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Indonesia Independence Revolution And War Collection part V in 1949


1. Markas Komando Djawa 1948-1949


Abdul Haris Nasution Kol.TNI beliefs (the last of the Five-Star General) that the soldiers who do not have the support of the people must be defeated.
In the Revolution of Independence I (1946-1948), when leading Siliwangi Division, Pak Nas pulled the second lesson. People supporting the TNI. From this was born the idea of guerrilla warfare as a form of people’s war. Method of warfare is freely developed after Pak Nas became Commander of Java in the Revolution of Independence II (1948-1949).

original info in Indonesian language:

Keyakinan Kol.TNI Abdul Haris Nasution (terakhir Jendral besar Bintang Lima)  bahwa tentara yang tidak mendapat dukungan rakyat pasti kalah.
Dalam Revolusi Kemerdekaan I (1946-1948), ketika memimpin Divisi Siliwangi, Pak Nas menarik pelajaran kedua. Rakyat mendukung TNI. Dari sini lahir gagasannya tentang perang gerilya sebagai bentuk perang rakyat. Metode perang ini dengan leluasa dikembangkannya setelah Pak Nas menjadi Panglima Komando Jawa dalam masa Revolusi Kemerdekaan II (1948-1949).

look the cover of vintage book “Markas Komando Djawa “(Java Command Headquaters)

2.The Indonesian east sumatra  National Police(POLRI) 1949


Mobile Brigade residency Tapanuli IN militarization
1) Based on the assessment board of the Regional Defence Forces Tapanuli Mobile Brigade in Militerisasikan be KERESIDNENAN Tapanuli IV Battalion Regiment Brigade XI Tapanuli I TRI and MAS KADIRAN became Battalion Commander IV-I TRI Brigade Regiment with the rank XI MAJOR TRI (Army of the Republic of Indonesia) by the number of troops as much as 380 people complete with weapons including Heavy Weapons (cannon) and the Panzer Wagon Lezonik with Ammunition and Weapons and ammunition reserves.

2) With the Militerisasikan MBK Tapanuli be YON IV MEN I TRI Brig XI under the Tactical Commander Brigade Regiment I Tapanuli XI MAJOR Panggabean and Technical MARADEN under Chief Residency Tapanuli.

k. MBK / YON IV MEN – I Brig XI Tapanuli IN muster to Parapat

1) Dutch aggression in East Sumatra expanding cities in Sumatra in the East was controlled by the Dutch and the Dutch would extend their area by going to the area Parapat. Based on the Regional Defense Command Council Tapanuli and MEN-I Commander Brig IV MAJOR Tapanuli MARADEN Panggabean order Yon IV Force Brig XI MEN-I leave for Parapat Dutch troops to hold its speed of movement. Based on the MAS command KADIRAN with troops depart to Parapat.

2) On arrival in Parapat KADIRAN MAS Coordination with the Force held the Third Regiment under the command of Lieutenant Colonel Tapanuli Siahaan Jansen and the coordination is in agree that MAS KADIRAN as BATTLE COMMANDERS in Parapat to stem the movement of the Dutch troops. Forces MBK / YON – IV MEN – MEN I and members – aided III Society makes Defense Barricades arranged in a big way from AEK Nauli to Parapat and conduct reconnaissance and Pos-Pos Defense in Relay from AEK Nauli to Parapat

3) On day 15 in Parapat obtained news from investigators that the Dutch troops were 15 km from Aek Nauli, the troops under the command MAS KADIRAN ready to fight by way of ambush and destruction in Aek Nauli, at 03.00.Wib all Troops ready in Aek Nauli and at 05.00.Wib pass-Battle fierce battle in a big way Aek Nauli – Parapat.

4) At 10.00.Wib appear 2 Aircraft by firing on the Dutch Defense – defense and an important place in Parapat, the emergence of two Dutch-owned Aircraft Defense Forces opened fire on a split MAS KADIRAN resulting Blind Defense Forces become fragmented and MAS KADIRAN ordered his troops to retreat to Parapat. In this battle forces suffered many losses KADIRAN MAS.

5) Within 21 days Forces MBK / YON IV MEN – I Tapanuli KADIRAN MAS leader, top PerintahDewan Defense and Commander of the Regiment – I IX Brigade Troops Tapanuli to MBK Tapanuli / YON IV MEN – I Brig XI returned to the Parent Unit in Sibolga and Parapat Area Commander in the hand over to the MAJOR LEBERTY terimakan Malau in Parapat.


1) Based on the warrant of the Branch Bureau of the Republic of Indonesia National Police Mobile Brigade was formed for the Great Sumatra – Sumatra (Aceh and East Sumatra – Tapanuli) and designated as Pimpinanya POLICE INSPECTOR CLASS – I SUMATRA Humala Silalahi with the position and is headquartered in the School of Agriculture Sibarani Video Boti and by the Command Chief of Police Residency Tapanuli in the form of Mobile Brigade Tapanuli SOUTH and designate as chairman POLICE INSPECTOR Ibn based in Padang Sidempuan.


1) When Using MAJOR GENERAL Suparto in Tarutung to Briefings on the Residency in Tapanuli Forces which was attended by COLONEL Siahaan Jansen, MARADEN Panggabean MAJOR, MAJOR MAJOR Bejo and MAS KADIRAN. at the hearing that there was fighting between troops MBB-Sumatra with Legion forces on the track Penggempur Boti, COLONEL Siahaan Jansen as a responsible regional security in Toba asked MAJOR MARADEN Panggabean and MAS KADIRAN and MAJOR Bejo for review to the Field.

2) Arriving at the song Boti into four commanders met Humala Silalahi MBB-I Chief of Sumatra, from the explanation POLICE INSPECTOR Humala Silalahi that legions PENGGEMPUR successfully disarmed troops Armament-Sumatra MBB, MBB troops heard this – I do Assault precedes Sumatra. Hearing this explanation then COLONEL Siahaan Jansen as Regiment Commander – Brigade III – XI Tapanuli, ask MARADEN Panggabean MAJOR, MAJOR MAJOR MAS KADIRAN Bejo and to take precautions.

3) With the approval of the 3 Commander, then on Apply Tapanuli troops to secure the area, then there was fighting in Sibolga, Tarutung, songs Boti, Porsea, until the Border Labuhan Batu, OLD MOUNTAIN, CITY LONG LINGGA Pinang. Finally, with the Wisdom of the Government of Indonesia Tapanuli, Chairman-chairman and Chairman of the Peoples Party in Tarutung, then there was peace in Pangaribuan to stop the fighting by both sides because Indonesia only harm and benefit the nation the Netherlands, with the result that the talks are not mutually agree to end strike each of the forces in drag to the parent Its units, troops MBB Tapanuli in Drag to Padang Sidempuan.


1) Some months duration Tapanuli area free of distractions Battle of the armed movement, but movement of the Dutch troops who are in Parapat not cease to infiltration by Divide and Conquer between the People by the People, the Army Forces, all the more so where the Force Commander has been no readiness so often drawn to the pitting, especially after the gathering of forces-forces of East Sumatra in Tapanuli, so that the number of troops in Tapanuli the friction between troops is very possible.

1) So that was happening in Tapanuli of the strongest forces of East Sumatra was at loggerheads in Tapanuli, one party is in force Unity Bull Lead by the MAJOR L. Malau and one more party-B Forces Brigade and the Brigade Leaders MAJOR Bejo-A led by Saragih ROS Two troops of the East Sumatra in Tapanuli berselih understand, so that the combined strength of weapons including XI Brigade became broken and each brings their way individual and eventually attack the Dormitory BATALIYON Brigade – XI in Padang Sidempuan. In this case his Battalion Commander Dies

2) With the crisis MAS KADIRAN MBK Chief Commissioner KLS I Tapanuli and M. Nurdin To Police Resident Resident Tapanuli in calling facing Tapanuli Dr. F.L. TOBING in the talks that Chief MBK Tapanuli MAS KADIRAN firmly take the road side with brigade-B in South Tapanuli and MAS KADIRAN appealed to Chief Resident Tapanuli Dr.FLTOBING to bring his troops into the field Sidempuan to avoid clashes between the Brigade – A and brigades – B.

3) The battle between the forces and Bull Brigade – B occurs which began STEM Toru, Pandaan and arrived in Sibolga, after many casualties the two armies finally entered into negotiations in Sibolga which was attended by Dr. VICE PRESIDENT. Mohd. HATTA. Completed negotiations then Brigade – B led MAJOR Bejo, supported by MAS KADIRAN back to South Tapanuli Bull Forces Leadership and L. Tapanuli Malau to North and Central Tapanuli be submitted to the brigade and Army XI Tapanuli Navy Indonesia


IN residency Tapanuli

1) Under the command of Police Chief of North Sumatra, in order to prepare troops MAS KADIRAN MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra Police to handover the Netherlands to the Indonesian police, with the news of the Joint Officer CAPTAIN IBRAHIM HAJI, on the appointed day the North Sumatra Police chief Mr Darwin Karim and Mas Kadiran with 2 Company MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra and 1 Battalion – B Mursalin Tello leaders went to Padang Sidempuan to weigh thank the Dutch police, from Padang Sidempuan continued to Sibolga and Tarutung, Weigh accept walk safely, orderly and smooth .

2) While the time to wait for orders received in the weigh in East Sumatra, North Sumatra Police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner then DARWIN KARIM live in Sibolga with Staff-staff to take care of everything for Police Police stations have received throughout the South Tapanuli, Mas Kadiran ordered Company – C towards Sibolga Go to Company D and P. Sidempuan, Staff Member MBB-I-Aceh, North Sumatra in order to join the Mas Kadiran Sibolga. While Company A and B remain in Balige to wait for the next command into the East Sumatra to Weigh received by the Dutch Police.



By Order Police chief Comr for Sumatra Mr. Commandments UMAR SAID and North Sumatra Police Chief to enter into eastern Sumatra to conduct weigh thank the Dutch National Police, on the day that has been set by two men of Mas Kadiran in Balige. Hanafi Commander and went to Sumatra, West Sumatra MBB East Regional division of MBB-Sumatra-Aceh leader Mas Kadiran do weigh receive in P, Siantar, high cliffs danMedansedangkan MBB-II Sunar do weigh received in Tanjung Balai and Rantau Prapat.


original info in Indonesia language:


1) Berdasarkan Ketetapan dewan Pertahanan Daerah Tapanuli Pasukan MOBILE BRIGADE KERESIDNENAN TAPANULI di Militerisasikan menjadi BATALYON IV RESIMEN I TRI BRIGADE XI TAPANULI dan MAS KADIRAN menjadi KOMANDAN BATALYON IV RESIMEN-I TRI BRIGADE XI dengan Pangkat MAYOR TRI (Tentara Republik Indonesia ) dengan jumlah Pasukan sebanyak 380 orang lengkap dengan senjatanya termasuk Senjata Berat (Meriam) dan Panser Wagon Lezonik dengan Amunisi serta Cadangan Senjata dan Amunisi.

2) Dengan di Militerisasikan MBK Tapanuli menjadi YON IV MEN I TRI BRIG XI secara Taktis di bawah Komandan Resimen I BRIGADE XI Tapanuli MAYOR MARADEN PANGGABEAN dan Tehnis di bawah Kepala Polisi Keresidenan Tapanuli.


1) Agresi Belanda di Sumatera Timur semakin luas Kota –kota di Sumatera Timur sudah di kuasai oleh Belanda dan Belanda akan meluaskan daerahnya dengan menuju daerah PARAPAT. Berdasarkan Perintah Dewan Pertahanan Daerah Tapanuli dan Komandan MEN-I BRIG IV TAPANULI MAYOR MARADEN PANGGABEAN agar Pasukan Yon IV MEN-I BRIG XI berangkat menuju Parapat menahan gerak lajunya Pasukan Belanda. Berdasarkan perintah tersebut MAS KADIRAN dengan Pasukannya berangkat ke Parapat.

2) Setibanya di Parapat MAS KADIRAN mengadakan Koordinasi dengan Pasukan RESIMEN III TAPANULI dibawah Komando LETKOL JANSEN SIAHAAN dan dalam Koordinasi ini di sepakati bahwa MAS KADIRAN sebagai KOMANDAN PERTEMPURAN di Parapat guna membendung gerak Pasukan Belanda. Pasukan MBK / YON – IV MEN – I dan Anggota MEN – III dibantu Masyarakat membuat Pertahanan Barikade di jalan besar yang disusun dari AEK NAULI sampai PARAPAT dan mengadakan Pos-Pos pengintaian dan Pertahanan secara Estafet dari AEK NAULI sampai PARAPAT

3) Pada hari ke 15 di Parapat didapat berita dari penyelidik bahwa Pasukan Belanda sudah berada 15 Km dari Aek Nauli, maka Pasukan yang berada di bawah Komando MAS KADIRAN siap untuk melawan dengan cara Penghadangan dan Penghancuran di Aek Nauli, pada pukul 03.00.Wib seluruh Pasukan sudah siap di Aek Nauli dan pada pukul 05.00.Wib terjadilah Pertempuran –Pertempuran yang sengit di jalan besar Aek Nauli – Parapat.

4) Pukul 10.00.Wib muncul 2 Pesawat Terbang Belanda dengan menembaki Pertahanan – pertahanan dan tempat penting di Parapat, munculnya 2 Pesawat Terbang milik Belanda menembaki Pertahanan Pasukan MAS KADIRAN secara membagi Buta sehingga mengakibatkan Pertahanan Pasukan menjadi terpecah dan MAS KADIRAN memerintahkan Pasukannya untuk mundur ke Parapat. Dalam Pertempuran ini Pasukan MAS KADIRAN mengalami banyak kerugian.

5) Dalam waktu 21 hari lamanya Pasukan MBK / YON IV MEN – I Tapanuli Pimpinan MAS KADIRAN, atas PerintahDewan Pertahanan dan Komandan Resimen – I BRIGADE IX Tapanuli agar Pasukan MBK Tapanuli / YON IV MEN – I BRIG XI kembali ke Induk Satuan di Sibolga dan Komandan Parapat Area di serah terimakan kepada MAYOR LEBERTY MALAU di Parapat.


1) Berdasarkan Surat Perintah dari Cabang Jawatan Kepolisian Negara Republik Indonesia untuk Sumatera dibentuk Mobile Brigade Besar – I Sumatera (Aceh-Sumatera Timur – Tapanuli ) dan ditunjuk sebagai Pimpinanya INSPEKTUR POLISI KELAS – I SUMATERA HUMALA SILALAHI dengan kedudukan dan bermarkas di Sekolah Pertanian Sibarani Lagu Boti dan berdasarkan Perintah Kepala Kepolisian Keresidenan Tapanuli di bentuk MOBILE BRIGADE KABUPATEN TAPANULI SELATAN dan di tunjuk sebagai pimpinannya INSPEKTUR POLISI IBNU berkedudukan di Padang Sidempuan.


1) Pada Saat MAYOR JENDERAL SUPARTO berada di Tarutung untuk melakukan Brifing terhadap Pasukan Keresidenan di Tapanuli yang di hadiri oleh KOLONEL JANSEN SIAHAAN, MAYOR MARADEN PANGGABEAN, MAYOR BEJO dan MAYOR MAS KADIRAN. di dengar bahwa terjadi Pertempuran antara Pasukan MBB-I Sumatera dengan Pasukan Legiun Penggempur di LAGU BOTI, KOLONEL JANSEN SIAHAAN selaku penanggung jawab Kemananan di Daerah Toba meminta kepada MAYOR MARADEN PANGGABEAN dan MAS KADIRAN serta MAYOR BEJO untuk meninjau ke Lapangan.

2) Sesampainya di Lagu Boti ke 4 Komandan ini menemui HUMALA SILALAHI Kepala MBB- I Sumatera, dari penjelasan INSPEKTUR POLISI HUMALA SILALAHI bahwa LEGIUN PENGGEMPUR berhasil melucuti Persenjataan Pasukan MBB- I Sumatera, mendengar hal ini Pasukan MBB – I Sumatera mendahului melakukan Penyerangan. Mendengar penjelasan ini maka KOLONEL JANSEN SIAHAAN sebagai KOMANDAN RESIMEN – III BRIGADE – XI TAPANULI, meminta kepada MAYOR MARADEN PANGGABEAN, MAYOR BEJO dan MAYOR MAS KADIRAN untuk mengambil tindakan pengamanan.

3) Dengan adanya persetujuan dari ke 3 Komandan, maka di kerahkanlah Pasukan untuk mengamankan daerah Tapanuli, maka terjadilah pertempuran di SIBOLGA, TARUTUNG, LAGU BOTI, PORSEA, sampai dengan ke Perbatasan LABUHAN BATU, GUNUNG TUA, LINGGA PANJANG KOTA PINANG. Akhirnya dengan Kebijaksanaan Pemerintah RI Tapanuli, Ketua-ketua partai dan Ketua Adat di Tarutung, maka terjadilah Perdamaian di PANGARIBUAN untuk menghentikan Pertempuran oleh kedua pihak karena hanya merugikan Bangsa Indonesia dan menguntungkan pihak Belanda saja, dengan hasil Perundingan itu di sepakati untuk tidak saling menyerang akhirnya masing-masing Pasukan di tarik ke induk Satuannya, pasukan MBB Tapanuli di Tarik ke Padang Sidempuan.


1) Beberapa Bulan lamanya daerah Tapanuli bebas dari gangguan gerakan Pertempuran bersenjata, tetapi gerakan tentara Belanda yang berada di Parapat tidak henti-hentinya melakukan Infiltrasi dengan Politik Adu Domba antara Rakyat dengan Rakyat, Pasukan dengan Pasukan, terlebih–lebih dimana Komandan Pasukan belum ada kesiapan sehingga sering terpancing untuk di adu domba, apalagi setelah berkumpulnya Pasukan-Pasukan dari Sumatera Timur di Tapanuli, sehingga dengan banyaknya Pasukan di Tapanuli maka gesekan-gesekan antar Pasukan sangat mungkin terjadi.

1) Demikian yang terjadi di Tapanuli dari Pasukan yang terkuat dari Sumatera Timur tersebut berselisih paham di tapanuli, satu pihak pasukan Kesatuan Banteng yang di Pimpin oleh MAYOR L. MALAU dan satu pihak lagi Pasukan BRIGADE-B Pimpinan MAYOR BEJO dan BRIGADE-A yang di pimpin oleh SARAGIH ROS Dua Pasukan dari Sumatera Timur tersebut berselih paham di Tapanuli, sehingga gabungan Kekuatan Senjata yang termasuk BRIGADE XI menjadi pecah dan masing-masing membawa jalannya masing-masing dan akhirnya terjadi Penyerangan ke Asrama BATALIYON BRIGADE – XI di Padang Sidempuan. Dalam hal ini Komandan Batalyon nya Meninggal Dunia

2) Dengan adanya krisis tersebut MAS KADIRAN Kepala MBK Tapanuli dan KOMPOL KLS I M. NURDIN Kepada Polisi Residen Tapanuli di panggil menghadap Residen Tapanuli Dr. F.L. TOBING dalam pembicaraan itu Kepala MBK Tapanuli MAS KADIRAN dengan tegas mengambil jalan memihak BRIGADE-B di Tapanuli Selatan dan MAS KADIRAN memohon kepada Kepala Residen Tapanuli Dr.F.L.TOBING untuk membawa Pasukannya ke Padang Sidempuan untuk mengindari Bentrokan antara BRIGADE – A dan BRIGADE – B.

3) Pertempuran antara Pasukan Banteng dan Brigade – B terjadi dimana mulai BATANG TORU, PANDAAN dan sampai di SIBOLGA, setelah banyak memakan korban akhirnya kedua pasukan mengadakan Perundingan di Sibolga yang di hadiri oleh WAKIL PRESIDEN Dr. MOHD. HATTA. Selesai perundingan maka BRIGADE – B di pimpin MAYOR BEJO yang di dukung oleh MAS KADIRAN kembali ke Tapanuli Selatan dan Pasukan Banteng Pimpinan L. MALAU ke Tapanuli Utara dan Tapanuli Tengah di serahkan kepada BRIGADE XI TAPANULI dan Pasukan Angkatan Laut Indonesia



1) Berdasarkan Perintah Kepala Kepolisian Sumatera Utara, MAS KADIRAN agar mempersiapkan Pasukan MBB-I Sumut-Aceh untuk serah terima Kepolisian Belanda kepada Kepolisian Indonesia, dengan adanya berita dari Joint Officer KAPTEN IBRAHIM HAJI, pada hari yang sudah ditentukan maka kepala Kepolisian Sumut Bapak Darwin Karim dan Mas Kadiran dengan 2 Kompi MBB-I Sumut-Aceh dan 1 Batalyon – B pimpinan MURSALIN TELLO berangkat ke Padang Sidempuan untuk timbang terima dengan Kepolisian Belanda, dari Padang Sidempuan dilanjutkan ke Sibolga dan Tarutung, Timbang terima berjalan dengan aman, tertib dan lancar.

2) Sementara waktu untuk menunggu perintah dalam timbang terima di Sumatera Timur, maka Kepala Kepolisian Sumut AKBP DARWIN KARIM tinggal di Sibolga bersama Staf-stafnya untuk mengurus segala sesuatu untuk Kepolisian timbang terima Kepolisian diseluruh Tapanuli Selatan, Mas Kadiran memerintahkan Kompi – C untuk menuju Sibolga dan Kompi D Menuju ke P.Sidempuan, Anggota Staf MBB-I Sumut-Aceh agar menuju Sibolga bergabung dengan Mas Kadiran. Sedangkan Kompi A dan B tetap tinggal di Balige untuk menunggu Perintah selanjutnya masuk ke Sumatera Timur untuk Timbang terima dengan Kepolisian Belanda.



Atas Perintah Kepala Kepolisian untuk Sumatera Bapak KOMBES POL UMAR SAID dan Perintah Kepala Kepolisian Sumatera Utara agar masuk kedalam Sumatera Timur untuk mengadakan timbang terima dengan Kepolisian Belanda, pada hari yang sudah di tentukan Mas Kadiran dengan dua Kompi yang berada di Balige. dan Hanafi Komandan MBB Sumbar berangkat ke Sumatera Timur dengan pembagian Daerah MBB-I Sumatera-Aceh Pimpinan Mas Kadiran melakukan timbang terima di P,Siantar, Tebing tinggi danMedansedangkan MBB-II Sunar melakukan timbang terima di Tanjung Balai dan Rantau Prapat.




Julius Kardinal information(1978)

at the early January 1949(Pada permulaan bulan januari 1949,)

Bantul regency capital city, 6 km from Ganjuran, Army occupied the Netherlands. makinmencekam atmosphere bai population. At lunch time there was a sudden often datanganya Dutch soldiers, all panicked, ran to evacuate, although most are not true and at night came the attacks of the Parties to the TNI. One morning I received a report from the hospital kitchen that supplies of fuel wood is almost gone. At about 9:00 I was with a young man riding a bike into the village behind the hospital to look for firewood. Apparently the village was deserted, the people already displaced. Fortunately, the intended father’s family home and tend to have quite a lot of firewood supply and willing to help. unfinished pembuicaraan how far the transportation of the eruption sounded, followed by the hiss and the two eruptions in place. Soon there was an eruption of the other majors, the same hiss and ended with two eruptions as well. We both immediately ride a bike to the hospital to attend disana.Seluruh residents Hospitals and orphanages as well as the nurses had to hide under the table trying to seek shelter where dabn thought safe. The atmosphere of panic, fear, all suspect that will eventually hit. Praying and surrender to God. Apparently the former mill complex and Hospital in mortars from two places, thank goodness no one hit the building, so there were no casualties in the complex. Mortar fire lasted approximately setngah hours.

Once convinced that the bombing had stopped, held talks with the five young men in my room. There is still a couple of cloth napkins and a red ink, they immediately make the flag of the Red Cross, seeking gaklah and they are ready to go out to look for victims who need help. New sja out of the hospital, they ran back to my room to meet them head nurse, Captain-ranking commander with about 50 of his men, there was talk among other things: “Father, here are some members of the TNI?.” No “.” Father knows that all around there TNI soldiers, beraapoa their numbers. “” Do not know if the number of Catholic norang I know “.” necessarily “” In this complex there are soldiers who were hiding and no gun?. “No” ” may be searched? “Yes, but you along with me and the chief nurse and lived outside the fruit ank”. Begin a search Kareena arrival of the Captain and how scary. ” It’s certainly the army “.” Instead of, patients’ chief nurse replied. “Later, if it has been cured of menenbak again”. “SEalama in rumag ill be tangunggan me.” “I will take it”. ” not possible, as long so be patient. “

in these circumstances occur a search throughout the complex, opening each door and entered the room followed by a thumbs gun and questions set geramdiajukan. A search is completed quickly enough and no less thorough. Done a search there is an interview with the captain led pasukan.Di bebrapa factory environment they found a grenade that was not working anymore, but can pose a hazard, then it will d9ibawa to amrkas them for the sake of the security. The captain then asked the youth workers who are dikamar sya, I imagine they would have objected. after a long talk, decided bahewa they’ll come, they ettapi no later than 17:00 hours should’ve come back here. Belumkembali If at that time, I will come kemarkas them. After that they went, the youth participate bebrapa carrying grenades and landmijn, after they left, a sense of relief filled the whole complex, all felt very tired during the bnayak who did not receive food, I myself also experienced a sma. but strangely I feel so sleepy and continue bed rest. Approximately 1500 hrs knock at the door, finally forced to pound because I did not hear him in bed “what else” I thought. It turns out that TNI members ready to come now with straw and kerosene, they heard the news that all the occupants sick dikompleks ruamh dibaw aoleh Dutch soldiers, they are ready for the scorching earth Hospitals and complexity. I spoke with the leaders and take her to see the whole complex so intent membuni scorching canceled and they returned to markasnya.Baru they disappeared, there appeared youth “carrier” and landmijn grenade with the atmosphere of joy and experiences, they shared cigarettes and bread ynag given as a receipt love by the captain. Thus ended the first operation of the army beland, seasudah was still many times suddenly come small patrols, but not exceptional shock until they leave the special area Jogyakarta

original info

ibu kota Kabupaten Bantul,  6 km dari Ganjuran, diduduki Tentara Belanda. suasana makinmencekam bai penduduk. Pada waktu siang sering mendadak terdengar  datanganya tentara Belanda, semua panik,lari mengungsi,meskipun kebanyakan tidak benar dan pada waktu malam terdengar serangan dari Pihak TNI. Pada suatu pagi saya mendapat laporan dari dapur Rumah sakit bahwa persediaan kayu bakar sudah hampir habis. Kira-kira jam 09.00 saya dengan seorang pemuda naik sepeda masuk desa dibelakang Rumah sakit untuk mencari kayu bakar. Ternyata desa itu sepi, orang-orang sudah mengungsi. Untunglah ayah keluarga yang dituju ada dirumah dan mempunyai persediaan kayu bakar cukup banyak dan rela membantu. belum selesai pembuicaraan bagaimana cara pengangkutannya terdengar letusan dari jauh,diikuti dengan  desisan dan 2 letusan di tempat. Sebentar lagi dari lain jurusan terdengar letusan,desisan yang sama dan berakhir dengan 2 kali letusan juga. Kami berdua segera naik sepeda ke Rumah sakit untuk hadir disana.Seluruh penghuni Rumah sakit dan Panti Asuhan serta para perawat sudah bersembunyi di bawah meja dabn mencoba mencari perlindungan dimana dikira aman. Suasana panik,takut, semua menduga bahwa akhirnya akan kena. Bedoa dan menyerahkan diri kepada Tuhan. Ternyata bekas pabrik dan kompleks Rumah Sakit di mortir dari dua tempat,syukurlah bangunan tidak ada yang kena,sehingga tidak ada korban didalam kompleks. Tembakan mortir berlangsung kira-kira setngah jam.

Sesudah yakin bahwa pengeboman sudah berhenti, diadakan perundingan dengan 5 orang pemuda yang ada di kamar saya. Masih ada berberapa kain serbet makan dan ada tinta merah,dengan segera mereka membuat bendera Palang Merah,mencari gaklah dan mereka siap keluar guna mencari korban yang perlu ditolong. Baru sja keluar dari rumah sakit, mereka lari kembali ke kamar saya dengan suster kepala menemui mereka, komandannya berpangkat Kapten dengan kira-kira 50 orang anak buahnya, terjadi pembicaraan antara lain:”pastor ,disini ada beberapa orang anggota TNI ?.”Tidak ada”.”Pastor tahu bahwa di sekitar ada tentara TNI, beraapoa jumlah mereka”.”Tidak tahu, kalau jumlah norang katolik saya tahu”.”tentu” “Di kompleks ini ada tentara yang bersembunyi dan ada senjatanya?.”Tidak ada””Boleh digeledah ?”Boleh,tetapi bersama dengan saya  dan suster Kepala dan ank buah tinggal diluar”. Mulailah pengeledahan kareena kedatangan Kapten tersebut dan caranya menakutkan.” Ini tentu tentara”.”BUkan,pasien” jawab suster Kepala.”Nanti jika sudah sembuh tentu menenbak lagi”.”SEalama di rumag sakit menjadi tangunggan saya”.”ini akan saya bawa”.” tidak mungkin,selama jadi pasien”.

dalam suasana semacam ini terjadi pengeledahan seluruh kompleks,setiap membuka pintu dan masuk kamar diikuti dengan acungan pistol dan pertanyaaan yang geramdiajukan. Pengeledahan cukup cepat selesai dan tidak kurang teliti. Selesai pengeledahan masih ada wawancara dengan kapten pimpin  pasukan.Di lingkungan pabrik mereka menemukan bebrapa granat  yang sudah tidak bekerja lagi, tetapi dapat menimbulkan bahaya, maka akan d9ibawa ke amrkas mereka demi keamana. maka Kapten minta tenaga pemuda yang ada dikamar sya, sudah saya bayangkan mereka akan keberatan. sesudah agak lama bicara,diputuskan bahewa mereka akan ikut, ettapi mereka selambat-lambatnya jam 17.00 harus udah kembali disini. JIka pada waktu itu belumkembali, saya akan datang kemarkas mereka. Setelah itu mereka pergi, bebrapa pemuda ikut membawa granat dan landmijn, sesudah mereka pergi ,rasa lega memenuhi seluruh kompleks, semua merasa telah sangat lelah karena siang bnayak yang tidak memperoleh makanan,saya sendiri  pun mengalami yang sma. tetapi anehnya saya merasa mengantuk sekali dan terus istirahat tidur. Kira-kira jam 15.00 pintu diketuk,akhirnya terpaksa dipukul-pukul karena saya dalam tidur tak mendengarnya”ada apa lagi” pikir saya. Ternyata yang datang sekarang anggota TNI siap dengan jerami dan minyak tanah,mereka mendengar kabar bahwa semua penghuni dikompleks ruamh sakit dibaw aoleh tentara belanda, mereka siap untuk membumi hanguskan Rumah sakit dan kompleksnya. Saya berbicara dengan pemimpinnya dan mengantarnya melihat seluruh kompleks sehingga maksud membuni hanguskan dibatalkan dan mereka kembali ke markasnya.Baru saja mereka menghilang,muncullah pemuda “pembawa”granat dan landmijn dengan suasana gembira serta menceritakan pengalaman, mereka membagikan sigaret dan roti ynag diberikan sebagai tanda terima kasih oleh Kapten tersebut. Demikianlah berakhir operasi pertama dari tentara beland, seasudah itu masih berkali-kali secara mendadak datang patroli kecil ,tetapi tidak menimbulkan kejutan luar biasa sampai mereka meninggalkan daerah istimewa Jogyakarta.


PTT Djakarta salary book with handsign of the chief of ptt office Djakarta.


Postallyused lettersheet stationer  10 sen send from batavia centrum to Buitenzorg(bogor)

January 5th.1949

Dutch accept UN call for ceasefire in SumatraSultan Hamengkubuwono IX of Yogya refuses Dutch offer to head new Javanese state, resigns as head of Yogya government, and gives help to Republic guerilla fighters.


the information from Warna warta Djawa tengah newswpaper :

(A) the Word Series Rau Juliana

My goal is to fulfill my mother’s ability. Who really really hope that the Government of Indonesia is formed within a few weeks to come nini.Pemilihan which will be held selekans free as possible.

On 6 January the lalau, Series Queen Juliana said to Indonesia that looks like this:

My mother has been able to establish an independent and sovereign Indonesia, the Netherlands and Indonesia entered the union on the basis of sovereign kemaunan respectively, merdekan and on the same basis.

in February 1948 kesangupan oitu tealh repeated again, a sign that it truly became Queen of ability.

My goal since the throne is the ability memenjuhi my mother, to give to people in Indonesia: peace, happiness and prosperity in a sovereign self-government.

My goal really is to the federal government in recent weeks Indonesia was formed; government that will run the obligations on the basis of responsibility and democracy. XSelekas possible if it has been able, to be held the election, thus establishment of United States of Indonesia will soon be achieved.


General sudirman now being seriously ill and is being maintained well but not captured by the army commander of the TNI Belanda.Kolonel Hidajat in Sumatra, on 28 December 1948 tealh take over (over) Pimpina total republican army.


Before military action, Mr Asaat once said that the situation in the republic is beyond miserable than in the war. Denagn these words then one can draw the conclusion that if a held state military movements in that region in more baik.Seorang other princes, saying that the food supply in the republic’s only up to a month Maret.Sesudah famine will arise which hebat.dari words This is also one can draw conclusions that this second military movement led to improvements to the area not only brings tersebut.tentara tegush security and long, but brought the lightness in sehar-day life, also by providing food, clothing and medicine.

(D) some federal pemrintah Indonesia propaganda illustration in this newspaper: Hours gadang Bukittingi committee, Abdul Kadir Wijoyo Atmojo Jakarta, trucks mengangukt nakanan, and Indonesian youth in Practice.


 (a)Sabda Seri Rau Juliana

Tujuanku ialah memenuhi kesanggupan Ibuku. Harapanku yang sungguh sungguh ialah supaya Pemerintah Indonesia dibentuk dalam beberapa minggu yang datang nini.Pemilihan yang bebas akan diadakan selekans mungkin.

Pada tanggal 6 januari yang lalau, Seri Ratu Juliana bersabda untuk Indonesia yang isinya seperti berikut :

Ibuku telah sanggup mendirikan Indonesia yang merdeka dan berdaulat ,mengadakan perserikatan Indonesia Nederland dan berdaulat  atas dasar kemaunan masing-masing ,merdekan dan atas dasar yang sama.

dalam bulan Februari 1948 kesangupan oitu tealh diulangi lagi, tanda bahwa memang sungguh-sungguh menjadi kesanggupan Ratu.

Tujuanku sejak naik tahta ialah memenjuhi kesanggupan ibuku, untuk memberi kepada bangsa di Indonesia : ketentraman,Kebahagiaan  dan kemakmuran dalam pemerintahan sendiri yang berdaulat.

Tujuanku yang sungguh-sungguh ialah supaya pemerintahan federal Indonesia dalam beberapa minggu ini dibentuk; pemerintahan yang akan menjalankan kewajiban atas dasar tanggung jawab dan demokrasi. XSelekas mungkin jika telah dapat, akan diadakan pemilihan, dengan begitu pembentukan Negara Indonesia Serikat akan lekas tercapai.


Jendral sudirman sekarang sedang menderita sakit keras dan sedang dipelihara baik-baik tetapi tidak ditawan oleh tentara Belanda.Kolonel Hidajat Komanda  TNI di sumatra, pada tanggal 28 desember 1948 tealh mengambil oper(alih) Pimpina tentara republik Seluruhnya.


Sebelum aksi militer, Mr Asaat pernah mengatakan bahwa keadaan di republik adalah melebihi sengsaranya daripada dalam perang. Denagn kata-kata ini maka orang dapat menarik kesimpulan bahwa jika diadakan gerakan militer keadaan didaerah tersebut lebih baik.Seorang pembesar lainnya,mengatakan ,bahwa persedian makanan di republik hanya sampai bulan Maret.Sesudah itu akan timbul bahaya kelaparan yang hebat.dari kata-kata ini juga orang dapat menarik kesimpulan vbahwa gerakan militer yang kedua ini membawa perbaikan kepada daerah tersebut.tentara tidak hanya membawa keamanan yang tegush dan lama, tetapi mebawa keringanan dalam kehidupan sehar-hari,juga dengan memberikan bahan makanan,pakaian dan obat-obatan.

(d) beberapa illustrasi propaganda pemrintah federal Indonesia dalam surat kabar ini : Jam gadang Bukittingi, komite abdul kadir Wijoyo atmojo Jakarta,truk mengangukt nakanan ,dan pemuda Indonesia di Latih.


Tanda terima Pengiriman (Ontvangbewij or Recieved) Pospakket from batavia with overprint Indonesia stamps and wilhelmina stamps.


The chief OF PTT NRI Mas Suharto were kidnapped and arrest by Dutch Nica

The chief OF PTT NRI Mas Suharto were kidnapped and arrest by Dutch Nica soldier, and after that he never found (until this day his graved never found)



The rare postally used cover from malang to Medan(Negara Sumatra Timur) East Sumattera State ,the part of Indonesia federal state.

UN Security Council demands release of the Republican government, and independence for Indonesia by July 1, 1950.

There was significant guerilla activity against the Dutch during this period, led by Nasution and Sudirman. At the height of Dutch activity in the 1940s, there were around 150,000 Dutch forces in Indonesia


(a)The invitation to join the ceremony of tranferred the power from Dutch Federal Government to Wali Negara South Sumatra in february,1st 1949 , send from the chief of 7 oeloe village Palembang.



On January 21, 1949, with the city of Kuala Tungkal occupied by the Dutch public figures, scholars, intellectuals fled to the outskirts, which are located opposite the Kuala Tungkal. they dated January 25, 1949 meeting which consisted of various tribes to collect kekauatan to counterattack. Above consensus together, they form the Front pengurunya Wilderness with the following composition:

Chairman: H. Shamsuddin (cum treasurer)

Vice Chairman: A. Sanusi (Teacher Trenches fires)

Members: 1. H. Hanafiah (Head of Good Dyke)

2. Kadir (Sacred Head Dyke)

3. Imran (Head Dyke Mangrove)

4. Zuhri (Head Dyke Palembang)

5. Durasit (Head Parit Sungai Rawai)

6. Abdullah (head of the Trench fires)

Part Penggempur: Abdul Congratulations

Help By: 1. Zaidun

2. H. Saman Mangku (Market Kuala Tungkal)

3. H. Hanafiah (Head of Good Dyke)

Front Jungle forming a line called “Barisan Bally Red ‘.

The purpose of establishing the Barisan / Lasyakar Red Bally is to demolish the Dutch who occupied Kuala Tungkal. Therefore, should be chosen who will lead the Barisan Merah Bally, especially when invaded / attacked the Dutch position.

Then elected Abdul Samad called then moved at the term “Commander” (more popularly known as “Commander Adul”). It was also agreed when the Dutch attacked the Red Bally must together with the TNI and the tactics are under military command

On January 21, 1949 at 11:30 pm, beberpa Dutch ships attacked Kuala Tungkal with cannon and mortar firing. One of them was shot targets Great Mosque (Jami ‘) Kuala Tungkal, when the Islamic manaumat was getting ready to perform Friday prayers.

As a result of the attack, not last Friday prayers. When he feels safe, Dutch troops landed, still firing heavy weapons to protect his troops who were conducting pendarata.

TNI troops led by Lieutenant Young A. Fattah held resistance, backing toward the Trenches Gompong. Two soldiers and a young fighter named teacher of English R. Happy autumn shot dutch at the moment will blow up the Landman who had previously installed near the Post Office.

Kuala Tungkal Kewedanaan government led by the district officer with the Chief of Police Regional Noerdin Mahyuddin Harahap IPI, Head Tungkal Ilir Masdar Kewedanaan Government and its staff in Kuala Tungkal under a hail of bullets and mortar cannon backwards towards the village of Parit Gompong Pembengis through except for some sub-district officials, among others, Masdar, the Police , Information and others, Wedana Noerdin, Police Chief Mahyuddin Harahap and others continued the journey to the village of Parit Deli Betara Left Tungkal Ilir district.

Pembengis is a small village situated 7 (seven) Km from Kuala Tungkal, filled with refugees of various groups, in addition to government officials and military forces.

After the Dutch troops landed in Kuala Tungkal, the Dutch continued to advance to the araha pembengis with intent to break the resistance of military forces. At 17.00 pm in the Trenches Gompong intercepted by military forces led by Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR, resulting in a shoot for 15 (fifteen) minutes. Holland then retreat to Kuala Tungkal to suffer casualties beberpa people were killed and wounded


On January 23, 1949, after retiring from Kuala Tungkal, a squad of military forces under the command of Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR, 1023 Sector Commander assigned to patrol the Dutch Army stalking position. In the Trenches Gompong they met with the Dutch Army, causing a battle that resulted in some Dutch soldiers killed and wounded.

On January 23, 1949 night, the people of Seberang Tungkal trench Congratulations, arson military dormitory in the way of the Old Kuala Tungkal Prosperity. The force is led by Abdul Samad (Adul)


With Kuala Tungkal occupied by the Dutch, then the community leaders in the Trenches Congratulations Kuala Tungkal Tungkal III on January 25, 1949 have formed the Front, headed by H. Woods Shamsuddin prince Tungkal III.

Front board Rimba are those who’ve studied the practice Bally Red is the practice based on the teachings of Islam yangmeyakini that if the deeds carried out as specified, it is concerned will be able to avoid the bullets fired at him.

The formation of this Front, received rave reviews from the public because it fits with their belief that the war against the Dutch colonialists, when autumn meant masti martyr for fighting for the interests of defending the nation, state and religion as taught by the scholars at that time



Tanda terima Pengiriman Ontvangbewijs(Recive notes) Pospakket with overprint Indonesia  1 gld and wilhelmina 10 cent  stamps

(1a)February  7 th.1949

Resolution is introduced in United States Senate to stop all Marshall Plan aid to the Netherlands. Resolution is defeated on March 8.


Ontvangbewijs-Recieve pospakket sent from  batavia to tangerang withj overprin indonesia stamp 3×40 cent and Wilhelmina 10 cent  stamps


Dated February 7, 1949 by 9 (nine) of fruit boats, led by Abdul Samad who fondly known as Commander Adul. 41 people who all have learned the practice before the Dutch occupation of the Red Bally Kuala Tungkal, armed with machetes, knives, kris, spears and other sharp weapons, departing from ditches Welcome to Kuala Tungkal. Divided into four troops, each led by:

1. Abdul Smaad

2. H. warrant

3. H. Nafiah

4. Zainuddin

Bally Red Front army commander Tungkal Area H. Saman (Saman Commander)

Bally Red Commander with some leaders of the Barisan troops Bally Red (BSM).

Keris weapon Commander Haji Saman

Some equipment / weapon of war in the traditional red sash paramilitary troops against Military Aggression Belnda in Kuala Tungkal 1949

At 24.00 pm, they subjugate the Dutch defense simultaneously and suddenly, the Netherlands did not expect / suspect before. Pertempurang happen until 09.00 am in the morning. Since the attacks carried out tiba-tiba/mendadak, many Dutch soldiers who became casualties, of whom there were soldiers at the rank of Captain. Bally Barisan Merah 2 (two) people died of Arup bin Wahid and A. Rachman and two taken prisoner.

With the success of this first attack, then add to the efficacy of public confidence Bally Red deeds, so the more expressed their desire to fight the Dutch atta


Feb.8th and 9th 1949, Tanda Penerimaan Ontvangbewijs(Recieve) of Sending Pospakket with Wilhemina stamps.


On February 11, 1949 following an attack on the Dutch carried out jointly by the troops led by A. Fattah Leside and Barisan Merah Bally total 430 people led by Commander H. Abdul Hamid.

The battle took place in the Trench III Tungkal V. Rows of Red Bally fought bravely armed with machetes, saber, dagger and spear. In a battle going one on one duel. 45 (forty five) Bally Barisan Merah including Commander H. Abdul Hamid fall near the former plant padai Cang Kui Thurs. An Armed Forces and Lieutenant Young A. Fattah Leside wounded. In the Netherlands too many victims whose numbers were falling dapoat not known with certainty.

Attack From the Trenches Bakau and death of Commander Adul

The first boat was placed at the front of the boat penglima Adul with Sergeant Major Murad CPM Alwi and two members of the CPM is Corporal Corporal Badari and Muhammad as well as 7 (seven) members of the Red Bally among others Abdullah. Sergeant Major CPM Buimin Hasan along with several members of the CPM and the Barisan Bally Red are on the boat finished third.

Once the troops are in the midst of the sea, met with a Dutch warship. Adul Commander and his friends immediately fired a shot aimed at the Dutch Army who were on board.

At once the shooting is intense from both sides. Commander Adul jumped into the water and swam towards the Dutch ship boarded the ship in order to invade the Dutch Army was on the ship. At the time of holding on to anchor the ship, Commander Adul kept mowed by machine-gun fire by the Dutch Army so that the handle apart and sinks do not arise again, the chief Adul fall in place.

Bally Red army commander Tungkal Area Abdusshamad Front (Commander Adul) (Photo May 1937 when he was in Johore Malaysia)

Belada soldiers continued firing machine gun that resulted in several broken or overturned boat, including boat which was Sergeant Major CPM. A. Murad Alwi. A member of Barisan Merah Bally who participated in the boat was shot and killed at that time also.

In a hail of bullets that the Dutch Army, Sergeant Major Murad Alwi trying to reach the coast of Ulu Kuala Tungkal Ladder King, by floating in water, breathe only through your nose, which sought to remain above the water surface. After a successful landing in trouble susuah Ladder King Ulu, Murad Alwi realized that his left hand got a bullet fired through the Netherlands.

From Ladder King Ulu, Murad Alwi headed Trenches Gompong where he met his friends who then took him to Beramitam and continues to the Gulf Nilau to get help and treatment.

In this battle, as many as 30 (thirty) members of the Barisan Bally Red and two CPM of Badari and Corporal Corporal Mohammed died, while 15 others were wounded, including Sergeant Major CPM. A. Murad Alwi. Sergeant Major CPM. Hasan Buimin with members of troops who are in a boat can save themselves and landed on the beach.

Kuala Tungkal Dutch ship was attacked by Bally Red Army and Armed Forces by using boats and weapons swords and others. (Painting)


For the continuation of the struggle, it is necessary fundraiser / food in a more coordinated. Then on 15 February 1949 in Pembengis kulatungkal Jambi,set improvement board “Front Jungle”, namely:

Chairman: H. Shamsuddin (cum treasurer)

Vice Chairman: A. Sanusi (Teacher)

Penggempur Head: H. Saman (Head of Good Dyke)

Members: 1. Amri (Teacher)

2. H. Zakaria (Imam Mosque)

3. Alan (Member DPW)

4. Tarli (Member DPW)

Kitchen: People Pembengis

Supplies: Dharma Bhakti People

Information: Bureau of Information which consists of Hasan. AR, and Rusli Asrie Rashid Rashid.

Documentation: Head Masdar

With Wilderness Front refinement, then the preparations the resistance could be done better and planned, many donations from the community such as rice, coconuts, vegetables, chicken, fish, sugar, coffee, cigarettes and others were taken by boat or on foot. Not infrequently they come from enrolling to fight against the Dutch.

Special task lighting is to arouse the fighting spirit of the people, through leaflets that are made simple contents of the broadcast quoted ALL INDIA RADIO, BBC broadcasts to the Far East whose content is beneficial struggle.

Tools such as radio-Accu, stencils and typewriter obtained from people who voluntarily provide for the struggle. Accu radio donated by H. Dahlan was a businessman from Kuala Tungkal.

After beberpa times Pembengis were attacked by the Netherlands because it is situated not far from Kuala Tungkal about 7 (seven) Km, then felt insecure as the headquarters of the Front Rimba, Rimba therefore Front deployed administrators control every aspect of the place.

February ,23th.1949

The Jambi,Tanjung Jabung Kuala Tungkal Raid

This raid occurred on February 23,  1949, the people who will engage in battle or red barret Bally had gathered in the village Pembengis Pembengis and has prepared the soup kitchen. People who become Barisan Merah Pria is dating from every Kepenghuluan (villages now) and each has brought a red cloth the size of 4 cm width and a length of 1 Meter stengah with traditional weapons according to the tribes in question, such as kris, spears , kampilan, sundang, machetes, cauliflower and others. Furthermore, the people will participate in conducting the raid, their names are recorded, which address, from which the village, noting the age and their families. Bally Red cloth should be worn at the time of invasion by forces including military forces, because in addition to the identification of members of the invading forces, is also the foundation of faith by deeds Bally Red every battle. Once everything has been prepared, then combined forces to leave the village it started moving toward the Trenches Gompong Pembengis, because this is the place Trenches Gompong final preparations, because of distance to the city of Kuala Tungkal only about an hour. In the Trenches Gompong is set on the division of groups, an explanation of the intended target, battle tactics, determine the special officers and the invasion of the Dutch defense strategies.

D. Formation of groups, leadership groups and target groups Invasion

1. After arriving in the Trenches Gompong, jumalah who will joined in the attack from the people amounted to 370 people and the Armed Forces of Indonesia as many as 30 people so that altogether 400 people. The first preparation, the examination of traditional weapons, like a dagger, the dagger, machete cauliflower, sundang, kampilan and others by a pawing weapon named Sahibar, which determined which ones should be brought guns invading and should not be taken. So all that will be joined in the attack did not kerkecuali TNI tested by eating pepper (sahang), where if that takes sahang or it was not spicy pepper, then they should not be invaded. Finally after all have provisions above, then the people of the 370 people who will fight terebut iktu allowed to go only 270 people with a military people plus 30 people, then who will conduct raids into the city of Kuala Tungkal only 300 people. To create the spirit and courage in this battle, given a drink of water that has been dijampi by the commander of the Red Bally H. Saman.

2. After finishing these studies, then arranged small groups of this number 300 men into 3 groups, all of which were assembled in three large groups, each of these three groups determined direction. Indonesian Armed Forces to be around groups of 10 people who directly amenjadi raid leader and as Vice drawn from the ranks of the people of Bally Red.

3. After the talks held between the Commander H. Saman Bally Red Army as the Commander and his staff leadership with the leadership battle Tungkal Front Area of ​​the National Army of Indonesia represented by Deputy Commander Cadet Sergeant Major Battle. AD. Madhan. AR and its commanders Sector are: Cadet Sergeant Major Anwarsyah Navy, as Commander Sergeant Major Sector II CPM Buimin Hasan, as the Commander Sector Commander III and Pol. Zulkarnain Idris as the Commander of Sector IV. From the results perebukan or negotiations have been able to set up leaders of the major groups III and at the same time also determine the target raid assault tactics and how to go back Kepangkalan Gompong Trenches.

4. From the results of these negotiations has been able to set the leadership of the propagators of the three groups and the division of the raid targets as well as offensive tactics are as follows:

a. Group I was led by Commander H. Saman and assigned as Deputy Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR targeting kepertahanan assault Dutch army in the office of Post (PO. Diamond Queen is now) and the defense of the Dutch Army at home right now Chief of Police. Movement of the attack was carried out after the group II and III attacked and burned the houses in the way the Port of Customs on the road in the Trenches I Ulu Palembang. The road taken by the group I was way students now, after moving from Simpang Gompong trench.

b. The task of the TNI led by Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR in group I was once seen fires in the Port of Ilir road as well as fires in the Trenches I and have a shootout, then the troops on the group I carry out attacks on Dutch soldiers in the post of Defence Police and the Post Office house with gunfire Kijanju Japanese machine guns and other weapons fire and threw hand grenades Japanese-made machine gun in place of the post office. Meanwhile troops pasuskan sling-led by the commander of the Red H. Saman began to move into town with cries of “Yes-ZALJALALI-WAL – Ikram” and stormed kepertahanan dutch army.

5. Group II, chaired by the Sector Commander III CPM Buimin Sergeant Hasan and Commander Sector Commander Pol IV. Zulkarnain Idris, the Deputy of the Barisan Bally Red H. Sayamsuddin and M. Sanusi who has the task of moving towards the Port road, through the Fishermen’s circuitry, veering through the bridge through the back way towards the goal of the Great mesji houses would be burned. While the military led by Sergeant Major yasng CPM stand on the back of the Grand Mosque, in order to protect the troops who served the Red Bally burned houses in the way of the Port has been burned. Zulkarnain Idris Force Commander at the Crossroads Commander survive and if the houses had been burned in the street Seaport, then this forces the defense menghantan Dutch Army in Simpang Empat at home Rivai. Pamuncak ST. Fire houses in the street and the harbor is a commando attack on the burning of houses by the Group III conducted the attack from the Trenches I.

6. Group III was led by Cadet Sergeant Major AL. Arwansyah assisted by Sergeant Corporal Syamsik of AL and AL and Barisan Sakiban Bally Red headed by Head of Masdar. Task Group III, the main thing is to burn the houses in the area of ​​Palembang on the road and the road near the cemetery and destroy tanks of water available in each house. While the military to protect them dar those shots. Motion carried on the road if the Port has seen fire and had a shootout with the Dutch Army. Thus, the Dutch Army was besieged by seranagan of Ilir and ulu.

E. The course of the Battle

1. Arriving at the Simpang Parit Gompong, each group dispersed into three majors with a unanimous determination to uphold all the decisions and plan their invasion.

In the middle of the pitch-dark night around 2 move all groups to their respective targets:

a. Group I to the way students are now heading to the Dutch defense in the post office is now PO. Diamond Queen and the current police chief’s house.

b. Group II is now moving towards the road on the edge of Fisherman sungat Dyke II, then entered the bridge the road continues to the back of the Great Mosque, and the houses of the Port road.

c. Group III moves forward towards the path of Sriwijaya, langusng to the cemetery road continues to divide the two directions of the road and as well as towards Palembang umah police chief.

2. At 3:15 minutes midnight, the group II who holds the key to the raid, had managed to set fire to houses in the Port road, which is a sign for the group III started his movement set fire to houses in the cemetery road and the road Palembang at 4 pajar fire has been coloring the sky red both of Ilir Pelaguhan road or from Parit Ulu I have been shooting, the bullets like fireflies in the night, flying toward its target, a voice shouts Barisan Merah Bally called “YA-ZALJALALI-WAL – Ikram”, reverberated and echoed in pajar sidikini. They advanced without shaking to the Dutch Army kepertahanan with traditional weapons hump machetes, spears, swords, dagger, dagger and others. “Esa lost two fairly, never come into force retroactively dubalang, Fisabilillah their determination, martyrdom purpose”.

3. Among the Dutch army had panic attacks from Ilir and from Ulu, also accompanied by a thunderous shouts of Barisan Merah Pria then at that time also held a group I suddenly shots kepertahanan Dutch Army Post Office (PO. Queen of Diamonds) now and Police in the house (street Nusa Indah) now, accompanied dnegan throwing hand grenades made in Japan, along with Bally’s Red Army, led by Commander H. Saman with cries of “Yes-ZALJALALI-WAL – Ikram” by firing a pistol in his left hand and right hand on the knob war kepertahanan Army invaded the Netherlands, followed by a red sash around the troops. From all directions from either side Ilir, as well as from the Middle gemuruhlah next Ulu and voice calls greatness “YA-ZALJALALI-WAL – Ikram” interspersed with shots of firearms, pasukana Dutch Army in the Post Office and Police Chief of home defense, began to leave defense they retreated towards the waterfront near the Ferry port now, while firing blindly, but the Barisan Merah Bally continues to pursue even if among them there are ayng shot the Dutch army. TNI troops, army come forward with ways to shoot a moving target, especially the Dutch troops are retreating, because given the bullets are extremely limited, and also members of these forces teleh use traditional weapons, like a dagger or a sword that has been revoked dibabkan bullets in their weapons have been depleted.

4. The morning sun has its light emitting dar UPUK east coincided with that bang-bang kancu martyrs and gun fire from the Dutch navy patrol boat in the river Pengabuan have caused explosions in downtown Kuala Tungkal both of Ilir, in Ulu and back-street Students, who as if to block the withdrawal of troops raid this way. The shooting mortars and cannon kancu of this ship did not stop approximately 3 hours.

5. The sky looked overcast, clouds covered the sky as if this vast and bi glimpsed through the clouds of sunlight that is about 5 feet high from the east UPUK. However ldakan-mortar explosion are still visible around the arena battles of the trenches I still shots karabon one-one that conducted by Cpl AL Sakiban target is not clear what is fired. Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR signaling the Saman H. commander who at that time was behind the cliff path along with a few special men who accompanied him, in addition to the right at the intersection of four BNI now, while Cadet Sergeant Madhan. BRI AR are present in which the sign is to regularly retreat back to base. Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR along with the soldiers I usman and Asnawi and Ilyas, who turns invisible warrior I finally know this (Ilyas) were killed at the time throwing grenades at the Post Defense Army Chief of Police of the Netherlands at home now. Commander H. Saman, along with some of his men saw Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR and two of his men began moving back toward the Dutch Army Defense Pos that have been abandoned, then the commander of H. Saman-even moving backwards calmly standing on foot despite mortar explosions still there. Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR digundikan Dutch defense until after the Post Office, seen one automatic weapon Owen Holland-gun and one gun is the result of that battle.

6. At the time rewind back to this base, look fabric is used as stretchers to carry the members of Barisan Bally Red wounded from the street and road Sriwijaya Students, and other friends who are killed can not be brought back.

F. Cover

1. So … a little story of The War of Independence History of Struggle of the Republic of Indonesia in the District of Tanjung Jabung in general, kecamata Tungkal Ilir particular that really happen that we serve in Attractions Flashback. About the invasion of the Netherlands Army in defense of Kuala Tungkal, for combinations of the Indonesian national army and the people of the Barisan Bally Red line to the defense of the Dutch Army in the city of Kuala Tungkal, which is the power of “single” is a potent and powerful, which may eventually repulsed Army troops Holland has a complete and modern weaponry and as one of the allied forces who took part won World War II past.

2. The raid on Thursday night and Friday on February 23, 1949 but we can repel the Dutch troops, get 2 pieces of LE and an Owen gun-gun, then on the ranks of the TNI and the people of Red Bally, many of which fall as a nation and as kusuma martyrs, who numbered as many as 68 people



The rare Federal State postal stationer smelt 2 sen type one G 95 with “Van Den”(type two  ,common with ven de) send from Padang to Padang Panjang(all west sumatra area  under federal state,except some village still under PDRI state.(this card send by my friend Wirako’s father,Dir MHI Ang Ie Siang)


23 February,1949

Basis battle acttacked move to  Pembengis village

Moved to Pembengis base invasion

After several raids from the sea which resulted in many casualties, then the elders of both the TNI and the Red Bally decided to divert the attack from the mainland. Location was chosen as the center / base to prepare the troops is Pembengis located approximately seven (7) km from Kuala Tungkal.

To support / coordinate the implementation of the attack through the Front Wilderness that has been enhanced to take care of receiving assistance from the public for purposes perjungan such as rice, coconuts, vegetables, fish, sugar, coffee, bread, cigarettes and others, in addition to registering and selecting those that expressed a desire to contribute to fight and fight against the Dutch Army,

For purposes, Forest Front, get a radio-aid batteries from H. Dahlan an entrepreneur that can be used to obtain useful information to better establish the continuation of the struggle. Information obtained by officers who are members of the Bureau of Information Wilderness Front transmitted to the public, among others, BBC Radio broadcast from the Far East for the benefit of struggle.

With the death of Commander and Commander H. Adul Abdul Hamid, the head of the Barisan Merah Bally replaced by Commander H. Saman, who had always accompanied the Commander Adul in raids against the Dutch Army.

In the final preparations to Kuala Tungkal invasion, have signed up to the board at Forest Front Pembengis number 1000 (one thousand) people to participate in fighting the Dutch attack, after selection by an assessment team received as many as 441 (four hundred and forty-one), the rest is prepared as a backup .

After all the preparations done, including practice teaching / practice Bally Red Direct Commander H. Saman, then on February 23, 1949 number of 441 (four hundred and forty-one) consisting of members of Bally Red line, the TNI, Police, Civilian Employee, Village Administrator and Village clergy, led by Pangluma H. Saman attacked the Dutch position in Kuala Tungkal. This attack meruapakan the greatest number of troops and the best preparation than with attacks carried out previously.

In Force attack was contained, among others:

1. Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR (representing the Sector Commander Tungkal 1023 Front Area) A. Fattah Leside being treated wounds, with 3 (three) members of the TNI, namely, Syamsik Sergeant, Corporal (L) and Cpl Sakiban Sahring CPM.

2. H. Shamsuddin (Chairman of the Front Wilderness / prince Tungkal III)

3. M. Sanusi (Vice-Chairman of the Front Wilderness)

4. Masdar Event (Head Tungkal Ilir)

5. Police Commander Zulkarnaen Idris, Bustami and others

Troops are divided into 21 (twenty one) group dipimpini by a Chairman and Vice-direct group led by Commander H. Saman. Departure done from Pembengis (Old Mosque) and before arriving in Kuala Tungkal stopped some time at the Masjid Parit Gompong while carrying out the practice Bally Red as final preparations prior to the raid.

Before dawn, troops stormed Kuala Tungkal, through the checkpoints Netherlands. Occurs single combat with unequal weapons. Bally Red troops set fire to houses in the neighborhood used as a residence / dormitory Dutch Army, without heeding shots Dutch engine, so a lot of Dutch soldiers out of fear and panic ran up to their war ships anchored at the jetty Kuala Tungkal.

After raged almost as long as 3 (three) hours, the Barisan Merah Bally resigned return to Pembengis leaving the victim sebayak 30 (thirty) people died as a hero. In the Netherlands also fell victims to death and many serious injuries and minor.

Since the attacks, the Dutch Army to make the barriers of barbed wire fence around their camp, so that military and Red Bally will not strike again. But in reality, the TNI and the Red Bally never stop the attack. Dutch soldiers who were patrolling out of camp is always blocked and intercepted by the TNI and the Barisan Merah Bally.


Tanda Penerimaaan _Ontvangbewij,(The recieved) of sending Pospakket from Toko Kie Batavia to Ambon with overprint Indonesia stamp 40 cent.


March 1

(1)Guerillas retake Yogya for six hours under Suharto. (Later, this event would be called the “serangan umum” or “public offensive”.)

(2) the very rare change of adressstationer 2  sen dancer stationer, send from Hollandia Ned New guinea (mnow west papua) to Tanjung Pandan Billiton (very rare city postmark of West Papua and Billiton island Sumatra)


(1)Ontvangbewijs (Recieved of sending) Pospakket cds Batavia centrum 4.3.49 with overprint Indonesia stamps 2×40 send and 2x1gld

(2)The chinese overseas Medical doctor,dentist and Apotheecers organization letter send to Dr Thung Batavia,with nica -USA stamp 1 and 2 cent.


The Money Order(Poswessel)  recieved CDS SALAM 7.3.49(The city near Magelang and mountain)


On March 8, 1949, again the combined military forces Kuala Tungkal Jambi and Bally Red with strength of 150 people (one hundred and fifty) people led by Commander H. Saman attacked the Dutch position in Kuala Tungkal. In this raid, 68 (sixty eight) Barisan Merah Bally fall, and in the Netherlands is expected to fall a victim who directly witnessed by the survivors back to base.

Panglima Camak Dari Sungai Undan (Riau)

Commander Camak From River Undan (Riau)

On March 8, 1949 Dutch Army troops landed in the village bay beehive, a member of Bally Red happened to be in the Gulf market beehive named H. Baslan saw Dutch troops landed, H. Bally Red line Baslan members armed with machetes hump. H. Baslan were fired upon with automatic weapons by the Dutch Army and the fall of the scene. H. Baslan semapt injured left arm of a Dutch Army (original Dutch)


Ontvangbewijs (Recieved of sending) Pospakket cds Batavia centrum 9.3.49 with  6×50 sen ,2×40 sen overprint Indonesia and 1 gld overprint indonesia(rate  4.8 gulden).


On March 16, 1949, Commander Camak Barisan leaders of the Red River Bally Undan (Riau) led the 250 (two hundred and fifty) troops march stormed Kuala Tungkal Bally. Participated in this raid 25 (twenty five) troops led by Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR.

Troops dispatched from the Old Mosque Pembengis. In this raid, Commander Camak under a hail of bullets fired by the Dutch invaded with his army, jumped over the barbed wire directly invaded the Netherlands in the camp. Semantara troops kept firing to protect them. Because the unbalanced force which forces the Red Bally only use sharp weapons such as machetes, swords, dagger, dagger, spear and the like. While the Netherlands using modern senajata automatic machine guns and other like-lai, Bally Red Army withdrew back to Pembengis. In battle, the commander Camak with 36 (thirty six) members of Barisan Merah Bally fall.

J. Sector Headquarters 1023 always moving

After several times attacked by military forces along the Barisan Merah Bally, based in Pembengis, the Dutch Army increased patrols to Pembengis and surrounding both by sea using BO patrol boat equipped with heavy weapons as well as by land from the Trenches Gompong so pembengis not safe anymore .

1023 Tungkal Area Sector Commander Lieutenant Young A. Fattah Laside with staff.
Standing in front from left to right: Sergeant Major Moerad Alwie, Madhan Cadet Sergeant Major AR, A. Young Lieutenant Fattah Laside and Sakiban. Squatting in front of Major Buimin Hasan.

For further struggle interests of the loading and preparation struggle berpinda-moved from place to place (mobile). Sector Commander Lieutenant Young A. Fattah Leside first move its headquarters to the Trenches Trench VII, then to the Mangrove, River Gebar and last base of the spines / Punggur River.

Strategy and tactics of the struggle then continue to use the strategy and tactics of war grilya (hita-and-run). In order for the strategy and tactics are run more efficiently and effectively, therefore 1023/Tungkal Sector structure Sector Area or Area Tungkal enhanced by including the following:

Sector Commander / Battle:
Lieutenant Young A. Fattah Leside accompanied by Lieutenant (N) Makky Perdana Kusuma.

Vice Commander:
Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR.

Sub-Sector Commander Betara River / Ditch Deli:
Sergeant Major (L) T. Anwar Shah.

Pengabuan River Sub-Sector Commander:
Sergeant Major CPM A. Murad Alwi.

In addition there are several Unity Unity Tempur Tempur ie, each led by Sergeant Major CPM Buimin Hasan, Idris Zulkarnaian Police Commander, Sergeant Major (L) Sanusi and Sakiban moving from place to place (mobile). For the Dutch guerrilla attack. Until the announcement of the Cease Fire Ipenghentian shootout / ceasefire). Pengahadangan against Dutch troops continue to be made of them in Punggur River, Gulf of beehive, paar serindit River, Market Nilau Bay, River and other Gebar



The Diensbriefkaaart(Official Postcard),free stamp of Landsdrukkereij Batavai(Official printing) send from batavia to Semarang.


The Chan’s Book Store promotional cover send from  CDS Batavia centrum to Probolinggo with dancer 3 cent stamp.


the rare federal state postal stationer smelt 5 sen type one G 95 with van den,send  from Padang to Padang Panjang(this card send from my friend wirako’s father to my father in law- the family historic collections)


March 31 U.S. Secretary of State Dean Acheson privately tells Dutch that their Marshall Plan aid is still in jeopardy


Sjarifudin Prawiranegara headed the emergency PDRI government while Sukarno, Hatta, and the rest of the regular Republican government were being held by the Dutch. He would be involved in Indonesian politics for many years to come, as part of the rebel PRRI government in 1958, and yet again as a signer of the “Petition of 50″ criticizing the government in 1980.


The postally used cover CDS Bandoeng ,the capital city Pasundan State of Indonesia Federaal

April 6th.1949.

91)United States Senate passes resolution to stop Marshall Plan aid to the Netherlands, but only if the UN Security Council votes sanctions against the Netherlands.

(2) The picuters of Malioboro road corner, during the PTT repaired the phone cables.


the battle on the River Gebar in April 1949, dutch temtara patrol intercepted by navy troops led by Sergeant Major (L) T. Anwar Shah was accompanied by Lieutenant (N) Makky Perdanan Kusuma. After fighting a long time since losing in the number and types of weapons, troops backed by the victim’s 3 (three) people were slightly injured among them Lieutenant (N) Makky Perdanan dip aha Kusuma shot left.

April 12, 1949, Dutch soldiers using heavily armed BO ship docked in Bay Village Market NIlau, by landing troops by fully armed. Seeing the Dutch army landed, the troops march Bally Red spread around the Gulf Market Nilau, see the Dutch soldiers who were walking hand in hand towards the mainland, a member of the Barisan Bally named Aban Red Army invaded the Netherlands alone, have not had time to get to the Dutch Army troops, Aban has Automatic weapons were fired upon by the Dutch Army and Aban died the scene.

K. KL soldiers. Netherlands In the Capture

In early April 1949 after the headquarters moved to the Base of Sector 1023 Duri, a Dutch war ship approached the shore Jetty spines. Earlier the Dutch Army had been frequently patrolling the base of spines around the coast because that area 1023/Tungkal Sector headquarters are in this place.

The warship filled with native Dutch soldiers called Koningkelijke Leger (KL). Before arriving in Kuala Jetty Duri, the ship ran aground in the middle of the ocean because the water was receding. With a lifeboat 3 (three) persons to kuala Jetty Dutch soldiers with the intention of investigating the situation spines, but not biased to land because of low tide.

A Dutch Navy who were captured by the army of the republic of Indonesia (TRI)

being interrogated by Lieutenant Young A. Haddy D. Head III.

One of them by using a fishing boat that was passing by tried to reach land Jetty Kuala spines where there are houses and a Post Customs (Customs). Before samapi on the mainland, a boat accidentally overturned by the owner, then by the population residing in Kuala Jetty Duri Dutch Army is busy-busy arrested and taken to River Punggur, of whom helped Adnan Hasibuan a Customs Officer on duty at Jetty Kuala Duri .

Looking at these events, two Dutch soldiers who were on the boat right back to the ship. River Punggur Dutch soldiers were taken to the Sector Commander 1023 A. Fattah Leside was examined by Lieutenant Young A. Hadi Chief of Bureau III? Intel’s Northern Front, which happened to be in the village in order to help their duties in a combat situation Tungkal Front Area.

In the afternoon a patrol boat equipped with a BO Dutch heavy and light weapons opened fire towards the Jetty Kuala Sungai Punggur spines and without a definite direction (blindly). Dutch soldiers went ashore and then continue shooting. Apsukan TNI withdrew kepedalaman while shooting a reply to slow down the Dutch Army. In the event thirty (30) residents were arrested by the Dutch and taken to the Kuala Tungkal.

Lieutenant Young A. Haddy D. Head III Intel TNI


the rare Indonesia federal state letter sheet(Postblad-warkatpos) postal stationer queen wilhelmina  10 cent send from Pasundan state capital ,Bandung to Batavia(Jakarta)

April 16th.1949.

Tan Malaka is captured and executed by a TNI commander after a Dutch contingent attacks the town where he was staying.the latest information the tomb of Tan Malaka was found,the bone is DNA test and cofirmed.

April 22th.1949.

Dutch announce that they will return the Republican government to Yogya if the guerilla war stops.


Free of Revenue,Acte van overleiden(Deth Certificate) od Batavia for European people  (Rosalia Julia Lapre.)


(1)Sukarno and Hatta remain in custody on Bangka.

(2) Sadar _Ontwaken magazine,Mei 1949-The chinese overseas magazined lead by Thio In Lok ,every one month. intersting info about Pao An Tui.

In the unconscious has been described by colleagues Soegardo about PAT (Pao’s tui) which summarily describes that PAT is only logical that there is, for defending the rights of the Chinese nation has. Among the many questions surrounding the establishment of PAT, it is our attention, that all fees that amount is not small shouldered by the Chinese community itself, so that by the time the organization has never sounded kesahnya complaints about financially, could be the water as the Chinese community and the PAT as a fish . But the situation at that time was really sad karewna kwmungkinan PAT dissolution exists, financial kiarena not suffice. If PAT is dissolved, menunjukn that Chinese society is still too weak in the union to mengalang an organization to defend human rights. No one has objected the PAT in Indonesia, which defended the rights of Chinese people as no other person able to membelanya.Tidak there was a broad outlook will Indonesiapun with this prizip meolak. (Parent Iwan spoke about how the leadership of Dr. Poh An Tui city Padang, Chinese dilingkungankampung maintain and defend the legendary Chinese moans of other tribes, such as Tanah Kongsi burning efforts by spraying petrol dikalikecil, Dr. Iwan still remember the night-maolam told n = mengunsi home Ntjek Ko Lai because he wanted dibakar. Small-time record of dr iwan

Didalam sadar pernah diuaraikan oleh rekan Soegardo tentang PAT(Pao an tui) yang ringkasnya melukiskan bahwa sudah sewajarnya PAT itu ada, untuk membela hak-has azasi dari bangsa Tionghoa. Diantara banyak soal sekitar pendirian PAT ,adalah sangat menarik perhatian kita,bahwa segala biaya yang jumlahnya tidak sedikit dipikul oleh masyarakat Tionghoa sendiri,sehingga pada waktu organisasi itu tidak pernah kedengaran keluh-kesahnya soal finasial ,bisa merupakan air sebagai masyarakat Tionghoa dan PAT sebagai ikannya.Tetapi keadaan pada waktu itu sungguh menyedihkan karewna kwmungkinan dibubarkannya PAT itu ada, kiarena keuangan tidak mencukupkan. Jika PAT dibubarkan ,menunjukn bahwa masyarakat Tionghoa masih terlampau lemah dalam persatuannya untuk mengalang suatu organisasi guna membela hak azasi. Tak ada seorangpun yang keberatan adanya PAT di Indonesia ini,yang membela hak azasi bangsa Tionghoa karena tidak ada lain orang yang mampu membelanya.Tidak ada seorang Indonesiapun dengan pandangan luas akan meolak prizip ini.(Orang Tua Dr Iwan bercerita bagaimana pimpinan Poh An Tui kota Padang,dilingkungankampung Tionghoa menjaga dan membela kaum Tionghoa daris erangan suku lain,seperti upaya membakar Tanah Kongsi dengan menyiramkan bensi dikalikecil, Dr iwan Masih ingat malam-maolam disuruh mengungsi ke rumah Ntjek Ko Lai karena katanya Kali Kecil mau dibakar.-catatan dr iwan)


MAY, 5TH. 1949


1) On May 5, 1949 at around 04.00.Wib Dutch Army from Pijor koling held siege attack of four majors, assisted by 2 members of Mobile Brigade road Bookmarks Tapanuli named MAKALEO and Syamsul Bahri, the Dutch attack was captured FORT HURABA, Troops MBK Tapanuli in Fort Huraba Tolang and retreated to his native troops led brigade-B CAPTAIN ROBINSON Hutapea back to Kampung Tolang

2) Arriving in the village of MAS Tolang KADIRAN collect all the existing forces and ordered the attack on replies to the Dutch troops who have occupied FORT HURABA, Battle happen again with the help of troops firing mortars KADIRAN MAS can be expelled from FORT HURABA and at 16.30.Wib FORT HURABA can the reclaim and Dutch troops retreated into the field of battle FORT Sidempuan HURABA losses in the troops led by MAS members MBK KADIRAN 10 people were killed, 12 people from the Forces Brigade – B were killed and losses Weapons.

3) After the Dutch troops retreated from FORT HURABA Dutch troops never again attack the FORT HURABA, only MAS KADIRAN never received a letter from the Dutch in Padang Sidempuan Army to surrender and give up when the going gets Position, but the letter was returned by the MAS KADIRAN delivered by a woman trader named MARIAM the contents of the letter reads “WE DO NOT WANT TO MEYERAH ..!!! PLEASE COME TO FORT HURABA IF TRUE MASTER – MASTER want to colonize. WE THANK-BEANS BEANS WITH OUR “

4) With the CEACH FIRE in September 1949 the MAS KADIRAN A commander of the Battle Command Battle Fortress Fortress Huraba submit to Aiptu USMAN Huraba Danki – A MBK Tapanuli and Mas Kadiran Penyabungan left to take care of everything in case of delivery of the purposes of sovereignty and Weigh received by Dutch Army.


Penyabungan city is the capital of South Tapanuli, after the city of Padang Sidempuan in the Dutch Army controlled, as the Civil Administration / Regent is KING LUBIS lord, is the king Oloan police chief and commander of troops is a MAJOR Bejo. For the Chief Constable of North Sumatra occurred Kepakuman because at Sibolga and Dutch troops occupied Sidempuan P. DARWIN’S FATHER KARIM Kapala as North Sumatra Police went to Paya Kumbu, then proposed by MAS KARIM DARWIN’S FATHER KADIRAN to lead the police in North Sumatra.


With the CEACH FIRE / truce, and no longer Dutch attacks as head of the MAS KADIRAN MBK Tapanuli DARWIN’S FATHER KARIM propose to add members to MBK Tapanuli and practice it, the proposal to be approved later KADIRAN MAS Mas Kadiran choose Youth-Youth of the Guerrilla Merapi 60 people and of the Brigade – B led MAJOR Bejo as many as 50 people. The next 110 Youth Education gets sent keNataluntuk Police and other exercises and as Chief of Police Education and Training. North Sumatra Police chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner DARWIN KARIM lift Iptu Ibn as Chief of Police Education and Training at Christmas.

t. Mobile Brigade residency Tapanuli


MAS KADIRAN summoned FATHER SAID UMAR Sumatra Police chief in Bonjol, Mr. Umar Said asks you about the status of the Mas Kadiran Tapanuli MBK “WHAT IS ORGANIC Mobile Brigade SIGN IN OR REMAIN IN POLICE Army ‘Mas Kadiran then replied” IF WE ARE STILL IN NEED WORKERS IN POLICE THEN WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE A MEMBER OF POLICE BECAUSE WE ARE STRIVING FOR INDEPENDENCE OF THE POLICE IS “thus Sumatra Police chief Mr Umar Said That set MBK Tapanuli remain in the Police and the rank was raised to MAS KADIRAN KLS POLICE COMMISSIONER-II with Position COMMANDERS BIG CAR Brigade – I SUMUT – ACEH, after inauguration the next day please Mas Kadiran Prayer Restu to Mr. Said Omar to return to Penyabungan and when he got in Penyabungan reports to the Chief Constable of North Sumatra Mr. Darwin Karim.

May 7th.1949.

“Roem-Royem” agreement: Dutch agree to restore the Republic of Indonesia government, to hold talks according to the UN Security Council resolution of January 28, and to work towards a settlement based on the Renville agreement.

Based on Aneta information Jakarta said the Republic Radio “Voice of Sumatra” the PDRI government  about Van Royen-Roem Agreement. The PDRI goverenment accept the Roem-Royen agreement on  such codition(atas syarat-syarat) :

a) Pasoekan Republik harus diperkenankan tetap menduduki posisi yang ada ditempatnya sekarang.

b)Tentara Belanda haruslah dengan perlahan-lahan ditarik mundur dari posisinya sekarang ini.

c)Pengembalian Pemrintahan Republik ke Djokja haruslah dengan tidak bersyarat(tanpa syarat)

d)Souvereinieteit (Kedaulatan)Republik atas Jawa,Sumatra,madura serta pulau-pulau sekitarnya,harus diakui oleh Belanda menurut perjanjian Linggarjati.


The Postally Used Lettersheet postblad warkatpos ,from Batavia(Jakarta) to Semarang.with Wilhelmina stamps 10 sen.


General Spoor, commander of the Dutch in Indonesia, resigns. He dies of a heart attack on May 25.


(1)On May,31th.1949,

Panittia status Tapanoeli telah mengadakan suatu rapat di Taroetoeng yang dihadiri oleh lebih kurang 200 orang yang mewakili seluruh masyarakat demikian”Aneka”. Diantara para hadirin juga terdapat beberapa orang terkemuka yang berhaluan Republik. Setelah diadakan suatu perdebatan yang panjang lebar,maka rapat mengambil suatu resolusi ,dimana disetujui status ketatanegaraan untuk tapanuli. Dalam suatu rapat di Balige,yang dihadiri oleh lebih kurang 700 orang, telah disetujui tujuan panitia status Tapanoeli. Pembentukan suatu Dewan Perwakilan Tapanoeli telah diperbincangkan dengan teliti,bahkan telah disertai dengan perayaan,demikian Aneta. Selanuutjnya juga di Sibolga telah diadakan rapat untuk memperbincangkan hal ini.Untuk pekerjaaan pembangunan kembali telah dibentuk suatu panitia yang diberinama “Pembangunan Bersama Saerah Tapanoeli”

(2) Postally used Posttas stationer card 5 sen send from bogor to Jatinegara,Prison  Bukit duri, a letter to the custodian at Bukit Duri prison with their officias stamped:” de factory Gevangenen kamp meester cornelis(very rare and only one ever seen-Dr Iwan note)

the letter :

Bogor 01/31/49

greetings and Happy

Thank God we say to the Divine Presence, this is blown over the first of our mouths, I arrived home safely.

Mas (elder brother) was ketir scenery and atmosphere, very different from what dahulu.Apa-aspired to in the fumble prisoners will all but I am not surprised.

While this is in addition to working on something, just stay home writing maaaf. Bogor air (air) was dinggin once.

Sofyan bung in Bogor is still working. What are the kurasai. only then can I be glad when there is no longer prisoners in Bukit Duri. Mas all these signs of suhardja letter, tell the brothers. Sorry for the other brothers

Bogor 31/1.49

salam dan Bahagia

Alhamdulilah kami ucapkan kepada hadirat Ilahi, atas inilah yang terhembus pertama-tama dari mulut kami,dengan selamat saya tiba dirumah.

Mas(elder brother) memang ketir pemandangan dan suasana ,amatlah berbeda dengan dahulu.Apa-apa yang dicita-citakan dalam tawanan meleset semua akan tetapi saya tidak heran.

Sementara ini selain mengerjakan sesuatu,hanya tinggal dirumah menulis maaaf. Bogor udaranya (hawa) terasa dinggin sekali.

bung Sofyan ada di Bogor masih  bekerja. Sedang apa yang kurasai. saya barulah dapat bersenang hati bila tak ada tawanan lagi di Bukit Duri. Mas semua inilah tanda surat dari suhardja,katakan kepada saudara-saudara. Kasihan pada saudara-saudara yang lain.



the rare change of adress dancer 2 cen added overprint Indonesia federaal stampF 1.-,postally used via airmail from Malili(rare area) to Semarang ,


(1)Postally used circulair letter from the chineseoversees  Medical Doctor,Dental health and aphothekeer organiztions ,alaydrus street ,Central jacarta to the member with federal usa printing stamps 1 and 2 cent.

(2)Menurut keterangan Sultan Djokja ,pada hari ini lebih kurang seratus orang pembesar Republik dan orang partikelir beserta keluarga,oleh Belanda telah diangkut dari Magelang ke Djokja. Sebagai alasan orang-orang itu dianggap berbahaya untuk keamanan dan ketertiban  umum serta mereka mendapat pangilan pemerintah Repoeblik,sedangkan hal tersebut ternyata tidak benar.Hal ini telah dilaporkan kepada ketua delegasi Republik,supaya dengan perantaraan PBB diajukan protes.

Keterangan Sultan yang kedua ,mengenai soal pelemparan granat tangan dihalaman tempat kediaman Iboe Soekarno.Sultan menerangkan ,bahwa difihak orang Belanda ingin memperlihatkan kepada dunia ketridak sanggupan pemerintah republik untuk mempertahankan keamana dan ketertiban,jika telah dikembalikan ke Djokja dan bahwa kejadian itu dibesar-besarkan. Kabar yang mengatakan bersumber dari pihak Republik,bahwa granat tangan itu dilempar oleh pihak FDR dan bukanlah oleh PKI,menurut Sultan pihak resmi Republik sama sekali tidak tahu dan sampai sekarang rtidak ada bukti bahwa orang Indonesia yang telah melemparkanya. Akhirnyaditerangkan oleh Sultan bahwa sampai pada waktu Pemerintak Republik dikembalikan,maka tentara Belanda bertanggung Jawab atas keamanan penduduk di Djokja.

Sultan Jogja menerangkan dalam konperensi pers di Djokja sekembalinya dari kunjungan ke Jakarta dan Bangka ,bahwa kunjungan tersebut memberikan kepuasan. Mungkin dalam minggu ini akan diumumkan, kapan berlangsungnya penyerahan kekuasaan di Djokja oleh Belanda kepada republik.Kembalinya Presiden Soekarno dan Drs Moh Hatta beserta pemimpin rfepubli lainnya, sangat bisa terjadi dua atau tiga hari steelah terjadi penyerahan kedaulatan tersebut,hal ini juga tergantung kepada  keresidenan Djokja.

KETERANG Dr SOEKIMAN, Ketua Masjumi dr Soekimanpun telah memberi satu uraian yang panjang lebar tentang kunjungan Hatta ke Aceh. dikatakannya rombongan Hatta sangat menyesal karena sudah tidak dapat bertemu muka dengan Mr Sjafroeddin,akan tetapi ini tidaklah mengakibatkan hal yang tidak enak. Dr Soekiman menegaskan bahwa seluruh Aceh ada menyokong kesepakatan  van Royen-Roem.Sebelumnya Hatta datang di Aceh,pihak PNI sangat menentang persetujuan itu, akan tetapi pendirian ini telah berubah setelah Mr Ali Sastroamidjojo memberikan keterangan selengkapnya.  Dr Soekiman menceritakan juga, bahwa pada waktu sebelumnya rombongan pemimpin republik datang, lapangan terbang Longah di Aceh telah ditembaki dengan sanpan mesin dan dibom dari udara oleh pasukan Belanda.Tapi pihak militer belanda yang berkuasa menyangkal dengan keras keterangan tersbut diatas.

Pembantu Mimbar Oemoem di Djokja memberikan informasi dari Dr Halim,seorang anggota Badan Pekerja KNI(Komite nasional Indoensia), ia menerangkan bahwa setelah Pemerintah Republik nanti kembali ke Djokja, pada pokoknya ia setuju sekali dengan adanya kabinet parlementer , karena lebih demokratis dari kabinet Presidentiel. Tetapi menilik suasana pada waktu ini, justru dalam waktu peralihan ,figur-figur seperti Bung Karno dan Bung Hatta yang tidak terikat dalam salah satu patai atau golongan , masih diperlukan untuk dapat mengatasi segala pertentangan partai dan golongan sekalipun mereka itu  sebagai manusia juga tidak luput dari kesalahan dan kekurangan. Dr Halim setuju sekali bila diadakan resuffle kabinet buat menganti beberapa orang yang dipandang kurang kuat.

INTERVIEW WITH THE RESULTS dr.j.h. van Royen by BMDiah leader Merdeka newspaper published in the Daily Panarangan:

a. Apabilakah conceivably pemrintah Republican masters to come back? The answer: The Return of the Republic to Djokja is preceded by two terms: the evacuation of civilians and the achievement of a formula to hold a “Cease fuire order” which is being discussed by the two sub-commission for it, and I hope by the end of this week reached a command to stop fighting . Then with the Dutch troops will be withdrawn segrara mundur.Ini at least take a week and I beraharap at the end of this week reached a command to stop fighting.

b. The Conference will be held Bilakan bunda.Jawabannya table: Selaks as possible, I hope that after the Republic back and aprlemennya approve the agreement was made, it will be taken as a date destination July 15 to hold a Round table conference.

c.Bagaimanakah may hold an agency representative to welcome kedaulatn.Jika right for freedom and limited state of mind this people? only in Dutch-controlled area for those who want to follow the lead of the Netherlands while the class of the republic can not speak? he replied: I think the will of the people and independence of thought has already been firmly expressed desire for independence that would not indicate that there is a real will of the people? not the greatness of the popularity of President soekarno it as fact will of the people? However, regarding the matter of election of some form of state or constitutional legendary esuatu Indomnesia area had to be done together under international supervision. If the Dutch troops had withdrawn from the areas occupied by itself for both parties, for the followers of the Republic there is no reason to say that they are oppressed to express their opinions and for those who think differently should be gaining independence cukup.Pemilihan so this should be done under international supervision. In this case the limits of something where the sound was to be done pemunggutan also in harmony with a healthy mind. Self-determination sendir it properly recognized, but also in this great little area must ditemntukan first, for example by a constituent assembly.

d) if the master trust in the current Republican leaders opposed to host negotiations? answer: I sunguh put their trust in them. in connection with this question, the chairman of the Dutch delegation was advancing petanyaan replies: “Are People Indonesia will put their trust in them, also Kapau transfer of sovereignty has been done, we Jawan: Stay at least to their confidence in the Indonesian People depend on their results in the fight for independence by way talks with the host delegation led (headed), also with the wisdom of his leadership in running the master Lovink ini.Apabila approvals done in the land can be implemented with the help of masters and kepercayaabn Indonesia into larger nation against the Dutch government’s intention, then their position will be stronger and higher also harhat and their degrees in the eyes of the people, the more the days after the transfer of sovereignty.

FACTS ABOUT MR Roem RETURNS TO THE GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DJOKJA.Dalam a question and answer between the editor in chief harin Indonesia Merdeka with delegation chairman Mr.Moh.Roem, he stated that the Government return to Djokja Rrepublik within the next week is not yet possible, but can be expected to occur in this June as well. As is known by the sound of a communique slah United Nations Commission for Indonesia, the return of republican government may hope will happen daslam mid-June and the day that the Sultan of Yogyakarta ditentukan.Saat not been able to take over the government leadership seluruj Jogja around the 20th of June.

To the question whether the delay in the return of government to Djokja RFepublik caused difficulties djumpai about cease fire, Mr. Roem replied, delayed because of problems of refugees and the withdrawal of Dutch troops.

(Source of info: Panarangan Newspaper, Padang, 16 june 19 549)


HASIL WAWANCARA DENGAN dr.j.h. van Royen oleh  B.M.Diah pemimpin surat kabar Merdeka yang dimuat dalam harian Panarangan:

a. Apabilakah menurut pikiran tuan pemrintah Republik Dapat kembali? Jawabannya: Kembalinya Republik ke Djokja adalah didahului oleh dua syarat: evakuasi orang sipil dan kedua tercapainya suatu formula untuk mengadakan “Cease fuire order” yang sedang dibicarakan oleh kedua sub-komisi untuk itu,dan saya berharap pada akhir minggu ini tercapai bentuk perintah menghentikan pertempuran. Kemudian dengan segrara pasukan belanda akan ditarik mundur.Ini sekurang-kurangnya memakan waktu satu minggu dan saya beraharap pada akhir minggu ini tercapai bentuk perintah menghentikan pertempuran.

b. Bilakan akan diadakan Konperensi meja bunda.Jawabannya : Selaks-lekasnya,saya harap sesudah Republik kembali dan aprlemennya menyetujui persetujuan yang dibuat, maka akan diambil sebagai tanggal tujuan 15 Juli untuk mengadakan konperensi meja Bundar.

c.Bagaimanakah mungkin mengadakan suatu badan yang representatif untuk menyambut kedaulatan.Jika hak kemerdekaan dan menyatakan pikiran rakyat itu terbatas?hanya pada daerah yang dikuasai Belanda bagi mereka yang mau mengikuti pimpinan Belanda sedangkan golongan republik tidak dapat bersuara?jawabnya : Menurut hemat saya kehendak rakyat itu dan kemerdekaan menyatakan pikiran itu sudah tegas bukankah  keinginan untuk kemerdekaan itu menunjukkan bahwa ada kehendak rakyat yang nyata? bukankah kebesaran popularitas Presiden soekarno itu sebagai kenyataan kehendak rakyat? Akan tetapi mengenai soal pemilihan sesuatu bentuk negara atau ketatanegaraan daris esuatu daerah Indomnesia memang harus dilakukan bersama dibawah pengawasan Internasional. Apabila tentara belanda sudah ditarik dari daerah yang diduduki dengan sendirinya bagi kedua belah pihak,bagi pengikut Republik tidak ada alasan mengatakan bahwa mereka ditindas untuk menyatakan pendapatnya dan bagi mereka yang berpikiran  lain haruslah mendapat kemerdekaan cukup.Pemilihan demikian ini harus dilakukan dibawah pengawasan Internasional. Dalam hal ini batas-batas sesuatu tempat dimana dilakukan pemunggutan suara itu haruslah pula selaras dengan pikiran yang sehat. Hak menentukan nasib sendir itu benar diakui,tetapi juga dalam hal ini besar kecil daerah itu harus ditemntukan lebih dahulu,umpamanya oleh konstituante.

d) apakah tuan menaruh kepercayaan pada pemimpin Republik yang sekarang lawan tuan berunding?jawabannya: Saya sunguh menaruh kepercayaan kepada mereka. berhubung dengan pertanyaan ini,ketua delegasi belanda itu memajukan petanyaan balasan:”Apakah Rakyat Indonesia akan menaruh kepercayaan kepada mereka,juga kapau penyerahan kedaulatan  sudah dilakukan, jawan kita : Tetap tidaknya kepercayaan Rakyat Indonesia kepada mereka tergantung kepada hasil mereka dalam memperjuangkan kemerdekaan dengan jalan berunding dengan delegasi yang tuan pimpin(ketuai),Juga dengan kebijaksanaan tuan Lovink dalam menjalankan pimpinannya dinegeri ini.Apabila persetujuan yang diperbuat dapat dilaksanakan dengan penuh bantuan tuan-tuan dan kepercayaabn bangsa Indonesia menjadi lebih besar terhadap maksud pemerintah Belanda,maka kedudukan mereka akan lebih kuat  dan lebih tinggi pula harhat dan derajat mereka dimata rakyat,lebih-lebih dimasa sesudah penyerahan kedaulatan.

KETERANGAN MR ROEM TENTANG PENGEMBALIAN PEMERINTAHAN REPUBLIK KE DJOKJA.Dalam suatu tanya jawab antara pemimpin redaksi harin Merdekan denga ketua delegasi Indonesia Mr.Moh.Roem, beliau menyatakan bahwa pengembalian Pemerintah Rrepublik ke Djokja  dalam minggu depan ini belum mungkin , tapi bisa diharap akan terjadi dalam bulan Juni ini juga. Seperti diketahui menurut bunyi slah satu komunike Komisi PBB untuk Indonesia,pengembalian pemerintahan republik dapat diharap akan terjadi dalam pertengahan bulan Juni dan harinya tidak ditentukan.Saat itu Sultan Jogja sudah dapat mengambil alih pimpinan pemerintahan seluruj Jogja sekitar tanggal 20 juni.

Atas pertanyaan apakah tertundanya pengembalian pemerintahan Republik ke Djokja disebabkan kesukaran yang djumpai soal cease fire, Mr Roem menjawab, tertunda karena adanya soal pengungsi dan penarikan tentara Belanda.

(sumber info: Panarangan Newspaper,Padang,16 june 19549)


Mr.Mohammad Roem visit “Sekolah RakyaT”(people school” at Dukuh (two photo)


Mr van Maarseveen had pointed as the Dutch menistry of oversees area(menteri usrusa n saerah seberang lautan) , and the menistry will visit Indonesia in order the get the general situation, and Mr van Schaik as the Dutch menistry of internal affair(menteri dalam Negeri)


(1)The Postal used letetr from Chinese oversead Medical doctor,Dentish and Aphother organization with NICA USA stamps 2 sen dan 1 sen.

(2)The Federal state PTT official letter to Mr Soewil first Class officer PTT Padang from the Chief of PTTT 4th area (Sumatra) C.den Haan about mr Soewil moving to Laboehan Bilik Est sumatra.


Information from Panarangan newspaper from Padang West Sumatra Wensday,June,15th.1949.,:

(1)Round Table Conference at Den Haag May be Agust 1st 1949.

(2)The PDRI(Pemrintah Daroerat Rep8ublik Indonesia) accept the Roem-Royen Agreement with condition(dengan syatat)

(3) Dutch must “Mengakui Kedaulatan” the sovereign of Republic Indonesia State (NRI) on Java,sumatra,Madura and the island around it

(4)The Federalis of Sumatra want to meet Mr Sjafroeddin: Warta Indonesia newspaper had recievd informations that the Sumatra Federalis leaders want to meet the leader of PDRI(Pemerintah Daroerat Repoeblik Indonesia) ,Mr Sjafroeddin Prawiranegara.The Main speking about the status of Aceh and Nias to the Sumatra Federal state and the  status of Sumatra in relationship commjunication with another area in Indonesia.



(1) The very rare Est Sumatra Stae(Negara sumatra Timur) Merriage act(Surat Kawin Negraa Sumatra Timur Bahagian agama ,with the emblem of NST.)

(2)June, 11th.1949
Postally used cover from cds batavia centrum to Jogja, with 10 cent wilh  wilhelmina stamp.the included love letter:

My thoughts.

At a time when dusk blind chickens, mountains visible in the sky golden yellow, signifying the king’s almost night and day.

There was no view except from the sky that surround the house hatiku.Dibelakang porters and field, faint eye could see that look just tegals verdant. The city that became the center of my life. The first time I began to see the natural beauty authorized.

… City of Jakarta, a city that permai.Hati Nica-flirt seduce the news Lien family circumstances disini.Kebetulan dik at that time I was playing around at home like Ni and we were sitting diserambi muka.Sekonyang suddenly there came a letter carrying postbode addressed to Ms. Ni and saw the letter before I can know that the letter from Dik Lien. After we settle for words and we chatted to go home, feeling that it received a letter from a friend or sis comes home famili.After  stepped into the room really was a letter located on the table. Whose letter from hell?

I know the last new letter from you and the inner I  understand. with news and discussion of the letter was as if a fortune alighted dibadanku, well, apparently dik Lien wrote kemari.Aku count (say) many thanks for your kindness that the brothers want to waste the time to write letters and will not forget us family here, hopefully saj onwards. Have younger brother received a letter from dik Seger, they all have in Semarang open. Hanyas my family who still live in Yogyakarta, the same mother and my sister is in salatiga, only the father who still  living in mobile jogya.We  always thinking about it why they can not go back as soon as possible bersama.Mungkin dik Lien had received a letter from Supartinah salatiga. Perhaps they were still there long, since waiting for the arrival of the father of Jogya.Kami herein have not been to school only temporarily akat take privatlessen pending in August is coming up and we had to comply with the Federal government, because there was no school here, but not why the sister Republic of study and participate remember in my soul like a son of Indonesia. Lien dik certainly not going to open the school.Wah kasiahan deh if  remember the  kid in Yogyakarta patiently educating school, It will soon be restored, by itself you can study  with tenang as usual.

seringkah (always) dik Lien met with Sud. He was still with you. Does he always tells me its after my peaving .How  close to him to convey greetings.

Well so enough news from me, worship me for RAMA (father ), tante (aunt ) and Mukarta Mbak, Mas Slamet and thank you …… unforgetable my nationality salut for you , MERDEKA!



COLLECTIE TROPENMUSEUM Het uitrollen van rubbersheets in een rubberfabriek te Naga Timbool TMnr 60014061.jpg

the rare postcard from Onderneming(Plantation) Dolok Oeloe  Deli-Batavia Rubber Maatshapij(Factory) with  Ned Indie 5 cent stamps CDS Pematang Sianatar 21.6.49.

(b) The photo of presdient Soekarno and  VIce Presiden Hatta  press conference with American jourlanist at Bangka Island  which they were “Diasingkan” (four photos)

June 24th.1949.

Dutch troops begin evacuating Yogya


June, 27th, 1949

Delivery of truce negotiations and Sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia

On June 27, 1949 Principles of Agreement “Rum Royen” announced the contents of which include the peghentian tenbak firing from both sides. On August 1, 1949 signed the joint agreement “Termination Shoot Shoot” from both sides. Implementation is disseminated through radio announcements, the overall wire TNI in the archipelago. Meanwhile, from the dutch H. Y. Lovink act as Deputy Supreme Crown of the Netherlands in Jakarta, delivered throughout the Netherlands Army. Cessation of gunfire followed and supervised by UNCI and after poko agreement is implemented then continue the Round Table Conference in The Hague.

At Edinburgh on August 3, 1949 announced the termination shootout by the power of the Dutch military, with emphasis on instruction / command termination Shoot Shoot it in the form of pamphlets that circulated from the airplane because the position of the TNI in the pockets of guerrillas.


The original wire is directly delivered by the Military Governor of South Sumatra to the Government Resident of the Emergency Civil Affairs Sub Commander Territorial Edinburgh and Edinburgh.

As a continuation of the wire termination shootout by the Military Governor of South Sumatra was issued on the instruction-instruction as follows:

1. Notice to the commander-the commander of Force (Battalion, Company, Section) regarding the determination of the TNI hangout for each unit of concentration.

2. To be held talks between Vice TBA Introduction of Van Schendel and Lieutenant Colonel A. G. W. Navis with the Local Joint Committee consisting of Colonel Abunjani, Regent M. Kamil and major Brori Mansyur.

Fire Ceas order not to breach the ceasefire by each of the warring parties and based on the results of the meeting Estuary Tembesi October 27, 1949 between Indonesia and the Netherlands under the coordination UNCI / Three Nations Commission agreed that all troops should leave and empty pockets . To that end, representatives of the Local Joint Committee TNI Major Brori Mansyur and from the Dutch Lieutenant Wolterbeck use the facility held a meeting Dutch BO Motor / meetings with the leaders of the Front Tungkal Area, which was attended, among others, Lieutenant Young A. Fattah Leside, Cadet Sergeant Major Madhan. AR, Hasan Buimin Sergeant Major, Sergeant Major Sergeant Arwansyah Syamsi with bodyguards, in the first week of November 1949 in the Trenches Deli (Tungkal Ilir) deliver instruction and manage technical implementation of TNI forces evacuations in place of concentration Merlung Battalion joined the staff of Gatot Kaca and co- colleagues from the Front Sengeti Area. While waiting for the next settlement, supply and logistical aid sent periodically to the Tungkal Ulu by the Dutch facility administered by the Joint Committee staff.

Evacuation is obvious disappointment for the troops Tungkal Area, let alone the countryside except the city of Kuala Tungkal, merupaka intact areas of the Republic of Indonesia by people who Republikien, but by realizing greater importance in the struggle. There is no other alternative, but to follow evacuation instructions, with a heavy heart and tears during a farewell to the people who like fish and water unite in the struggle for Sports and grief of this beloved Republic of Indonesia.

 Perundingan Genjatan Senjata dan Penyerahan Kedaulatan Republik Indonesia

Pada tanggal 27 Juni 1949 Pokok-pokok Persetujuan “Rum Royen” diumumkan yang isinya antara lain mengenai peghentian tenbak menembak dari kedua belah pihak. Pada tanggal 1 Agustus 1949 ditanda tangani persetujuan bersama “Penghentian Tembak Menembak” dari kedua belah pihak. Pengumuman pelaksanaannya disebarkan melalui radio, kawat keseluruhan jajaran TNI di Nusantara. Sedangkan dari pihak belanda H. Y. Lovink bertindak sebagai Wakil Tertinggi Mahkota Belanda di Jakarta, menyampaikan keseluruh Tentara Belanda. Penghentian tembak menembak ini diikuti dan diawasi oleh UNCI dan setelah poko persetujuan ini dilaksanakan barulah dilanjutkan Konferensi Meja Bundar di Den Haag.

Di Jambi pada tanggal 3 Agustus 1949 diumumkan penghentian tembak menembak oleh KUasa Militer Belanda, dengan memperbanyak intruksi/Perintah Penghentian Tembak Menembak itu dalam bentuk surat selebaran yang disebarkan dari pesawat udara karena kedudukan TNI berada di kantong-kantong gerilya.


Asli kawat ini langsung disampaikan oleh Gubernur Militer Sumatera Selatan kepada Pemerintah Sipil Darurat Residen RI Jambi dan Komandan Sub Teritorial Jambi.

Sebagai kelanjutan dari kawat penghentian tembak menembak oleh Gubernur Militer Sumatera Selatan tersebut dikeluarkan pada intruksi-intruksi sebagai berikut:

1. Pemberitahuan kepada Komanda-komandan Pasukan (Batalyon, Kompi, Seksi) TNI tentang penentuan tempat berkumpul masing-masing kesatuan konsentrasi.

2. Supaya diadakan Perundingan Pendahuluan antara Wakil TBA yang terdiri dari Van Schendel dan Letnan Kolonel A. G. W. Navis dengan Local Joint Commitee yang terdiri dari Kolonel Abunjani, Bupati M. Kamil dan mayor Brori Mansyur.

Ceas Fire agar jangan sampai terjadi pelanggaran gencatan senjata tersebut oleh masing-masing pihak yang berperang dan berdasarkan hasil rapat Muara Tembesi 27 Oktober 1949 antara RI dan Belanda di bawah koordinasi UNCI/Komisi Tiga Negara disetujui bahwa semua pasukan TNI harus meninggalkan dan mengosongkan kantong-kantong. Untuk itu, utusan Local Joint Committee dari TNI Mayor Brori Mansyur dan dari pihak Belanda Letnan Satu Wolterbeck mempergunakan fasilitas Motor BO Belanda mengadakan rapat/pertemuan dengan Pimpinan Front Tungkal Area yang dihadiri antara lain Letnan Muda A. Fattah Leside, Sersan mayor Kadet Madhan. AR, Sersan Mayor Buimin Hasan, Sersan Mayor Arwansyah dengan pengawal Sersan Dua Syamsi, pada minggu pertama November 1949 di Parit Deli (Tungkal Ilir) menyampaikan intruksi dan mengatur tekhnis Pelaksanaan Evakuasi Pasukan TNI ketempat konsentrasi di Merlung bergabung dengan staf Batalyon Gatot Kaca dan rekan-rekan dari Front Sengeti Area. Selama menunggu penyelesaian selanjutnya, bantuan suplay dan logistik dikirim secara periodic ke Tungkal Ulu oleh fasilitas Belanda yang diatur oleh petugas Joint Committee.

Evakuasi tersebut jelas menimbulkan kekecewaan bagi pasukan Tungkal Area, apalagi daerah pedalaman kecuali kota Kuala Tungkal, utuh merupaka daerah Republik Indonesia dengan rakyatnya yang Republikien, tetapi dengan menyadari kepentingan yang lebih besar dalam perjuangan. Tidak ada alternatif lain, selain mematuhi intruksi evakuasi tersebut, dengan berat hati dan tetesan air mata sewaktu terjadi perpisahan dengan rakyat yang manunggal seperti ikan dan air dalam sukan maupun dukanya perjuangan menegakkan Republik Indonesia tercinta ini.

June 29

Indonesian troops enter Yogya.from south sector lead by Let.col soeharto(later presiden Indonesia) and north Sector lead by Col.Djatikusumo, look the picture of them with Sri Paku Alam.


The Postally used private Banjarmasin “Depot Masa “book store  cover,send from cds Banjarmasin to Bing Sin ‘s Book store Surabaya-simpang..


The photo of high dutch commisaris nigh  Lovink ‘sreception in june 1949,the chiel of Repoeblik Indonesia delegation Mr.Moh Roem “hadir’ (two photos)

July 1

Jawa Pos (Djawa Post) newspaper publishes first issue in Surabaya.


the picture of Sultan Yogja with the leader of military grilya at Kepatihan


(1)the rare official free stamps cover from cds Djambi 4.7.50 to Batavia(very arre cover from Djambi because in 1949 until July under PDRI state,and after PDRI gave the autority to NRI Jogya,Djambi became federal state until the soeverinity to RIS december.27th.1949(only five month under federal state)

(2) The Batavia’s Chinese overseas Medical doctor,dentist and aphothekeer organization circulair letter with smelt 3 sen stamp  to the member Dr Tung sin Nio (the first lady doctor from Medical Faculty of Indonesia University)


(a)Sjafruddin Prawiranegara, the leader of PDRI cs ready back to  Yogya “dijemput” by Dr Leimena and Moh Natsir and before depature Moh.Natsir speaking(pidato) ,also Sjafruddin Prawiranegara and other realted pictures(five  photos )

(b) the meeting between  Dutch delegation and Indonesian delegation  supervied by United Nation at Yogja on this day.

July 6th,1949

(a) President Soekarno arrived at Yogja this day, also another menistry Ali sastroatmidjojo,Haji Agus salim.(two photosZ)

(b)Republican government returns to Yogya. Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX receives Sukarno and Hatta at the Kraton.


(a)Sjafruddin Prawiranegara arrive at Kemyoan airport from suamtra(six photos)

(b) Sjafruddin Prawiranegara arrived at Yogja( five photos)

and  meeting with president soekarno(three photos)


(1)Tanggal 8 juli 1949,didesa Krejo Kecamatan Ponjong, daerah Gunung Kendeng, saya(Rosihan anwar) dan Letkol Soeharto(kelak jadi presiden) bertemu presiden Soekarno  dan Wakil Presiden Hatta  untuk meratakan jalan kearah dimulainya KMB(konperensi meja Bundar)  di den Haag(napak tilas KMB,kompas,28 januari 2010)

(2)Panglima Besar General sudirman arrived at Yogja freom gureilla  area, “disambut” welcome by the chief of PDRI Syafruddin prawiranegraa (two photos)

Let.col.Suharto(later presiden RI) behind General sudirman.

(3) Postally used Book store “Kamadjoean” Semarang’s private cover, send from Semarang to Surabia.


Postally used  Postal stationer  briefkaart_Kartoepos stationer 5 sen, send from stairgt Stamped TEMANGGOENG  to Semarang (rare post mark).

July ,13th.1949

(a)Power is transferred back from the emergency PDRI government under Prawiranegara to the Republican government in Yogya under Sukarno.Dutch-created states hold conference, support joining the Republic.

(b) After transferred of Power fro PDRI, begin the first NRI Cabinet meeting(bersidang) at Yogjakarta.( one photo)

(c) The Dutch delegation  lead by DR. Van Royen arrived at Maguwo airtport Yogja, welcome by the Indonesian delegiati n leader Mr.Moh Roem(two photoa)

and at night for the distinguist guest ,presiden Soekarno made the reception(one photos)


Republic troops retake Surakarta.


The Rare  food distribution zegel label , for used in the Ombilin coal mine store Sawahloento West Sumatra.

August 7th.1949

Darul Islam movement formally breaks with the Republic of Indonesia.


The rare Money Order (binnenlanden Postwissel) send from pontianak in city with smelt 121/2 sen stamps.

August 11

Ceasefire on Java.

August 12th 1949

Postally used federal state postal stationer smelt 2 sen send from Pajakumbuh with federal postal Satmped CDS Republik Indonesia stamped which the  rep Indonesia clean off(dibersihkan) to Van Dorp book store Batavia centrum(jakarta pusat)(This special  card send from Mr W.D my senior  phillatelist friend’s farther Dr Adnan  W.D, the medical doctor in Payakumbuh where my father and grandfather live during Dai Nippon Occupation,my sister Elina born there in 1947-Dr iwan Notes)

August 15

a)Ceasefire on Sumatra.Hamengkubuwono IX of Yogya coordinates handovers from Dutch to Republic.Dutch begin releasing 12,000 prisoners.

b) in this day Rosihan anwar,senior reporter, by Skymaster airoplane depature from Jakarta and arriev schipol airport in august 17th 1949.

c)postally used cover from batavia centrum with ovpt Indonesia stamps to semarang


In this day the Indonesia KMB delegation arrive schipol airpot and staright to Kurhaus. Prime menister Moh Hatta made anniversary of Indonesia Independece Proclamation reseption, at the reseption Rosihan anwar seen Sultan hamid from pomntianak, Anak Agung Gde Agung ZPrime menister of NIT(negara Indonesia Timur) they were the BFO leader,also Dutch employeed.


the official free stamps cover from Resident Ommelanden batavia Meestercornelis(jatinegara) to Batavia centrum(Jakarta pusat),rare postally used cover from jambi,because  Jambi still fight with Dutch army until june 1949.

August 23 th.1949

1)Round Table conference begins in the Hague. Hatta head delegation for the Republic of Indonesia, Sultan of Pontianak heads delegation from the Dutch-created states.

2)Postal Used cover send from Bangkalan CDS 23.8.49 to Sorabaia CDS  24.8.49 (rare cover send during KMB Round Table conference.)

3) Special Post Mark Ronde Tafel conference s’gravenhage 1949 send from s’grafeluke zaal 23.8.49 to Althier.

4)Bagaimana jalannya KMB? Tiga delegasi yang berunding Belanda,Republik Indonesia,Golongan Federal yang dihimpun dalam Bijzonder Fedral Overleg(BFO) .Dalam praktik Republik dan BFO menyatu bila menghadapi Belanda, beberapa Komisi dibentuk :Komisi politik :  disana Bung Hatta domina, Ekonomi ,disana DR Sumitro Djojohadikusumo menyangkal kebenaran angka-angka utang yang diajukan Belanda, Komisi Pertahanan,dimana Republik diwakili oleh DR J.Leimena dan Kolonel TB Simatupang serta Komisi Kebudayaan dima Mr ali Sastroamijoyo berperan.

Hasil KMB, Belanda tidak bersedia menyerahkan Papua (Irian) Barat  kepada Republik Indonesia Seikat.Penyelesaiaannya ditangguhkan untuk masas satu tahun , RIS harus mengoper hutang Belanda yang telah dibuatnya dalm memrangi NRI 4.100 Juta Gulden,sedangkan menurut hitungan Sumitro justru Belanda yang berutang kepada Indonesia 500 juta gulden.di bidang pertahanan  Belanda mau membikin tentara KNIL sebagai intisari tentara RIS, ini ditolak dengan tegas oleh Leimena dan TB Simatupang akhirnya Belanda setuju TNI kekuatan pokok tentara RIS.Belanda tetap tidak mau mengakui proklamasi 17 Agustus 1945 oleh Sukarno-Hatta, Belanda hanya mengakui penyerahan kedaulatan tanggal 27 Desember 1949 sebagai bermulanya negara merdeka berdaulat berbentuk Federal yaitu RIS.


The Advocate cover send registered  from  Pontianak  to same  city Potianak with wilhelmina stamp,overprint indonesia and smelt numeric stamp rate 35 sen . this time Pontianak as the Dewan Kalimantan Barat State,lead by Sultan Hamid II.





September, 5th, 1949

On the 5th of September 1949 talks held in Bangko diruangan Regents Office, the delegation of the Local Joint Committee escorted the heavily armed military section with a red and white flag.

Negotiations went lancer with the results as follows:

1. The concentration of military forces

a. Troops belonging to the battalion “Gatot Kaca” gathered at the Port Merlung and Trade, as a liaison officer Lieutenant Junior ditnjuk A. Hadi

b. Troops belonging to the Battalion “Cindur Mato” gathered in Rantau Ikil and Land Grows, as Liaison Officer was appointed Second Lieutenant M. Nawawi.

c. Troops belonging to the Battalion “Gajah Mada” gathered at the Bangko as Liaison Officer was appointed Lieutenant Suhaimi.

2. Pemberitahun

a. Notification to the concentration and position in the cease-fire Battalion Commander Sub territory handed over to Edinburgh via couriers.

b. All will be summoned to the Battalion Commander Tembesi Estuary and will be given instructions by Major Brori Mansyur Local Joint Committee as Members of Indonesia Jambi area.

c. Prior to October 10, 1949, the Dutch Army had to be withdrawn from towns outside the city of Edinburgh, and was replaced by TNI troops.

d. Dutch assistance was sought in the transfer of members of the TNI from the pockets of concentration Guerrilla place.

e. Wasted Ayang troops will occupy the Muara Tebo.

f. Forces BT, BB, CPM Team, Police Squad’s time to move to the Air samapai thunder where Dutch troops will leave the Muara Bungo so that these forces immediately occupied the Muara Bungo.

g. Regarding Troops Battalion Gatot Kaca, Major Brori Mansyur held the first talks between the envoys battalion Gatot Kaca Captain (N) Soerjono with leaders of the Dutch Army Detachment, Kuala Tungkal tensions. Major Brori Mansyur accompanied by Major Z. Rivai directly intervened to negotiate with Chief of Staff Captain Wolterbeck Regiment in the Trenches Deli Dutch Kuala Tungkal.

After a full explanation is given, then the TNI in Kuala Tungkal willing to concentrate on Tungkal Ulu, namely TNI CPM Squad led by Sergeant Major A. Murad Alwi, Navy forces under the command of Sergeant Major T. Arwansyah, while the police led by Inspector Mahyuddin remain in Kuala Tungkal


Departemen van Gezonheid(Health) roundschrijfen(round letter) about the International certificate of Pooken(cacar or variolla) vaccinatie(vactination). send to all health office in Indonesia federal state send b y the secratary of Healt department Dr G.Sieburg:

1.Inspectuer v.gezonheid Oost-java Suarbaya, Batavia,Semarang,Padang and sabang.

2.Residentie artsen(Medical doctor) banjarmasin,Samarinda,pontianak,Pangkalpinang,and tanjungpinang.

3.Menistry of Healt Negara te Pasoendan(Pasundan state)(the menistry was my friend father Dr Kornel singawinata,look his picture in December ,27th.1949).

3.Health and Social departemen of Negara Sumatera Selatan.Palembang.(Osut sumatra State)

4. Menistry of heakt Negara Indonesia Timur NIT(east Indonesia State) at Makasssar.

5. menistry of Healt Negara sumatra timur(East sumatra State) at Medan

6, the chief of Health departement at batavia

7.Directir of Pasteur Insttitue at bandung

8. The Seaport Medical doctor at Tandjoeng Priok,Soerabaja,Semarang,Makasa,belawan.

with the variolla certicate form.



The postally used cover from Amboina to Batavia with building stamps

Connecting to 1949 recognition by Dutch, the reactions in the field was not always easy for the new Republic of Indonesia. One of them was insurgency from  some ex-Dutch formed army, KNIL (Koninklijk Nederland-Indisch Leger, The Dutch East Indies Army). Many KNIL members were from Eastern people from Sulawesi and Moluccas that generally had closer relationships with Dutch because their more privileges in economy, politics and education during the Dutch colonialism due to their faith, mixed blood and became closely similar habits. Knowing that the new formed Republic of Indonesia would reduce their status than they had before, the insurgency begun by some ex-KNIL members and eastern politician leaders. That ex-KNIL and eastern politician leaders rebel became serious threat to central government in Jakarta with the movement called RMS (Republik Maluku Selatan; Republic of the South Moluccas).

During the eradicating of the RMS immunity, Lieu. Col. Slamet Riyadi and Colonel Alexander Evert Kawilarang who in the front line commanding the troops were inspired and amazed by effectiveness and combat ability (especially in men’s sniping) of ex-KNIL members that also helped by KST (Korps Speciale Troepen) during insurgency. They then inspired to build a similar force for Indonesia. However, at that time, neither of the Indonesian commandants had any experience or skill in special operations. (However, Lieutenant Colonel Slamet Riyadi would not see his dream realized due to his death in a battle against the troops of the RMS).

Not long after, with the use of military intelligence, Colonel Kawilarang located and met with Captain Major Rokus Bernardus Visser – a former member of the Dutch Special Forces who had remained in independent Indonesia, settled in West Java, married an Indonesian woman, and was known locally as Mohamad Idjon Djanbi. He was the first recruit for the Indonesian special forces, as well as its first commandant. He later re-positioned to become Major after his request to be at least one rank higher than any his trainee. Due to him, the unit adopted a Red Beret similar to that of the Dutch Special Forces, which is still in use by the present Kopassus.

Ambon 1950

Col. A. E. Kawilarang, Lieu. Col. Slamet Riyadi and staffs arrived in Ambon, 1950

Brig. Gen Slamet Riyadi Col. A.E. Kawilarang 1_4d06e516bb4d542b35ae28b87fabfb6b

Brig. Gen. Slamet Riyadi & Col. Kawilarang & Maj. M. Idjon Djanbi


(1) the Death certifiacte of chinese oversead ,who pass away in poor (dalam keadaan miskin) n the Krangan evacuation cap semarang, legaluized by pengurus pengungsi Tionghoa semarang(Semarang tionghoa refuugee administrator)


November 2

The Hague Agreement is the result of the Round Table Conference: “Republik Indonesia Serikat” is supposed to have the crown of the Netherlands as a symbolic head, Sukarno as President, and Hatta as Vice-President. It consists of 15 Dutch-created states plus the original Republic. Sovereigny is to be transferred by December 30. Dutch investments are protected, and the new government is responsible for the billion-dollar Netherlands Indies government debt. The Dutch keep Irian Jaya.


The rare posatlly used change of adress 2 sen dacer stationer card send from Palembang to malang,one stamp (1 sen) off.

12.December 1949


The unique letter sheet(postblad warkatpos) postal stationer smelt 10 sen send from  Bukittinggi to Mr Soewil the chief of Emma Haven Post Office(Teluk Bayur), with interesting letter :

Tanggal 7 desember 1949, kota bukittingi sudah dipulihkan pada Republiken(orang republik) . Drang-barang saya yang ditinggalkan di pedalaman sudah dijemput kembali  oleh isteri saya diantaranya prangko simpanan saya yang dikumpulkan tahun 1942 dan seterusnya sudah distempel(dicap). Karena saudara ada di Emma Haven(pelabuhan Teluk Bayur ) , apakah ada orang Euro yang menanyakan(membeli) prangko tersebut, sekiranya ada (mungkin) ada yang senang (menyukakannya) boleh saya kirimkan pada saudara, hasilnya 1/3 buat saudara  dan 2/3 buat saya, atau ka;lau mungkin tukarkan dengan kain untuk pantalon(celana) jadi juga. Maklumlah dari prangko yang sudah dioverdruk(cetak tindih) bermacam-macam selama pendudukan Jepang dari 1 c sampai 1,2, dan 5 gulden. Prangko pendudukan jepang  yang dibikin(dibuat)  indonesia , prangko Jepang yang dipakai di Indonesia,serta prangko republik 1c,2c,21/2c,3c,5c,10c,15c,30c,40c,50c,rp.1,rp.2.rp.3,50(sukarno)  seluruhnya belum dicap(distempel). Selain itu prangko tersebut diatas ada 100 buah prangko yang berasal dari euro lama yaitu Bayern,belgia,Bosnia-Germany-Findland-Franch,Swiss,Nederland dan Russia bermacam-macam rupa(bentuk) dan belum pernah dicap(stempel) dan adapula yang sudah dicap. Berilah kabar (kepada) saya dengan lekas(cepat0 ,supaya lekas pulah dikirimkan. Demikianlah supaya saudara maklum,salam saya Djamoen.

PS. hal ini jangan diberi tahukan hendaknya (kepada) kawan-kawan(teman) kita, malu kita !!!!

english translate:

On 7 December 1949, the city has been restored bukittingi the Republicans (the republic). Drang my things left in the interior has been picked up again by my wife whom I collected stamps deposits in 1942 and beyond has been stamped (branded). Because you are in Emma Haven (Bay harbor Bayur), is there anyone who asks Euro (bought) such stamps, if there is (probably) there is a happy (menyukakannya) May I send it to brothers, the result is 1 / 3 for the brothers and 2 / 3 for me, or ka; lau may change with the cloth for trousers (pants) so well. It’s known from stamps that have been dioverdruk (print overlapping) vary during the Japanese occupation from 1 c to 1.2, and 5 guilders. Japanese occupation stamps are made ​​(made) Indonesian, Japanese stamps used in Indonesia, as well as stamps of the republic 1c, 2c, 21/2c, 3c, 5c, 10c, 15c, 30c, 40c, 50c, Rp.1, Rp.2. Rp.3, 50 (Sukarno) has not been entirely stamped (stamped). Besides the above there are 100 postage stamps fruit that comes from the old euro namely Bavaria, Belgium, Bosnia-Germany-Findland-Franch, Switzerland, Netherlands, Russia and many kinds of creatures (form) and have not been stamped (stamp) and those that are already stamped. Give the news (to) me with a quick (cepat0 so quickly pulah sent. So that you understand, my greetings Djamoen.

PS. This should not be announcing should (to) my friends (friends) we, ashamed of us!!



The rare postally used change of adress 2 cwnt dancer stationer card add smelt 1 sen stamps (rare 3 sen) send from  from surabaya in city.

December 19th.1949

Universitas Gadjah Mada founded at Yogya.

December 27th.1949

Dutch formally transfer sovereignty to “Republik Indonesia Serikat” (Republic of United States of Indonesia).

December 28

Sukarno is returned to Jakarta.

1. 27 Desember 1949

1)Upacara Serah terima tanggung jawab Pemerintah dari Pemerintah Belanda diwakili Dr HJ Lovink  kepada Indonesia diwakili  oleh Menteri Pertahanan Hemangkubuwono,Menteri Negara Mr Roem,Menteri Dalam Negeri Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung dan Menteri Sosial Mr Kosasih Purwanegera dan  Pemerintah Belanda mengakui Kedaulatan  RI.

Ceremonial handover of responsibility from the Government of the Netherlands Government was represented Dr. HJ Lovink to Indonesia was represented by Minister of Defense Hemangkubuwono, Minister of State Mr. Roem, Minister of the Interior Ideas Anak Agung Gde Agung and Social Services Minister Mr Kosasih Purwanegera and the Dutch Government recognizes sovereignty of Indonesia

(1) foto penandatanganan protokol serah terima tanggung jawab pemerintahan yang mewakili Republik Indonesia serikat Sultan Hemangku Buwono IX (Menteri Pertahanan) dan disebealh kirinya peguasa Belanda AHJ Lovink di Istana Merdeka(sebelumnya istana Rijswijk)

photo signing protocol handover of responsibility of government representing the Republic of Indonesia union Hemangku Lane IX Sultan (Defense Minister) and his left Dutch Crown representing  AHJ Lovink at Merdeka Palace (formerly the palace Rijswijk

(2) foto pidato Wakil Tinggi Mahkota Belanda Dr H.J.Lovink setelah penanda tanganan serah terima  pemerintahan dan pengakuan kedaulan RI di Istana Merdeka.

High Representative’s speech photos Dutch Crown Dr HJLovink after the signing of the handover of government and recognition kedaulan RI at Merdeka Palace

(3)Setelah penandatanganan serah terima dari Pemerinath Belanda kepad RI dan pengakuan kedaulatan RI, dilangsungkan upacara penurunan bendera Belanda merah putih biru dan penaikan bendera Republik Indonesia serikat Merah Putih dihalaman Istana Merdeka Jakarta .

After the signing of the handover of the Dutch goverment to  RI and recognition of the sovereignty of Indonesia, held a ceremony decline Dutch flag red white and blue union flag-raising Red and White Republic of Indonesia Istana Merdeka Jakarta yard

(a) foto penurunan bendera belanda(Dutch Flag decline picture)

(b) foto penaikan bendera RI(RI flag raising pictures)

(c) Penghormatan upacara penurunan dan penaikan bendera oleh Sultan Hemangku Buwono IX

Respect for flag-raising ceremony and a decrease by Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX

(d)Penghormatan bendera pada upacara penurunan dan penaikan bendera oleh ispektur upacara  oleh Kapten AD Poniman (pernah menjadi Panglima Siliwangi dan terakhir Jendral,Menteri Pertahan dan keamanan RI, saya pernah main tennis dengan beliau saat ia menjadi panglima Komando Daerah Militer 17 agustus  Sumatera barat tahun 1959- Catatan Dr Iwan ),pasukan tiga peleton dengan komandannya Letnan G.H. Mantik.

Respect for the flag on the flag-raising ceremony and a decrease by ispektur ceremony by Captain AD Poniman (last-General, Minister defend  and security of RI, I never played tennis with him when he became commander of the Military Regional Command West Sumatra August 17, 1959 – Note Dr. Iwan), with three army peleton ,chief letnan GH Mantik.

(e) Foto Rakyat Jakarta yang menyaksikan upacara penurunan dan penaikan bendera

Photo of Jakarta People who witnessed the decline and the flag-raising ceremony

2) Sampul Peringatan  Pengakuan kedaulatan Republik Indonesia Serikat (Republik Indonesia sovereign State) dengan  mengunakan sampul stasioner hinda belanda  ratu Wilhelmina  12 1/2 sen dengan cetak tindih  sepuluh sen, stempel pos CDS batavia  21.12.49

Warning cover of recognition of Indonesian sovereignty States (the Republic of Indonesia sovereign STAE) by using the cover of Dutch queen Wilhelmina stationary hinda 12 1 / 2 cents to ten cents a print overlap, CDS postmark batavia 21:12:49

3) Sampul peringatan pengakuan kedaulatan   RIS 27 Dec 1949 dengan prangko seri bangunan 45 sen dan 50 sen  dengan stempel pos 27.12.49 dikirim kepada Mr Clyde J.Sarzin USA(mungkin  sampul ini CTO, ditemukan oleh Dr iwan Suwandy  di Bangkok tahun 1994). New Information related to Mr Clyde J .Sarzin from my friend Mr Hartkamp ,please read below:

Mr. Clyde J. Sarzin (21-05-1915 / 23-11-1987) was a well known stamp dealer!


Maybe you find it interesting to know that the cover underneath is certainly CTO.
Mr. Clyde J. Sarzin (21-05-1915 / 23-11-1987) was a well known stamp dealer!

An other answer:

The cancelation on this cover is only partly visible.

The complete text:


This cancellation is used in ‘s-Gravenhage in the years 1947 to 1951. In Holland a lot of firms changed their names and crossed out the name of Netherlands Indie after 27-12-1949.
Because the written information on this card concerns the payment of a contribution for the subscription of the New Year I suppose that this cancellation is of the beginning of 1950. After a while the firms changed the imprints of their printed matter, so it is not likely that the cancelation is of beginning of 1951.

The cover of the recognition of sovereignty warning RIS Dec. 27, 1949 with 45 cents postage stamp series buildings and 50 cents with a postmark 27/12/49 sent to Mr. Clyde J. Sarzin USA (maybe the cover is CTO, invented by Dr. Iwan Suwandy in Bangkok in 1994)

4)Kementerian Penerangan mengumumkan,bahwa sejak penyerahan kedaulatan,maka Ibukota RIS ialah Djakarta( ejaan baru Jakarta).

Ministry of Information announced that since the handover of sovereignty, the capital city of  RIS is Djakarta (new spelling Jakarta

5) Pada hari ini juga dilaksanakan beberapa serah terima aset negara,sayang informasinya belum ditemukan. Hanya ada satu foto dari keluarga besar almarhum Osman Singawinata, berupa foto serah terima aset kesehatan dari pihak Belanda kepada pihak Indonesia diwakili oleh Let.Kol. TNI AU Dr Kornel Singawinata,ayah alm Oesman Singawinata, ex menteri kesehatan negara Federal Pasundan disaksikan oleh Bung Karno . Terima kasih atas perkenannya untuk menampilkan gambar yang bersejarah ini kepada isteri bapak Oesman Singawinata(Bu Retno),Disamping itu juga ada foto KOrnel Singawinata dengan Sultan Hemangkubuwono IX.

On this day also held several handover of state assets, unfortunately the information has not been found. There is only one photo of a large family of the late Osman Singawinata, a picture of health asset handover of the Dutch to the Indonesian side was represented by Dr. Kornel Singawinata, Osman Singawinata late father, former state health minister of the Federal Pasundan witnessed by Bung Karno. Thank you for your good pleasure to display these historic images to the wife of in memoriam Mr. Oesman Singawinata( Mrs Retno), beside that also the picture of Kornel singawinata with Sultan Hemangkubuwono IX

6)Undang Undang Darurat N0.1 Tahun 1949  ditetapkan di Jogjakarta pada tanggal 27 Desember 1949  tentang akan diumumkannya undang-undang federal melalui Radio  dan penyiaran dalam surat kabar harian,ditanda tanganni oleh Presiden Repulbik Indonesia serikat sukarno, Menteri Pertahanan Hemangku Buwono  IX dan Acting Menteri Kehakiman Muhammad Rum .

N0.1 Emergency Act 1949 set out in Jogjakarta on 27 December 1949 concerning the publication of legislation going through the federal Radio and broadcasting in a daily newspaper, signed by President tanganni union Repulbik Indonesia Sukarno, Defense Minister Hemangku Buwono IX and Acting Minister of Justice Muhammad Rum.

2.December.20th, 1949

Menurut informasi yang belum dapat dibuktikan, di Kantor Pos Pusat Jogyakarta di jual prangko cetak wina muali dari tanggal 15 Desember 1949, dan dinyatakan  dapat digunakan sampai tanggal 1 agustus 1950, dan prangko cetak Wina UPU juga dijual  kantor pos Jogyakarta  mulai 1 december 1949 sampai  1 Maret 1950 dan dinyatakan berlaku sampai 1 juli 1950. (sampai saat ini belum pernah ditemukan prangko in9i digunakan diatas sampul dengan stempel pos yang asli, banyak koleksi CTO yang plasu beredar, baca artikel misteri prangko cetak wina di web blog ini hhtp:// dan juga di blog lain hhtp://

Prangko cetak wina edisi pertama dengan ejaan lama Repoeblik,dipesan oleh PTT NRI yang waktu itu dipimpin oleh Mas Suharto, prangko ini tak sempat dipergunakan karena Class kedua 8-20 Desember 1948, january 1949 Mas Suharto dijemput tentara NICA yang kemudian hilang dan jazadnya tidak diketemukan, lihat foto profil  almarhum  dan foto keluarga.

Prangko cetak wina dengan ejaan baru Republik dipesan oleh pimpinan PTT NRI 1949-1951 R.Soekardan,juga mngalama hal yang sama ,prangko di terima 12 Desember 1949 ,sebelum penyerahan kedaulan dari Belanda dan NRI jadi bagian dari RIS  sehingga perako republik Indonesia certak wina dari percetakan USA juga tak daat diedarkan, bersamaan dengan cetak tindih RIS diatas seluruh prangko Indonesia, yang mulai diedarkan April 1950 ternyata cetak wina terlambat lagi sehingga tak sempat diedarkan terburu  RIS diganti dengan Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia, demikianlah nasih prangko cetak wina yang cukup tragis itu,lihatlah fot profil R.Soekardan dibawah ini :

According to information that has not been proven, at the Central Post Office on the sale of stamps printed Jogyakarta Vienna halted from December 15, 1949, and could otherwise be used until the 1st of August 1950, and print prango Vienna UPU also sold at post offices Jogyakarta from 1 december 1949 to 1 March 1950 and declared valid until 1 July 1950. more info from my friend Mr Hartkamp

Dear Mr Suwandy,

How ever I have seen hundreds of canceled envelopes  (more as thousand) and thousands of cancelled Vienna printing stamps, I have never seen a real cancellation before 13 December 1949.

After this date I have several envelopes and stamps with are officially used, mostly CTO, but sometimes it seems to be officially used.

I have a document (Surat pernjataan) of the P.T.T. witch proves that on 13 Desember these Vienna printings are received at the head office of Jogjakarta.

Underneath a part of the text of this document.

I do not know what the ‘PR’ and the ‘t.l.n.’ means in: No. 3 / PR / t.l.n. , do you know?

No. 3 / Pr / t.l.n. Surat pernjataan.——————–( Proces verbal ).-  1.      Pada hari ini tanggal 13 Desember 1949, oleh kami jang bertan-da tangan dibawah ini, Moedjiman komis dan Sahoewin klerk, jang ditundjukoleh dd. (dienstdoende) Kepala Seksi Urusan Uang Anak Seksi IV dalam R VI hoofdstuk VI ma-
sih disebut: Beheerder der Post & Zegelwaarden dari Djawatan P.T.T. (Pos, Telegrap dan
Telepon) Republik Indonesia di Jogjakarta, untuk menerima dan membuka 3 (tiga) bungkusan bersegel dalam keadaan baik dengan perantaraan Sekretariaat kantor Kementeriean Luar Negeri Jogjakarta. Alamat jang tertempel pada salah satu bungkusan ditudjukan pada: “ Republic of Indonesia Office 30 Raffles. PlaceSinggapore / Malayu ” dan alamat jang tertulis dengan potolot merah: “ Stamp    ToRepublic of Indonesia Jogjakarta ”. Setelah bungkusan² tsb. (tersebut) kami buka terdapat 17 ( tudju belas ) buah paket semua tertutup rapih dengan lim pelekat.
Isinja kami periksa dan hitung dihadapan Tuan R. (Raden) Soehardjo Komis dan selaku saksi, jang ikut bertanda tangan dibawah ini, terdapat, bahwa isi² itu————— terdiri dari perangko² tjetakan: “ Staatsdruckerei WienIII di New York dan E.A. Wright Banknote Company of Philadelhia U.S.A. sbb. (sebagai berikat):

(until now has never been found in9i stamps used on the cover with the postmark of the original, many of which plasu outstanding collection CTO, read articles Vienna mystery print stamps on this blog website hhtp: / / and also on the blog other hhtp: / /

3.December ,24th.1949

Presiden RIS Bung Karno tiba di jakarta dari Jogya

RIS President Sukarno arrived in Jakarta from Yogyakarta

(a)  foto prsedien RIS Bung Karno dan isteri Bu Fatmawati  serta  putranya Guntur  di lapangan terbang  Maguwo Jogya (saat ini Adisucipto) saat akan berangkat ke Jakarta  diantar oleh president NRI Mr Asaat (dibelakang) dan  Letkol Suharto (terakhir presiden Ri,almarhum)  sebagai komandan  WK IIII Jogyakarta.

photograph prsedien RIS Bu Bung Karno and Fatmawati wife and son at the airport Maguwo Guntur Yogyakarta (currently Adisucipto) when leaving for Jakarta escorted by Mr. Asaat NRI president (behind) and Lt. Col. Suharto (the last president of the Ri, deceased) as iiii WK commander of Yogyakarta.

(b) Foto presiden RIS Bung Karno kembali tiba di Jakarta ,didepan lapangan terbang Kemayoran(saat ini kompleks Pekan Raya Jakarta)

Photo of Bung Karno RIS president arrived back in Jakarta, Kemayoran airport in front of (the current complex Jakarta Fair)

(c) Foto Perpisahan wakil Presiden Moh Hatta dengan Rakyat Djokja,Mr Asaad sedang mengucapkan selamat jalan kepada beliau.

the picture of farawel party with Djogja people with vice presiden RIS Moh.Hatta, Mr Asaad say goodbey to him.


The RIS PTT Bukittinggi announcement about the Telephone fee tarief,with legalizied  the chief of Telefon office Republic Indonesia(RI)


1)Sampul postal history yang dikirim dari Tanjung Pandan Belitung CDS 29.12.1949 ke Padang  ,mengunakan prangko ratu Wihelmina 10 sen dan 17 1/2 sen dan cetak tindih Indonesia  pada prangko  Wilhelmina 15 sen, (koleksi ini sangat langka karena merupakan pemakaian terakhir prangko Hindia Belanda setelah pengakuan Kedaulatan RI saat RIS, siapa yang menemukan pemakaian prangko sejenis setelah tanggal ini harap berkenan memberikan informasi liwat comment,terima kasih dari Dr Iwan suwandy)

The cover postal history sent from Tanjung Pandan Belitung CDS 29.12.1949 to Padang, using stamps queen Wihelmina 10 cents and 17 1 / 2 cents, and print on overlapping Indonesia Wilhelmina stamps 15 cents, (this collection is very rare because it is the last use of the Dutch East Indies stamps after the recognition of sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia as RIS, who discovered the use of similar stamps after  this date please deign to give information through the following comment, thank you from Dr. Iwan suwandy)

2) Post Telegraaf en Telefoodienst (PTT) advies van betaligen bewijs ,post rekening van de pandhuis dienst ,ter uitbetaling door het kantoor der posterijen te Tarutung 2000 gld in cijfers , aan de beheerder van het panduis te Tarutung , 29 December.otherside voor de comntrol van ommestaande hantekening postastamped Taroetone CDS 29.12.50, recived CDS Siboga 12.7.1951

Tanda Penerimaaan Pos Telegraph dan Telefoodienst (PTT) , pasca bayar dengan layanan pegadaian untuk pembayaran oleh kantor Kantor Pos pada tahun 2000 GLD Tarutung dalam angka, manajer dari Jawatan Pengadaian untuk Tarutung, 29 December. pada lembaran dibaliknya berupa kontrol  dari contah tanda tangan dengan stempel pos  Taroetoeng 29.12.50 CDS, CDS diterima  Siboga 1951/07/12(Hal ini karena terputusnya hubungan antara Tarutung  ke Sibolga akibat dihadang oleh pasukan Mayor Bedjo dari tentara NRI, mayor B edjo yang buta huruf ini sangat legendarais dan dijadikan tema film Indonesia Nagabonar -catatan Dr Iwan )

Postal Telegraph and Telefoodienst (PTT) betaligenbewijs advice, postal service on behalf of the pawnshop, for payment by the office of the Post Office in 2000 gld Tarutung in figures, the manager of the panduis to Tarutung, 29 December.otherside for comntrol of handsigned ,postastamped Taroetoeng   29.12.50 CDS, CDS recived Siboga 12/07/1951(very late amost one years because the transportation by road from Tarutung to Sibolga were broken due to Mayor Bedjo ,NRI local Tapanuli Army stop and cutting the line,the legend Mayor Bedjo cuoldnnot read and writting, he beacame the base of the Film Story, Nagabonar-Dr Iwan Note)

Perjuangan Kuala Tungkal Jambi

Sesudah tanggal 29 Desember 1949 dengan berhasilnya KMB dan sekaligus penyerahan Kedaulatan Republik Indonesia, pasukan Front Tungkal Area yang dipimpin oleh Letnan Muda A. Fattah Leside mendarat di Kota Kuala Tungkal mengambil alih tanggungjawab terhadap Koata Kuala Tungkal yang ditinggalkan Belanda. Dalam suatu upacara penaikan bendera merah putih di Lapangan Sepak Bola yang saat ini menjadi Terminal Kota. Bertindak selaku Inspektur Upacara Act. Kolonel Abunjani KOmandan STD/Garuda Putih Anggota Joint Committee yang sengaja dating dari Jambi. Selesai upacara diadakan do’a syukuran dan makan bersama yang diselenggarakan oleh Kepala Warga India di Kuala Tungkal Muhiddin.

Pemboman bekas markas pertahanan Tentara RI Bataliyon Gatot Kaca pimpinan Mayor Z. Riva’i oleh Belanda di Merlung. (LUKISAN)

Demikianlah riwayat perjuaangan ini dibuat untuk dapat diketahui oleh generasi penerus yang akan meneruskan perjuangan bangsa. Sengaja riwayat perjuangan Barisan Selempang Merah dan TNI-AD, TNI-AL, dan TNI-AU, serta rakyat dan POLRI ini dibuat untuk kenang-kenangan bagi yang tinggal, kalau nanti para pelaku perjuangan sudah tidak ada lagi di bumi persada ini.

Riwayat perjuangan ini disadur dari catatan Sdr. Madhan. AR (mantan Wkl. Komandan Pertempuran Sektor 1023 Front Tungkal Area), catatan Patih Masdar selaku Camat Tungkal Ilir dan dari beberapa para pejuang yang masih hidup.


1)Hari ini adalah hari terakhir pengumpulan pasukan Tentara Nasional Indonesia Divisi Siliwangi ( Jawa Barat) berdasarkan surat perintah  Divisi Siliwangi no 162/49  tanggal  10.12.1949 ,ditanda tangani oleh staf  kwartier Panglima  Divisi IV Siliwangi Kolonel  Sadikin, lihat fotkopi surat tersebut dibawah ini:

Today is the last day of the collection of the Indonesian National Army troops Siliwangi Division (West Java) based on a warrant Siliwangi Division No. 162/49 dated 10.12.1949, signed by the staff of Commander of Division IV kwartier Siliwangi Colonel Sadikin, fotkopi see the letter below

foto tentara nasional Indonesia diatas truk saat kembali ke Ibukota RI Jakarta serta foto Tentara Nasional Indonesia setelah tiba di Ibukota Jakarta.

Indonesia photo above the national army trucks returning to the capital of Indonesia Jakarta and the Indonesian National Army photo after arriving in the capital Jakart

2)Postal used  home made postcard send from Malang to RVD selling and art division  at Jakarta with smelt numeric diffinitive  stamps 2 and 3 sen without RIS overprint , CDS Malang 31.12.49,the letter asking free magazine”Natura” in Indonesian Language.

3) Official free stamp homemade cover sent from  Semarang CDS 31.12.49 to Djogja cds 9.1.50, handwritten back(kembali) return to sender with note soedah pindah roemah ke Jakarta(have house moved to Jakarta)

5.The Unique Postal History From Dutch in 1949(date not clear)

Kartu Pos dari KIVTLV(Koninklijk Instituut Voor De Taal Land en Volkunde Den Haag ) yang telah mencoret Van Ned. Indie (dari Hindia Belanda)  sehingga mereka sudah mengakui kedaulatann RI dan Hindia Belanda sudah berakhir , dikirimkan kepada L.Ch.Damais Amsterdam untuk membayar kontribusi F.15.- sebagai anggota institue tersebut.(Kartu Pos ini sangat bersejarah karena badan yang terhormat ini dari newgeri Belanda telah mengakui kedaulatan Republik Indonesia,sayang tanggal pengirman tidak jelas karena  karena distempel sistem roller. Apabila kolektor memiliki koleksi sejenis harap memberikan informasi liwat komentar,terima kasih dari Dr Iwan Suwandy)

Postcards from KIVTLV (Koninklijk Instituut Voor De Taal Land en Volkunde Hague) which has been crossed out Ned Van. Indie (from the Dutch East Indies), so they had to admit kedaulatan Affairs and the Dutch East Indies was over, sent to Amsterdam to pay a contribution L.Ch.Damais F.15 .- as a member of the Institute. (Postcards of this very historic because this honorable body of  Netherlands State has recognized the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, unfortunately the sender  date is not clear because as stamped roller system. If the collector has a similar collection please provide the information through the following comments, thanks from Dr. Iwan Suwandy)My Friend Mr Hartkamp send an informations related to the postal history above:

The cancelation on this cover is only partly visible.

The complete text:


This cancellation is used in ‘s-Gravenhage in the years 1947 to 1951. In Holland a lot of firms changed their names and crossed out the name of Netherlands Indie after 27-12-1949.
Because the written information on this card concerns the payment of a contribution for the subscription of the New Year I suppose that this cancellation is of the beginning of 1950. After a while the firms changed the imprints of their printed matter, so it is not likely that the cancelation is of beginning of 1951.


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