flower symbol motif plate


Motif peach fruit


Motif) longevity Symbol

Compare literature 

Motif flora Peach fruit


This medallion is cut from the base of a large flower bowl. The peach symbolize health and a long life. The medallion feature the unusual ‘bi-style’ foot ring.


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